Bath Night Revisited Ch. 08

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Some of the characters and locations in this particular episode are first introduced in ‘Ashley’s Internship’ – just in case you’d care to read that story first!


The pretty freshmen girls of the Chi Omega sorority at San Francisco State University had all gathered together in the dorm room of beautiful blonde 18-year-old Brooke Thorne… tonight’s subject: their class’s upcoming spring charity fundraiser!

“So what’s the plan, Brooke?”

“Well, as you all know, it’s that time of year when we’re expected to raise money for the children’s hospital… last year, I heard that the freshmen girls attempted a bake sale… but it only netted a little over a hundred dollars!”

“That’s pathetic!”

“Bake sales are lame!”

“So anyway, I was going over a few other ideas… and I think I’ve found one that can really earn us some serious money!”

“What is it?”

“I’ll get to that in a minute, Alexis… first of all, I suppose you’re each wondering why I asked each of you to wear sexy nighties to this meeting?”

“I thought it was because we all look so incredibly hot!”

“Yes, I suppose that’s a good reason, Kim… I believe that we really are five of the prettiest girls on this entire campus!”

“And with the hottest bodies!”

“Check out Giselle’s legs… how long are those?”

“Thank you, Katelyn!”

“Anyway… being young & beautiful is certainly a ‘marketable skill’ in today’s world… and I think we should all take advantage of it!”

“You’re saying we should use our bodies to make money?”

“That sounds illegal, Brooke!”

“And sexist!”

“Please don’t interrupt… I was thinking along the lines of providing a service that could include us showing off our beautiful bodies!”

“You mean like a bikini car wash?”

“Close, Alexis… but that’s not exactly what I had in mind!”

“What’s wrong with a bikini car wash, Brooke?”

“It’s a great idea… but it’s too cold outside right now for that kind of thing.”

“I agree,” piped up Giselle. “I love parading around in a tiny bikini… but certainly not in March!”

“I’ll bet you look really hot in a thong, Giselle!”

“Why, thank you, Katelyn… I’d love seeing your curvy little butt in one of those, as well!”

“So what’s the plan, Brooke?”

“Well, it’s like this… we all agree that we look hot in bikinis and skimpy lingerie… men love ogling us… but so do a lot of women!”

“You mean, like, lesbian women?”

“Well, we’re in San Francisco, Katelyn… so, yes… I’d argue that this town is filled with lesbian women!”

“Yeah… they’re pretty much everywhere.”

“Yes, they are… remember when we all went to that Halloween party at ‘Charli’s Place?”

“That was so much fun!”

“Yes, it was… and remember how much all of those lesbian women enjoyed dancing with you?”

“They did, didn’t they?”

“Mostly OLDER lesbian women!”

“They weren’t ALL older… there were a few who were our age!”

“That’s true, Alexis… my point is, we all had so much fun, and the women there loved watching us and spending time with us!”

“They especially loved our bodies!”

“I even got spanked a couple of times that night!

“So did I!”

“Me, too!”

“And we loved it, didn’t we?”

“We loved being spanked?”

“Not just being spanked, Giselle… we loved being caressed and fondled and kissed by all of those women… am I right?”

“It was all so deliciously ‘kinky’…”

“Yes, it was, Kim!”

“So what’s Halloween night got to do with our upcoming charity fundraiser, Brooke?”

“Well, I’m getting to that… imagine having that same kind of experience, only this time we got PAID for it!”

“We’re going to get paid to let other women run their hands up our legs?”

“No, much better… I was thinking about having Chi Omega’s first-ever clothing-optional maid service… exclusively for lesbian women!”

“Clothing optional?”

“Exclusively for lesbians?”

“Yes… I came up with this idea after talking with our big-sister, Ashley Turner…”

“The Ashley Turner in our sorority?”

“Yes, THAT Ashley!”

“What’s she got to do with any of this?”

“Well, if I may explain…”

Pretty blonde Brooke knew that it was a long-shot pitching this idea to the other four pretty young freshman girls… but she had to give it a try. Katelyn Carter was blonde, tanned, & slender, just like Brooke. Alexis Martin was a very pretty red-haired girl with a milk-white-lovely-complexion. Long-legged Giselle Lorenzo was an olive-skinned beauty of Italian origin with sensual dark eyes. And tiny short-dark-haired Kim Gimhae was a cute little Korean hottie with a tight-little body and a beautiful oriental face with shining eyes.

All of these pretty young women were first-year students at San Francisco State, and they’d all grown very close to one another over the past several months, which is why Brooke immediately thought of them when she first came up with her unique idea for a spring fundraiser!

