Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 21

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This is a description of one extraordinary visit, in two parts.

Riding home against the coming rain, enjoying pushing the bike near its limit, feeling the rain start just a mile or so from home. And the entire time, smelling the scent of several partners, particularly the sexy reminder of how good it smelled while rimming a man, one who had already sucked my cock, and fucked two men before I licked his sexy ass.

This was as memorable visit as the very first one to the baths years ago. This one started by being sucked off in the hallway between the porn booths and the porn theater. I had stopped in front of the first video cabin after noticing a man inside, deciding to at least look at the porn, having just finished off a pint a couple of moments before. Which had been recently preceded by enjoying a fair amount of organic smoke. As it turned out, the porn revealed an ever larger group sex scene, prompting me to start pressing a growing cock down along my thigh.

A man walked by in the hall, stopping next to me, running his hand over my thigh in fairly obvious invitation. Responding by running my hand over, and then under his towel. A towel tied much better than I am ever able to do, taking me several distracted moments to finally start touching his naked cock. Our kissing and caressing was delightful, both getting really turned on, in typically unstoppable bathhouse fashion.

Soon followed by his starting to suck my now exposed extended length in public, something never really encountered here. His slutty eagerness fit my mood perfectly, the beer adding its familiar looseness to my behavior. Feeling his hands begin to touch my nipples as the same thing happened on the video screen, his mouth surrounding my stiff length, totally turned on watching hot porn as a stranger went down on me.

He pulled me a bit away from the booth entrance after we began kissing again, my tongue happily exploring his mouth as our naked cocks touched. His hand began jerking both of us off, our kissing growing ever sloppier and hornier as our minds went between our legs. When he bent down to start blowing me again, I pulled back enough to keep watching the group sex on the screen.

Gay group sex is a turn on that stretches way back, including a couple of times when stroking with three – once with several more – other men, looking at porn mags. There was never touching involved between us those decades in the past, but seeing other men touch their cocks as I touched mine was an incredible turn on. Especially when watching each other openly cum, no longer caring about the pictures compared to the reality we were experiencing, looking at each other’s faces and cocks. A factor that motivated me the first time I bought a gay porn mag.

Of course I’d heard about bathhouses roughly around the time that magazine was bought, though only in the last half decade or so of actually visiting the baths have those rumors about group sex have been wonderfully confirmed. Not every visit by any means, nor every opportunity, but more than enough to realize the truth concerning how much hot sex men can have with each other. Along with understanding, in a fashion that is starting to create a bit of wariness of my growing bathhouse enthusiasm, why men are so reluctant to use condoms.

Rising from my horny cock to kiss me, his hand met mine as they wrapped around our joined cocks, my eyes fluttering closed. The feeling on my cock changed, prompting my eyes to open to see that he had begun to try to pull me forward. Which turned out to be awkward enough that after actually realizing what was going on, I reached down to play with my cock, separating his hand from the shaft. Making it much easier and faster to follow him to the new section, going into the corner booth at the back, the same one that a couple had used my very first time exploring here.

At this point, even as he began to suck me so good after getting on the platform, preparations were made – condoms and lube, the camera, and finally the magic brown bottle. Though since he first went down on me, using poppers seemed a bit daring – the attraction of orgasm remained intense. Particularly since with the camera out from the start, there appeared to be a solid possibility that pictures would be involved, providing their own distinctively addictive kick.

The door had been left open, suiting the mood perfectly, and certainly fitting with his already demonstrated public style. Sitting up, telling him I had a camera, further saying he could take pictures as I went down on his hard cock. Picking up and turning on the camera, he seemed unconcerned about photography, so I took the first pictures of the day giving him head, tongue sliding over his enticing cock ridge. Of course I was playing with my slick cock as the flash went off, feeling so wonderfully dirty documenting having sex with another man.

The baths are a place where sex runs free, hoping that with a bit of luck, these pictures would provide bahis şirketleri an extra thrill, both in taking them and later sharing them. Considering what happened recently with the camera, this time intending to make sure that a solid number of pictures were taken. Starting with sucking my first cock of the day, masturbating at the same time.

Generally, these stories are started after getting home, drinking another beer to relax. They continue to be written over time, as the immediate recounting tends to be sketchy, the recent pleasures still fogging recollection. Memories grow or fade, events are described as remembered, based on impressions of events when often in a totally mindless state. This time though, with more than an hour of group sex recorded in 107 images, a different way of writing is possible. From this point, memories can be checked independently, in parallel with reviewing and editing the pictures. Along with getting rid of those pictures which are hopelessly bad – having hot sex can certainly make concentrating on pushing a button at the right time difficult.

It took less than a minute from that first picture of my tongue and lips on his cock head to him between my spread legs, going down on my cock in wonderful fashion, a true public bathhouse suck slut. Leaning back against the wall, enjoying how openly I was displaying the undeniable pleasure in getting oral sex from a man. The camera remained in my hand, though more or less forgotten while growing aware of someone else having entered the cabin.

