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The door opened before the third knock. She must have been standing there waiting. The thought warms me as I look into her pale cream face. Her skin is smooth and spotless except for the tiny freckle under her left eye. Liquid aquamarine eyes hold my gaze as my fingers brush softly up her defined cheek bone. I drag my fingers through her silky smooth onyx hair and cup the back of her head in my hand. I pull her to my mouth and kiss her gently. She pulls me over the threshold with her lips staying locked to mine; her tongue tracing the slit between my lips. My tongue slithered out to brush hers and her hands ghosted across my hips and up my spine. I shivered in her arms and she clutched me tight before breaking the kiss.

“Hey” I sighed out anticlimactically.

She smiled at me and moved to brush her full strawberry pink lips against mine. Her lips caressed my jaw before flitting over my cheeks, eyelids and ending with a kiss on the tip of my nose.

“Hey to you too.”

Sienna curled her hand into mine and twined our fingers together. She pulled my arm with a jerk and I had no choice but to stumble forward after her. She led me through her living room and up the stairs. She paused in front of her door and swung my arm around to pin my back up against it. She leaned into me and pressed her breasts against my body. Her tongue flicked out over the skin under my ear.

“It’s your birthday, I hope you don’t have plans for the rest of the evening.” Her breath was hot and wet against my ear.

“I have plans for you.” She added.

I froze at the sudden hint of malice in her lusty tone; polar opposite from our greeting. She licked out at my neck, dragging her tongue from the hollow of my throat up to the base of my jaw and under my ear. I shuddered violently against the door and she wrapped her fingers tightly around my upper arms. One of her hands snaked its way up my arm towards my shoulders. She pushed my long hair off my neck and reached into her back pocket with the other hand, never relenting the beautiful torture on my throat.

I heard a soft metallic clink and looked into her shining ice blue eyes. My breath caught in my throat and her hand wrapped tightly around it, cutting off the hitch. I closed my eyes against her glinting, glassy stare.

A strong familiar smell pulled my eyes open and I looked at the thick strap of midnight leather in her left hand making its way towards my neck.

“I bought you something.” She purred.

Her hand released me and the soft band of leather replaced her warm tight hand. She gently lifted my hair and pulled the strap against my throat, tighter than her hand, before clasping the metal end-pieces together. I closed my eyes against the snug coolness of the collar on my neck and huffed a contented but lustful sigh. Feather soft, her lips pressed against mine. She licked at my lower lip and pulled her face away; hands already working the buttons of my blouse. She had the top five or so undone before she lowered her head into my cleavage and brushed her lips along the edge of my silver grey bra. She finished the buttons and pushed me back against the door, softer this time, by my ribs. Her thumbs worked under the wire of my bra, massaging skin into bone. She pushed in one hard, tight circle and I gasped, knowing there would be bruises. She looked up at my sharp intake with an unreadable face but her brows furrowed as if she were angry. I brought up my hand to smooth them out but she smacked it away. Reaching under my arm she twisted the door knob, threw the door open and shoved me inside in one swift motion. Before I could fall backward, she grabbed my upper arm tight and whipped me around to face the room, my back to her. She ripped the shirt off my shoulders and threw it to the floor before I had time to register her room.

My eyes widened in shock. There was a surgical looking metal cart next to the bed with numerous leather and metal objects on it. She replaced her normal white bed sheets with black silk ones. I was pulled out of my surprised state by her hands roughly undoing the buttons and zipper of my slacks. They slid down my legs and she pushed me forward a single step and kicked them off my feet. Her hands traced the top outline of my quicksilver panties and elicited a near shriek from me when her teeth clamped down on the tender muscle between my neck and shoulders. She let go and licked hungrily at the new mark, soothing the pain and sending shivers down my spine. She slunk around my body to face me; mouth and hands never leaving my skin. She looked into my eyes with a mixture of eagerness, lust, and caution. She gently touched my jaw with her fingertips and cradled my face in her hands.

“What word do you want to use?”

“Uh, what?” I looked at her questioningly.

“Safe-word. So I know when to stop. If you say ‘stop’, I won’t. If you say ‘wait’, I’ll give you no more than thirty seconds to recover yourself before I start again, but you have to come up with your own safe-word canlı bahis şirketleri to end it all.” She said all this calmly, with only the slightest hint of excitement given away through her sparkling eyes.

