Bedtime Blow Ch. 04

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[Recap: Siblings Nidhi (26) and Raj (23) are stuck at home in Covid lockdown. Nidhi’s wedding is delayed, making her long for carnal satisfaction with her usually subservient brother. Past their initial inhibitions over the past nights, the siblings can’t seem to keep their hands off each other.]

(Please refer the previous Chapter “Bedtime Blow Ch. 03” by “Gunvor”)

Part 1:

The siblings’ father opened their bedroom door to find them sleeping. Nevertheless, he was curious as to where the sounds came from. Nidhi and Raj lay on their bed, scared stiff as their father stayed in the room for quite some time. Both of them didn’t move a muscle even when he left and tried to sleep without a word between them.

During the night, Nidhi had orgasmed by Raj’s fingering and was unable to quieten her moans. This had caused their father to wake up and look at where the sound was coming from. He returned on not finding anything but this caused the siblings to be a little alarmed. Coming to an unspoken understanding, the siblings kept their urges in check. Their father would occasionally enter their room unannounced to find both of them busy at their work in the day or at night, sleeping like a corpse. The waiting days for things to cool down soon turned into a couple of weeks.

However, soon the feeling of lust started taking over the fear of getting caught. As Nidhi had set off this chain of events, she was more anxious. Raj came to realize this nervousness on his sister’s part. He understood that he had to act fast, otherwise Nidhi would retract in a shell and their fooling around with each other would come to an abrupt end. The usually meek Raj, now took it on him to change this and started asserting this newly found courage.


It was Nidhi’s turn to do the dishes that afternoon. Raj knew this was the perfect time to act. Their parents would be in the hall glued in front of the TV with Nidhi alone in the kitchen. Nidhi also would be fixated on her task and the chore involved a lot of noise anyway.

In the middle of her errand, Nidhi felt her breasts being cupped by a firm set of hands. She wasn’t even left to relieve herself from the first state of shock before she felt wet kisses on her neck. She closed her eyes in excitement, making her drop the utensils and the noise masqueraded her moans. Coming out of her trance, Nidhi felt frightened since her parents were a room away and she turned around to face Raj and prevent him from going any further. Raj had anticipated it and swiftly placed his lips on hers. Nidhi was yearning for this for so long now that her feeling of dread was being taken over by her need for any sort of sexual gratification. Adding to the stimulation, was that her timid younger brother was getting bolder with each passing day and that they were committing this incestuous act with their parents wide awake just a room away.

Nidhi let her urges take over, focussing on the task at hand, and let Raj have his way. His hands reached inside her tee and groped her tits while he continued kissing. Nidhi made sure to work as loudly as she could, as a distraction. Pulling down her bra, Raj’s began massaging her naked breasts from underneath her top. She felt his boner poking her and started grinding her ass on it. Minutes passed as Raj kept kissing, groping and dry humping his older sister right at the kitchen sink. Nidhi’s hand reached his crotch to get canlı bahis a hold of his boner. Unexpectedly, Raj pulled back and put an end to his sexual shenanigans. Nidhi was surprised as he saw Raj go to the bedroom while the parents were still busy. She was left wanting for more and called him, albeit to no avail. Nidhi resolved that she had to get off today itself by her younger brother. Raj smiled to himself, knowing fully that his unfinished business would spur Nidhi to leave her inhibitions for lust.

As the day went on, Nidhi kept on desiring more and more for her brother’s touch. She was apprehensive about her parents, but her desires kept getting stronger. She also wanted to get back at him for leaving her midway. At nightfall, as always, the family was together in the hall watching TV. Nidhi excused herself to visit the restroom. Raj’s cellphone lit up as he received a message from his sister.

He opened it to find out an image of Nidhi with a finger inside her pussy. New pictures soon flooded his phone with Nidhi in her birthday suit, to different poses. Blood rushed into Raj’s dick and soon his boxers pitched a tent near his parents. He tried holding his breath to keep it down, but Nidhi kept on barraging him with her snaps. Just before his father could turn, Raj grabbed a pillow to cover his raging hard on. He saw Nidhi return to the hall with a sly smile. Raj was a little nervous, but happy at the same time. He knew that “the game was afoot”.

