Becci was Made for Sex Ch. 08

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Another part of Becci’s sexploits while on holiday from university. Like the preceding ones, the story is completely fictional. If you are easily offended by incestuous relationships, dogging, or forced sex please do not read! All characters are fictional and any likeness to any person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the best of my knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.


A few days had passed since Daddy and I had met the stranger at Sunset Point. Over those few days we never mentioned it. It was as if that episode had never happened although I knew it had because my bum was still a little sore from Daddy’s finger play. Daddy had kept himself busy with his photographic assignment and I had busied myself reading and generally lazing around the house.

My phone buzzed to tell me there was a message waiting. It was from Daddy, saying he had gone to work to try and finish the photo shoot job. I understood why. The sooner he presented his final presentation to the client the sooner he got paid.

There was a ring at the doorbell. I put my coffee down and ambled down the passageway in my dressing gown wrapped tightly around me and opened the door. Aunty Pam swept into the hallway like Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmatians and asked in an irritable voice, “I need to speak with your father.”

“Sorry, Aunty Pam. He’s not here. He’s gone into work to finish off an assignment.”

“Blast!” she exclaimed. “Why is he never here when I need him!”

“If it’s that important I can call him for you,” I said.

Without answering my question she launched herself into an explanation of why it was so important to speak to Daddy. “Your cousin Cassie, from Australia, is touring Europe and is coming to see us all. I can’t put her up as I have guests staying over for the party on Saturday. I need your father to look after her until it’s time for her to leave.”

“Cousin Cassie?” I said hesitantly.

“Yes, Cousin Cassie. You know. Uncle Robert’s daughter. My brother. Your mother’s brother. Emigrated to Australia 20 years ago.” Aunty Pam was spelling it out in small sentences as if I was a small child.

“Oh!” I said. “That Cassie!”

I was trying desperately to remember if I had ever met her in my life and had drawn a blank. I had almost forgotten that I had family in Australia.

I picked my mobile phone up and dialled Daddy’s number. When it started ringing I handed the phone to Aunty Pam. “It’s Daddy,” I said in a rather triumphant manner.

Aunty Pam started telling Daddy about Cassie and the problem she was going to cause by coming to visit this week – the same week as the party was planned for!

“She can’t stay at my place because I have guests coming on Thursday for the party. You’ll have to put her up here. It will only be for a few days.”

Eventually, she and Daddy came up with a plan and when it was finalised, Aunty Pam handed the phone back to me to end the call.

“I’ll have a cup of coffee now, Becci,” she demanded. “Your father has agreed she can lodge here during her stay and you, dear Becci, will have to look after her and make sure she doesn’t find out about our little Saturday soirée . We can’t afford to have Cassie in on our little secret can we?”

I wasn’t sure if that was a statement of fact or a question. To my ears it sounded like a statement.

I handed Aunty Pam her cup of coffee.

“Thank you, dear,” she said placing her hand on top of mine. “Cassie is about your age so you two should get along like a house on fire.”

“When is she due to arrive?” I asked.

“Well, according to your Uncle Robert she should arrive with me tomorrow. So, as soon as she does I’ll bring her over here and let you take her under your wing.” As she said the words ‘ under your wing’ she gave my hand a further squeeze.

She finished her coffee and, in true Walt Disney’s Crueila Deville mode, she left the house.

I finished my coffee, dressed and started preparing the spare bedroom for our unexpected guest.


The doorbell rang at four o’clock. Our Australian guest had arrived, complete with suitcase and Aunty Pam in tow. “Come in,” I ushered in my friendliest voice. I ushered them into the lounge where Aunty Pam introduced us.

Cassie seemed a bit shy but that was understandable I suppose. She was very pretty with deep blue eyes and long blonde hair and with a figure to die for. She would have no problems finding a boyfriend in her life. Her boobs were certainly bigger than mine – 34B at a guess. Her skin was tanned to a golden brown colour by the Australian sun. Her teeth sparkled as if they were in some toothpaste commercial and her smile was broad and friendly.

After the initial introduction I offered Cassie and Aunty Pam a drink. Aunty Pam refused because she had to be going. True to form, Cassie asked for a Foster’s Lager. I smiled to myself as I opened the fridge door and found a can of Castlemaine XXXX. Beggars can’t be choosers taksim escort I thought to myself as I took a can off the shelf.