“Our Ataşehir Escort older sister Ashley is currently working an internship at Morgan-Nelson Securities, and her boss has already hired her as a manager at the ‘Red Lips’ club in the Calvert building.”

“I’ve never heard of it.”

“No, of course you haven’t… it’s a very private club with a membership made up exclusively of very wealthy women!”

“Could we maybe all go there sometime?”

“No, Alexis, you have to be a member to get in!”

“Couldn’t Ashley get us in?”

“No… please, girls… stop interrupting!” Brooke was beginning to get impatient. “We can’t all party at the ‘Red Lips’ club because it’s only for very wealthy older women who are members… and the ONLY girls our age allowed inside are the hostesses who work there!”

“I think I’ve heard of that place, Katelyn spoke up. “They hire all of these really pretty-young-scantily-clad girl… it’s kind of like a ‘Playboy Club’ for rich lesbians!”

“Yeah, that’s about right!”

“What do they do there?”

“Well, the girls there wait on them and occasionally dance for them!”

“And they have a dance floor where the younger girls slow-dance together with the older women… the girls are practically nude!”

“I could dance nude with older women!”

“Me, too!”

“Focus, ladies,” Brooke pleaded. “We’re not opening an exclusive dance club for lesbians… what I want to do is to offer a one-day only clothing-optional maid service… and we’ll only be offering our services to the female customers of ‘Charli’s Place’ and the ‘Red Lips’ club!”

“And what day would this take place?” Giselle asked.

“I was thinking the Saturday right before St. Patrick’s Day… March 15th!”

“And what exactly will we be doing again?”

“What maids have always done… serving their mistresses…”

“And why the clothing optional, Brooke?”

“Because we’re NOT professional maids, Alexis… and we’re targetting LESBIAN women… mostly older lesbian women… the kind of women who would enjoy having pretty scantily-clad girls serving them!”

“And they’d pay us how much exactly?”

“A couple hundred dollars each… maybe more!”

“How do you figure?”

“Well… each of us will be assigned one house for the day… or, if you prefer working together we can do that, too… it’ll be two-hundred-dollars per girl, per day… if the woman wants you topless, it’ll be three-hundred… and, completely nude for five-hundred!”

“And you think we can get that much money?”

“I KNOW we can, Kim… there’s never been anything done like this before, here or anywhere else!”

“Excuse me, Brooke,” Katelyn piped up. “What if these women wanted to… you know, what if they wanted us to do MORE than just clean for them or serve them coffee?”

“You mean what if they wanted to play with us?”

“Yeah… what then?”

“Well, look at it this way, girls… we’re all college women… we’re all supposed to be learning and experiencing new things, am I right?”

“Go on…”

“Don’t you think it would be an incredibly hot learning-experience to dress up in a skimpy outfit to entertain a dominant older lesbian woman… and yes, maybe even have her undress you and do kinky things to your beautiful body… and to do it all for a good cause?”

“You mean helping the children’s hospital?”

“Yes… and remember, the more these women undress you and touch you, the more they’ll end up paying you… I mean, I’d gladly let an older woman turn me into her submissive sex-slave for a couple of hours if that translated to raising a couple hundred dollars more for an important charity that I believed in!”

“That’s true… and think of all the fun we might have?”

“Absolutely… and I’ve already acquired several skimpy little French Maid outfits for each of you to try on… courtesy of our sorority big sister, Sharon Angelis…”

“And where did she get them?”

“She’s a clothing design major, remember?” Brooke pulled out a box and opened it for the other girls. “Sharon designs sexy lingerie… here, check out the little ‘French Maid’ costumes that she put together for each of us!”

The four pretty freshmen girls in Brooke’s sorority always loved dressing up in sexy costumes. Back in October, they’d all made a memorable splash at ‘Charli’s Place,’ a butch/femme dyke-bar where Brooke’s older girlfriend Donna occasionally hung-out, and it had been an enormous success as everybody later admitted that they’d had an awesome time. Ever since then they’d been looking for an excuse to play dress-up again.

As the girls happily ran their hands through the skimpy lingerie, Brooke asked the question.

“So… are we going to do this or not?”

The chorus of approval was unanimous!


“Are you sure we’re not asking too much?” Kim inquired. “We don’t want to make ourselves too expensive!”

“Oh, don’t worry about that… these women all have deep pockets… and Ataşehir Escort Bayan paying a pretty girl several hundred-dollars for maid-service will be worth it… especially if the pretty girl is both obedient and submissive!”

