Becoming Theirs Pt. 01: 3 vs. 1

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Jessica was a good friend of mine from primary school.

As a favour, i’d driven out and fetched her and a couple of friends back from a night of drinking.

“Hi James!” came Jessica’s cheerful voice as she and 2 other girls clambered into the back of my car.

As I drove off back to the address one of those lively girls had chirped out, they introduced themselves to me.

Elyn was a 2nd-year business student at SUSS. She talked a bit about having recently come out of a long relationship with an unfaithful lover, before Jessica told her to forget about him.

Kimmy, which was a nickname for Kim Hye Joo, was a 1st-year economics student. Hailing from Korea, she was also the oldest and tallest of the 3 girls. And her accent was adorable.

I drove on while the girls chatted noisily behind me. Finally we reached our destination: Kimmy’s house.

“I stay alone” Kimmy was saying as I pulled up at the entrance of the condo. “Join us for a drink, oppa!” (oppa is the korean honorific for ‘older brother’)

Jessica and Elyn agreed cheerfully, so how could I say no?

And so we went up to Kimmy’s apartment; a minimalist yet elegant place.

“Nice place” I commented as we stepped in.

“Kamsa” Kimmy replied in korean, smiling.

Kimmy led us around her small but posh apartment, which had a kitchen in the corner, a bathroom, and a bedroom.

“I want a beer” said Elyn, and walked off to the kitchen as Kimmy straightened up her room while we watched.

We settled down onto the sofa with cans of beer in hand.

“Want to play Black Jack?” Kimmy asked, emerging from her room (having changed into FBTs and an oversized tshirt) holding a deck of cards, smiling widely.


“BOOM I win again.”

Jessica punched the air in triumph.

“This is no fun without money” Elyn yawned.

“Then what you want to do? We have no change” Jessica leaned back on the floor we were sitting on. Kimmy’s rug was comfy.

“Then let’s play strip black jack!”

Elyn looked around at us with mischievous eyes as we considered her proposal.

A few voices of protest rose.

“Cmon there’s only one guy, and he wont mind! Right James?” Elyn asked.

I raised an eyebrow. “Youre asking me if I have a problem with seeing you girls get more and more naked?”

“See he doesnt mind!” Elyn said.

“Thats not what he said” Jessica said, frowning.

“I dont mind” Kimmy added, smiling serenely.

In the end, we played strip black jack.

As the night went on, clothes went off.

And finally, someone had to remove their top and expose their bra.

Jessica reluctantly pulled off her top and tossed it to the side.

“Wow youre big!” Kimmy giggled, staring at Jessica’s chest.

“Dont stare” Jessica huffed.

I was in only my shorts now, but the sight of Jessica in a bra and yoga pants was turning me on.

“Like what you see?” Elyn asked, smirking at me.

“Dont be a pervert James” Jessica said, staring at me with a smile before I could respond.

The next game, Elyn lost. But instead of taking off her blouse, she stood up and began sliding off her denim shorts.

Kimmy squealed something excitedly in korean while Jessica laughed and clapped her hands. I just watched entranced as Elyn shook her waist sexily to loosen the shorts. They dropped to the floor to reveal a pair of plain black panties.

“Sorry bro” Elyn said to me, grinning. “Didnt expect any viewers tonight.

“Do you like?” Kimmy asked, sliding up beside me and staring into my eyes.

“uhhhhhhhhhhh” i stammered, uncertain of what to say. “it suits her” i finally said.

So far Kimmy was the only one who hadnt taken Maltepe Escort any clothes off. But then she lost the next round. She exclaimed in dismay with her cute voice, but she didnt hesitate to throw off her shirt.

Now this was a dangerous situation for me. Jessica and Kimmy in their bra, and Elyn in her panties. Nothing could stop my member from getting hard anymore.

“Omg James you lose!!” Jessica suddenly exclaimed.

I looked down at the cards and saw she was right.

“Omg boy you gotta take them pants off!” Elyn clapped her hands, excited. Kimmy sat up straight and watched me intently, eyes wide open.

A good sport, i stood up and pulled my pants down to reveal a bulge in my underwear.

“oh my gosh girls this boy is hard!” Elyn was clearly pleased to see what was going on in my pants. I could feel the gazes of all 3 girls staring as i sat down again.

“you damn pervert” Jessica said, hitting my arm and glaring at me. But when she looked away i saw her smile.

“Are you girls sure you wanna keep on playing?” i asked.

“All the way bro!” Elyn was game.

Kimmy smiled happily and nodded.

I looked at Jessica who just shrugged and smiled. “Up to you man.”