Aunty Pam made a quick exit and I was left with Cassie to entertain for the evening. Daddy had sent me a text earlier saying he had hit a problem in the studio and would be home later. Much later.

After showing Cassie her bedroom we returned to the lounge where she started to tell me about her home near Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. How she enjoyed going to Purnululu National Park especially the ‘Bungle Bungle Range’ with the Echidna Chasm Gorge. The wildlife and the scenery was, according to her, the best in the world. I listened intently and made a vow, to myself, that one day I would visit Australia.

After an hour of her talking and me asking questions about Australia Cassie asked if she could go and have a shower.

“Of course,” I said standing. “Come on, I’ll show you the bathroom.”

Cassie followed me up the stairs and into the bathroom. “Fresh towels are in that cupboard,” I said pointing to the airing cupboard. “Soap and shower gel in the shower tidy,” I said as I slid open the door of the shower. “I’ll catch you later, Cassie. Enjoy the shower.”

“Oh shit! Please don’t leave,” Cassie said. “You can stay and we can carry on chatting while I scrub down.”

As she was talking she was unbuttoning the buttons of her blouse revealing a pretty pink bra. She placed the blouse on top of the laundry basket and started to unbutton her white slacks which she stepped out of with ease. Her panties matched her bra.

As she turned her back to me she asked, “Can you unfasten my bra please, Becci?” I did as I was asked and watched as she took the loosened bra and placed it on top of her other clothes on the laundry basket. I noticed how golden tanned her back and shoulders were with no evidence of tan lines. She was obviously used to sunbathing topless. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down, stepping out of them with grace. Again no tan lines, obviously she sunbathed in the nude.

She turned to face me, extended her arms out on either side and said in a very harmonious voice, “Ta-Rah! I’m ready for my shower!”

I ogled her perfect body – perfect in every way. Her boobs were nicely formed with rounded puffy pink areola and slightly darker pink nipples. I glanced at the label on her bra as I unhooked it earlier and saw that she was indeed a 34B size. Her body tapered gently to her petite waist, her belly button was a shallow oval ‘innie’. Her mons pubis was covered by a light blonde down of pubic hair. Her legs were perfectly formed. She could have been a model. She was beautiful.

“You are a very beautiful girl, Cassie,” I managed to mumble, still staring at her body.

“Well thanks mate” she replied as she took two steps towards me, placed her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss on the lips. A soft and gentle kiss that sent a lightening flash through my veins, making me shiver with excitement. My pulse started raced. Her kiss felt like electricity in my body and I pressed my lips more firmly on hers in response to the adrenalin that was beginning to course through me. Her lips parted and her tongue darted out, forcing its way into my mouth. As our tongues met my legs turned to jelly and I was having difficulty standing.

Cassie noticed my weakness, broke the kiss, turned and entered the shower. I stood there watching her bottom wiggle away from me. I stared at the little gap at the top of her thighs until she closed the shower door and turned the water on. Within seconds the glass panel had steamed up hiding her body shape from me.

I left the bathroom in a bewildered state, closing the door behind me and leaning my back against the passageway wall until I could gather my thoughts. I had never had any particular desire for another female before but Cassie was different. She had drawn me into some kind of sexual hold and I knew then that the kiss on the lips was not the last kiss we would experience together. I went to my bedroom to consider the possible consequences of that portentous kiss.

The tap on my bedroom door was muted and indistinct but it penetrated the disorder of my thoughts and made me rise from a prone position on the bed. “Come in,” I said softly.

The door opened and in wandered Cassie with a white bath towel wrapped around her body and tucked in close to her breasts. She was tying another towel around her head, similar to a turban, to help dry her long blonde hair. “I was wondering if you had a hair dryer I could borrow?” she asked in her Australian brogue.

“Yea, sure,” I said getting off the bed and opening a drawer of my dressing table. I rummaged around and brought the hairdryer out, complete with tangled lead!

“Ah! Ripper,” she exclaimed as her face changed expression and her teeth flashed me a wide grin. “Perhaps you could dry it for me, Becci?” she asked in a silky smooth voice. As I looked at her I noticed beşktaş escort a playful sparkle in her impish mischievous eyes .

