Batman – The Beginning

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This is a true story about the first time I met the most amazing man. After we met, we had a long term affair for almost two years, some of the happiest times of my life. Batman, as promised, this is for you.

The year I turned 30, I met the man I was going to marry. For various reasons I was desperate to get hitched and make babies. I chose badly. Fast forward ten years, two kids and a messy break up. I turned 40 feeling alone and unloved. I spent almost a year hiding from the world, rarely venturing out socially. Tough times. Luckily I had- I have- good friends who stood by me and reminded me that life is too short to wallow. One friend in particular, Betty, dragged me out a few times and encouraged me to rediscover my confidence and sense of humour. This story begins on one of those nights where we hit the town.

We had been out since about 6pm. What started as a fairly tame evening, quiet conversation and a few slowly sipped drinks, had gradually turned into a right old session. Too many drinks to count, loud laughter, banter with strangers. It was almost midnight, we fell out the door of the latest bar. I insisted, fairly drunkenly, that I was far too old to go to a late bar for dancing. So we compromised on a little basement wine bar that we know, where the staff are exceptional and show little regard for licencing hours.

We fell in the door and down the stairs, Bettys’ laughter echoing around the dimly lit room. Our heels clattered on the wooden stairs, as we descended into the bar. Greeted warmly by the bar manager, he took our coats and led us to the back bar. We perched ourselves on bar stools, adjusted our skirts, and within seconds had a cold glass of bubbles served to us. The music was discreet, the lighting was subdued, and we attempted to curb our enthusiasm and high spirits so as not to disturb the other patrons. However within minutes we were once again in convulsions laughing at some silly comment or joke, heads close together we were oblivious to the fact that we were drawing attention to ourselves, in particular from a table of three besuited gents just behind us.

Betty, mid anecdote, gesticulated a little wildly with her left hand, and sent her champagne glass flying off the bar. Hand clapped to her mouth, she swung around on her stool, expecting to hear the tinkle of broken glass, but instead there was a round of applause from the gents behind us. Alcohol dulling my reflexes slightly, I turned my head, to see that one of the men had caught the glass in, I assume, mid-air. Betty, an incorrigible flirt, batted her eyelashes and dimpled a smile at him. “Oh, my hero” she quipped. His friends were all laughing, commenting on his ‘cat like’ reflexes and quick hands. As I swung my stool around to better see who we were interacting with, Betty started to join in the banter. She is happily married but can that girl flirt- Gold Medal Standard. She introduced us to the men, and they in turn, stood up and shook our hands. When it came to the man who had caught the glass, she asked what ‘her hero’ was called. He smiled and answered “Batman”. As he spoke, he caught my eye, and in that moment, the world stood still.

The evening then took a fairly predictable turn. We were invited to join their company, champagne was ordered and consumed, conversation continued. However what wasn’t predictable, at least to me, was how I was feeling. It’s fair to say that my libido, asleep for many years, had suddenly woken up and was roaring like a lion at feeding time. Batman was a big bear of a man, broad of shoulder and large of hand, in an impeccably tailored suit, black, with a black shirt and tie underneath. Quirkily handsome, to me he exuded chemistry that I cannot even begin to describe. I couldn’t quite catch my breath, I felt like I had crashed into a wall. My thoughts were jumbled and disjointed. God he was gorgeous.

I could only concentrate on one aspect of him at a time as I was experiencing extreme sensory overload, my sozzled brain simply couldn’t take it all in. His big hands, and thick fingers, oh my. The size of his chest, broad and barrel like, under his shirt and jacket. His long muscular thighs, the right one pressed the length of my left leg as we shared a table. His smile and the promise of wickedness that it held. He deliberately ignored me, after our initial introduction, concentrating instead on chatting to Betty and his work colleagues. As it transpired they all worked in legal circles, and Batman showed himself to be an astute judge of character and a seasoned social manipulator. Within about ten minutes he had found some common ground between Betty and his two colleagues, and ensured that they were all busy interacting and joking before turning all his attention to me.

