Beach House Seduction

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Diane Ryder stepped out of the rented beach house’s living room and onto the large screen-in porch feeling quite frustrated. Taking a seat in one of the comfortable lounge chairs she stared out into the night hoping the steady but pleasant roar of the surf might relax her enough so she could sleep. Dressed only in her long cotton nightshirt and panties she felt an instant chill from the breeze blowing in from the ocean raising goosebumps all across her arms and legs. While sitting there in the dark the smallest bit of a smile crept across her face at the thought that something had finally touched her because her damn husband, Jeff, sure wasn’t showing any interest on what was supposed to be a relaxing extended weekend on the coast.

Making matters slightly worse, the main reason she had gotten up was the sound of lovemaking coming from the room down the hall from her’s where Brian and Laura Martin, best friends and next door neighbors, had been going at it off and on for most the night. After dinner the two had excused themselves rather early while she and Jeff relaxed on the porch enjoying a pleasant Pawleys Island evening. Diane had even used their blatantly obvious departure to try and get Jeff in the mood for their own bedroom romp but he just kept on reading over a large and detailed investment contract to prepare for what he claimed was an impromptu meeting in Columbia the next morning. Even sitting on the porch she could still hear the faint sound of moaning and stifled screams of pleasure.

Realizing she had no other recourse, Diane went back into the house and climbed the steps to the second floor where all the bedrooms were located. While the actual door to Brian and Laura’s room was shut, being primarily a rental house all the bedrooms including the two bathrooms were connected in someway. It was one of those side entrances that was allowing the sound of their lovemaking to seep through the house. Diane figured if she could shut all the doors that would quiet things down enough so she could sleep.

Quickly and quietly stepping through the first bathroom on the left side of the stairwell then into the connected unused bedroom brought her to the side entrance to the room occupied by her overly energetic friends. Diane almost abandoned her plan when she saw the door leading into their room completely open. But if she wanted any chance at finally getting some rest, she would have to risk detection long enough to step over and slowly close it while hoping the hinges didn’t squeak in the process.

As silent as a mouse Diane was able to cross the room and stand at the door, it was then that she saw the two tangled together, naked on the bed, the soft light coming from the small lamp on the bedside nightstand enhancing the sheen of the sweat coating their bodies. Brian was on his back with Laura straddling him, alternating between slowly grinding her hips on his cock savoring every sensation to bouncing up and down until she screamed. Brian spent his time fondling her tits with his hands or pulling her down long enough for him to spend several seconds thrusting his dick upward into her pussy. That would send Laura into an animal-like frenzy where she would break free of Brian’s embrace and begin a series of her own rapid pelvic thrusts that would send her long blonde hair flying and Brian struggling to control his own body.

Without being conscious about it, the sight of the energy and passion her two friends were expressing immediately drew Diane into their world. She hungered for Jeff to want her as badly as Brian clearly desired Laura. Diane could almost feel Brian’s shaft impaling her as he was doing to his wife. The conflicting emotions of frustration at what she was missing with Jeff and the outright envy at seeing Laura’s body being worshiped by her husband was almost too much for her to stand. Both Brian and Laura were close to the same age as Diane and her husband, mid-thirties, and while not models or athletes did take care of their bodies. A fact Diane appreciated as she gazed at Brian laying on the bed.

Without realizing it one of Diane’s hands went up her shirt to caress her breasts while the other went into her panties to lightly massage her clit. Whether Diane was lost in the scene before her for just a second or a couple of minutes she had no idea, what brought her back to reality was seeing Brian’s eyes looking straight at her as Laura was once again slowly riding her husband’s cock.

Brian said nothing but continued to look at Diane as he reared up and began to suck on one of Laura’s nipples causing a slow and long moan to come out of her mouth. It was when Laura then began to spasm, clearly having an orgasm, that Brian smiled at the silent observer standing in the doorway. Diane was overwhelmed with a sense of embarrassment for being discovered along with her imagining she was the one Brian was fucking. She eventually found the will and the strength to walk away when Laura collapsed on top of her husband in clear exhaustion.