Cassie made her way to the chair nestling by my dressing table, making herself comfortable and undoing the turban towel. She let the towel drop to the floor as she shook her head and ran her fingers through her damp hair. I plugged the hairdryer in and rummaged through my drawer for a brush and comb.

As the dryer dried Cassie’s hair, my hand combing through her locks, I watched her reflection in the dressing table mirror. Her eyes were shut and her lips wore a huge smile. Her head would sometimes move as I played my hands through her hair and as she leaned back it would touch my body and I would respond by gently pushing back against her.

She was humming a tune of contentedness quietly to herself as I shifted my position to stand in front of her. Her long blonde hair fell down in curls as I picked up the hairbrush and started to brush it in long but slow and gentle sweeps. Her smile radiated from her face warming my heart. Her eyes were closed but she saw and sensed everything. “This was how my mother would brush my hair when I was younger,” she whispered. “Every Sunday night she would wash my hair and spend hours brushing it before making pigtails for me, ready for the school week ahead.”

As she said this she lifted her hands and placed them on my waist. A slight tug and she had pulled me closer to her and her arms now encircled my waist. Her cheek now rested gently on my stomach. She was a child remembering the love and affection her own mother had given her all those years ago. I bent my head and kissed the top of hers smelling the sweet scent of the shampoo she had used. She responded to my kiss with a squeeze of my waist.

As I continued to brush her hair she dropped her hand from my waist and I felt it take position just behind my knee. In small and tender motions she started to caress my leg. Minute strokes of her fingers and fingernails on my skin caused a tickling sensation to run up and down my entire leg. It felt like heaven but the seemingly innocent strokes made my sexual arousal reach new pinnacles within me. My legs weakened as did my resolve as I found myself being drawn into a paradise of sexual appreciation.

Cassie must have sensed my weakness as her hand now travelled further up my leg towards my thighs. She shifted her head from my stomach, opened her eyes and looked directly in my eyes. Her blue eyes glistened and smiled at me but I could also detect a plea within the depths of her eyes. I bent my head down and kissed her tenderly and softly on her lips. Her lips were soft, warm and moist, and felt as velvety as a delicate summer rose petal. Our touching of lips lasted about a minute before I broke the kiss.

She continued to look me directly in the eyes as if pleading for something that she knew I had and she wanted. Her hand started caressing the back of my leg again but this time the touch was higher – much higher. I could feel my pussy starting to release some love juice from within its hidden depths.

I dropped the hairbrush onto the dressing table as my hand sought the place where the bath towel was tucked in close to her breast. I gave the towel a little tug to release it from its tether and, using both hands, opened it to reveal her bronzed body. Her hand continued to stroke my leg from my knee to my panties.

As my hand cupped her left breast she uttered a slight sigh – a sigh of contentment and approval. I could feel her nipple was already swollen and hard. My right hand sought her left breast which I cupped in a similar manner. She closed her eyes as I started to gently squeeze her breasts and run the backs of my fingers over her nipples and areolas causing them to harden and protrude more.

She was now caressing both my legs. Her nails and fingertips would travel from the back of my knee to my panties. Both hands in unison. Both sending tantalising and teasing messages to my brain and my pussy. How I wished I hadn’t worn underwear this day!

She leaned into my midriff and kissed my stomach through my blouse. A simple enough gesture but one that weakened my legs as well as my resolve. I stopped caressing her breasts and placed my hands under her arms in a motion of lifting her. She stopped her leg caresses and stood. The towel completely fell away from her body. She was naked. She was beautiful.

I took her hand and led her to the bed. She followed me, silently and willingly. She sat on the edge of the bed, I stood facing her. I started to unfasten the buttons of my blouse. Slowly and deliberately I undid each button until all were unfastened. I took my blouse off and let it drop to the floor. As usual nowadays, I was not wearing a bra and Cassie had full view of my breasts. Nipples hard and erect; areolas reddened and puffy.

I found the zip to my skirt, pulling it down and then unfastened the small catch at the top. My mini pencil skirt slipped down to my ankles. As I stepped out of it I used nişantaşı escort my foot to hook it and kick it away from the area surrounding my feet.