“Oh. Um, let me think for a minute. . . How about ‘belladonna’?”

“That sounds pretty. What does it mean?”

“It’s a poisonous plant thats used in muscle-relaxers.”

I chuckle at the surprised look on her face. Sienna’s hand reaches out, her palm and closed fingers slap sharply across my face. My jaw drops and she pushes it up with one finger and a hard, cold look in her eyes.

“That’s enough. Get on your knees.” It’s a command, not a request.

My fingers move to touch my stinging face as I sink to my knees. I can feel the burn of her fingers from my lips to my ear. My cheek bone feels bruised. Sienna pushes my hands away before they make contact and growls down at me, “Don’t touch it or you will get another one. Don’t do anything until I say it’s OK. Do you understand me?”

I nod my head and stare lustfully into her eyes. My nipples harden as I realize my biggest fantasy is finally coming true. I struggle hard to keep the elation out of my features but she caught it in my eyes before I could hide it away.

“Do you think this is fun? You are going to be punished.” Her voice is lower than I have ever heard before.

“You are going to cry and bleed and I am going to lick your tears when I’m done with you.” She added huskily and I barely detected the slight hint of lust at the end of her statement.

I lower my eyes, afraid they will betray me again, and nod my head. She steps back and starts to circle me. From behind, she grips onto my shoulders and pushes me down to sit on my ankles. She pushes my head down and unhooks my bra. Her short nails dig into my shoulders and arms as she slides the straps down. She hooks her finger in the collar and jerks my head up. Pulling it towards her until my back is a straight line and my bra falls onto the floor by my knees. With her finger still pulling the choker, she pushes my hair in front of my shoulders and leans down to lick my neck. Her hand travels through my hair and traces the line of my collar bone. Her deft fingers move to my breasts. She pinches and kneads my right nipple and flicks her nail across my left one. I jump at the sharp pain and a moan escapes my lips. She twists her finger around the collar, pulling the strap tighter to my throat, to effectively stifle it.

She lets go after a second and I can feel her bare foot on the top of my back. She pushes my back into the hardwood floor and I press my still stinging cheek to the cold wood. Her hand reaches between my legs and lifts my ass off my ankles. Her finger traces around the edges of the silver satin between my thighs and my legs start to shake.

“I can smell your cunt from here and I haven’t even taken these off.”

She snaps the the elastic waistband of my panties against my tailbone. Her fingers brush my neck before digging her nails into my flesh and dragging them sharply down my back. I let out a soft grunt as I feel her hair flow onto my skin and her hot tongue touch the base of my spine. She licks at the little dimples and slides my panties down my thighs to my knees. She draws one continuous lick as she runs her tongue up my spine, leaving a trail of liquid warmth. My back arches involuntarily and her breasts push against each of my ass cheeks. She makes it to the top and blows cool air on the strip of wet from my neck to my coccyx. Another violent shiver rakes through my body. I press my nipples into the cold floor and arch my backside farther into the air.

The creak of the floor alerts me to her movement and I twist my head around to look at her. She’s looks back and throws a reproachful glance at me.

“Put you face in your hands, or I’ll put a blindfold on you.”

I lean my forehead into my supine hands and close my eyes. I hear her returning footfalls behind me.

“Hm. Your so wet.” A single finger touches my lips and traces around my opening. “What a pretty little cunt you have.”

Her finger pulls at the hood of my clitoris and I moan into my hands. I feel a brief metallic chill before a clamp shuts around my clitoral cord and a finger plunges into my vagina. I scream out into my palms and bite down on the heel to keep from making further noises. Sienna strokes my g-spot once before removing her finger from me and blowing cold air on my wet lips. I shudder again and can feel myself starting to leak.

She lifts each of my knees softly and pulls my underwear down to my ankles. She puts a cushioned mat under my knees before setting them back on the floor. She grabs my panties off my ankles and walks around towards my head. Her hand fists into my hair and she pulls my face up, eyes still closed. She traces my lips with the finger she pushed in me and knowing what she wants, I slide my tongue through my lips and curl it around her finger, drawing it into my mouth. canlı kaçak iddaa I suck my own juices greedily and open my eyes to look at her. She’s taken off her black silk robe and is clad in a black corset with blood-red lace trimming and matching panties with a garter belt. Instead of stockings she has on black leather knee high boots that lace up the front and has four inch heels. My mouth drops again and she stuffs my panties into my mouth. I inhale through my nose deeply in surprise and can smell her arousal as easily as I can taste my own. I look at her hungrily. She gives me a look of disdain and walks out of my line of sight.