I played on. Kimmy lost that round, and so she got out of her shorts and was stark in her underwear.

“Oppa look at me” Kimmy called out as she did a spin to show her body off.

“Fresh” she said, winking.

The other 2 girls laughed, but my cock simply bulged harder against my underwear.

And then it happened. I lost the next round.

“OH MY GOSH YES LETS SEE WHACHU GOT” Elyn practically shouted as she and the girls began clapping in triumph. I decided there was no way out of this, and so I took off the last of my clothes. I tossed my underwear to the side and turned to face the girls, my hard cock standing on high alert for them to see. They stared.

“Wow” Jessica breathed.

“Damn” smirked Elyn.

“Look at those, those lines!” Squeked Kimmy, pointing.

“Its called veins, darling.”

“oh ok. But they are so big!”

“yea they are… we mustve really got you excited huh?”

Elyn grinned up at me, to which i just smiled in response.

Trying to ignore their stares, i sat down and grabbed my drink.

Slowly the mood returned to normal, save for my raging boner.

“Is that ever gonna go away?” Jessica asked. I shrugged. “Not so soon, at least.”

That was when I saw Elyn putting her shorts back on. I began to protest but she ignored me.

“You lost, we didnt! So only you gotta stay naked.”

And so I watched helplessly as the girls got fully clothed again while I remained naked as heck.

“Maybe now you’ll calm down” Jessica said. Little did she know that I was only getting more turned on.

Elyn turned the tv on and sat on the couch. The rest of us followed suit. I sat on the short side of the L-shaped couch, avoiding physical contact with them.

Not 5mins later, Kimmy suddenly got up and went to her room. Shortly after, Elyn got a text, and she ran off after Kimmy with a grin on her face.

“Whats going on?” I asked, suspicious.

Jessica shrugged, her eyes on my member.

“I never knew you were packing such size” she suddenly said.

“Would you have wanted to know?” i asked, curious.

She shrugged again, smiling. “Its a pleasant surprise.”

At that moment, Elyn and Kimmy came back, smiling cheekily.

“Jo… we’re giving you a chance.”

I looked at then curiously.

“Lets play another game. If you win, you get to put your clothes back on.”

I raised an eyebrow. “And if I lose?” I asked.

Elyn nudged Kimmy, who spoke up:

“We Anadolu Yakası Escort want you to cum for us.”


Having lost the game, I stood naked and erect before the 3 girls as they sat on the couch.

I slowly reached down and grasped my member with one hand and began stroking. The girls had their eyes locked on my cock as I rocked my hand back and forth on it.

To have 3 hot girls (of different visual types) watching me stroke was very arousing, and I had to be careful not to get carried away.

“Feel good?” Jessica asked. I nodded, not wanting to speak in case my breath gave away my pleasure. “So this is what guys do?” Elyn asked, leaning forward and resting her head on her hand. “Just… keep doing this till you cum?”

“More or less” I said. When I looked down at her as I replied, she looked up and we locked eyes. She flashed me a mischievous smile and I had to slow down my strokes in order to not cum so fast.

“Why do you stop?” Kimmy asked, frowning.

“Im not stopping” I explained. “Im pacing myself. I dont wanna cum too fast.”

I released my hand for a bit, and the girls stared as my cock twitched strongly.

“Why’s it twitching?” Jessica asked.

“Uhhhhhh muscle reflex i guess?” I wasnt entirely sure. “It means im very turned on.”

“Because of us?” Elyn smiled, and I had grinned back, shrugging.

“How long does it take to cum?” Kimmy asked as I resumed my stroking.

“It depends” I said, watching Kimmy. Her long black hair had fallen over her face and framed her facial features. Her oversized tshirt made it look like she wasnt wearing any bottoms. It was incredibly sexy.

“How turned on the guy is, what he’s using to jack off, or if anybody is helping him.”

“Helping?” Elyn laughed. She ran her hand through her hair, pushing them out of her face. It was very sexy.

“You want us to help?”

I smiled. “Not if you dont want to.”

Pre-cum began to leak from my cock. I dabbed my fingers with it and lubricated myself thoroughly.

“Is that cum?” Jessica asked, confused.

“Nono thats pre-cum” I explained. “Some sort of lubricant i think? I dont really know.”

I used my index finger and thumb and began kneading into my cock head gently, while rolling them around the bottom of the head.

“That part’s the most sensitive right?” Jessica asked.

I nodded. From my position I had a good view of Jessica’s cleavage and it was egging me to cum. I quickly got rid of any images i had of shooting my load all over those tits.

“Hey,” Elyn suddenly spoke to Kimmy. “Go take out your magic wand.”