Their parents retired to bed, leaving them both on the couch in front of the TV. They stared at each other for a while; Raj stood up and signalled Nidhi to follow him into the bedroom. Instead, she pulled him back onto the couch and thrust her tongue in his mouth. Raj sucked in his sister’s tongue and kissed her back, only to get roughly bit by her. Raj pulled back, wincing in pain. He realised that maybe he had created a horny monster who was willing to do anything to get what she wanted. He stood there, watching her.

She pulled down his boxers in one fell swoop and had his cock inside her wet mouth the next moment. Raj was flabbergasted and whispered, “What are you doing! Our parents’ door is open!” Nidhi’s only response was a slurping sound as she looking back at him. She left his cock and gazed at her brother while stroking his now wet cock. Raj expected her to say something. Instead, the same wet sensation was felt on his balls as they got sucked by her. Raj moaned in pleasure which gave Nidhi the cue to stop.

She got up and started to walk out of the hall leaving Raj dumbfounded and half naked. Raj realized her sly elder sister had just used the age-old reverse mentality trick on him. However, he wasn’t feeling defeated as this was exactly what he wanted, for her to be back in the game and not chicken out. He acted swiftly and pinned Nidhi to the wall.

Her pants were soon on her ankles and her hands on Raj’s head as he ate her pussy. Her moans were audible enough and competed with the volume of the TV. They knew they were playing a dangerous game. They couldn’t increase the volume of the TV lest their parents wake up. Nor could they stop now, what they had started, the feeling of arousal was too much to control. Throwing caution to the wind, Raj inserted his finger in her vagina. Nidhi put a hand on her mouth as she tried to control her moaning. With each thrust, Nidhi grew wetter, her cum drenching on her younger bahis siteleri brother’s fingers. Surprisingly for both, Nidhi started to squirt as she orgasmed, trying her best to keep her mouth shut.

Shivering and panting, Nidhi’s legs felt weak and she sat down. Raj took her in an embrace, supporting her on the wet floor. He felt a hand reach on his cock and realized that his cum hungry sister didn’t want to stop just now. Nidhi kept stroking him as he stood up. She licked his shaft and for the first time, little by little, took whole of his pole inside her mouth. Raj moaned, happy at how far his sister had come. Raj felt the back of his sister’s mouth as she choked on his pole. Being so deep, it didn’t take long for him to cum in her mouth.

Longing for the taste of her brother’s cum, she swallowed it all and licked off his dick clean so as to not waste a single drop of cum. Raj helped Nidhi stand up and remove her wet pants. He took his half-nude sister to their bedroom, while passing by their parents’ room. He went back to the hall and cleaned up the mess. When he returned to the bedroom, he shut the door and helped her into new pants. Both of them laughed over what they had just done, engaging into filthy and incestuous sexual act with their parents’ door open in the next room and walking around them without their pants. Nothing was going to stop them now.


Part 2:

Usually the lazy bum that she is, Raj was bewildered when Nidhi volunteered to buy groceries and medicines. On her return, Raj saw Nidhi hurriedly pull out some medicines and tissues from her pockets and hide them under her clothes in the closet. She gave him a wide smile and got back to her work. Raj was left wondering what new was cooking in her mind.

In the afternoon when their parents slept, Nidhi asked Raj to finger her and demanded he go as deep as possible. He wasn’t complaining given the opportunity and enjoyed making his sister cum. Although, she didn’t return the favour this time. Raj was getting more and more curious with her attitude.


When Raj entered their room at night, he saw the tissues besides Nidhi’s pillows. He didn’t have the time to think about it, as a beautiful sight lay before him. His sister was sitting on the bed completely undressed. She took his hands and placed it on her pussy. He felt her soft skin and was delighted to find out that she had shaved her pussy in the evening. With his clothes off in seconds, they were kissing passionately on the bed. As Nidhi began to suck on her brother’s cock, his hands reached her pussy. Nidhi pushed away his hands while she spat on and licked his erection, lubricating it nicely. Raj tried again to reach her snatch and was given the same treatment. Nidhi left working on his cock and rose up to Raj and said the words that he was craving to hear, “No more fingers”.

