Batting for Mom Ch. 02

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Big Dick

Lexi and her stepdad continue their arrangement of sorts, as Lexi offered herself up to her stepdad for sex because her mother is uninterested in sex. The story reads better if you read the first chapter. However, this chapter can certainly stand alone.


I hear the sound of rustling bags as my wife gets home. Just seconds ago, my beautiful stepdaughter Lexi and I lay entangled in passion on the couch. The blood that had hardened my cock now flowed directly to my head, as I pull my shorts up and scramble go get myself together. I feel like a teenager nearly getting caught by his parents when they arrived home unexpectedly. I walk into the kitchen to greet my wife.

“Hi Jen,” I say as I move to give my wife a peck on the cheek. She turns her head away coldly and continues unpacking the goods she brought home from her day of shopping.

“Need help,” I ask?

“You look rough,” she comments, seemingly ignoring my offer to help her sort her day of shopping.

“I was napping. You woke me when you came home,” I quickly respond. “I’m going to go grab a shower since you seem to have this covered.”

The shower has always been my sanctuary. I typically spend a good 30-45 minutes in the shower. My wife as well as the rest of the family has always wondered why I take such long showers. The shower is ‘my time’. It is my time to think, it is my time to reflect, and it is my time to gain or regain my composure. Today is no different.

As the warm water rains down upon my body with steam filling the room, my thoughts sprint to Lexi reflecting on the surreal afternoon of passion.

I imagine her hot, tight body in the shower with me. I imagine lathering her up, paying attention to cover every inch of her body with soap. I imagine the way my hand feels on her breast. Her breasts…

Lexi has the most perky, amazing set of tits I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve always been a leg man by trade, but those gorgeous breasts of her have me contemplating a career change. Lexi’s breasts stand firm. When I say standing firm, I mean STANDING FIRM. There’s not even a hint of sag. Her areolas are somewhat oversized on her b or c-cups. However, they perfectly accent her thick, delicious nipples.

My cock rages as I imagine her lathered up, young, hard body in the shower with me. I imagine lifting her up. I envision her soapy legs wrapped around my waist. I imagine my hands underneath that perfect ass and my cock inside her when there’s a knock at the door.

“Shayne, can I come in?” my wife asks as she barges in and disrupts my naughty fantasy.

“I’m going to bed. I’m beat. Too much shopping,” she says.

“OK. I’m going to watch TV for a while before I turn in. I napped the day away and now I’m wide awake,” I respond.

My wife finishes up in the bathroom as I dry off in the shower. I wrap my towel around myself. My dick is still obviously hard. Jen does not look up, as she is brushing her teeth while I walk by her. I grab a fresh pair of b-ball shorts and a shirt and put them on. Already dressed for bed, Jen comes into the bedroom and climbs into bed, closing her eyes.

“I might sleep on the couch tonight,” I tell her so that she won’t be alarmed if I’m not in bed.

“Good, then I can sprawl out in bed tonight for once,” she says, shifting her body diagonal in the bed and sprawling out.

I head back into the living room and make myself comfortable on the couch. I turn on Netflix, picking up where I last left off on ‘Shameless.’ Really, I’m just waiting, wondering if Lexi is going to come back downstairs.

I must have fallen asleep a few episodes in, as I look up to see my wife standing over me. As she shakes me on the shoulder, Jen tells me she is heading to church and that she’d be home around 1. “What time is it, I ask?”

“9am,” she responds.

“Wow, I was out cold,” I tell her.

“”Hope you slept well because I sure did. I had the whole bed to myself! Maybe we should get separate beds so we both sleep better,” she says as she giggles. She often says such things in a half-joking way. If I get upset (like I usually do), she typically claims she is joking. However, if I call the bluff – I bet she would be game.

“Yea, maybe,” I reply.

“Everything alright, Shayne,” Jen asks me with a slight shift in tone of her voice.

“Everything is the same as usual,” I answer.

“OK, well I need to go. I don’t want to be late. See you around one. We can talk more then.”

“Yep,” I reply.

After hitting the bathroom to freshen up, I head to the kitchen. I start the coffee pot and begin throwing together breakfast – bacon and eggs. As I get the bacon going, Lexi comes down stairs. The smell of the coffee made its way up the stairs and to Lexi’s nose.

“Good morning, Dad,” Lexi mumbles with her eyes half open. She fumbles for her coffee cup and pours herself a cup.

“Good morning, Lex,” I reply. I turn my attention to my sleepy step daughter while she fumbles around with the sugar.