He shifted slightly in his seat, placed one arm along the back of my chair, and unapologetically swept his eyes over me from top to toe. I became aware of the fact that I was quite drunk, I had not touched up my make up in some canlı bahis time and I am sure my once perfectly arranged hair was looking like a birds nest. After my marriage break up my self-confidence was at an all-time low, so while I was basking in the not so subtle attention, I was also second guessing myself, could he really be interested in me? He leaned in to me, and spoke softly so that only I could hear him. “I am married. Happily married. I have never cheated on my wife. Until now. Let’s get out of here.”

Within minutes we were up the stairs and out the door, around the corner and checking in to a five star hotel. From the minute we stepped outside, his arm was tight around my waist, holding me close to his side. He didn’t loosen his grip as he completed the registration process, pressed the button for the fourth floor on the elevator, and guided me inside. I expected him to lunge at me when the doors closed, but instead he surprised me. He almost pushed me away from him, removing the comfort of his arm and the body heat I had been relishing. Instead he again looked me up and down, nodded once, and said “Oh Fuck”. He caught my eye, and the two of us dissolved into laughter, breaking the awkwardness and intensity of the moment. As the lift doors slid silently open, he took my hand in his and led me along the corridor to our room.

Once inside, he took my coat and bag, and left them on a chair just inside the door. He opened a bottle from the mini bar, poured me a drink and switched on soft music, adjusting the lights and closing the curtains. For a big man he was almost silent in his movements, and I found myself sitting on the sofa, watching him almost hypnotised by him. He finally came and sat beside me, clinked glasses with me and drank deeply.

My brain had started its merry dance of paranoia again- what was I doing in a hotel room with a stranger? Why was I wearing tights and not stockings? Did he have condoms? Would he regret this in the morning? Would I? He could probably see that I was starting to look a bit panicked, so he again took my hand in his. “Your bag and coat are by the door, you can leave at any time. I have left you some money if you need taxi fare. You don’t have to do anything you are not comfortable with. I bought condoms back at the bar. Just to clarify again, yes I am married and no, I do not make a habit of fucking other women. But I really want to fuck you.”

It was one of those moments that you know are life changing even when they are happening. I knew that I should walk away. I knew I couldn’t. I looked at him, breathed deeply, and nodded, yes.

I’d like to say that our first kiss was worthy of a movie, with fireworks, crashing waves, orchestras playing. But it wasn’t. It was raw and animalistic. Our glasses were dropped, our drinks spilled. Mouths open we didn’t so much kiss as devour each other. Teeth clashing, tongues immediately fighting, biting lips, panting, open mouthed passion. My hands got as far as his shoulders, and remained there as his hands, those big hands, unceremoniously pushed up my skirt and pulled me into his lap.

He squeezed and caressed my thighs and ass through my tights, and growled as he tried to remove them while still kissing me deeply. “Fuck it” he said into my mouth and he roughly tore the crotch of my tights, pushing my knickers to one side and feeling my wetness. Within thirty seconds of our lips meeting, he had one thick finger pushed deep into my already soaking pussy, and his thumb was rubbing my swollen clit. Within seconds, I was undone, my pussy clenching around his finger, my head thrown back, as I orgasmed long and strong on his finger, on one long, drawn out exhale.

Giving me no time to recover, he withdrew his finger, removed my shoes and tights, pushed my dress up to my waist and pulled off my knickers. He recommenced stroking my pussy, while kissing my mouth and neck. I was almost embarrassed how wet I was, I could hear the noises my pussy made as he slowly moved his finger in and out, but as he pushed a second finger deep inside me and slowly rotated his fingers, I closed my eyes and gave in to the sensation. It had been years since I had been horny, years since I had been well fucked, and something told me this was going to be the fucking of my life.

My hands started to roam over his shoulders, arms, and down his back. I reached his waist and pulled at his shirt. “Patience” he chided me, and when I persisted, he withdrew his fingers and slapped me on my pussy, just once. The noise was sharp and loud. The sensation was like none I have ever felt before. The shock and the sting, and also the deep, horny passion of it. I moaned, involuntarily, and he smiled at me. “Like that, do you?” he asked. Before I could respond, he stood up and brought me with him, propelling me to the bed and using his bulk to push me down into a horizontal position. He removed his jacket, shirt and tie, giving me my first view of his broad torso. I reached bahis siteleri for him, desperate to touch his skin, but he again laughed, and lowered his mouth to my pussy.

