Becoming My Roommate’s Toy

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This story is for 18+ readers only. If it is illegal to read pornographic material where you live, or if you are offended by gay sex/BDSM, please exit the page now. This story is completely fictional, with no characters based on real people. All sexual acts in this story are consensual.

If you have any feedback, please contact me through my profile. Thank you, enjoy the story!


I awake to a loud sound of glass breaking.

It’s probably my roommate coming home drunk again. Mitch had gone out to a bar with his friends earlier, so I expected he would make his usual loud entry to our apartment at 3AM.

I met Mitch during the summer before my senior year of high school. We were both working as lifeguards at the public pool. We soon became close friends, then got an apartment together after graduating last year. We are both 19 years old, now working as waiters at a local restaurant.

He can be kind of an asshole at times. He calls me gay because I’m a virgin. If only he knew I actually am gay and the only person I want to sleep with is him. I’ve had a crush on him ever since I saw him in those tight swim shorts from across the swimming pool. It’s too bad he’s as straight as a ruler.

I’ve gotten used to hearing a lot of stumbles in the middle of the night as he’d walk to his bedroom after having a few too many drinks.

But what I didn’t expect to hear was the sound of shattering glass. I assume he must have broken something.

“It better not be something of mine or I’ll kill him…” I whisper to myself as I debate whether I should go back to sleep or get up to see what’s going on.

I pull myself out of bed and walk toward my bedroom door.

“What the fuck, Mitch?” I yell as I swing the door open.

I walk into the living room and see two large men in black ski masks.

They both lift their hand guns and point them at me.

I stand there in my blue boxers frozen in fear.

One of Büyükesat Escort the masked men grabs me by the shoulder and pushes his gun against my head.

He pulls me back into my bedroom and throws me onto my bed.

The other man grabs one of my wrists and handcuffs it to the bedpost, then does the same with my other wrist.

I lay there paralyzed with fear with my arms stretched across my headboard.

“So here’s the deal…” said the first intruder. “We’re going to take anything we want from you. If you make a sound, I’ll shoot you dead. Got it?”

I nod my head nervously.

He rips off a thick piece of duct tape and puts it over my mouth.

The two men quickly pull open my dresser drawers, looking for things to steal. They each fill a black sports bag with my game system controllers and other things of possible value. One of them puts my laptop into their bag while the other opens my wallet.

He takes out my ID card and looks it over.

“Well, Justin… It was great meeting you. Good luck trying to get out of those cuffs. You’re gonna be stuck there for a while.” He laughs before both leave the room carrying bags of my valuables.

After I hear them exit my apartment, I begin yelling for help. But my screams are muffled my the duct tape over my lips.

I probably laid there for hours without anyone hearing my cries for help.


Suddenly I hear the front door open.

I yell loudly, hoping whoever came in can help me get out of these handcuffs.

Mitch walks through the doorway of my bedroom with a shocked look on his face.

“Oh my god… looks like someone’s kinky hookup didn’t turn out so well!” He laughed.

I wish he would take this damn tape off my mouth so I could tell him how I really ended up like this.

Mitch glances down at my boxers and has a mischievous look on his face.

“You know… I’ve Elvankent Escort always been curious to see how big your cock is.” He grins. “Let’s see what’s hiding under those shorts.”

He puts both hands in the waistband of my underwear and pulls them down passed my knees.

I blush as he looks at my dick which is getting harder by the second.

“Mmm… that’s one nice cock you’ve got there, buddy. And it looks like you’re getting a bit excited.”

I guess Mitch isn’t as straight as I thought. All I want right now is for him to free my hands from these cuffs so I can pull him into bed with me. But I think he is enjoying me being in this vulnerable position.

He wraps his hand around my cock and squeezes it.

“Is this what you want?” he says as his hand moves slowly up and down my dick.

I just look at him, not sure of how to respond.

“Or is this what you want?” he whispers as he puts my hard cock head between his lips.

Fuck. His mouth feels so good. I can’t believe my best friend is actually sucking my dick right now.

Mitch grabs my balls and squeezes them tightly as his mouth goes all the way down my shaft.

I feel his tongue circle around my head before he pulls my cock deep into his mouth again.

I try to hold back from cumming but I’m too horny to control it.

My dick suddenly stiffens as my cock squirts cum into Mitch’s mouth.

He slips his lips off my dick and gives me a naughty smile.

“Okay Justin…” he says “Now that you got what you wanted… now it’s my turn.”

He pulls my legs apart, exposing my hole.

“Fuck. You look so tight. Have you ever been fucked?”

I shake my head. This is the farthest I’ve ever been with a guy.

“Good.” He smiles. “So I guess I’ll be your first.”

Mitch unzips his jeans and pulls them down to show his uncut cock.

I stare down at it hanging Beşevler Escort between his legs, slowly growing as he spreads my ass cheeks apart.

It’s so big I begin to get a bit nervous about it fitting inside me.

I try to tell him to take the duct tape off my mouth but my cries only get muffled under the tape over my lips.

He licks his fingers before sliding them in between my cheeks and against my hole.

A shiver goes up my spine as he pushes them inside me.

Even if I didn’t want this, I’m cuffed to be bed and under Mitch’s control. I have no choice but to let him do what he wants to me.

He slips a third finger inside and gets knuckles deep.

He slides in and out of my hole, slowly fucking me with his fingers.

I look down at Mitch’s dick and notice he is rock hard.

He suddenly pulls his hand away and looks at me with a smile.

“I want to fuck you so bad.” Mitch says as he pulls my legs up against my shoulders pushes his cock head against my virgin hole.

I can feel his wet tip open up my hole as he pushes deeper inside.

I moan in pain but he whispers “It’s okay, it will only hurt for a second.”

I feel his shaft getting deeper inside my ass.

He kisses my neck as he slowly fucks me.

It is so hot to have my best friend balls deep inside me.

He pulls my hair as he begins to thrust faster in and out of my hole.

I feel his balls slap against me while he fucks me hard and rough.

He puts his hands under my ass to lift me up and pushes my back up against the headboard of my bed.

I ride his cock and he holds me up, kissing my neck and my down my chest.

Mitch grabs my shoulders and pushes deeper inside me.

He fucks me harder and faster as he starts to moan in pleasure.

I feel his load shoot and fill up my ass.

He looks deeply into my eyes as he slowly pulls the duct tape off my mouth and kisses me on the lips.

“Did you like that?” He asks as he pulls his cock out of my ass.

I blush as he zips up his jeans.

“Yeah, I did.” I say softly.

“Good” he says as he puts the duct tape back over my mouth. “Sleep well, buddy. I’ll be back for more in the morning.”

Mitch gets up and walks out of the room, leaving me naked and bound to the bed.

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