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This is inspired by, and dedicated to someone special. Names are not necessary, she knows who she is and why she is special. That means more to me than titles.

You’re hesitant, unsure of yourself and what you may have gotten yourself into. It all seemed thrilling and daring up to now, but now it’s real. You’re here, sitting in your car, staring across at the door. You know he’s in there waiting for you.

You’re comfortable with him, the days and weeks leading up to this point have all been about building something between the two of you, but now there’s another step to be taken. Till now, it’s been friends, a friendship maybe you’re not supposed to have, a relationship that’s grown more intimate than just friends are supposed to be, but you can communicate intimately with each other, there’s been a trust built up. Knocking on that door won’t just cause that physical door to open, you know it will likely open other doors, leading down different corridors, some brightly lit, others darker and needing both closer scrutiny to reveal what’s inside and a sense of wonder mixed with caution to explore them. Crossing that doorway, it will expose another side of you, one you’re not even sure of yourself.

You feel the need to explore, to sample and taste what may lie beyond that door, but the reality is that you’re more than a little afraid, it’s partially a need to be safe, to protect yourself, but also the question lingers… what happens if I open the door and something within myself is let out, something that should have stayed locked up? Once it’s out, can it be put back, would you even want to put it back? You started down this path with idle curiosity, a curiosity that built and grew as you gained more knowledge, as you started to look at yourself, within yourself. You had the need and desire, it’s simply a question of having the courage to dare, the courage to try. The inner strength to allow yourself to grow in this way, the strength to open that door and go down those corridors, both bright and dark.

At some point you knew that this could not be a solo journey, you needed someone else, someone who could help and guide you, someone who could be trusted with these, your most intimate secrets, someone who needed to travel the path and open those same doors himself.

He’s there, just across the way, on the other side of that door.

You call him on the phone, and he answers.


“Hey yourself, where are you?”

“I’m almost there,”


“But what?”

“You sound unsure, do you not want to do this?”

“I do, but I don’t know if I can.”

“You can, the question is if you have the will. I’m here for you either way.”

You pause, gathering yourself, your thoughts, your inner strength. The thoughts rage in your head, “I want this, I need this, What am I doing here, How did I get into this, “

“I’m outside, I’ll be there in a minute.”

You turn off your car, and walk towards the door, a short journey in actual distance, but it’s the longest walk of your life. You lift your hand to knock, but the door opens without you touching it, he’s been waiting for you, watching you come to the almanbahis door. He draws you into the semi dark room, wrapping his arms around you. He kisses you softly, then stronger, deeper, drawing you in. It’s a kiss of hunger, of passion and intensity. You return the kiss in kind, welcoming the warmth and reveling in the desire that you know is directed at you. You have a place here, a place in his embrace that is both comforting and sensual at the same time.

“I’m glad you were able to make that walk.”

“Walking was easy, now what?”

“Whatever you want, today is about you.”

“That’s good, it’s been a long week, I need a day for me.”

He takes your coat and your eyes begin to adjust to the light of the room. It’s warm inside here, and the lights are very dim. The room smells like oranges.

He directs you to a chair, and you sit, he takes his place behind you, his hands on your shoulders. You’ve felt his hands on you before, they’re very strong hands, yet he has a gentle touch. His hands are warm, and he begins to rub your shoulders, kneading away at the tension in the muscles below. He works on your neck, loosening the stiffness there, then works his way down your back, leaning you forward as he alternately caresses and massages along your spine.

He leaves you and goes to the bathroom. You hear him turn on the shower.

He takes a moment to adjust the water, and you can see the steam starting to build.

“What, you think I need a bath?”

“No, silly girl, the warm water will relax you, I want you totally relaxed.”

“Okay, if you say so, you’re directing this operation.”

“It’s not because I say so, it’s because I say so and you trust my judgment.”

“I do, I trust you completely.”

“Thank you.”

You walk to the bathroom and close the door behind you. You slowly start to take off your clothes, hanging them on the hook on the back of the door. You suddenly realize as you remove that last piece of clothing that you’re totally naked, you’ve never been completely naked with him before, and now he’s just a few feet away, on the other side of the door. You’ve sent him a few pics over the last few weeks, and he’s touched you many times in many places, but this is one of those giant steps, soon he will see you completely naked, completely open to his gaze, his touch. It’s a frightening thought, but there is anticipation mixed with that fear, a tingle that starts to charge your body like an electric shock.

You pull back the curtain, adjusting the water slightly. The water is warm, hot really, but he was right, it feels so good, you luxuriate in it’s warmth and you can feel all the tension literally wash off you and down the drain.

There is a slight change in the air, as if someone has entered the room. He’s there, in the bathroom with you, now so close to you, so close to your nakedness.

“You okay in there?”


“Thought you might need a lifeguard.”

“I thought you said you don’t know how to swim.”

“Well, I don’t, but I figured the water probably isn’t that deep anyways.”

“Then, why would I need a lifeguard?”

“In case of sharks, clumsy almanbahis yeni giriş surfers, misguided yachts, that sort of thing.”

