Beltane Memories

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I am old now and this shitty nursing home bed will be the last I know in this world. I have multiple medical maladies and mobility problems. I even need help to go to the bathroom. There is no dignity left for me, so I escape into memories of days gone by. Fortunately, my mind is mostly clear and I can work this computer enough to tell a few of my stories. I spend lots of time remembering, and typing at the keyboard. There isn’t much else to do when you are imprisoned in your own body and simply waiting for your turn to die. Death will be welcome for me and I’ll greet him like an old friend. I’m approaching my 93rd birthday and have seen him around a few times. He has taken many of both my friends and my family while I have been awaiting my turn. I hope it’s soon, but not before I finish this one last story. Please forgive me if I don’t quite meet contemporary literary standards. My mind jumps around a bit and sometimes it shows in my writing. I apologize for that, but hope you will keep reading anyway.

It was the spring of my 59th year and my fourth year as a Pagan. Although I lived in a small rural community in the bible belt, I had managed to find some others who shared my faith. We founded a coven, but we never quite got around to giving it a name. We were more concerned with keeping our secret. In the craft, this is known as remaining in the broom closet. It was a matter of survival for us and we kept our spirituality a closely guarded secret. I will refer to each of us by fictitious magickal names to protect the coven and the families of those involved.

The coven was small. There were only 4 members. There was Raven, Windsong, Starlight and myself. I am Winterwolf. Not a single one of my coven members would I have kicked out of bed for eating crackers. Not that I expected to bed any of them as that wasn’t what our purpose was. To put it into Christian terms, we were our own church, but you’ll see that we became much more. Let me describe how we looked in those days. I’ll try to use the present tense from here as I sink into the memory like it was yesterday

Raven is 8 years my junior in age. She stands 6 feet tall and is probably 180 pounds. She has long shapely legs and a nicely shaped, broad ass that that sway’s when she walks and is good enough to die for. Add in her tits which I guess at a large C or maybe a D cup and Raven is quite good looking. She wears her silky brunette hair slightly longer than shoulder length and it frames her face and her cute little impish smile in a way that would make any man want to fuck the shit out of her. She had remained celibate for five years because of some experience in her past, but I never asked for details. She could have had any man she wanted or any woman too for that matter. Raven was the High Priestess of our coven.

Windsong is a year my senior in age. She is similar to Raven in appearance but is a couple of inches shorter with blonde hair that she usually wears up and slightly smaller tits than Raven’s. Windsong dresses in a way that usually hides her assets and makes her appear to be just an average woman. She prefers not to turn heads as she walks down the street. What a deception that is. Windsong is simply hot!

Starlight is 4 years younger than me and is a bit different from the rest of us. Standing at five foot eight and weighing in close to 250, she never leaves the house unless she is dressed to the nines and her makeup is absolutely perfect. As you would expect on a big girl, she has massive tits. She does her best to hide her figure with her outfits. She nearly always succeeds and presents a striking picture when she is in public. On the few occasions that her clothes don’t flatter the eye, Starlight uses her fabulous personality to make both men and women see that she is a person they want to be near. Of all the members, it was she who most impressed me upon our first meeting.

Both Windsong and Starlight are single and apparently have been for a while. I don’t know either of them as well as I do Raven and don’t feel like it would be appropriate for me to ask for details. It’s Raven’s pants that I’m trying to get into after all and I don’t want to send the wrong signals.

Then there is me. I am the coven’s High Priest-coequal to the High Priestess theoretically, but in our coven all members are considered coequal anyway. At six feet tall I weigh in at about 130 pounds. If I even look at a salad I lose five pounds. I have a full head of brown hair and most of my own teeth. That is a plus at my age, I’m told. I have a six inch cock and it works well without any help from those little pills that so many men need at my age.