The sensations in my pussy were mind blowing. He alternated fucking me with his tongue, licking my clit, sucking my lips, using his thumb and fingers when needed. Turned out he is a talker, he told me how wet I was, how sweet I tasted, how swollen my clit was, how much he was enjoying feasting on me, how hard he was going to fuck me later. I could feel his deep voice rumbling in me as he spoke, which added even more sensation to the experience.

With one big hand he held me down and refused to let me reach for his belt, all I could do was run my nails over his shoulders while he licked and sucked and nibbled on my throbbing wet pussy. I felt even more wetness flood my pussy and I knew I was close to orgasm again. He sensed this too, and slowed things down, using only his tongue with delicious pressure in all the right places, slowly, slowly, slowly until I exploded over and over again, my pussy clenching, my lower limbs shivering, my breath panting.

He stayed where he was for a minute or two, gently lapping with his tongue, tasting every drop. I was spread-eagled on the bed, still half clothed. Smacking his lips together and laughing, he stood up and pulled me to my feet beside him. He reached for the hem of my crumpled dress, and gently pulled it over my head, undressing me like a child. He turned me around so he could undo my bra, and dropped it to the floor, leaving me standing naked, under his gaze.

He reached out one big hand and took my tit into his palm, feeling the weight of it, my hard nipple tingling against the feel of his skin. He kissed me, gently this time, almost tenderly, and pulled my body tight to him, his other hand cupping my ass cheek. I was once again surprised by him, I had expected a quick fuck but he was now tender and sensual, holding me tight and making my head swim with his kisses and gentle caresses.

I moved my hands down his back and into the waistband of his trousers. His back was broad and smooth. I dipped my fingers into his trousers and touched the top of his buttocks. He pulled me tighter against him, and I delved deeper, until I was cupping the cheeks of his ass in my hands and pulling him tightly against me. So much taller than me, I was almost bent backwards so that my mouth could reach his, so our bodies could press against each other. I won’t lie, I was dying to see what was inside his trousers, I couldn’t wait to see him naked.

I slipped my hands from his buttocks and in between our bodies, and I started to unbuckle his belt. I could feel his hardness in his trousers, I could feel that he was big and erect and horny for me. It was intoxicating. I unzipped his trousers, flicked the catch of his pants open, and slipped one hand into his pants and around his cock. We both groaned simultaneously, him I assume because of the sensation of my hand wrapping around his erection, and me because of the sheer size of him. I have fairly small hands, but as with his thighs, hands, shoulders, he was big, huge in fact. Full and heavy and hard. I pulled at the waistband of his trousers with one hand. “Off” I whispered in his ear.

He stepped back, out of reach for a moment, and quickly stripped off his remaining clothes. I heard a slap as his large cock, freed from its confines, bounced up against his stomach. Mother of God the man was gorgeous. I could feel fresh wetness in my pussy and my nipples hardening as I looked at him. I didn’t know what I wanted to do first, suck him or fuck him. But he made the decision for me.

Putting one big hand on each of my tits, he pushed me backwards onto the bed. He followed, and was soon lying beside me, kissing me, kneading and squeezing my tits and gently pinching my nipples. My hand crept down his stomach, gently pulling and teasing the hairs there and in his groin. I found his balls, large, full, downy, and I cupped and squeezed them with one hand while I ran the fingers of my other hand gently up and down the length of his erect cock, his skin so smooth and soft, yet hard beneath. I rubbed my thumb over the tip of his cock, feeling the moisture already there, knowing how hard and horny he was for me. I made a move to lower my head, with the intention of sucking his beautiful cock, but he stopped me. “Fuck me, please” he said. So I did.

I threw one leg over him, sitting astride his thighs, his cock between my hands, I started to wank him, gently at first, watching his reaction as I pulled on his foreskin, caressed his balls, squeezed him tightly then gently. He watched my every move, his breath getting ragged and faster. We did the necessary with a condom and then slowly, deliberately, I lifted myself up and holding his cock in my hand, rubbed it against my pussy. God, it felt so good. I pushed the head of his cock in between my pussy lips, just slightly penetrating bahis şirketleri me. I intended to tease, to do this a few times, but with a moan he held my hips and pushed up, hard and fast into my soaking, horny pussy.

