Being Christina’s Bitch Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of my first story, Being Christina’s Bitch, and picks up right where the first one left off. Please feel free to comment or send me feedback. I am especially interested in hearing from any women that enjoyed this story and/or share these fantasies.

“Let’s keep your little package covered up for now,” Christina said while pulling my thong back up and then snapping the waistband hard on my ass as she walked away. I noticed she had removed the strapon dildo and again looked just as she did when she first walked in.

She didn’t even check the peep hole. She just opened the door wide, completely exposing me for anyone to see. I was still chained to the bed wearing only the collar, cuffs, and thong.

I started to object but Christina cut me off, “You shut your mouth you little bitch!”

“Wow, you didn’t lie, girl!” exclaimed an unknown man as he entered the room.

He wasn’t alone. Four other men followed behind him. They were all taller and clearly stronger than me and they didn’t seem to be particularly surprised by the scene as they entered. The last one closed the door behind him and my mistress took control again.

“Here’s the deal, little boy: I know you secretly fantasize about being taken by a group of big, powerful men but you’re too much of a pussy to ever admit it and way too much of a pussy to actually do anything about it so I’ve done you a favor and taken care of everything for you. All you have to do is let this happen. But don’t confuse yourself into thinking you have a choice. Let me introduce your new best friends: Jason, Mike, Charlie, Luke, and Rick. Guys, meet my new fucktoy,” she giggled.

“But…but… I’m not gay!” I objected.

Christina marched over to me and slapped me hard across the face. “I thought I was pretty clear a second ago. This is going to happen. These guys are going to gang rape you and I’m going to enjoy watching it. Ümraniye Escort That’s all there is too it. Jason, would you like to start?”

“Sure!” he replied. He pulled off his clothes to reveal six-pack abs and a very large penis. It must have been at least 8 inches long and quite thick. While he was stripping, Charlie came around behind me and started feeling me up. He slapped my ass and gave my cock and balls a squeeze.

The other three guys took a seat on the couch with Christina to enjoy the show. Christina was clearly excited and started kissing them and rubbing their crotches. They were still clothed but the bulges in their pants were very impressive. “Feed him your cock Jason” she ordered.

I tried to resist but Charlie pinched my nose and held my face up to Jason’s cock until I was forced to open my mouth for air. As soon as I did so, in popped Jason’s cock. Everyone had a good laugh and cheered as Jason started fucking my face. I was now sucking a real man’s cock and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Christina continued to enjoy the show while her three friends started feeling her up. They unbuttoned her shirt, freeing her tight braless titties. Off it came and then they unbuttoned her jeans. She stood up as they helped them off of her and revealed sexy transparent black panties and black knee high socks. That and a chain with the key to my cuffs was all she wore. Her waist was slim and my cock was fully erect just looking at her.

“I think your fucktoy likes what he sees, Christina. His little wang is clearly hard,” said Charlie as he pinched my cock in his fingers to demonstrate his point. That got another good laugh from everyone as Christina relaxed back on he couch with her friends. She unzipped Luke’s fly and pulled out an impressive 9 inch cock which she stroked for a minute before sucking while she continued to watch me suck Jason’s cock.

The rest of the men İstanbul Escort stripped naked before me and it seemed like each cock larger than the next. Even though I still think of my penis as average sized, it was clearly the smallest in the room – perhaps only half the size of the next smallest one. Rick’s was as long and as wide as my forearm and I shuddered as I thought how my ass would accomidate it.

“You’d better focus a little more attention on getting this cock nice and wet cause it’s going in your ass next,” said Jason. Everyone laughed at both comment and my surprised reaction. Christina gagged a little as she laughed with his cock still in her mouth.

“Ok cowboy, I think he’s ready to give the first ride,” she said as she slapped Jason’s ass and pushed him towards my ass. “Hope you’re ready, little bitch, because you’re about to take your first real man cock just like the faggot I know you are.” Everyone had another good laugh at my expense and I could feel the tip of his penis probing my asshole.

“Relax, slut!” he commanded as he spanked my ass and thrust his cock foward. At first it didn’t go in and I just felt pressure on my anus but eventually my ass gave way with a loud pop. My eyes must have doubled in size at the intrusion.

“Did you guys hear that pop?” asked Christina. “There went his anal cherry. I’m so proud of you, fagot slut!”

I was now being filled with cock and had indeed lost my technical anal virginity. It was true, I was a now a faggot slut – taking real cock up my ass. I started to cry at the shame and humiliation I felt.

“Oh, poor little boy doesn’t like real man cock up his ass?” Christina asked mockingly while she laughed as my misfortune. “I’m not buying it – I know you’ve always wanted this but couldn’t admit it. Now take it like a man!” she slapped me hard across the face shocking me out of my tears. “That’s better. Just enjoy it. We’ve only Anadolu Yakası Escort just started our fun – look how many more cocks there are to fill you up.”

She dropped to her knees before Mike and started sucking his cock now as Jason started fucking my ass in earnest. This was a different sensation than a hand or a strapon dildo because of the power behind it. A full grown man owns you as he fucks you and I was definitely feeling owned. I concentrated on relaxing my asshole to avoid some of the pain as I still had not been allowed any lube.

Luke pulled Christina up to her feet while keeping her mouth around Mike’s cock and pulled down her panties. He knew she was extremely wet by now and stuck his cock right in her pussy. She moaned in pleasure and was now getting cock from both sides while she kept an eye on me getting fucked too.

Charlie now came around to my head and held his cock up to my lips. By now I was resigned to my fate and accepted his cock without any struggle. We were both getting cock from both sides now and I had given up. If they were going to have their way with me then I might as well try to enjoy it right?

Rick switched places with Mike who then took Lukes place. Only instead of filling her pussy, he placed his cock at her asshole. Christina reached back and tried to adjust him down but he grabbed her arm and pinned it behind her back.

“Oww! What are you doing?!? Don’t put your cock there, you know I don’t do that! Ouch!” exclaimed Christina. “Guys! This isn’t funny. Stop it!”

“No way you little tease,” replied Mike. “You’ve been tempting us with that tight little ass of yours for too long and we all agreed outside the room that we should all get a turn at it too.”

“But I’m in charge here!” she objected.

“Not any more,” replied Rick. “We’re in charge now and BOTH of you are going to satisfy us in any way we want tonight!”

Christina’s eyes were wide in terror as she now realized that she had completely lost control of the situation and had become as helpless as me. We all heard another loud pop as Christina clearly just lost her anal cherry too. She wept as Rick fucked her face and Mike fucked her ass.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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