Cassie reached her arms out to me and hooked both her thumbs into the elasticated waistband of my panties and unhurriedly pulled them down. I stepped out of them and kicked my panties away. Cassie started to plant gentle butterfly kisses on my stomach and midriff. I held her head in my hands encouraging her to continue. I was enjoying the attention and the sexual desire that she was causing to flow through my body.

She stopped the butterfly kisses as her hands took my hands and she pulled me gently down onto the bed next to her. “Lay down, on your side,” she asked in a commanding and sexy way. I did as I was asked. “Strewth, you have great tits, Becci,” she said as she surveyed them, wetting her lips with her tongue, and began tracing her fingertips across my nipples and in small circles around my areola.

She took my hand and placed it over her tit, pushing it into me as I fondled and played with it. She moved slightly allowing her erect nipples to touch my nipples. We both started to move into each other as we became more passionate. The tingling waves radiated to all parts of my body. I could feel my pussy making juice and felt some trickle onto my leg.

Cassie pushed me onto my back and straddled my tummy. I could feel the wetness and the heat from her pussy as her pubic hair tickled and played with the goose-bumps on my tummy. She reached behind her and I knew that I would soon feel her fingers on my slit. My pussy generated more love juice in expectation of what was to come.

When I felt her finger I almost fainted. It moved along my slit, collecting my love juice, playing gently with my labia. My mind became foggy with desire. My body began the tremble with anticipation.

I watched, in a trance, as she placed her finger in her mouth and sucked and tasted my love juice. “God, Becci,” she said, “you taste so sweet and sexy. Would you like to taste it?” The same finger went back to my swollen labia. I moaned and twitched a little in excitement and anticipation. Again she drew the finger up my hot slit gathering more love juices. As she lowered her juice covered finger to my lips I opened my mouth and closed my lips around her finger. My eyes closed as I sucked every drop off it with relish.

As she climbed off my tummy and made herself comfortable lying next to me I could feel the coolness on my tummy where her love juice had leaked. I could feel her hot breath on my neck as her finger traced a line down my cheek.

“I need to taste more of that pussy juice of yours,” she whispered as she leaned in and kissed me on the side of my face. In an instant she was kneeling between my legs with her head inches away from my secret opening. Her hands pushed my legs further apart as she made herself comfortable. I could feel her warm breath blowing gently on my pussy lips as her fingers opened them slightly. As her tongue flicked out and touched my wet waiting lips I orgasmed.

My hands held her head between my legs; my knees held my hands in place. My bottom lifted off the bed pushing my pussy against her tongue and lips. Bright light flashes hit my retina and a feeling of contentment started deep within my soul and travelled through my body finishing in my fingertips and toes. I moaned loudly as her tongue and lips brought me to the height of passion and my pussy pumped excess juices out to her waiting lips. She lapped up the juices with savour making sure she drank as much as she could before my body relaxed in the aftermath of my orgasm.

“Your turn now,” she directed as she laid back on the bed and spread her legs. I didn’t need a second invitation. My head went between her legs and I could smell her sweet scent as I looked at her pink and swollen pussy lips. I spread her lips open with my fingers spreading some of her love sap over her puffy pink lips as I toyed with her enlarged clitoris. My tongue licked it and I felt a quiver run through her body. My lips opened slightly and I sucked her clitoris onto my mouth where I sucked it gently, occasionally flicking my tongue out to feel the hard rounded swelling.

“Fuck me with your fingers,” Cassie whispered. “I want to feel your fingers deep inside me, fucking me.” I did as I was asked. I slid my fingers deep into her pussy feeling the heat and the wetness of her love tunnel. “Oh! God!,” she whimpered. “That is so fucking nice.” Her nectar covered my fingers and as it oozed out of her pussy my mouth was waiting to lap it up. She tasted exquisite as she brought me to my second orgasm of the session. It was not as intense as the first but was a gentler more calm orgasm but fulfilling never the less.

“I’m going to cum, Becci!” she shouted as her bum lifted off the sheets forcing my fingers deeper into her pussy. “Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” she demanded as he whole body started to twist and writhe. Her breathing became hard and furious and she emitted a loud moan from deep within her throat. Suddenly her whole body stiffened as I felt the walls of her pussy tightening around my fingers. She stopped breathing for what seemed like an age before a final convulsion of her body completed her orgasm. Her breathing resumed and her body relaxed back onto the bed.

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