“Oh, okay, maybe you’re right, I should have a lifeguard”

He pulls back the curtain and there you are naked before him, just as he is naked before you. He steps in, pulling the curtain closed behind him. You look within his eyes, looking for the strength you know is there, the security you know is there, the passion and lust you hope are there. He returns your look, as if there is something specific he needs to see before he will proceed. There is a connection in that look, a lock between two people that needs no words to confirm it. From deep within you a moan builds and escapes from your lips, a primal release that lingers in the air.

He pulls you close, kissing you deeply again, running his hands down your back and sides, feeling your skin and the water in his touch. He turns you around so that you’re facing away from him. You can feel his hardness behind you, his cock sliding wickedly across your ass. He reaches down to position himself, lowering his cock, and aiming it so that it points down, nestled between your cheeks. He pulls you back tightly against him, you lean back into his chest, his arms enveloping you, and now your wetness starts to flow along with the water. You lean your head back into his shoulder and reach up to touch his face, stroking his cheek. Reaching up he cups both of your breasts, kneading your nipples, making them hard and firm, the tingling spreading through your entire body. Your thighs begin to clench and flex, there’s an urgent need to be touched in many places, all at once.

He’s driving you crazy, his hands all over you, in 20 different places at once.

He slides a finger inside you, brushing past your clit as he does, another jolt sent sparking through your body. He takes the finger and puts it in your mouth, you suck hard, tasting yourself on his finger. He slides the finger out of your mouth and back into you, then a second, stroking, slowly. He pulls the fingers out, and this time, he puts them in his mouth, licking them clean.

“You told me once you were a sweet girl, I do love being able to prove that statement. You taste so very sweet.”

Every part of your body is alive and tingling, the hot warm spray of the shower mixed with your own juices. He kisses your neck, nibbling at your ears, whispering over and over, relax, let yourself go. You can’t take any more of this, you need him, you want him to fill you, to take you here and now. Turning, you reach for his cock, and dropping to your knees in front of him you take him quickly and deeply into your mouth. He gasps, the room which is so warm and full of steam is nothing compared to the warmth of your mouth, and the heat that he sees in your eyes.

You make love to his cock, licking, stroking, sucking, coaxing it harder and harder and harder still. You’re filled with desire to make this the best he’s ever experienced, to make him cum so hard that he’ll think of this every day for the rest of his life. You reach under him, stroking the space between his balls and his ass. You dip a finger inside almanbahis giriş yourself, wetting it with your juices. You pull it out, and press against his hole, pushing your finger in, and then stroking it in time to your sucking. His hands on your head, his fingers entwined in your hair. He’s hard now, unbelievably hard, and neither of you can take much more of this. Your need to be filled matches with his need to be deep inside you. He reaches down for you, pulling you up to him and kissing you hard again. He spins you around and you lean forward, exposing yourself to him, showing him where to thrust.

He leans forward, sliding ever so smoothly over your wet skin. He thrusts once, deeply, embedding himself in one swift motion, deep within you. Your wetness made for a well lubricated path, he glides home in one easy motion. You use your pussy to clench and release, gripping his cock and then releasing it, over and again, your soft wet tunnel like a glove around his hardness. You both pause, and then he slowly slides back out, almost all the way, till just the head of his cock lingers within you. He slides back in, thrusting deeply, pulling you back by the hips to meet his strokes. He rubs a thumb over your rosebud, which is slick with your combined juices, ever so slowly he pushes it in, then back again, stroking with cock and thumb. You reach back spreading yourself, offering yourself to him. The thrusts are piston like, his cock slamming in and out at a measured pace, the sound of your bodies slapping together fills the room.

He pulls out, and aims his cock directly at the entrance of your ass, and slowly with great care, pushes the head in and then slides it all the way in. He pauses as he savors this new place, even hotter, even wetter, even tighter than your pussy. You use the pause to adjust, to get yourself ready for the pounding you know is about to come, the pounding you desire. The strokes come fast, hard, and very deep, orgasms wash over you like waves, so many that they can’t be counted. Your knees are weak, and you’re light headed, the heat of the shower and the heat of the moment are overwhelming. If not for his tight grip on your hips, a grip he uses to good vantage as he continues to plunge in and out of you, you’d fall over.

His pace increases and impossibly it seems as if his cock has gotten even larger, harder. He feels his juices boiling up from deep within him, coursing up and ready to shoot from him. He erupts, shooting thick ropes of cum deep within your ass, overfilling that place which is already so completely full. The cum leaks out as he continues to stroke, you reach down and take some on your fingers, some you lick and taste, some you rub on your clit, causing you to cum once again.

He slows his pace, his once engorged cock, now emptied, slides from your ass with a satisfying sound. Your muscles tense as the opening closes back up, it creates sensations everywhere else in your body. He helps you back up, you both stand under the water, catching your breath, and letting your collective juices run down the drain.

“That was amazing.”

“That’s one way to describe it, certainly works for me.”

“You’re an incredible lifeguard.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“If that’s just the relaxation part, and just in the shower, what’s next?”

“Guess you’ll just have to find out, are you interested?”

You just stand there grinning and knowing that you made the right choices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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