This is where impression and time stamps collide, with my memory being it took a while before this new man started to touch my cock as the other man moved to the side. True, I was showing off my glistening cock as he stretched out on the platform, but mentioning the camera led to a tiny hesitation before my slutty invitation was accepted. He soon started blowing me, and I almost lost control taking more pictures. Along with realizing that for the very first time, a chance to take group sex pictures had actually materialized.

One of the more enticing aspects of the baths is how easily cock worshippers can be found, and how dedicated they can be in turning a man into a total slut. Especially when the man is already more than willing, as just about every repeat bathhouse visitor is. Such circumstances lead to a different state, one experienced and remembered in a different way than that recorded digitally. For example, what had felt like an extended period, taking pictures and almost cumming each time the flash went off, overwhelmed by the decadent awareness that all this was happening in public, so to speak.

Yet the pictures only cover a couple of minutes from that first blow job pic to taking those first fantastically explicit pics of male group sex. Some wonder about my apparent obsession with time, but part of the explanation is connected to the fact the more disjointed my sense of time becomes, the more it is a reliable indication of how wonderful the sensations that caused such a desirable state.

The variations of luscious sensations continued as both men sucked me. The new man was rimmed while going down on me, his mouth providing a fantastic distraction as I pumped the man doing the rimming. Taking pictures of a daisy chain where everyone was receiving a different pleasure than the one they were providing. At some point, that sexy stiff cock moved away, with the third man starting to take my cock ever deeper. A major reason for that being how he was now being fucked bareback by my first cocksucker. I was able to take a picture as he took my full length into his soft wet mouth, almost cumming while doing it, feeling how he was being ridden by a man.

Then taking more pictures of his being fucked so good while he kept going down on me, being filled at both ends by naked cock. By this point, the camera was being more or less blindly pointed, capturing what was going on, such as the third man being further rimmed before getting his ass filled with hot cock again, his clasped hands jacking my slippery shaft off.

The original cock sucker returned to orally pleasuring me, taking my slick rod back into his mouth. It is truly strange to compare memory with recorded time, as this entire sequence had take less than 5 minutes to unfold. Whereas my impression at that time was of endlessly stretched pleasure, taking pictures, each one bringing me to the edge of orgasm knowing, that I was making porn of having sex with other men.

Soon, I realized that the third man had positioned himself next to my coated cock, on his hands and knees, wanting to be fucked. At this point, saying “not naked – condom,” pulling myself out of the entrancing temptation enough to pick up a condom as the other man picked up the camera. A spell that rapidly returned, as after opening the package, they both started to go down on me. However, there was no way to tempt me into not using a condom, particularly after already seeing bahis firmaları a potential anal sex partner being ridden without protection. (Part two of this story reveals that any smugness on this point needs to be treated warily.)

My first partner was intimately involved in my starting to fuck a slutty bottom, kissing and sucking my nipple hard while holding and guiding my shaft deeper into heaven. My hands were on his hips, pulling him deeper, but it was his motions that were in charge of my cock. The other man held the camera, but took no pictures as I started to fuck a man.

He did talk deliciously dirty, finger sliding over the wettened nipple, saying things “fuck him” and “take his ass” and “sexy cock.” As the bumping grew ever more distracting, I started to beg about pictures, and when the flash went off it almost made me cum deep in his hole. For the first time, someone else was taking pictures of me fucking a man, sharing his ass with the photographer, a really kinky reality.

However, I was unable to open the lube package picked up at the bar downstairs, meaning that as time went on, things became less slippery, to the point that without further lube, the pleasure would be minimal.

Pulling out, sitting down on feet and knees, not quite erect, it was a delightful surprise when the man I had just been fucking turned around to suck my still covered cock. This was not the first time someone had done that at the baths, and though not something I would do in his place, it is certainly something easily enjoyed, taking advantage of a top’s privileges, letting anyone suck a cock that has been fucking. Particularly as the other, quite talented, man began playing with a nipple, making any attempt to take more pictures impossible.

Soon, the pleasure began increasing rapidly, creating a glorious haze that kept me from realizing what was happening as the sensations continued to grow ever more irresistible. Opening closed eyes and looking between spread legs, I saw that he had rolled the condom up, almost off my cock by this point. Of course it didn’t matter, though this was another example of just how difficult it can be to stop having sex when a condom is no longer there. One providing my first experience of what it felt like to go from covered to bare when getting blown.

Which was fantastic, of course, something that such an experienced bottom was certainly aware of. However, this was quite different from my other experiences of a condom slipping off or breaking when fucking. The very first time that occurred was with my first girlfriend, as the fucking went from wonderful to totally uninhibited, enjoying pure animalistic sex, holding her hips as I pounded her pussy, filling with hot cum as deep as possible. Only after pulling out of her cum filled cunt did the reason why it felt so good become clear – the condom had slipped off.

Luckily, that experience proved useful the other times a condom no longer covered my cock, both with women in the past, and one time fucking a man here. Generally, condom are always there for a good reason, but in this case I didn’t care that someone had removed it, particularly someone who had already sucked my naked cock. And had already shared my cock with another man. Enough control returned after figuring out why a wave of pure bliss had rolled through me that he would not be able to mindlessly take my cock into his willing ass. Which he offered, unsurprisingly enough.