Seconds later Diane is back in almanbahis giriş bed with the sleeping Jeff hoping Brian would not say anything to Laura about her invasion of their privacy. She also puzzled over the smile Brian gave her, but didn’t dwell on it because as sleep claimed her, Diane dreamed of his lips sucking on one of her nipples and his cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

The next morning Diane barely remembered Jeff getting up and leaving for Columbia. Had she been more coherent she would have gathered all their belongings and rode with him because she didn’t want to face Brian and Laura. Instead, once she realized Jeff was long gone she came up with the idea of just staying in bed until the two left to go see Laura’s cousin who lived a short distance up the highway. As Diane lay in bed the beach house was deathly quiet except for the sound of the ceiling fan in her room spinning. Feeling certain that she alone, Diane got out of bed, stripped off her nightshirt and panties, and then walked through the connecting doorway to the other second floor bathroom.

Equipped with an overly large and efficient water heater the bathroom was soon filled with steam after Diane turned the shower on full blast. She stepped in and for a couple of minutes closed her eyes and just enjoyed the sensations of the hot water hitting her body allowing all her concerns and embarrassment to melt away. It was the soft click of the shower door opening that brought Diane out of her reverie. She opened her eyes to see Brian naked and entering the shower with her. A moment of terror combined with simple shock froze her in place.

“Just relax, it’s only me.” He said quickly taking Diane into her arms and kissing her. Still too stunned to say or do anything Diane found Brian’s tongue was both soft and forceful. She found having a man, not her husband, standing naked in a shower with her almost a surreal experience. Never in her life had she ever seriously thought about another man except her husband, the fact that Brian, her best friend’s husband, was part of the reason she remained stunned for so long. For the briefest of moments Diane’s unsatisfied lust allowed her to enjoy the surprise, but it was her usual morals that forced her to break away.

“Please,” she said trying to pull away, “Brian, I can’t do this for so many reasons.”

“Just relax Diane, it’s all going to be okay,” was all Brian said before beginning to kiss her again. This time he had moved in such a way to position his fully erect cock against Diane’s inner thighs. Against her will Diane uttered a slow and primal moan, it had been so bloody long she thought. But still, Laura was her best friend.

“Please stop Brian, I mean it,” Diane said with some force. “Laura is my best friend and your wife. I can’t do this to her.”

Brian just smiled, kissed Diane deeply again and then released her. She took that moment to quickly step out of the shower and grab a towel to try and cover her nakedness. Brian calmly followed right behind to see her fumbling with the towel. Just when Diane finally got the too small of a towel to cover most of her torso Brian was standing right up against her. Diane knew she should have ran to her room and locked the door, or at least slapped Brian for everything wrong he was doing but she just stood there motionless. With the barest motion Brian used his right hand to pull Diane’s towel away and drop it to the floor.

“I’ve always thought you were one of the most beautiful women in our neighborhood.” He whispered while lightly kissing her neck. You’re always so full of energy and your smile can light up a room.” He continued to say before taking Diane back into his arms.

Diane’s mind screamed all the reasons she should end this encounter but her body refused to obey. It all came down to the fact it had been so long since Jeff had done anything of this nature. Still one question remained that had to be answered. “Where is Laura,” she asked breathlessly.

Brian smiled again, “Laura left right after Jeff to go see her cousin. The house will be ours alone for several hours.”

With that answer all opposition to Brian faded away and Diane gave herself over to him. Knowing he had won Brian scooped Diane up in his arms and carried her to the spare bedroom connected to the one she and Jeff had taken.


Brian gently laid Diane on the unmade bed never breaking eye contact with her. As she lay there Brian admired the beauty of her dark raven hair spread across the white of the sheet covering the mattress. He moved around to the foot of the bed and got down on his knees while gently spreading Diane’s legs apart. She gasped when he wrapped his arms around her legs and pulled her close. Looking down at her neatly groomed pussy hair Brian realized a question that had puzzled him was answered.

Leaning down he slowly took turns running his tongue along both of her thighs. Diane whimpered softly with pleasure at the contact, feeling he was moving at the right pace Brian slid up further almanbahis to slowly lick the inner and outer regions of her pussy causing Diane to moan.

