Basement window uncovered Pt. 02

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Big Tits

It had been over a week since my neighbor had ‘caught’ me working out in my wife’s bra and panties. Seeing him outside I went over and chatted, then mentioned that since my wife was out of town, I needed to get some exercise in my basement gym. He smiled and I knew he remembered what happened the last time he saw me working out.

He said he and his wife were going to do some yard work but would keep an eye out for me. Laughing I went inside and upstairs to get dressed.

In our bedroom I picked out a red lacy pushup bra. Not that I had a lot to push up but it was very comfortable. I pulled on some racy black French cut panties then went down to work out.

Setting up the Bowflex I began to stretch out and see if I would have an audience or not. Not seeing anyone I began to do my various exercises. My lower body was facing towards the window but I didn’t stare out, but I was hoping.

As it was growing dark outside, I put on some more weight and caught a glimpse of some movement outside my window. They were both there peeking in watching me. I felt my cock stir in my wife’s panties as they watched. I beşiktaş escort kept flexing and moving about letting them see me fully.

I glanced out a couple of times to see them playing with each other. Caressing crotches and boobs enjoying the moment. I casually caressed my own growing erection several times.

As it got darker between our two houses, they got bolder. I saw him pull her top us and show me our gigantic milk filled boobs. I longed so to suck that milk from them, and he knew it.

She then pulled his cock out and stroked it for me to see. I couldn’t take it anymore and I slipped on my heels and nodded to the front door.

Upstairs I opened the door and let them in. I was still in panties and bra and heels. Shutting the door, I reached out to touch her breasts. She arched her back pushing them to me. With a moan I slid my hands up under her shirt to her bare tits.

Meanwhile her husband caressed my panty covered cock taking it to full erection. As I pulled her shirt up, exposing her huge breasts, I felt him pull my panties down and begin şişli escort to caress my cock.

I bent to begin to suckle her breasts. It took only a few seconds and the milk began to flow. I drank deep as he fondled my cock. I saw he had dropped his pants, so I reached out to caress his cock. As her milk filled my mouth I watched as he began to suck the other tit. As we stroked each other’s cock we each sucked her milk from her tits.

Stepping back, I bent to my knees and stuck my face between her legs. She spread them wide letting my tongue slip over her clit and down to her slit of hot wet pussy. She was indeed wet as I slipped one and then two fingers up her cunt. She sank to the carpeted floor and spread her legs wide. He slid his cock into her mouth so I did the only sane thing I could. I slid my cock into her fire engorged pussy.

I am not as big as her husband, but her pussy pulled me in deep, her muscles clenching tight on my shaft as I slid slowly in and out of her wet box.

By now he was moving fast into her mouth and I wondered if he would remember bahçeşehir escort bayan I liked his cum all over me. I bent and sucked her tits as I drove in and out watching him get ready to cum. He whispered something to her then he pulled his cock out and aimed it at my face. “Are you ready” he asked.

Opening my mouth, I watched as he began to cum, shooting rope after rope of hot white sperm into my mouth and all over my face. It dripped down onto her tits and ran down her belly. I leaned over and sucked him dry as I continued to slide in out of her cunt.

Seeing his cum on her tits I licked it up and sucked more milk from her beautiful mammary glands.

I was close to cumming when he reached down and began to stroke her clit. That was all she needed, and I felt her orgasm explode around my cock. Feeling het wetness drip out of her pussy I felt my own cum rush up my cock and explode into her raging pussy. Her muscles milked it all from my cock.

Pulling out I sat back, and he came over and licked me clean of my and her cum that was all over my dick and balls. I saw her pussy leaking our mixed cum so of course I had to do the neighborly thing and lick her clean. Our cum mixed together tasted so good.

WOW!! I sure do love me neighbors. As the got dressed and I slipped on my bra and panties, they mentioned that maybe next time I could come their way for a ‘workout’ session. I knew for a fact that I would be doing that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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