Becoming the Bull Ch. 02

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Monday morning was like any other in Jane’s office. She had a weekly phone call that never failed to become quite intense, which made it awkward for me to sit and listen to her side of it. Afterward she would always be very grouchy and that only added to the discomfort of being in the same office.

“I fucking hate talking to them,” she said after hanging up the phone. She sighed audibly and I could hear her hands smack lightly on her desk. “We’re leaving for lunch. Grab whatever you take home with you because we’ll probably not be coming back.”

I glanced at the time and saw it was only 11 o’clock which was an hour earlier than she let anyone go to lunch. I quickly grabbed my bag and packed my music player and headphones. A few minutes later we were seated in her car.

Neither of us spoke for a several minutes while she began driving to her house. Perhaps it was just me, but I felt that the tension that had been in the office was now in the car as well. I was worried that even moving to scratch my cheek might upset her in some way.

“We need condoms,” she said as we approached a drug store. She pulled into the parking lot and shut off the engine. “Come on.”

We entered the store and she lead the way to the contraceptive products. I felt very self conscious standing next to her while she glanced over the selection. Being completely unfamiliar with condoms, I wasn’t sure which ones were ideal. They all looked the same to me.

“Pull your cock out,” she said as she continued to look at the various products.

“Right here?” I asked quietly, suddenly awash with anxiety.

“Yes, right here,” she replied and looked at me. She was clearly agitated.

I glanced around and saw that there wasn’t anyone nearby. I hoped there weren’t any security cameras watching us. Reluctantly I unzipped my pants, tugged the elastic of my briefs down, and exposed myself.

Jane looked at my limp cock. “Good,” she said. “But I need you nice and hard.”

“But-” I began to object. My words were cut short when she knelt in front of me. Her mouth moved close and consumed my penis.

For the next minute or so I was wracked with a mixture of excitement and worry. I constantly looked around for anyone that might see us. Meanwhile she lathed my slowly hardening rod with her tongue. Normally I wouldn’t have needed much time at all to get a rock solid erection, but the circumstances hampered my progress.

I had to force myself to focus on her efforts, and watch her as well, in order to get in the mood, so to speak. Fortunately no one approached us in the time it took me to escort fatih achieve a full erection. Once I had reached that state, she pulled her head back and stood up.

“Stroke it until I get back,” she said and immediately walked away. I damn near voiced my objection, but just gave into her orders. While I stroked I watched her move quickly to the office supplies, pause, and then come back holding a ruler in her hand.

“Not bad,” she said as she measured my length. As she grabbed a pack of condoms she laughed. “I knew what we needed. I just had to see if this would be too much for your obedience. Now put it away.”

She left me standing by the condoms as she walked away toward the front of the store. I quickly made myself decent and caught up to her. While standing at the register waiting for her to pay I felt a spark of anger gaining life within me. I felt like she had crossed the line, even if no harm came of what had happened.

I was pissed and it only got worse as we continued the drive to Jane’s house. I knew I needed to grow some balls and confront her. I was thrilled that she wanted to do other stuff with me, even if it was far more unusual than anything I ever imagined. And I felt like I could accept the fact that she was cheating on her husband with me. But I needed to express my anger. On the other hand, I couldn’t forget that my welfare was at stake. I had landed my job for Jane office after a lengthy search. Finding employment elsewhere would no doubt mean running out of money in the process, which was not at all desirable to me. Were it not for that, I wouldn’t have hesitated to share with her a piece of my mind.

We drove only a few additional minutes before arriving at her home. It was rather small and located in a neighborhood populated by other modest houses. She parked in the garage and lead me inside.

“Bring your bag to the bedroom,” she said.

We continued through the kitchen, down a hallway, and into a room that was quite large. In the middle was a king sized bed. Numerous pictures decorated the walls, a small desk was parked against one of those walls, and a dresser stood next to it. The room was very clean and smelled much like the faint perfume that Jane wore every day.

“Here,” she said, holding her hand out. I gave her my bag and she placed it near the dresser. She then turned to face me with what I thought was a hint of a smile on her lips. “You’re mad at me, aren’t you.”

I glared back. “Yes,” I replied. “You shouldn’t-“

“Good,” she interrupted and walked to where I stood. She got so close that I was forced güngören escort to back up, and as I did so she followed until my back was against the wall. She pressed her body close to mine and her face was just a couple inches from my own. “I was starting to wonder if you were a pussy or if there was some emotion in there somewhere.”