Fortunately, although the goddess didn’t bless me with over-sized equipment, she provided me opportunities to learn the best way to use what I have. A career that took me to many overseas locations and gave me plenty of spending money allowed me to explore aspects of my sexuality that I would never have had the guts to ask a girlfriend to try. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Paying for sex isn’t all bad, I guess. As I began to move out of my twenties, I explored marriage. Having failed three times at that game, I gave up. But I had gained lots of experience and I melded the loving sex of marriage with the selfish sex that comes when you buy it to become the lover I now could be-if I only had a partner. I was as horny as they come and only the restraint that comes with age kept me from making a complete fool of myself.

I met Raven at a Pagan Pride Day celebration in the city 150 miles from my town. It was the closest place to commune with other Pagans for me. I was amazed that we actually lived in the same town and we began hanging out together when she could make time. Raven ran a successful business as a financial counselor and worked usually 14 hours a day. I eventually convinced her to take a day off every other week. We became good friends, but I wanted more. I had the hots for this gorgeous woman, but I was stuck in lovers hell-squarely in the friend zone. Even with reality staring me in the face, Raven took center stage in my daily jack off sessions. (Yes daily and sometimes twice.)

Raven had met some people through her work and knew of a couple other Pagans in town. Yep, Windsong and Starlight. She introduced us. Windsong was a nurse so she made good enough money to live comfortably while not getting rich, but Raven was trying to change that for her. Starlight struggled in a retail job and barely made ends meet.

I had retired early from an engineering firm in the city. I moved to my small town to be with a girl I liked. It worked for a few years, then the relationship tanked. I had bought a 3000 square foot home for me, her and her two no good sons to live in. Now the house was occupied by myself and my two cats. There was lots of extra room. I made one large room into a dedicated spiritual worship room. We would hold coven meetings there and perform rituals to give thanks and ask for blessings from the Goddess and the God. Sometimes we would do personal magick.

The coven always met within a day (night) of the full moon and we held special rituals on each of the eight Sabbats. This story is about our first Beltane ritual. Raven, Windsong and I had been worshiping together since August and Starlight joined our group for the December festivities as we celebrated Yule on the 21st. It was now the second of May and we were together for the celebration of Beltane. It was the final of three fertility rituals in the spring.

Our Beltane ritual was to be a landmark for our small coven. After much thought, talk and more thought, we had all agreed to hold our first ever skyclad ritual. Skyclad is the term we use to mean that we would all be clad as in the sky, or naked. There is controversy in the craft about skyclad or not skyclad. We decided that skyclad would symbolize our freedom from the rules of modern society and it would put no barriers between ourselves and the energies of the Goddess and the God. With some anxiety, we all agreed. While three of us had practiced skyclad in solitary rituals, none of us had done so in front of others. The bylaws of our coven required the agreement of all members before any ritual was performed or the structure was changed.

Raven arrived early that day ringing my doorbell at about 3:30 in the afternoon. She helped me make final preparations. We prepared the evening meal for the coven and set up the altar with decorations for the ritual. We discussed the mechanics of the ritual and the magick the coven would perform that night as we waited for the other two witches to show up.

Windsong and Starlight were greeted with hugs and chaste kisses all around when they arrived within 5 minutes of each other at 5 P.M. We all sat down and had supper together. The mood was happy yet there was a certain undertone of anxiety running through us. We all knew why. We were going to be Skyclad.

After supper, Raven announced that it was time to prepare for the ritual. Stress levels went up significantly around the room. The moment of truth was almost upon us. We always entered the circle in “Perfect love and perfect trust” but we’d be showing our bodies to everyone else this night. All of our bodies. Complete with all of our perceived flaws and maybe one or two real ones.

This was more scary than talking about it. Now we had to actually do it like we had said we would. I wondered what would go through the three women’s minds when they saw my cock and balls. When they saw that my chest was nothing spectacular and that I don’t have anything close to a six-pack. How would they react when my cock got hard? Surely it would just from being naked in the same room as three naked women. Would they judge me? How could they not? Would they judge me harshly? Would they giggle? That would be the worst.

I imagine that the women had similar worries about their own bodies. I’ve heard güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri it said that the harshest judge of a woman’s body is another woman. They would each have two other women seeing their nakedness.