“Mom liseli porno gone,” she asks?

“Yea, church ’til 1,” I tell her.

“Good, so we can talk,” she carries her coffee to the table and takes a seat, crossing her leg.

I pull the batch of bacon and eggs, making each of us a plate and carrying them to the table. “Let’s eat and talk. What’s on your mind, Lexi?” I say as I put a crisp piece of bacon in my mouth.

“Well,” she begins as she finishing swallowing a bite of her scrambled egg. “I just hope you weren’t upset… or disappointed with last night.”

“What? Lex, why in the world would I be upset,” I ask, puzzled as to why she’d think I was disappointed.

“I don’t know,” Lexi replies. Her eyes fixate on her coffee.

“Lexi, yesterday was… well it was shocking. I didn’t expect yesterday to go anywhere near how and where it went. I expected that I was going to be alone and in a hotel.

“Yesterday was a lot of things, “I continue.

“Yesterday was nice. Yesterday was incredible, it was amazing, it was… It has been all that I’ve thought about since last night to be honest,” I tell her as her eyes wander up from her coffee cup.

“Yesterday was many, many things Lexi. The thing that yesterday was not is disappointing. There is absolutely nothing about yesterday between me and you to be disappointed or upset about,” I tell her as I grab her hand.

“Well, I didn’t exactly uphold my end of the deal. And then mom came home. That has to disappoint you. Other guys would have been mad,” she tells me as she looks away towards the picture window overlooking the back yard.

“Lexi,” I say, pulling her hand towards me, kissing the top of her soft, tiny hand. “I’m not ‘other guys’.”

“I know but… I have to tell you something. I’ve never done that before.”

“You’ve never done what we did last night, you mean?”

“No,” she says as she shifts in her chair and crosses from right over left leg to left over right as she adjusts her coral and black dotted robe. “No, I mean, I’ve never done ‘it’ with a guy before. I’ve done things with guys. But never ‘it’ and when I don’t, guys get mad.”

“Last night I was going to. I swear I was. But then.”

I interrupt, “But then mom came home.”

“Yea. And when she did and we still hadn’t done it, I thought for sure you’d be mad. I’m sorry, Dad” Lexi says as tears begin streaming down her cheeks.

“Lexi,” I say as I move from my chair to kneel next to her, wiping her tear from her cheek. “There’s nothing to apologize for. There’s nothing to be sorry about. I didn’t know that you’d never been with a guy before. I always assumed you had.

“Lexi let me be honest here. If you don’t want to do this anymore, then we don’t have to. If you don’t want to ‘do it’ as you say, then we don’t have to. It is entirely up to you.”

“Dad, I want to. I don’t want you to go,” Lexi replies with a desperate sound to her voice.

“Lex, I won’t go. I’m not going to hold you hostage to keep me here with your mother.”

“Really?” Lexi asks.

“Really,” I assure her.

“So… would it be wrong if I still wanted to anyway?” she asks with a shaky voice.

I begin to stand up, stopping to kiss her on the cheek. “I’m pretty sure this whole situation is probably a bit wrong.” I kiss her on the cheek again as I slide my hand across the side of her neck and underneath the back of her long morning hair. “But, I can’t think of anything else – wrong or right – that I’ve wanted as badly as I want this.”

“You mean that?”

“Yes Lexi, I mean that. Even if we didn’t do ‘it’ for a while… or at all, I think I’d be OK with that, Lex.”

Lexi’s eyes light up. “Daddy, you’re the sweetest guy ever,” as she moves towards me and kisses me on the lips, tilting her head slightly.

As our lips part and tongues greet each other, I pull her head closer to me and I feel my heart skip a beat. Lexi turns her body towards me, drawing me in with her arms that wrap around my neck and shoulders in a full embrace. I lean in further, longing to be closer to my stepdaughter, as she removes her left arm and places her elbow on the table. I break the kiss and stare longingly, lustfully into her squinty, beautiful, deep brown eyes.

“Dad,” she whispers while giving me a peck on the lips.

“Yea, Lexi,” I respond still gazing and embraced.

“You need another piece of bacon,” she jokes, as she quickly pushes a piece of bacon in my mouth and giggles.

“No seriously, Dad. We shouldn’t do this in here.”

She was right. The kitchen and dining room are wide open. While our yard is fairly private, if someone drives up and comes to the door or comes inside, they will surely bear witness to our carrying on.

“Well, do you want to go try to find another baseball game,” I joke?