“I can be obedient and submissive!”

“I know you can, Alexis,” Brooke smiled. “Oh… and one more thing… because you’ll each be representing the Chi Omega sorority, Donna’s going to be ‘branding’ each of us with the letters ‘chi’ and ‘omega’ on our bare behinds with a red indelible marker!”

“What for?”

“It’ll show the ladies we’ll be working for whom we belong to… that we’re part of the Chi Omega tradition of giving back to the community!”

“You said indelible ink?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that… it’ll wash off, Kim… you only need to use a special soap designed to remove it.”

“Why on our butts?”

“Because it’ll look really hot, Giselle… a ‘brand’ will draw attention to our our pretty behinds and make us look like we’re slave girls!”

“I like it!”

“Thank you, Katelyn!”

“And Donna’s OK with this?”

“Well, no… not exactly,” Brooke explained. “I haven’t asked her yet… in fact, I was going to do so tonight!”

“Just tell her that it’s all for charity… I’m sure she’ll want to help us!”

“Yeah, Kim… that’s what I’m hoping!”

“Say Brooke,” Katelyn spoke up, “what are we supposed to do if all they want to do is get us naked and take us to their beds?”

“Just remember that you’re a member of the Chi Omega sorority… and that what we’re embarking upon is a way of helping our community!”

“But these are lesbian woman we’re going to be serving, correct?” Kim asked. “Isn’t it fairly obvious that they’re going to want to engage in some kinky activity with us?”

“I suppose so… and if that possibility unduly disturbs you then I guess you don’t have to participate.”

“They were all pretty cool to us back on Halloween,” Alexis reminded her. “I mean, I really wouldn’t mind hanging out with those women some more!”

“Me, neither,” Giselle mused. “But I’m just not entirely sure I want to spend an entire afternoon getting my ass spanked… I mean, they were a pretty wild bunch at that bar thaat night!”

“And they’ll probably be wanting to kiss us… and I mean all over,” Katelyn added.

“And what’s wrong with being kissed?” Brooke asked.

“Nothing,” Katelyn laughed, followed by a loud and enthusiastic cheer as all four girls began talking at the same time.


“Oh, Brooke honey… have you signed me up for something next Saturday?”

“Uh, no, Donna… I don’t believe so… why do you ask?”

“Because I just got a text-message from Nancy telling me that she’s just signed up two more customers at ‘Charlie’s Place’ for your sorority’s maid service Saturday afternoon!”

“Oh, yeah… about that…”

“And she’s lending me her van to drive all of you around?”

“Please, Donna… we could really use your help!”

“So you’ve got me working on my day off, my pretty girl?”

“Well, yes… but it’s all for charity… I promise!”

“And when exactly were you planning on telling me?”

“When you got home on Friday… it was going to be a surprise!”

“I see…”

“Please, Donna… I promised the other girls that you’d help us… I’m sorry, but we really need you!”

“And what do I get if I say yes?”

“Well… one ‘perk’ you may enjoy is that you get to ‘brand’ me and all of the other girls by printing the ‘Chi Omega’ letters on our bare butts… you’ll like doing that!”

“Yes… I suppose that could be fun…”

“And I’ll be eternally grateful,” she flirted. “I’ll even offer you anything you want… anything!”


“Yes, my sweet mistress… I’ll give you anything you desire!”

“Well, that certainly sounds like a good deal… why not let’s begin by you bringing that pretty body of yours over here and sitting on my lap?”

“Yes, ma’am,” the girl giggled, running over to where Donna was sitting at the kitchen table and lightly perching her hot little body on the older woman’s knee, putting her arms affectionately around Donna’s neck and kissing her. “I knew you’d help us,” the girl whispered.

“Yes, I’ll help you… but I believe I’m going to want to punish this cute little rump of yours for not telling me about this earlier,” the older woman sternly announced, her hands tightly gripping the younger girl’s curvy behind through the tight yoga pants she wore. “And you can prepare for your punishment by slowly stripping out of these clothes… take ’em off for me, pretty girl!”

Brooke smiled, still sitting on Donna’s lap, and slowly unbuttoned the shirt she had on, revealing her lovely breasts and the tiny blue bra she wore beneath, just barely covering those perfectly-formed, round orbs. The older woman then unhooked the bra from the girl’s back, allowing it to fall free so that she could then press her mouth hungrily upon Brooke’s pert breasts Escort Ataşehir and suck on her luscious nipples!

