Bedevil Ch. 03

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Days passed by, we tried to meet a couple of times but it got interrupted by her friends sometime or the other. I couldn’t keep my mind off her. I wanted to see how she wakes up to shower to eating to working and everything that she does. Slowly my nights turned sleepless. I wanted her scent, her touch, I wanted to hear her voice. My cock turned hard at every thought of her, I had to get her.

It was almost weekend and she was at the National Gallery with Jordan attending the Pathos of distance. Ava would’ve been done by early evening unless she made any plans for later. Without giving it much thought I reached the gallery before she was done.

I was parked right near where she could easily spot me. It was around 15 minutes of wait and I thought to check if her car was around or maybe she left early. I looked around the parking before calling her. I couldn’t spot her car so I got my phone out to dial her but then there she was, walking out of the gallery. In a maroon turtle neck top and charcoal grey tight pants, paired with perfect heels. Her hair were tied and she was wearing glasses for the first time I had noticed. Ava stepped out discussing something with Jordan, giggling to each other. She looked as innocent as a devil of two year old. I was lost in the moment, looking at her smile and she grabbed the sleeve ends in her fists, walking with a bursa escort little extra sway. I waited for her to notice me and she did.

She walked quick to me and said, “How come are you here? And why didn’t you tell me?”

“I have to take you somewhere, come with me,” I replied as Jordan reached us. Ava gave her a puzzled look and asked if it was ok if she would see her later?

Looking at me she asked “Will I have you guys over for dinner?”

“I’m sorry, but I think not,” I replied smiling “Don’t worry, she’s safe with me.”

As we settled in the car, Ava looked at me biting her lip. Unbuttoning my suit, I assured her to sit and relax.

The drive was quiet. I could sense some doubt in her. She shifted in her seat, playing with her sleeve. I couldn’t resist and I touched her leg squeezing gently, “We are almost there.”

We finally reached Mohill. I got us a room for the night at the Lough Ryan Castle.

As Ava got off the car, her eyes were bright and her lips curl to a wide smile, “No way, look at this place, everything is so beautiful.”

She looked like a little girl. After getting us checked in she expected us to go to our room but there was more I wanted to show her. I took her by her hand and we walked a little away from the castle towards the shores of Rinn lough. I picked a quiet spot. It was quiet uncomfortable bursa escort bayan in the suit and it was too late for me to realise. Ava turned to me with her alluring smile and slipped her hands around me.

“What made you do all this?”

I leaned in and kissed her pretty mouth, picking her up. We spend some time looking at the colours of the sky change, listening to nature. Turning to me she asked if we should go to the room.

As we got in our room, she stepped in the bath to freshen up a bit. I sat there on the chair taking a view from the door she left open. She undressed one piece at a time, slowly, looking over her shoulder making sure I looked. Underneath her clothes she chose black with red lace bra and a pairing thong. Dropping them on the bathroom floor, she stepped in the shower. Water getting every inch of her body, her locks falling straight on her back. Her nipples were hard and so was my cock looking at her touch herself as she bathe.

Without waiting much I stepped inside the bath. She smiled as I looked at her soaking body, her chest rise and fall visibly as she breathe.

Taking my clothes off, I stood right where I was, looking at her, in her eyes, I started to stroke my cock. Her lips parted a little and she licked them, moving her hand between her legs. I walked over closer to her, sitting on the bathtub with escort bursa my legs on either side, I lifted her then making her sit on me, straddling me.

My hand was between her legs and fingers moving over her lips and clit, just enough to make her gasp. I let my free hand grab her from the back of her neck while pushing my finger inside of her warm pussy. She tried to suck in breath but I kissed her deeply. Our tongues playing in intervals, I loved the taste on her. She kept gently stroking me, moving easy and soft as if she was teasing me. I pushed another finger inside of her, biting down on her neck. My fingers played faster this time. I could feel the walls of her cunt squeeze my fingers. I pushed her back still supporting her neck and letting my third finger enter her now.

Licking her nipples, I playfully bit one. Her moans filled the room. Finger fucking her, I whispered in her ear, “Cum for me, my precious,” as I bit down on her neck again. She was all over my hand.

Pulling her back closer to me, I lifted her and let my hard cock enter her quivering wet cunt. I gripped her by her ass, making her ride my cock. Her head fallen between my neck and shoulder, she was digging her nails in my back. I stood with her, her legs wrapped around me. Pressing her back against the wall, the shower still on, drenching us, I fucked her menacingly. She had orgasmed again while I was still inside of her, thrusting deep inside. Ava begged me to stop. And I did, filling her up with my load.

I took her to the bed after I washed and wiped her. She fell asleep soon in my arms.

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