Of us all, Starlight seemed the least concerned. Maybe she just hid it better than the others. I think though that she had already come to terms with her body and really didn’t give a fuck about having the approval or not of others. In that way I think she was more of a woman than any other I’ve known.

Raven grabbed her overnight bag and went off to the master bathroom where she took a ritual cleansing bath. I chatted while one at a time, Windsong and Starlight went to the second bedroom and emerged wearing bathrobes. They each had taken their ritual cleansing bath at home. Raven appeared in her bathrobe looking radiant through the worry and exuding confidence. I knew it was an act, but she was convincing enough.

I excused myself and went to take my own ritual cleansing bath where Raven had been a few minutes ago. The room smelled of the sacred herbs but I could still make out her distinctive scent and I immediately got hard. This was incredibly bad and I got a sinking feeling. If simply her scent made me hard, how would I avoid an embarrassing erection during the ritual when I could see her naked body too. Not to mention that there would be two other naked women there and I hadn’t been with a woman in almost four years. I was doomed! Not only would I suffer an erection which I couldn’t even touch, but they’d see me leaking precum too. I was in trouble.

I grabbed my cock and stroked it, but I knew it was no use. If I came now I’d just get another hard on during the ritual. I don’t recover as fast as I did a decade ago, but there will be plenty of visual and olfactory stimulation in front of me. There was no getting around it. My choice was to either go forward or to back out and be the wimp of the group.

Being the wimp wasn’t an option for the High Priest. As one of the leaders of the coven, it was my responsibility and my sacred duty to not be a wimp under any circumstances. The decision had been made by all of us weeks ago and I had to honor my word. I proceeded to do my ritual cleansing bath.

When I put on my robe and walked back to the dining room, the witches were all chatting and trying to look comfortable in their bath robes. For once, I was thankful for fear and anxiety. They had made my cock deflate-for now anyway. The women were all keeping their bath robes tightly closed. It was just a small sign that they had anxiety too.

Now it was time to go to the ritual room. As a group, we entered. The smudging station was just inside the door. One at a time we looked at each other. Everybody was thinking the same thing. Goddess! Don’t make me be the first to show it all.

I declared that we should smudge each other with the bathrobes in place. I said that the robes would then be taken with us into our sacred space and could be put back on as soon as the ritual was finished so nobody had to get too cold. This was greeted with nods and relieved looks on all three of the women’s faces.

The smudging went forward as though we had been wearing our usual ritual clothing. We went to stand near the altar. The altar had been fashioned from a pair of old end tables with a piece of plywood bridging the gap between them. The altar cloth was black fabric and all the ritual tools were set out on it. Now was the moment we all wanted and dreaded at the same time.

Of course there was a short discussion as to who would drop the bath robe first. Our High Priestess decided that everyone should do it at once and nobody would be “first.” This met with smiles and Raven counted down from three. Then all robes dropped at once.

There was an awkward moment as all eyes darted from person to person taking in a glimpse while trying not to be obvious that they were looking. I had expected this as I’m sure the others were expecting too. What shocked and worried me was that my dick went from limp to rock hard before my bath robe finished hitting the floor, but I was also busy checking out the naked bodies in front of me..

When a woman gets excited, her pussy gets wet and her nipples get hard. These things are noticeable if one is looking for the signs. When a guy gets excited, the visual clues would be obvious to even a person who is nearly blind. There is no way that three witches didn’t take in the sight of my cock standing at attention because of them. I did notice some hard nipples in return though.

Raven had smallish nipples on her big tits. They barely stood out from the silver dollar sized areolas. Her pussy was shaved completely bald. Windsong’s nipples stood out like pencil erasers and she had areolas small enough as to almost go unnoticed. She hah trimmed, but kept nearly a full jungle down below. Then I saw Starlight’s tits. Those huge monsters hung nearly to her belly button! güvenilir bahis şirketleri Her nipples were at least a half inch long and just begged to be sucked on. She had the largest areolas I’ve seen in my life. I looked at her roll of belly fat which hung down and drew your eye toward her pussy. She had used a razor to sculpt a crescent moon just above her slit. I didn’t think it was possible, but seeing that, I got harder.