SEconds later, Donna gently helped the girl to her feet so that Brooke could turn around and then slowly bend over, arching her back, and very sensually pulling down her tight yoga pants, exposing her delicious bottom for the older woman’s appreciative gaze. Donna licked her lips while running her fingertips over that same luscious derriere, before then leaning in to begin planting wet kisses all over the girl’s silky-smooth, firm ass cheeks.

Brooke moaned and slightly wiggled her sexy little butt for Donna’s enjoyment, knowing just how much her cute curvy rump turned the older woman on!

“I’m going to have to spank this lovely ass now,” the older woman mused, gently stroking and fondling it. “But first I’m going to need you to run into my bedroom and bring me my strap-on from out of the dresser drawer…”

“Yes, ma’am,” the girl responded, giggling, as she hurried to obey.

“Oh, and also get my hand-cuffs, Brooke!”

“Your strap-on AND your hand-cuffs?” the girl pouted. “Seriously?”

“And don’t forget my ball-gag, as well!”

“Oh please, Donna… not the ball-gag, too! I’ll be good… I promise!”

“Bring me all three, pretty girl… I’m going to punish you, and I really don’t need to listen to your whining,” the older woman smiled, as the girl returned and handed her the requested items with a cute little pout on her gorgeous mouth.

Donna then inserted the ball-gag into that same beautiful mouth and then clicked the cuffs onto Brooke’s wrists.

“I think I’m going to want you kneeling on this chair, with your head down on the kitchen table… so that I can fuck you doggy-style while at the same time slapping this gorgeous ass and watching you squirm!”

The girl meekly nodded and positioned herself on the chair as her older lover had ordered, kneeling on the hard wooden surface with her elbows resting on the adjoining table and her lovely upturned ass facing her older, more-dominant lover.

Donna smiled as she gazed upon the incredibly hot body of her beautiful younger girlfriend, while at the same time donning her strap-on on over her bicycle shorts and adjusting it comfortably around her lower waist!

She then licked her lips and positioned herself behind the trembling girl before proceeding to mount her… gently sliding the dildo into Brooke’s awaiting pussy… and listening as the pretty blonde began softly moaning as Donna then began fucking her… their bodies moving in unison, back & forth, with the older woman’s hands possessively grabbing her beautiful younger lover by the hips.

SLAP! Brooke yelped through her gag.

Steadily they continued rocking back and forth, the sounds of the pretty blonde’s moans coinciding with the sounds of Donna’s hand repeatedly slapping her gorgeous ass.

“How can such a bad little girl have such a gorgeous butt?” the older woman wondered aloud. Brooke moaned piteously as Donna’s hand slapped her firm tushie a couple more times, and she then began lovingly massaging it.

Despite the tears visible in Brooke’s pretty eyes, her older lover knew that the beautiful blonde loved getting her ass spanked while being fucked from behind just as much as Donna enjoyed being the one fucking her along with their always-playful punishment-sex.

After she slid the strap-on out of Brooke’s pussy, the older woman then leaned down and began covering the girl’s back with kisses and love-bites, quickly moving down to her gorgeous ass cheeks, which she licked and ran her mouth over every square inch!

“Would you like me to bathe you now?” she whispered, and Brooke nodded yes. Donna then unlocked the younger woman’s hand-cuffs and helped remove the ball-gag from her mouth.

“I love you, Donna,” the girl said in her small voice, as the older woman then bodily lifted her and carried her into the bathroom, where soon she had the bathtub filling with hot, soapy water. She then grabbed a bar of soap and a washrag and began tenderly bathing her lovely submissive-young-slave.

“So you’re not going to tell me anymore about this little fundraiser?”

“We’re all going to be maids for a day,” the girl said.

“Maids for whom?”

“For lesbian women,” the girl replied. “We’re providing a clothing-optional maid service!”

“That’s the fundraising idea you came up with? And the other girls agreed to it?”

“Well, yeah… and we’ve already had a LOT of requests… we even had to turn some women down!”

“Was Linda Morris one of those women you had to turn down?”

“How did you know?”

Donna laughed.

“Well, maybe I’ll have to hire you, as well… you know, to clean up my place after all of this is over?”

“I suppose I could do that… only I don’t know if I’m up to it anymore… my butt still stings from where you spanked it,” the girl whimpered. “Could you maybe kiss it and make it better?”

“Absolutely… anything for my pretty maid!”


Mid-march arrived, and Brooke & the girls were ready. They arrived at Donna’s place and quickly changed into their skimpy little French Maid outfits, an enjoyable sight in itself.

Donna then had the job of carefully printing the ‘Chi Omega’ logo on each of their luscious little behinds with her red indelible marker.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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