Beautiful, Pregnant Emily

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I haven’t always had an appreciation for the incredible beauty of pregnant women. It started early in my military career when my roommate’s girlfriend brought over her friend Stacey who happened to be about 8 months pregnant. Stacey was a very pretty 21 year old who had come down from Pennsylvania, chasing the soldier who had gotten her pregnant. Needless to say, that didn’t work out. Which worked out well for me as I met her as she was entering that horny stage of pregnancy.

Stacey and I made the best of the situation over the next several weeks. I realized right away the awesomeness of pregnant pussy! It was near intoxicating. The smell, the taste, the feel.

After several weeks I had to leave for training out of state that would last for a couple of months. Stacey and I never talked while I was gone and I never heard from her after I returned.

Fast forward about 10 years. Emily and I have been having our affair for several months when Emily found out she was pregnant. Luckily, with timing we knew it wasn’t mine.

Of course, I immediately remembered my time with Stacey and looked forward to fucking Emily while she was pregnant. Emily and I had become very comfortable talking about our wants and desires. So I, of course, shared my desire to fuck her while she was pregnant. Needless to say, Emily was more than receptive to the idea.

We didn’t see much of each other early in Emily’s pregnancy. Knowing how much I really wanted to fuck her while she was pregnant, Emily made it a point to tease me with sexy pregnancy pictures as she really started to show. She was a totally different kind of hot. Her gorgeous, firm breasts really started to grow…her amazing ass somehow got more amazing.

We actually ran into each other at the coffee shop when she was about 6 months along. It was really hard not to drag her back to the bathroom and fuck her right there in the coffee shop.

Finally an opportunity came at about 7 months. Emily texted me saying she had some time between classes but not enough time to head down to my property where we usually met. I racked my brain trying to think escort şişli of a place we could meet. Finally, I thought of an overflow parking lot on campus of the school where Emily was taking classes. She agreed and was there waiting when I pulled in about 15 minutes later.

We were both on the nervous side as this was the first time we’d rendezvoused where someone could see us. We chatted for a bit about how to best go about it. My truck or her Escape…where in the parking lot. We finally settled on a back corner surrounded by a few trees, using my truck to shield us a bit while we were in her Escape.

As I backed into the parking spot, Emily was hopping into the back seat of her Escape. God she looked sexy! Emily was wearing a sporty, crossfit t-shirt that really showed off her growing chest and belly. I quickly hopped out of my truck and into the other side of the back seat of her Escape. “Fuck me, you look amazing!” I said.

“Shut up and fuck me.” Emily replied with a grin as she moved in to kiss me. It had been a long time since we’d seen each other and it was quite evident as our mouths met. I think we were literally trying to devour each other as we tore our clothes off.

After both of us were topless, Emily moved over on top of me in the middle of the seat. We continued to make out as my hands explored her incredible body. As I slowly moved my mouth down her neck to her chest, Emily leaned back encouraging me to give her breasts the much needed attention they deserved. Without being pregnant, Emily has some of the most amazing tits I’ve ever experienced. Now that she was pregnant…oh man! Her normally overly sensitive nipples were in overdrive! The noises she made as I took one in my mouth were heavenly. I used my left hand to gently roll her right nipple with my thumb and finger while I gently sucked and licked her left.

“Oh my god! I think I could cum just with you playing with my nipples!” Emily gasped between heavy breaths.

“Please do” I replied as I pinched a little harder.

“Fuck yes!” came the reply as I continued to pinch, suck, and lick Emily’s nipples escort beşiktaş harder and harder as she grind her hips against my rock hard cock still waiting to be freed from my pants.

As Emily’s grinding and breathing got faster and louder I realized she really may cum just from nipple stimulation! That’s pretty fucking hot and would be a first for me.

Sure enough, not a minute later “Oh yes! Yes! Oh fuck! Don’t stoooooppp!!” she cried as her body convulsed in ecstasy.

“Ok, now stop!” she said as she grabbed my head with both hands and pulled it away from her chest and up to her mouth.

“Well that was hot” I said as our mouth parted. Emily just grinned as she continued coming down from her orgasm, sliding off to the seat next to me. As she leaned back against the door I turned towards her, settling between her legs and reaching up to pull off her black yoga pants. Emily lifted her hips as I pulled her pants all the way off in one swoop.

Unbelievably gorgeous is what came to mind as I looked down at her beautiful, pregnant body. All I could do was grin at her as I made my way down between her legs.

Wow was she wet from her first orgasm! Her juices were making a good sized wet spot on the seat. I eagerly began licking up was still all over her sweet pussy lips. Emily moaned loudly with pleasure as I started working her clit with my tongue. “God damn, you’re wet!” I said as her juices continued to flow.

“Mmmm..I’m about to get wetter” came the reply as I felt her hand on the back of my head, pulling my face hard against her wet pussy.

I immediately slid my middle finger deep inside her eliciting a deep gasp as I did. I alternated between working my tongue on her clit to sucking on it, rolling it between my lips as I worked my finger in and out of her delicious, wet pussy.

“Yes, yes, YES! Oh god YES! I’m fucking cumming!” Emily cried. I held my finger inside her, pressed up against her G-spot as she continued her orgasm, nearly suffocating me with her hand on the back of my head. Emily’s juice were just pouring out. I could feel them all over escort beyoğlu my face and chin, there was no keeping up.

Once again, as Emily was coming down from her orgasm, she pushed me away due to her post orgasm sensitivity. I slid around to sit on the other side of the back seat, stroking myself and watching Emily as she finished coming down from her orgasm.

Her gorgeous, pregnant body soon made its way over. Emily wasted no time crawling on top of me, lower herself onto my rock hard cock. The feeling of sliding inside Emily for the first time is always pure heaven! It was a totally different kind of heaven this time with her pregnancy and how insanely wet she was. “Fuck yes!” was all I could manage as she took all of my cock inside her.

Emily leaned in to kiss me as she started slowly riding me. “Mmmm…I taste good” She shared with coy smile knowing how hot I think it is she likes kissing me after making her cum with my mouth.

“And you feel incredible” I replied as I grabbed her ass with both hands, helping her ride me deeper.

God it was sexy as hell watching her ride me with her big pregnant belly. Up until this point in our affair, I’d never finished inside Emily. Most of the time I pulled out to shoot cum all over her stomach or back. On occasion, Emily liked to hop off at the last minute to take me in her mouth.

But this time I was going to be able to explode inside her amazing, delicious pussy. It certainly didn’t take long for me to do just that.

“Oh yes, that’s it. Don’t stop!” I said as I felt myself hit the point of no return. I leaned back as I pulled Emily hard into me, thrusting my hips up as I started to cum. I felt stream after stream shoot deep inside Emily. Christ it felt amazing to finally get to explode inside Emily.

“Oh wow” was all I could manage as I sat there coming down from my orgasm, looking up at Emily as she continued to slowly rock back and forth on my now softening cock.

“That was hot” Emily responded as she kissed me gently.

We finally managed to get dressed and head our separate ways. It was hours before I could get that post orgasm foggy feeling out of my head. That feeling of pure ecstasy that lasts for hours after only the most incredible of orgasms. Emily has given me several of those orgasms. I hope it’s not too much longer before I get to experience another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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