Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 01

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Friday’s orgasm, or orgasms to be more truthful, was more intense and longer than any she had experienced in a very long time. It took her a long time to recover her composure. Maybe it was the evening’s sex-fest or maybe it was being tied to a couch, naked, and blindfolded. No matter the reason, Friday enjoyed the outcome immensely.

Friday felt the couch move as Smith extricated himself. She heard him move around the room then go up the stairs. “Mr. Smith … er … Please? Where are you going? Mr. Smith?!” she cried out.

No answer.


“Why? This is what you said you wanted on the drive home from the ski lodge last year,” Rob called from a distance.

“Shit! And damn his memory” Susan said to herself. Resigned to her situation, she had no option but revel in the “afterglow” of her several really nice orgasms.


Chapter 1: The Guesthouse

Rob had started planning the weekend the moment Susan had mentioned her fantasy. He selected their tenth anniversary to fulfill his wife’s fantasy.

The weekend started early on Friday. Rob spent the morning running errands and making his preparations, while Susan cleaned the house and ran Robbie over to her in-laws.

After lunch, Rob and Susan spent the afternoon, packing and playing “Grab Ass”. At one point Rob pushed Susan on to the bed and orchestrated a heavy necking session. Sometime later, Susan gave Rob a note that said “I will give you a dollar if you spend the remaining hour naked.”

“Make it five, and you get nekid also,” Rob negotiated.

“I’ll give you two and I will go topless,” Susan countered.

“Three and remove all but your panties,” Rob said.

“Hmmm … Deal!” Susan agreed spitting on then extending her hand. Rob followed suit and started stripping.

The teasing intensified as Rob and Susan spent the hour packing. The lovers took advantage of every opportunity to rub various body parts against the other. By the time they were finished packing, Rob’s cock was very hard and Susan panties were dripping wet. But, by some act of superhuman strength, they did not make love. It was close at times, but they held off. With the packing all done and with a bit of remorse (and a good bit of anticipation), the lovers dressed.

“Susan dearest, would you please retrieve the other suitcase from the closet. There are a couple casino siteleri of things that still need to be packed. With a sigh, Susan gathered up the suitcase. Taped to the top was a red envelope.

“What’s this,” she asked.

“A list of a few things you will may need. I take these to the car and let you pack in peace,” Rob told her as he left their bedroom.

Susan opened the envelop and looked at the list. “Hmmm, wonder what he has in mind?” she murmured to herself. As she gathered the items on the list, she let her overly aroused mind paint vividly erotic scenarios of what her husband had in mind. Once she had collected all the items on the list, she called to Rob that she was ready. “Boy, am I ever ready,” she said under her breath as Rob entered the room.

“What was that dear?” Rob said

“Oh, nothing my stud-muffin. I packed everything on the list. Is that all? Are we ready to go?” Susan asked.

“Yes, I do believe that is it. Here, let me carry that for you my sweet bride,” he replied as he collected the last suitcase and extended his arm for his bride.

The Green Vale Guest Hotel was the last of its kind. Built in the Gilded Age at the end of Nineteenth Century, it was one of many wooden hotels around the industrial heart of America. Rob and Susan liked the “Vale” because of the separate guesthouses it offered. Each one had a kitchenette, a living room and a bedroom or two in the second floor. A casual breakfast and a formal dinner were served each day. The real attraction was it was also only 90 minutes from their home. The drive was just long enough for a good game of car-tease where Rob discovered just how difficult it was to drive with a hard-on and Susan found an exhibitionist side of her she did not know was there. This time the game was so intense that they had to drive around for 10 minutes to allow Rob to “relax.”

“Would you please open the glove box my dear and extract the red envelope. It is for you and provides some instructions,” Rob asked.

“My goodness, your planning is very detailed,” Susan replied.

“Oh yes it is. Please read the note and I will meet you back here at the car,” Rob instructed.

Rob retrieved the keys to their favorite guesthouse. Susan obeyed her instruction and scheduled a facial for her at 11:00 and a whirlpool them both at 12:00 the next day. She also checked with the concierge that the bar in the room was stocked. They arrived back at the car at the same time and headed canlı casino to their guesthouse.

Unpacking was not nearly as fun as packing was. But, it was done quickly. “Would you mind going and getting us some water while I finish unpacking my lovely?” Rob asked Susan.