“Keep those in your mouth. You may make noises around them but if they fall out of your mouth you will receive extra punishment.”

I clench my PC muscles automatically and groan as the clamp shifts.


A finger slips into my pussy and my cheeks stings sharply in the aftershock of the wooden paddle. She pulls her finger out but leaves it touching my lips


My body lurches forward and my knees dig into the mat. Her finger slides in smoothly and back out again.


My eyes are clamped shut and a grunt escapes my previously silent reactions when her finger slides back in. She withdraws it and pinches my clit hard before moving back towards my head. She runs the finger with my juices down my face and across my cheek. She pulls the panties out of my mouth and throws them to the side.

“I want you to count this time. If you please me, it will end sooner.”

Before I can nod my assent she walks over to the cart, puts the paddle down and picks up something else. I close my eyes against the ominous swishing of a whip cutting through the air. The leather tendrils drift across my pink ass and caress it almost lovingly. The second the feeling ceases I tense and feel the multiple lashes fall sharply on my tender skin.

“One.” I grunt out.

I feel something press against my pussy and slip into my slick opening. My muscles clench around it and I realize its the handle of the whip. She twists it inside me and pushes her fingers against my clit before pulling it out. I moan at the loss of the object and miss the nearly silent whistle before the tendrils lash at my skin again. This time they hit at the tops of my thighs.

I press my face into my hands and moan, “Two.”

The handle is pushed back into me and she wiggles it around again before pulling it out. There is an audible pop when the head of handle leaves my soaked pussy.

“Three. . . please, more.” I moan.

“Oh God! Four. . . More, please.” My pussy is leaking and my legs are shaking.

“Five. . . Oh, fuck.”

Each time Sienna inserts the whip handle in me. I can feel my orgasm building up as the welts along my back side burn in the cold air she blows on my rump.

“SIX” I scream and shove my fist in my mouth.

“Seven. Fuck! Si, I’m going to come.” The handle presses back in and her fingers work my clit and tug on the clamp. My back stiffens and my hands slide across the floor, stretching forward. She unclasps the clamp and bites down on the tender raw flesh of my ass, pumping the handle in my pussy furiously. I scream out and dig my forehead into wood. She replaces the whip handle with her fingers and rubs my g-spot as I spasm around her fingers. Her other hand is pinching my clit and she’s licking my skin where she bit into me. My head is pounding and black dots start to blot out my vision. I take a deep shaky breath and gasp out one more “please”.

She whispers, “You may” into my burning backside and continues her licking as my knees slide back and I lower myself onto my stomach. She straddles my calves and continues her licking over the welts along my ass and thighs. She rubs my cum off her hands onto my ass; stinging the welts. Her hands slide under my hips. She lifts them up softly and plants a kiss over my vulva. My legs jerk and she drops me to the floor.

She walks back to the cart and picks up something metallic. It clinks as she sidles up behind me. Straddling my ass she lifts one wrist behind my back and then the other, holding both of them in her hands. A foreboding ticking noise comes from behind my head and frigid metal handcuffs clasp around my wrists. She drops them to my back and kneels off my body. Her thighs clench around my hips and her hand smacks down hard on my ass. I keen in a confusing mixture of pain and pleasure as she grasps the link between the cuffs and yanks me backwards into a kneeling position again.

“Stay.” Her command is soft but rings with authority and she lets go of me.

She circles me predatorily and looks into my face with hungry eyes. Her knees fold and she holds my gaze until we are eye level on the floor. Her fingers trace over my face and my eyes close contentedly. Her fingers trace over my eyelids and I sigh a little noise of relief.

My face snaps sideways as she lands another open palmed slap. My eyes shoot open and canlı kaçak bahis she’s on her feet looking down at me with malice and a trace of intoxicated excitement.

