Being Naughty

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As I walk into the room, you are lying naked on the sofa with the fingers of your right hand busy pushing in and out of your wet pussy as your thumb dances around your clit. The fingers of your left hand busily move from the nipple of one breast to the other as you sit with glazed eyes watching the video of a woman being fucked. You are so wrapped up in the action on the screen and your near orgasmic state that you do not hear or see me enter the room and when I clear my throat to signal my presence, your head turns and your jaw drops in surprise.

You begin to apologize but I stop you and tell you to go on, reminding you that you will pay for your transgression. I walk to the bar and pour myself a short drink and then take a seat in the chair so that I can watch you as you begin to pleasure yourself again.

Your eyes wander from the screen to me and back as your fingers once again find your wet pussy. You begin by pushing two fingers inside and slowly rubbing your clit as it peeks out from under its hood. Your breathing becomes a bit ragged as the pleasure begins to rise again and your fingers dance across your hardened nipples again. Your thumb presses harder against your clit as it circles the hardened pleasure center and another finger joins the two plunging inside your hot pussy.

Moans come from deep inside you as your orgasm nears and your eyes lock onto mine. Your teeth catch the inside of your lip as your push your hips forward trying to capture your entire hand in your pussy as your orgasm peaks and your hand is flooded with your sex juices. As your orgasm subsides, your breathing becomes more relaxed and your body melts into the sofa.

Your eyes open and I look at you hard. I tell you to come to me and as you attempt to rise to walk over, I stop you and tell you to crawl to me. You slowly crawl as your mind tries to imagine the punishment to come as you know that you did not have permission to bring pleasure to yourself before my arrival.

I place my drink on the table near me and walk to the dining room and return with a straight back chair. I then sit and motion for you to climb across my lap. You slowly lift yourself and lie across my knees. I reach down and turn your head toward me and tell you that you have knowingly broken the rules by pleasuring yourself without my presence and/or permission. I ask if you know the punishment for each and you slowly nod your head; I stop to tell you that you will be punished for each transgression rather than only one. Your eyes open widely in an expression of surprise as you thought that you would only receive one punishment for the two infractions.

I push your head back down as begin to slowly rub your bottom with my right hand. After a few moments, you feel my hand leave your buttock as the cool air caresses the soft flesh of your backside. You hear the air rushing as my hand comes crashing down on your right buttock, not too hard but hard enough to bring a gasp of pain/relief from you. Pain from the smarting blow and relief to know that the punishment has begun. Suddenly, you feel my palm as it strikes your left cheek, followed by a sudden pinch of your left nipple as my hand reaches under you and finds your hard breast bud and pinches and pulls at it just as the blow finds your ass.

My right hand slowly rubs the two handprints and my left hand reaches farther down and finds your right nipple. My fingertips lightly caress it as I raise my hand again. As the third blow strikes your right bun, my fingertips pinch your nipple hard and pull it as the fourth blow comes crashing down sex izle on your left cheek. Your moan from the pain and the pleasure combined and you squirm across my thighs. I release your nipple and place my left hand in the small of your back, holding you still as my right hand rises and then falls, much harder, this time for the fifth time. Tiny tears begin to form in your eyes from the increased intensity of the blow and the sixth blow back on your left cheek makes you realize that the rules were meant to be followed. You begin to wonder if the pleasure had been worth the punishment to come.

The seventh and eighth swats are delivered in reverse order, left buttock and then the right, causing more distress as the previous burn on your left cheek had not melted away yet. The final swats are even harder but the soft caresses on the hot flesh begin to dissipate the heat of the blows.

You sigh softly as my hand slowly caresses your punished buttocks and my fingertips dance between your cheeks finding the hot flesh near your asshole and pussy. My fingertips graze your sex open and from your self-pleasure and new moisture from the punishment just received. Your breathing slowly begins to return to normal as you savor the afterglow of both. I tell you to get up and you rise slowly and stand before me, naked and open.

I stand from the chair and take your hand. Leading you to the table in front of the sofa, I clear it with a brush of my other hand and then tell you to lie across it…face up. You stand at the end of the table and then sit at its edge; the glass cools your recently spanked buns as your hands slide along the edge of the table and your body reclines against the table.

I pull your legs to the sides of the table exposing your pussy and place a small pillow behind your head so that you can see what I am about to do. I bend over and kiss your lips and explain that I am about to punish you for your second transgression, but I do not tell you what is about to happen. I reach for your nipples and pinch them, progressively increasing the pressure as my fingertips twist and pull at them, extending your large breasts upward; the weight of your tits pulls against my fingertips as you moan and wince from the pain. I drop them at the same time and, then, you feel the first swat against your left breast. It is not too hard but definitely smarts enough to get your attention just as the next blow falls on your right nipple.

I bend over and lick the handprints on your breasts, kissing them as I move to the side of the table and kneel there. I run my fingertip around the areola of your left breast, circling it until I reach your hard nipples; the very tip of my fingertip rubs against the top of your nub and then leaves it as it makes the trip to your right breast, repeating the track.

My left hand is rubbing your stomach as it slowly finds its way to your pubis, my fingers spread the hood covering your pleasure bud and I rub it hard and pinch it. I raise my hand and you feel the full weight of it as it comes crashing down on your exposed clit. I push my hand across your wet pussy lips and press hard against them, not entering you but rubbing hard.

My right hand lifts and falls against your right breast and quickly the left tit feels my palm fall hard on it. Handprints slowly appear on our soft tit flesh as my hand falls softly on them and rub the warm flesh where the swats fell.

My left hand has spread your thighs even more and my fingertips move back up toward your navel only to leave your skin there and come crashing down on alt yazılı porno your swollen pussy lips with my thumb extended and falling across your exposed clitoris. You moan a bit from the pain of the unexpected swat and sigh from the pleasure building slowly over your body.