“I was thinking we could go to my room. What do you think,” she says as she takes a nibble at her bacon strip.

“It’s mobil porno a date,” I exclaim as I grab my plate. As I’m rinsing my plate at the sink, Lex walks up and sets her plate beside me. “Dad, can you handle this for me? I’ve got something of my own to handle,” she says while wrapping her arms around my waist from behind.

Her hand finds its way into my waistband as she takes hold of my cock. The feeling of her soft, small hand wrapped around my dick, gently stroking, rubbing, and pumping up and down makes me forget what I’m doing. I drop the dish in the sink. Lexi chuckles as she removes her hand from my shorts.

“Sorry, Daddy, I just wanted to see if you were ready. You seem REALLY ready. But…” she continues.

“But, you’re not doing a good job with the dishes. Why don’t you let me take care of the dishes for us?”

Lex nudges me aside and she slides herself between the sink and me. She pushes her robe covered, round ass into my hip.

I pick up on the cue and slide around behind Lexi. As she rinses the plate, I push her hair to the side, exposing her slender neck. I start at the back of her neck, flicking my tongue on her skin before kissing, and then gently nibbling on her neck. She wiggles her firm, round robe covered ass into me while arching her back as I lick, nibble, and kiss my way from back to the side of her neck. Goose bumps form along her neck, as she shivers while trying to concentrate on the breakfast dishes.

With her left hand, Lexi reaches behind her, this time grabbing my dick through my basketball shorts while I continue worshiping her neck with my mouth. Fumbling with the dishes one-handed, Lexi comments, “This is much harder than it looks.”

She gives my cock a firm pump up and down causing me to moan slightly into her neck. I feel precum beginning to seep out of my hardened cock.

“This, on the other hand,” as she squeezes her hand tighter around my cock and pumps faster while turning her head to look at me from behind her, “is exactly as hard as I hoped it would be.” Lex laughs at how clever her last comment was.

“Come on, let’s go upstairs,” Lexi says as she releases her grip on my seconds from exploding cock.

“OK, 1 second though,” I tell her breathlessly and seconds away from nutting in my shorts. Lex looks at me as if to determine what my hesitation is.

While still situated behind her and slightly off Lexi’s left hip, I reach my left hand across our bodies, placing it behind her right ear. I guide her head back towards me and lean in. Lexi pushes up onto her tippy toes leaning towards me and opens her mouth. We passionately and hungrily kiss, exploring one another’s souls with our tongues. As I kiss my sexy stepdaughter from behind, I move my right hand along her right hip, down the side of her fully closed robe, and down to mid-thigh where fabric and skin meet. Feeling just a hint of flesh with my fingertips on her full, smooth, sexy thigh, I run my fingers across the front of her leg. Lexi shakes as she kisses into her daddy. My fingers find her inner thigh and I rest my palm on the front of her toned leg and run my fingers upward.

With my fingers, I trace up her inner thigh and find my way to Lexi’s silky panties. I trace the thin panty line up and down the right side, across the valley, and then up and down the left. Lexi moans into my mouth, kissing me yet deeper. My fingers find their way to the center of her silky panties. I begin tracing up and down her slit with my middle finger making sure to apply extra pressure near her clit through her panties. Lexi moans as I slide my finger up and down her panties in a straight, then circular motion.

I pick up the pace, rubbing circles with differing pressure atop her soaking, silk panty covered clit. Lexi breaks the kiss with a moan, as she throws her head back. Reaching behind her and pulling my head into her neck, Lexi pants as my finger dances away feverishly on her clit. I kiss at her neck as if trying to consume her in satisfaction of an eternal hunger. Lexi’s hand works its way back down to my cock. As she fumbles into my waist band, I stop her.

“Lexi let me. Just relax and enjoy,” I tell her returning her hand to my head.

I slide my hand up off her panties and towards her stomach. As I kiss away at her neck, I kiss my way back up to her cheek and towards her luscious, quivering, waiting lips. She parts her lips anticipating a kiss. I linger as my hand ventures downward, breaking the plane of her panties. I continue sliding my hand down into her panties, caressing her bare, clean-shaven skin. My finger finds the warm, waiting magic button and comes to rest on her clit. Lexi shivers as my finger lay upon her sweet spot. She moves her lips yet closer to me and pushes her hips forward while arching for a deep, passionate kiss.