“I thought we … oh … I get it. I am parched. I am going to get some water. Can I get you some also my love?” Susan asked in mock-unknowing concern.

“That would be very nice, dearest,” Rob replied.

Susan ran down stairs and grabbed a pair of spring waters. When she returned to the bedroom, Rob had placed a red envelope on the bed and in big letter, he had printed “DO NOT READ UNTIL INSTUCTED TO” on the front. From the bathroom, Susan heard Rob whistling and water running.

“My GOODNESS! That is some awesome view,” she said to Rob as he bent over the tub testing the bath water as is flowed into the tub.

“It is still two hours until dinner and I thought you might like a bath. Seeing that the bathtub is big enough for two I also thought you might like someone to wash your hair and scrub your back,” Rob told her.

“I was thinking that very same thing,” Susan replied. “Would you like to join me? I could reciprocate the back scrubbing.”

“I would very much like that,” he answered.

The lovers removed their clothes and slipped into the warm bubbly water. Susan’s curled up in front of Rob and positioned her back against Rob’s chest. Rob wrapped his arms around his wife and they laid in silence as the water filled the tub.

It took several minutes to fill the tub at which time Susan turned off the water and changed position so that she was facing her husband. Placing a foot lightly on his manhood, she gently started to rub her foot up and down Rob cock. “So dear, what do you have planned for the weekend?” she said

“A lot of stuff you said you wanted to do,” Rob replied, enjoying the sensations.

“Really, I do not remember giving you a list,” Susan said.

“Oooo … you didn’t. I remember things,” Rob rejoined.

“Really? And all this time I thought you were just amusing me with those ‘yes dears’.” Changing the subject, Susan asked, “You want to know a secret my love?”

“If there still exist secrets between us after all this time together, Pumpkin, I would love to hear it,” Rob replied.

Susan floated herself to her husband and Rob’s manhood in her hand. Wrapping it around his now erect member, she started to massage it. kaçak casino With her face close to his, she whispered “all the teasing while packing made me so horny that I almost masturbated when you left me to finish packing.” The items you asked me to pack intrigued and aroused me more. If I had not gotten dressed I would have twiddle myself until I came.” Susan placed a serious kiss on her husband’s lips.

“In the spirit of reciprocity, I also have a confession,” Rob admitted

“Really? I know about your ‘stash’ and you tell me of all the sites you visit, so what could you have done that I do not know of,” Susan purred

“I did a lot of planning for this weekend and when I pictured how it might workout, I too got horny. But, I did not have the will power of you and I jerked off a couple of times.”

“Just like I am doing now?” Susan asked.

“Not quite that well,” Rod rejoined.

“Well, I have had a lot of practice,” Susan confessed.

“That you do. How do you feel now?” Rob asked hopefully.

“About a good as you,” she answered.

“I think there is a remedy,” he hinted

“I believe there is also,” came her answer and she Susan straddled Rob and slowly lowered herself onto his very hard shaft.

“Horny minds think alike,” Rob gasped.

“Good … oh my … because I would have really hated to force you into something you were not willing to do … Ooooo!” Susan groaned.

The lover’s pent up passion finally was released. The packing, the drive, Rob’s note and Susan’s imagination succeeded in building a fire that even immersion in water would not quench. The bath and their lovemaking stoked their smoldering embers of lust into a roaring bonfire. “Oh my! Yes,” Susan grunted as she plummeted onto Rob’s fire-pole. She placed her hands on Rob’s chest and he grabbed her hips. She was not gentle, nor was he. Susan lifted herself up her lover’s shaft then, slammed back down. Rob met her downward stroke with a forceful upward thrust. Brighter and hotter than the Great Lighthouse of Alexandria, the lovers’ lustful hunger burned. But, overfueled, the lover’s flames of passion burned fast and furious and finally exploded. “OH ROB! FUCK ME! YES! YES! YES! YESSSSSS!” Susan yelled as she her orgasm erupted. Clamping hard onto Rob’s overly excited cock, Susan forced Rob over the edge and with one final deep thrust, he erupted.

They held onto each other until the water cooled. Looking over the tub’s edge the lovers noticed a lot of water. “Guess you will have to clean that mess up,” Susan told Rob and she exited the tub.

“Why me?” he whined.

“Because the bath was your idea and it takes me longer to get dressed,” Susan replied throwing a towel at her lover.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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