Windsong broke the awkwardness. “Let’s get started.” She said and turned toward the East watchtower. Goddess! That woman had an ass! I had thought that Raven’s ass was fine, but WOW! A fraction of a second later, the rest of us began moving and I had no more time to admire asses for the moment as we began the ritual.

Raven cast the circle three times around and we each took a cardinal direction when calling the quarters to seal the circle. This gave me time to get a look at three beautifully fuckable asses. Of the three, I’d have to say that Starlight’s ass was the most enticing and I had to work to remember my lines and not miss my cue. It was all I could do not to drool at the sights in front of me. My cock remained harder than I remembered it ever being and I have no doubt that all three women took a good look at it as well. By now, I didn’t give a shit.

Now came my turn again as it was time to invite the God and The Goddess to our sacred circle. I spoke my invocation and lit the God candle. Raven, as High Priestess, had the honor of invoking the Goddess. In doing so, our hips touched. The feeling was absolutely electric! I wanted to grab her and fuck the shit out of her right then and there with an audience. With a supreme effort, I managed to restrain myself.

Next came the giving of thanks. We each spoke our thanks to the Goddess and the God. This was followed by our requests for blessings. We wrote out our requests on paper and one at a time, we lit them from the candle on the altar and dropped them into the cauldron. The smoke from the burning wishes carried the requests to the gods.

Then, Starlight broke our usual ritual format and told us of her request. She spoke up and touched all of our hearts by saying what we all were feeling . “My request was for a lover,” she said with tears filling her eyes. “I know I’m fat and ugly but I deserve love as much as anyone. I want a man who will see past my physical looks and just love me for me.”

We were all standing close to each other around the cauldron and I did something that surprised everyone. I reached out and grabbed the big beautiful Starlight and pulled her into a hug. My still rock hard cock crushed into her belly as she half stumbled to keep her balance and I enjoyed feeling her tits against my naked skin. I kissed her neck and in a whisper I said: “You are not ugly. You have my love now and as long as you want it. Any man who can’t see the person you are doesn’t deserve such a beautiful witch anyway.”

With that, Starlight broke into unrestrained tears. I held her while she sobbed and when she began to calm down, I told her loudly enough that everyone could hear: You know you have the nicest ass in the room, don’t you?” (And I meant it.) Then Starlight began to laugh. It wasn’t a giggle or a polite laugh. This was total unbridled laughter. The other ladies had been completely silent, but now they joined the hug and we all laughed till we cried. Starlight’s laughter was infectious.

The laughter died after a minute or two and nobody said or did anything. My hard cock was still pressed against Starlight’s belly. We just held each other silently. Neither of us wanted to let go. This time it was Starlight who finally broke the silence. “Come on” she said, It’s time for the great rite.” I gave her a final squeeze before letting go and I think a couple of people got groped as the group hug broke up.

When we organized into a coven, we had decided that each Beltane we would perform a symbolic great rite. The great rite symbolizes the union of the Goddess and the God. It is a very moving and powerful ceremony. In a symbolic great rite, the ritual knife is inserted into the chalice symbolically representing the physical/sexual union of the Goddess with the God to continue the cycle of life.

The High Priestess held the chalice which represents the female. The High Priest (me) held the Athame. (ritual knife) representing the male. Just before I was to plunge the athame into the chalice, Windsong yelled “STOP!”

We all turned to look at her. Then she said: “I think we should do an actual great rite this time since it’s our first as a coven.” Not waiting for reaction, she turned to me and said: “Choose!” Then she reached out and grabbed me by the cock. “Which one of us will feel this lovely cock in her pussy tonight?” she asked. “You are our God. Which one of us will be your Goddess for the night?”

Three gorgeous witches looked at my face and my cock. I’m not sure who looked at which first. “ALL of you,”I said. “I can’t choose just one. It’s all or none.” (I still can’t believe I said “…or none.”) You could have heard a pin drop, and then Starlight looked me in the eye and said: “So, you think you’re man enough for all three of us? We’ll see about that. I’m gonna fuck you senseless!” And she proceeded to do just that.

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