“Please…” Diane whispered moments later but said nothing else after, this encouraged Brian further and he began licking and lightly sucking on her clit causing her pussy to swell even more than when he first started. He went on for several seconds before glancing up to see that Diane was tightly grasping both of her tits with her hands and writhing in pleasure. Brian had barely stopped for a couple of seconds to look up but it was enough for Diane to notice.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” she said lifting her head to look down at him. Brian then slipped two of his fingers into her pussy and began slowly moving them in an out while sucking on her clit. The resulting scream of pleasure came as pure instinct to Diane, it was primal and raw. Some small and distant part of her mind knew this was wrong in so many ways but it mattered nothing compared to the basic animal lust that was consuming her body.

The orgasm that hit Diane was short but intense leaving her gasping for breath. Brian just smiled, stood up, and crawled onto the bed to lay beside her. “Brian, why are you doing this? She asked knowing he was not done with her.

“I’ve wanted you for such a long time.” He said while kissing her tenderly. “I don’t believe you know how beautiful and sexy you are walking around in your backyard wearing those tight cutoffs or in the gym with sweat dripping off your body.”

Diane couldn’t believe someone like Brian had been secretly admiring her. He was married to one of the most beautiful women in the neighborhood and from what she saw of the two the night before, their sex lives were full and passionate. But deep down a part Diane relished the idea that another man thought she was desirable, even her best friend’s husband.

Brian leaned in again and began kissing Diane deeply, as his tongue intertwined with hers it sent ripples of pleasure all through her body. She still knew this was all wrong on so many levels but the thought was just a distant echo that was quickly fading. When Brian pulled away Diane was gasping for breath not really wanting the kiss to end. She said nothing as Brian spreads her legs apart and moved between them on his knees. He then starts stroking the lips of Diane’s pussy with the tip of his dick. Every couple of strokes he would dip the head into her wet pussy teasing Diane and making her whimper.

“Is this what you want?” Diane asked feeling herself flush with desire but also curiously powerless. “This will change everything between us,” she added.

Brian just smiled again, “This is what I want right now.” He said before sliding his dick inside Diane causing her to scream in excitement. Brian stayed motionless for a few seconds savoring the moment before he started thrusting. Diane, her arms spread out across the bed, again began clutching at the loose sheets while moaning.

“Oh god…oh god,” Diane repeatedly said as she rocked in counter motion to Brian’s thrusts. Brian looked down on Diane, her black hair splayed on the bed, enjoying the feeling of conquest. As Diane’s moans grew in volume Brian could feel her pussy beginning to throb, her orgasm was coming fact and it was going to be huge.

“Lets change a few things,” Brain said after stopping and pulling out of Diane. He jumped up off the bed and walked over to the bedroom window and opened it. It was still early morning but with the window open it let in the sound of the surf along with muffled voices of people playing on the beach.

Diane looked confused and disappointed, this was the first fuck for her in more months than she wanted to count. To have Brian stop in the middle didn’t make any sense, all she wanted him to do was get back on the bed and slide his cock back into her.

“Do you hear all the people outside?” Brian asked as he laid back down next to Diane. “Just imagine all those people so near and we’re in here doing nasty things to each other.”

Diane did listen, while individual voices were impossible to understand she could hear dozens of innocent conversations along with several children playing. She was surprised to realize it did excite her in way she never thought possible. She gasped again as Brian rolled her over and propped her up on her hands and knees. He moved behind her and used the tip of his dick to toy with her clit again.

“Fuck me Brian,” she pleaded, ” I need this so bad.”

Brian complied and began pounded, the sound of skin slapping against skin so loud a part of Diane’s mind wondered if anyone outside could hear what was going on. The idea of that excited her more, “Fuck me harder…harder.” Diane’s arms collapsed forcing her to rest her head on the mattress.

“Yeah,” Brian said, “I figured opening the window would turn you on more. You really want them to hear us don’t you, Diane?”

“Yes,” was all Diane could whimper, she was awash in the moment and almanbahis giriş did care anymore.

“Louder Diane,” Brian said.

“Fuck me Brian!” Diane screamed, “Fuck me! I want your cum inside me!”