Soon, both men began to share my cock, both starting to demand I cum, which was not my desire in the least. Not that I was going to stop letting my hard cock be licked and sucked and jacked off, but this was simply too early in the visit to let go. Along with the fact that the open door had attracted other men, though none seemed to want to join in. I had seen several men jacking off their hard cocks while I was being sucked publicly, but generally, they did not approach further.

Partially because any time when noticing a potential partner, I would use the camera to let them know what was happening among the threesome they were welcome to join. I have never been so public concerning my interest in creating porn, and unsurprisingly, the first couple of men watching drifted away after realizing pictures were being made. One man approached, and made clear he was not interested in photos of him having sex with other men, so there is a more than six minute gap when being sucked by yet another bathhouse slut.

One getting rimmed by my first partner of the day as the fucked man kept sucking and stroking me. The new man brought a welcome break from partners talking about cumming, The booth is actually quite large, as at least four people fit very comfortably together, along with space to stand without the door interfering. A space able to handle group sex easily, well suited to taking pictures at the same time.

When the fourth man left, I took more pictures of the fucked man being rimmed as he lay on the platform, kaçak bahis siteleri sucking my cock. A new man appeared in the doorway, unwrapping his towel to expose an already stiff cock. Quite likely because he had been jacking off watching us, getting turned on enough to get involved.

Which he soon was, being treated much the same way I had been when gloriously starting to fuck a bathhouse bottom. To my complete satisfaction, watching it happen, feeling how the bottom was being fucked from his mouth’s motion, controlled by the cock filling his wanting ass.

In a way, the next 10 minutes of pictures are disjointed enough to merely know that I was taking pictures while having hot sex, getting sucked by men as turned on as I, watching them have sex. The bottom left, which made no difference to my original partner, who continued to go down on me, my cock starting to grow coated with spit.

Another man entered, unconcerned about the camera. Which I was starting to have problems handling, as another man went down on me, feeling his sucking change as he started being rimmed. When the man giving me head went up on his hands and knees, my foot began to play with the rimmer’s cock, feeling it grow stiffer,

There is another gap of almost 6 minutes, involving another session of me getting blown by a man getting fucked by the man that had led me to this place. After he left, the fun just got kinkier. Deliciously dirty, giving in to my most animal instincts with another man.

The next pictures were taken after doing my first hit of rush, starting to rim his sexy soft ass, bathing it with my tongue, pressing and sliding over it, getting really dirty as the rush filled me, making him moan helplessly. This sort of sex is what I have always associated with men having sex with each other, and having experienced it at the baths, I knew why. It feels so good to tongue a man’s soft ass, to take such complete charge of him, making him get lost in anal pleasure.

In a way hard to describe, as getting rimmed is very different than cock play. In part because only rarely is a man able to stay hard while getting licked like that. Something that doesn’t matter to the man being rimmed at all, grinding his hole against a wet tongue.

Moving back to do another hit, he changed position, laying on his back, legs in the air. Doing a second hit, able to take more pictures before losing myself completely in tonguing his ass.

The next pictures, after another minutes long pause where taking pictures was beyond my ability, show me getting rimmed, after doing my third hit of poppers, laying on my back, legs spread in the air like his had been. Unlike me with him, though, he decided that my cock should be sucked to full hardness. Something done extremely well, as several useless images prove, my lack of skill completely tied to what his magical mouth returned to doing between my opened cheeks.

Switching back to cock sucking, leading to me talking while feeding him my horny length – “suck it .. yeah sucker .. so hot .. slut .. take it .. hard cock.” I played with his nipples, turning them on nicely. He moved upwards, making it easy for my slippery held cock to start to fuck his chest like in the past with women. Of course my cock has felt a number of men’s nipples over the years here, but this was the first time to titty fuck a man, even if he had no breasts really.

After being sucked by four men, and almost cumming repeatedly, my dick was coated with a glistening natural slipperiness that felt fantastic, and not just when rubbing my cock over hard nipples. I like mutual masturbation, playing with myself openly in front of one partner – or many. My first orgasms with another person involved jacking off and cumming watching a friend do the same.

Though then, we never touched, something gloriously different now. He had no problems with me controlling my cock and using him like a slut, uninhibitedly playing with himself. He rose to his knees, stroking in front of me. It was easy to bring my wet horny cockhead into contact with his shaft, creating wonderful mutual pleasure. Like watching him play with a nipple while jerking off, his expression getting ever sexier. His mind was clearly between his legs, losing control as I continued to jack my cock against his, becoming more turned on thinking about him cumming over me.

Feeling him give in to orgasm, completely content to be playing with myself as hot cum splattered my body, taking several pictures of what was happening. Including the following couple of minutes where he went back down on me, my dark bush pearled with white cum. With balls as wet as my cock, it was an incredibly decadent luxury when he started to play with them.

After he left, I could not easily stop pleasuring myself, taking a final picture to end the photo session. After pulling scattered will together, I gathered my things and left, followed by showering and heading to the bar.

Where the second part of diving back into hot sex in the second part of this tale starts. At home, it was gratifying to see how many of the pictures were actually of acceptable quality, not that their quality had been a serious concern while taking them.

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