I stand and move to the other side of the table, stopping along the way to retrieve my glass, empty except for the ice cubes left behind. I remove one and, after kneeling at the side of the table again, I allow drops from the melting cube to fall on your hard nipples; the drops splash and smaller droplets fall to your brown areola sending shivers across your body. I lower the cube to the tip of each nipple and rub it there. You moan a bit louder and then even louder as I lean over you and take each nipple in my lips and suck the moisture from each one. I raise my head back up and then as I grin evilly at you, I bring my left hand down on the right breast and then the left one.

Suddenly, you feel my right hand crashing down on your hot pussy again and your hips jump either trying to rise to it as it goes back up or to hump the cool air in order to ease the heat from the blow and your rising passion.

The fourth and fifth blows to each breast come crashing one after the other and your soft flesh bounces with each one. After each of these comes a slightly harder swat to your pussy, your juices coating your nether lips as another orgasm approaches.

I pinch, twist and pull each of your nipples as your pussy is being spanked. I again take another ice cube and rub your nipples with it, making them even harder from the cold versus the fire of the tit spanking. I remove the cube and then move it to my right hand and I put it directly on your clit, watching as you writhe as the cold meets the heat of your clit and producing excruciating contrasts of fire and ice on your hard nub. What little is left of the cube, I push inside your pussy lips and it melts almost immediately from the heat of your womanhood and the water dilutes your sex juices as they pour out from your pussy lips as my fingers withdraw.

I raise my left hand again and it falls to each of your breasts three times in succession and the handprints cover all of the soft flesh except for your areola and nipples.

I turn my body a bit direct my full attention to your pussy. I slowly rub the soft flesh of your belly and then I pull your hood back and rub my thumb hard against your clit. You push against my thumb trying to rub it harder and perhaps capture my fingers in your dripping pussy. I lift my hand and spank your pussy twice to admonish your efforts and your arch your back and spread your thighs wider opening your pussy even more to my blows. The wetness from your pussy splashes as my fingers meet your hot lips there and you moan loudly as the blows land.

I take my left hand and push three fingers inside your pussy from the top and, as my fingertips rub against your g-spot on the top side of your pussy, I spank my own hand and drive my fingertips harder into you and hard against your clit. Your mouth opens and you scream from the pleasure of the direct hit on both your g-spot and your clit. Your pussy juices stream from the open lips and trickle over your perineum down to your asshole and then pooling on the glass top of the table.

I remove my hand from your pussy and you raise your hips trying to capture it before it escapes and you sigh as the cool air replaces the warmth of my hand.

I stand and remove my clothing as you watch intently, wondering how, where altyazılı sex izle and when you will feel my seed splashing in/against your body. Once naked, I lift my leg over the table and straddle your body; you feel the hardness of my cock against your soft skin and a drop of precum falls on your heated skin. I look deep into your eyes and tell you that your body and your pleasure belong to me and not you. Asking if you understand, you nod your head and whisper “Yes, Sir”.

I reach down and pinch both of your nipples at the same time and lift your breasts as I pinch harder and pull upward, stretching them. I release them and let them drop and as they jiggle from the fall, I bring my hands down twice on them quickly, leaving more handprints on your tanned orbs. I stand a bit and lean forward as I take my cock and milk precum from it allowing it to drop onto each of your hard nipples. Then, I take my hands and spread the slick juice around your tits covering and soothing the handprints just left by the quick blows.

I then stand again and turn my body around; this blocks your view of what I might do to your pussy and you tremble as your imagination gets the better of you. You feel my hands rubbing hard against your sex; my fingers dip inside your pussy and are coated with your thick juices. I lift my fingers to my nose and inhale your sweet essence before putting them into my mouth and licking your juices from my fingertips. Your moans let me know that you are enjoying my touch and how I appreciate your body and its reactions. I lean forward to look at your pussy, swollen with desire, reddened from my earlier blows and dripping wet in anticipation of what it to come. You feel my precum as it drips over the hood of your clit from my cock above it just before you feel my hand come crashing down over your pussy lips. Your orgasm wells up inside you and you cum, pushing your hips into the air, meeting the next blow of my hand. You scream from the pleasure and beg me not to stop. I bring my hand down five more times as you cum violently and loudly. Your juices flooding your crotch and my hand as it strikes each time. I cup my hand over your pussy and slowly rub it, then ease two fingers and then three inside your pussy as I move your left leg to the end of the table and then lift your heel to the tables edge. You weakly move your right leg and I reach over to pull it up like the left leg.

The fingers of my left hand dip into the pool of your sex juices on the table top and then find your asshole; the middle finger pushes slowly inside your backdoor rubbing against the fingers of my right hand deep inside your pussy. I slowly finger fuck both holes until you beg me to stop and fuck you.

I stand up and then walk to the end of the table where I kneel between your thighs and place my cockhead at your wet open pussy. I lean forward a bit and rub my cock against your wet lips; you slide toward me trying to capture my hardness inside you but I pull away, teasing you. I guide my cock to your pussy and I push deep inside you. I put my hands on the table at your sides and slowly and deliberately fuck you deep and hard. I gaze into your eyes and see your lust as you mouth the words ‘fuck me, lover’. I push harder and deeper with each thrust, gaining tempo as you push against me searching for your third orgasm. I lift my hands to your nipples and pinch and twist them hard as your breathing changes and your orgasm begins to wash over you. Your pussy clutches at my hard cock and I feel my cum rise from my balls. Your orgasm reaches its peak and your sex sucks the seed from my cock. I release your nipples and lean forward falling across your stomach, my face caressed by your breasts.

My hands slide behind you and I lift and hold you as I raise myself. My lips find yours and we kiss passionately washed away in our pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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