“I’m not a pussy,” I replied with no attempt to mask the frustration in my voice.

“Show me,” she said as she smirked. “Come on. If you’re angry, show me.”

I looked at her confused. What was she expecting me to do? Just as I was about to speak, she slapped my cheek hard enough to make it sting a little bit.

“Come on!” she said and slapped me again on the other cheek. Her hand rose again. I grabbed the wrist before she could land another blow to my face. The smirk on her lips changed to a smile and her eyes opened wider. “What are you going to do about it?”

Her other hand rose and I quickly gripped that wrist as well. I wasn’t sure what her intentions were, but if she had brought me to her house to fuck, then we were going to fuck. I wrapped her forearms under one of my arms and used my weight to move her to the bed. With a bit of effort I pushed her further so she was on her back.

She started to put up a bit of a fight, getting a hand free to try pushing me away, nearly bucking me off as we move entirely onto the bed, and twisting her body in an attempt to squirm away. I managed to maintain control, however, though I did let her roll onto her stomach. That’s when I decided to take advantage of her.

As usual, she was wearing a skirt that day. I held her wrists secure behind her back with one hand and assistance from a knee while pulling the fabric of her garment up to expose her ass. I couldn’t help myself as I saw the beautiful shape of her buttocks and the way her lacy black thong was nestled in between them. Her continued efforts forced me to end my momentary admiration and resume by jerking those meager panties down to her thighs.

“I hope you’re fucking wet,” I said without thinking about it.

“You going to fuck me?” she said in a ragged voice.

I didn’t reply. I used my free hand to unzip my pants and raise my hips so I could free my cock. Once I had taken hold of both of her wrists I straddled her ass and began to grind against her, running my quickly growing penis between her cheeks. I was surprised by the speed at which my erection was becoming more and more rigid. I’d never thought that this sort of thing, forcing myself on a woman, would excite me.

As soon as I was rock hard, bağcılar escort I tried to position my cock into her pussy. Her legs were still pressed tight together, and I didn’t have a free hand with which to guide it in. “Get on your knees,” I said in a tone that surprised me. “Now spread your legs.”

She didn’t resist at all. I was able to quickly penetrate her pussy and found that apart from a slightly dry entry and the sensations of her pubic stubble, she was very well lubed already.

“Oh, fuck,” she gasped as soon as I pushed completely inside.

My past experience with sex, meager as it was, taught me to go slow at first and savor the pleasure. I tossed that inclination aside and began pounding her. Each time I rammed into her I watched as her ass cheeks absorbed the impact. She was arching her back quite nicely, giving me a full view of my cock sliding in and out of her slit.

“Slap my ass,” she said, her voice a bit rough. I waited a moment before releasing both of her wrists, then used one hand to halfheartedly slap her left cheek. “Come on, you can do better than that. I thought you were pissed off! I want to feel it when I sit down tomorrow.”

I needed no more encouragement. I whacked her left cheek hard enough that even my hand stung. “Again!” she called out, so I slapped again. And again. Over and over as she asked for it. Left cheek, right cheek. Somehow I managed to continue fucking her at the same time. Only when both cheeks were pinkish-red did I stop slapping her bottom.

Before long I could see her body begin to quiver. Her back arched even more, her buttocks clenched, and she buried her head into the bed covers. A muffled, guttural moan came out of her as she experienced what looked like an intense orgasm.

“Shit,” she gasped when she finally began to calm a bit. “Oh, fuck, that was just what I needed.”

I was quickly approaching my own climax, so I gripped her waist and pounded into her even faster. She must have sensed my need because she repositioned her knees and braced herself for the constant slamming against her rear end. Moments later I began to unload my cum inside her pussy. I involuntarily leaned forward slightly while erratically continuing to slide in and out of her until I was finished.

For several moments I remained buried in her pussy before pulling out and sitting down. Both of us rested while recovering from the shared pleasure. Only the sound of our labored breathing could be heard in the room. For some reason, as I sat there, I realized that I hadn’t been wearing a condom.

“We didn’t use any protection,” I said in a panic.

Jane chuckled and then laughed. “Don’t worry, hon, I can’t get pregnant, and you won’t catch anything from me.”

“Then why did you buy them?” I asked.

“You’ll see soon enough,” she answered and turned over to lay on her back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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