Diane came during a moment where all she could think about was wanting Brian never to stop his thrusting. The orgasm was the most powerful one she had ever experienced, it went on for an what seemed like an eternity. Her husband Jeff had never approached what Brian had done to her even when they were newlyweds and couldn’t get enough of each other. When Brian climaxed and she could feel his hot fluids shoot deep inside her. With her ass still up in the air Diane relished the feel of Brian’s angry cock throbbing inside her pumping his sperm inside her cunt. By itself it brought on another orgasmic wave that combined with the first one causing her body to shudder.

When Brian pulled out Diane was utterly exhausted and collapsed on the bed. She knew it was quite possible that someone outside had heard her screams but she simply didn’t care. Laying on her stomach, Diane turned her head to look at Brian who was now laying beside her. “What did you do to me?” She whispered breathing heavily from all the activity.

“Something I figured you needed, especially after I saw you standing in the doorway last night feeling yourself up as Laura and I made love.” Brian said as if it was the most reasonable thing in the world to say.

It actually took Diane a few moments to remember that Laura was Brian’s wife. Not that it mattered when she did, as Diane’s breathing slowed all she could think of was getting Brian to fuck her again. To aid in the process she reached down and took hold of Brian’s cock and started massaging it. It was still semi-erect but going down fast as Diane wiped up cum off Brian’s cock and smeared it across her tits and stomach.

“You’ll need to give me a few minutes.” Brian confessed before reaching over to kiss Diane.

“How about we try the shower again?” Diane asked seductively. “I could use a good cleaning.”

“Sounds like a very good idea,” he said.

The two quickly moved to the connected bathroom and turned on the shower. Diane had time to think that in just the space of a hour she had gone from being terrified when Brian made his first advance towards her to being more than a willing participant. Just as they stepped into the shower Diane pulled Brian to her and began kissing, her tongue demanding, then receiving attention from his.

“Here,” Brian said after breaking away from their kiss, “let me wash your body.”

Brian then grabbed a sponge and applied a liberal amount of body wash onto it. He made Diane face the shower and positioned himself behind her. Starting at her neck, he began rubbing the foamy sponge downward. Diane shivered from the feel of his strong hands moving across her body and moaned when he paid special attention to her tits using his free hand to grasp one of them to the point it bordered on pain.

When Brian reached her pussy he dropped the sponge and used only his fingers. Combined with the water and soap his touch felt electric and caused her to gasp. “You’re going to make me cum again,” she said as two fingers of Brian’s left hand explored the swollen edges of her pussy. Diane about lost control when she felt the index finger of his right hand start exploring the edge of her butt hole and even entering it. Her response was a guttural moan of pleasure and a trembling body that Brian had to support to keep her from collapsing. Brian’s dual explorations of her body was something entirely new to Diane, it was unknown erotic territory and it scared her, but she didn’t want it to stop. As the sensations consumed Diane she bent over further to allow him to probe deeper.

Brian kept fingering Diane’s pussy and butt hole until he felt her body go into spasms from the orgasm. He then turned Diane around and began kissing her again. “So how is your first visit to the beach house going?” He asked after they parted.

Diane was breathless but eventually answered, “Had I known you would have been one of the benefits, I would have forced Jeff to come the first time you and Laura asked.”

Brian smiled warmly at her answer and for a long time after that they just embraced each other as the water from the shower flowed down their bodies. The pause in the unconstrained lust allowed Diane to think clearly for a time. She simply couldn’t fathom where all this had come from, she and Jeff had known Brian and Laura for almost eighteen months since they moved in next door. Since both couples were childless they had quickly fallen in with each other given that they lived in a neighborhood where nearly every house could boast one of two kids. After the initial phase of getting to know each other both couples started having backyard cookouts and then the occasional double date to concerts or movies.

A part of Diane’s mind wondered if her friends were in fact swingers and that all during the time she was being seduced by Brian that Laura was someplace with Jeff screwing his brains out. That thought almost made her laugh, Jeff’s only real concern, if not love, in life was investing money. A fact that had greatly bothered Diane many times since his attentions had drifted away from her.

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