Anticipation rose within me as Kimmy walked off to her room. “She has a magic wand?” I asked.

Elyn nodded.

Jessica turned to Elyn. “What are you gonna do with it?”

Elyn just smiled. “Watch.”

Kimmy soon returned with her magic wand vibrator.

“Woah you actually got the wireless one!” Jessica exclaimed. Kimmy nodded, smiling cheerfully as she sat back down and handed the wand over to Jessica to see. “Got it last month!”

Elyn took the wand from Jessica. She turned it on with the flick of a switch and gave me a cheeky smile.

“Let go” she said to me simply.

I eagerly let go of my cock and watched as Elyn raised the wand and place it right under where my cock and balls were.

I gasped out loud as I felt the vibrations ring through my cock and surge throughout my body. Elyn moved the wand up and down along the side of my shaft.

“Oh crap he really likes it” the girls giggled as they watched me react to the wand. Elyn continued rubbing the wand on my shaft, clearly enjoying how she was making me feel.

I soon felt an orgasm Ümraniye Escort coming up.

“Crap stop stop, im gonna cum!”

Elyn withdrew the wand and I clenched my eyes and fingers and toes and I rode the wave, breathing deep. I could feel my cock throb violently. Slowly I felt the tide subside, and I opened my eyes to see the girls were staring at me with eyes wide open.

“Woah” Jessica chuckled. “What was that??”

“I almost came” I said, still breathing heavily.

“You dont want to cum?” Kimmy asked.

“I do, but not so quickly. Delayed gratification, you know?”

Kimmy shook her head, not knowing the meaning of those words.

“He means the more you wait for something, the better you feel when you finally get it” Elyn explained.

Kimmy nodded in understanding.

“Dude your legs are shaking.”

I looked down at Jessica’s words and realised how tired I actually was.

“I think I need to sit down.”

And so I took a chair from the dining table and sat myself down in front of the 3 girls on the couch.

“My turn!” Kimmy said, taking the magic wand from Elyn and proceeding to pleasure me with it. Like Elyn, she ran it along the side of my shaft multiple times, making me moan softly.

“How about here?” Kimmy asked as she placed the wand on the tip of my cock head. I nearly yelped as the vibrations surged through the most sensitive part of my cock.

“Gently!” I said, squirming slightly. I had to grip the legs of the chair in order to balance myself.

Kimmy laughed as she ran the wand around the head, watching me squirm and gasp in the chair.

“Don’t move so much” she said, and without warning she reached out her hand and grabbed my shaft, steadying my cock to press the wand against my frenulum.

The touch of her small hand came as a shock, and once i’d registered her fingers and palm wrapped around me, I immediately knew it was over.

The warmth of her tiny hand, the grasp of her slender fingers, and the vibration of the wand on my cock.

It was too much.

“I’m cumming, i’m cumming!” I exclaimed, just as the first rope of cum shot out violently. And right onto Jessica’s blouse.

“OH SHIT” Jessica yelled as her blouse got hit by cum. Elyn exclaimed similarly and leaned away slightly. Kimmy began cheering and kept the wand pressed against my frenulum and her hand around my shaft, stimulating my cock to keep pumping more.

I could barely see as the wave of pleasure flooded my head. I leaned back and let Kimmy point my throbbing cock forward as it continued shooting ropes of semen. But only the first 3 hit Jessica’s blouse; the rest fell onto her leg and on the floor.

I dont remember how long i came for, but eventually i began feeling sore.

“Kimmy, im done, let go” I breathed, tired.

Kimmy released my cock and watched as my cock dripped cum.

“Thats so fun” she said, smiling gleefully.

“Dude that was amazing” Elyn added, staring at the cum on the floor.

“You came on me!” Jessica cried, looking at her shirt. Elyn laughed as she examined the damage.

“Thats a lot of cum!” She commented, impressed.

“You can wear my clothes” reassured Kimmy. Then Kimmy used a finger to wipe up some cum from Jessica’s leg, before putting the finger in her mouth.

“Omg” Elyn said, watching for Kimmy’s reaction. Jessica and I also watched as Kimmy figured out words to say.

“Salty” was all she said.

Kimmy brought Jessica to her room to choose new clothes while Elyn and I cleaned up the mess we’d made.

Shortly after, Jessica came out with new clothes, and Kimmy announced the girls would be staying over for the night.

“Thanks for playing with us!” Elyn smiled as I left through the door.

“See you again” Kimmy smiled as well, waving.

Jessica, the closest to me of the 3, gave me a hug without saying a word.

As the door closed behind me, I couldnt help but wonder what on earth i’d just gotten myself into.


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