With those words, they shared a kiss and Raj helped his sister lay down on the bed. He licked on her snatch, making it wet and slick. She was already moist from arousal. Nidhi spread her legs for Raj and just said, “Be gentle, my little brother”.

Raj rubbed his dick on her vagina a few times and Nidhi’s breathing grew heavy. Slowly, he pushed his tip inside her. Her vaginal muscles stretched, allowing him inside. Gently, he went deeper as Nidhi grabbed on his shoulders. Raj went on and came across some resistance. He looked at her and she bahis şirketleri gave a nod. Raj gave some thrusts and Nidhi’s hymen gave away. Nidhi squealed in pain and they book looked at each other as Raj pulled out. A faint smile appeared on their faces. They were happy, not only to pop their cherries but also for being each other’s first. They knew that this was an incestuous relationship and wrong on so many levels, yet at the moment nothing felt more right.

Now he understood why she had kept the tissues besides her. Raj cleaned his stained dick while Nidhi prepared herself for what was about to come. Both were in seventh heaven, as the siblings kissed each other with the brother’s cock inside his sister’s vagina. Raj gradually increased his thrusts and bit by bit, Nidhi’s pain began turning into pleasure.

“Yes, yes, mmmm!” Nidhi kept repeating, encouraging Raj to be bolder. “Ohh Raj! Don’t…stop, please d…on’t” cried Nidhi in pleasure. Raj placed his hands on Nidhi’s tits and massaged them as he started moving deeper inside her. “AAHHH!” she moaned as her brother’s cock filled her tight pussy giving bursts after bursts of pleasure.

Sweat rolled on their foreheads, as Raj kept pounding away his older sister. The bed creaked with their movements and accompanied Nidhi’s moans and cries for getting fucked by her brother. Raj’s hips kept swaying as his dick went in and out of Nidhi’s wet pussy. She tightened her grip on him as she edged closer and with a loud moan, she came all over her brother’s cock.

She looked at him with a satisfactory smile. Never had she imagined that her shy, little brother would be the one to take her virginity and in what way! Nidhi had had a loud orgasm and still didn’t want to stop. Knowing her brother wouldn’t speak even now, Nidhi enticed her brother to fuck him faster, “Didi’s (older sister’s) pussy is good isn’t it Raj. OOHhh! Fucking your… your…sister…aren’t you. Aren’t you a good sister-fucker. AAAAAHHH! That’s what you are, a sister-fucker” The words had their desired effect on Raj as he fucked her faster and deeper.

“Yes Raj! Fuck your sister’s virgin pussy. MMMMM…Be a good sister-fucker and fuck my tight pussy”. Nidhi felt his throbbing cock inside her. “You want to cum little brother, yes! Don’t hold back. Fill me up.” This left Raj surprised, however he was in no position to say no. Seeing his expression, Nidhi urged him, “Do it little brother. YESSSS! Your sister needs your cum. Won’t you listen to your Didi.” With these words, Nidhi felt the warm liquid filling her insides. She felt getting stuffed by her brother’s cum with his every twitch. Exhausted, Raj pulled out and dropped on his side of the bed.

Nidhi’s hand reached out to the tissues as she watched Raj. “What have I done!” she heard him say, “I’ve cum in my sister”. Nidhi cleaned herself, got over his chest and kissed him, “You did good Raj. You did very good, my sweet little brother.” Raj saw his sister’s naked body go to the closet and take out the hidden medicine box. When Nidhi took a pill, Raj heaved a sigh of relief as he understood what was that box for and why Nidhi had concealed it beneath her clothes.

As Nidhi retuned to the bed, both of them waited to hear the creak of their parents’ door as they got dressed. When there was no sound, they kissed enthusiastically, their lips finding it hard to leave each other. No words needed to be said between them to express how happy they felt.

Finally separating, they took their side of the bed. Nidhi’s content face soon turned into a frown as her phone pinged. The notification read, “Still up?” and came from Karan. Her fiancé.

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