The sensation was like no other. He was big, so big and hard. But smooth also. He held me in position and fucked me, deep and fast, from his horizontal position on the bed. My tits were bouncing and my breath was coming in gasps. I steadied myself with my hands on his chest, feeling his nipples hard and sharp against my palms. He slowed slightly, continuing to thrust in and out but at a slower pace, I guess so he could prolong the act. Which was fine by me, the friction of his cock inside me was sensational, I was lost in the moment and I could have continued forever.

Without warning he tipped me over, so that I was lying down and he was above me, still deep inside me. He stopped, still, looking into my eyes, smiling that enigmatic smile. Then he put one hand on my inner thigh, pushing my leg back and opening me ever wider to him. He thrust, slowly, looking at his cock slipping in and out of my pussy. Then he upped the pace, frenziedly fucking me, so hard and fast and deep I thought he would split me in two. The world fell away, all I was conscious of was his cock inside me, battering my pussy, rubbing off my g-spot, and the base of his cock grinding and banging against my clit.

All that was left for me to do was hold on and enjoy the ride. I couldn’t move, I wanted to buck my hips and participate but he had me pinned down and was using me, hard and fast, and I was loving it. I orgasmed at least three times while he continued at this pace, never ending or so it seemed. While he fucked me he again spoke, telling me what I felt like, how horny he was, how wet I was, how amazing a fuck it was. Finally, I sensed a change in pace, and his words dried up, he moaned on each thrust and let go of my thigh, one hand holding my tit while the other supported his weight and he bucked, thrust, jerked and came. I could feel his cock deeply embedded in me, twitching and spurting for what seemed like minutes.

He stayed like this, buried up to the hilt inside me. He shifted his weight slightly and lay down, half on half off me. Kissing my neck and squeezing my tits, he whispered in my ear how good that had felt, how gorgeous I was. I felt like a rag doll, turned inside out. All my nerve endings were tingling and I hadn’t the strength to move my arms to touch him, I just lay there, smiling at him and panting slightly. After a few minutes he pulled out, although even after orgasm he was semi hard and still big. He disposed of the condom and came back to lie behind me on the bed, spooning me and touching me. Very tactile, his hands constantly roamed over my tits, my ass, my stomach, my neck and face as we talked for what felt like hours.

After I visited the bathroom myself, I came back to the bed and lay, facing him. We talked for another while, and then started to kiss again. Pretty soon we were once again hot and horny for each other, and my hand was on his cock, his fingers inside me. This time, when I went to slide down his body to suck him, he allowed me.

I licked my way down his torso, my hands moving ahead of my mouth. When I got to his cock, I squeezed and wanked him for a few minutes, looking at him close up, seeing the pulse at the base of his cock, the hairs on his balls, the precum gathering at the tip. Then I slowly started to suck him, just around the tip at first while my hands held the shaft of his cock. Gradually I took more of him into my mouth at each suck, so soon my hands were holding the base of his cock, and most of him was deep in my mouth.

I continued this rhythm for ages, stopping every now and them to lick the length of him, down to his balls, and suck them one at a time. I wanked him, then sucked him, then licked. I gently, very gently bit him, and pushed my tongue into the slit at the tip of his cock, tasting his cum and hearing him moan. When it all became too much and he needed to cum, couldn’t stand the tease any more, he took hold of my hair and fucked my mouth, holding my head still and telling me how good it felt, how hot my mouth was. Eventually he groaned, and tried to pull out, but I held him deep in my mouth and he spurted long and hard into my throat, groaning and moaning his appreciation with every spurt.

When he was empty, he pulled me up to look at him and he deliberately and very sexily kissed me on the mouth, tasting his own sperm off my tongue. I turned around with my back against his chest, and we chatted for another few minutes. We dozed off for a while, in this position, and I woke to feel his cock, coming to life against my buttocks. I wriggled slightly against him and he laughed sleepily, apologising for waking me. I stretched like a cat against him, my body and senses immediately coming to life when I realised we weren’t yet done, he had more to give. This time, he was slow and gentle and he kissed and touched every inch of me before he fucked me. I couldn’t get enough of him and I made that clear by my sighs and moans as he made me cum again and again with his fingers tongue and cock.

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