With my free hand, I gently grab her hair so that I can prevent her from kissing me until that right, special, magic moment. Her breathing and anticipation öğrenci porno picks up pace, as I begin rubbing circles around her clit. As I continue teasing away and playing with my step daughter’s clit, her breathing becomes heavy. Her muscles tighten and her legs become unsteady. Lexi closes her eyes and moans as I diddle away. Convinced she is at the point of no return, I release her hair and kiss my beautiful baby girl as she moans into my mouth, coming from her Daddy’s finger. I kiss her passionately and relentlessly while manipulating her button with my finger. My free hand keeps her balanced as the moans intensify to muffled screams into my mouth.

I remove my hand from her panties as she catches her breath and I run my hand up the top of her robe. I smile at Lexi, who is glowing and shaking from her incredible orgasm. “I’m ready to go upstairs now, how bout you?” I ask her.

“You have no idea,” she says with big, determined eyes. Lexi grabs me by the hand and races upstairs to her bedroom with me in tow.

We enter Lexi’s room and she throws herself on the foot of her soft, queen size bed. Her bed is soft and the mattress seemingly engulfs her as she lies upon her black comforter. “Sit down,” she tells me as she invites me onto her bed. I sit at the top of her bed against the black wooden headboard that peaks at the middle of my neck. I grab a fluffy pillow and gently place the black, white, and red pillow underneath her head. Her room has a floral scent to it, very similar to the smell of her body lotion combined with a hint of vanilla incense lingering.

Lexi suddenly hops up from her bed and fumbles around in her top dresser drawer. She pulls out a baby blue laced thong, quickly holding it up. “These will do,” she says as she gives a quick smile. Lexi moves to the corner of her room and with her back to me she removes her black silk panties and puts on the thong.

“Sorry, these were soaked. I had to change,” she giggles.

“Dad,” she says as she hops back on the bed and lays elbows propped up at the foot of her bed. Her feet are positioned next to me, just above waist level. “I’ve never let anyone do that to me before,” she says switching from an upbeat to more of a quiet, almost embarrassed tone. I look on at Lexi, interested to hear her elaborate.

“As I said before, I’ve never done ‘it’. I’ve done things, but never ‘it’ and never things like ‘that’. I’ve done ‘that’ to myself but never let anyone else.” She brushes her right foot against my right thigh, moving it up and down as she talks.

“Dad, when you did ‘that’ to me downstairs – that was the most amazing feeling I’ve ever had. It felt so different from when I do it. So, SO much better that usual. Why?” she asks.

I pick up her cute, tiny size 6 foot and move it onto my lap and then slide down the bed further so that her foot is about chest level with me. I rub the bottom of her foot, starting with her smooth, soft heel, pushing and needing forward as I use my thumbs to massage her perfectly curved foot. She arches her foot as I work my way up to her electric blue painted toes. I squeeze, and pull each one starting with her big toe and working my way to her pinkie toe. “That feels so good, Dad,” she coos.

“Lexi, when someone does something for you or to you, like this,” I bring her foot to my face and gently kiss the arch of her foot sending shivers up her body. “It always feels better than when you do it to yourself. You can massage your own foot or your shoulders or whatever. But, when someone else does it to you, there’s nothing like it.”

“Yea, after that, I’m not sure that I’ll ever do it to myself again. I’ll just let you do it.” She giggles again and winks at me.

“Well, come up here,” I say while pulling at her foot by the ankle. She slides up the bed and towards me so that both of her feet are at the head of the bed, just next to me. She remains leaning on her elbows with her legs bent and her head just about knee level with me. I sit up fully, grabbing her legs and putting them both across me. My fingertips begin gently brushing her leg, tracing circles. I start at the inside of her foot and my left hand works up to her ankles.

“So Lex,” I ask as my hand moves above her ankles to her calves. I trace more circles around to the back of her leg before massaging her calves. “Not that I’m complaining but why has no one else ever done that for you,” I ask as she moans lightly.

“I’m afraid I’ll do too much or someone won’t stop,” she replies. I squeeze her calf as I run my hand up and down.

“I like to be in control and I don’t want things to go too far. Most of the boys my age are either assholes or they are boring. And I want to make sure that if things go too far, I’m not giving it up to someone who is just out for one thing. Most of the assholes I date will leave if they get it. Although, most guys leave because they don’t get it, because they’re only out for one thing.”

“That feels awesome by the way,” she sighs as I laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

“I’m just laughing at the irony here, Lex. That’s all.”

“How do you mean,” she asks with a puzzled look on her face.

“Well, let’s see. Technically, one could say I want one thing. I mean, this started yesterday because I was leaving your mom over us not…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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