“If you think this is over, you’re off by a long shot. I’m going to require at least three orgasms from you.” She started to walk away before tacking on, “And if they’re good, I’ll consider letting you come again.”

By the time Sienna came back to face me, she had taken off her corset and underwear and replaced her boots with black vinyl five inch heels. There were at least six different straps crisscrossing over her foot and ankle with tiny silver buckles. I look up into her face and she smirks at me.

“You like those?”

I nod my head, “Yes.”

“Good. You can kiss them, then.”

I half close my eyelids and gaze up at her through my eyelashes.

“Yes, mistress.” I purr at her and duck my head to her feet, but not before I see the shocked look on her face.

With the flat of my tongue I lap at her toes, sucking her big toe into my mouth. I suckle on each of her toes before tracing between the straps of her shoes with the point of my tongue. She moans when I lick into the arch of her foot before stepping back away from me.

“That’s enough, slave.”

Her eyes are full of desire and her body reeks of salaciousness. I notice, too late, that her hands are grasping something behind her back. She sees my eyes widen fearfully and leers at me as she pulls out a tightly coiled scourge in one hand and a ball gag in the other. My throat closes and I swallow loudly while staring into her hands. The scourge is tied together with a long thin leather thong; a mockery of the thing it binds. She slides her wrist through the coil and saunters towards me with the gag dangling from her fingertips.

“Open your mouth.”

She pops the ball into my mouth and buckles it behind my head. My tongue reaches out to it and I realize it’s probable that I would still be able to say the safe-word and it would be somewhat comprehensible. As I huff out a sigh through my nose I feel her hand under my hair seeking out the collar around my neck. She pulls it tighter and re-clasps it. I pull a sharp breath through my nose, testing out the snugness. The breath is jagged and the band moves with my throat as I swallow and suck in more air.

Her heels click as she steps back from me. She spreads her legs wide so she’s slightly to one side of me. Her arousal fills my senses. I inhale her musk deeply and my tongue licks at the ball as if I can taste her from here. Her lips glisten and I can feel myself getting wet. I grind my pussy onto my heel for relief and the whip cracks out, lashing a deep purple welt across my hip. My adrenaline is pumping and all I can muster is a weak whimper. My eyes sting and I close them tightly, panting against the constricting neckband thats tight as a python. I calm myself and open my eyes just in time to see the whip snap at my ribs. I double over at the excruciating pain and her hands are instantly in my hair jerking me upright. Fingers caress my cheek before slapping me again.

My eyes water and I look up at her retreating backside. Sienna turns sharp as a succubus and snaps out the scourge. The tail ends on my chest above my breast and I scream out. The ball muffles the noise but the air still holds the ringing. Tears have spilled over my eyes and I look into Sienna’s face. Her ice-blue eyes are tight and controlled. I can tell she’s fighting her emotions behind the mask. I nod my head once and keep it bowed, subservient.

She strips out three more welts on my anterior side, one across my thigh and two across my stomach. My breath is hitched and my entire body is shaking. The tears are pouring out of my eyes. She walks over to me and holds my chin tight between her slim fingers. Her tongue licks at a tear clinging to my jaw and follows the track up to my eye. She kisses my eyelid and does the same to the other side. She lets go of me and draws her fingers down my neck towards the bleeding welt on my chest. She draws up a drop of the dripping blood and puts her finger between her lips, sucking it clean.

Drawing herself up, she bends her knee over my shoulder and twines her fingers into my hair with one hand and takes the gag off with the other. She throws it to the bed and pushes my face towards her dripping cunt. Without a moments hesitation I bury my face in her snatch. I eagerly lick at her, cleaning the juices off her lips and clit before plunging my tongue in her warm velvet hole. I push my nose into her clit and throw my entire face in the effort to make her come. I suck her lips into my mouth and bite down softly while rolling my tongue over the soft skin. I let go and repeat the bite torture on her clitoris. Her body rocks against my face and I go back to fucking her with my tongue.

Her aroma is intoxicating and my head is spinning by the time she wails and thrusts her thighs together, trapping my head, and shaking out her orgasm over my face. Her cum drips off my chin onto my breasts as I try to lap up and swallow as much as I can. I lick over her thighs cleaning up what escaped my mouth. She allows my tongue a few swipes before she pushes my head back and unhooks her leg from my shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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