Best Friends Ch. 3

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Catlyn did a surprise visit. As I sat at my computer reading erotic stories and stroking my cock. She came to my back door which has a perfect view into the computer room. The light was not on the porch but the light was on over the desk I sat 8 ft from the window. If I looked out the window all I could see was reflection.

So I went about my business. I was reading a story about a woman confined to a wheelchair her sister and the author of the story. It was a real turn-on. I was reading and trying to stroke my cock at the same time.

The story and my hand had my cock incredibly hard!! When home alone I rarely wear clothes this night I had on a robe which was open. I was gently stroking myself and playing with my balls staying with the story I wanted to make myself come with the character’s in the story.

As I built I slid my ass of the chair so I could play with my ass-hole as I pounded my cock. Catlyn taught me how good that felt. The story and I ended at the same time. My finger almanbahis giriş up my ass and pounding furiously on my dick Cum shooting all over my chest. The final drops oozed out of my cock, I heard a pounding on the window. And her face pushed against the glass, gave my heart a jump it didn’t need after the great fist fuck I had just given myself.

She let herself in and was quite flushed. I asked her how long she had been outside? She answered long enough to have watched me and brought herself to a very comfortable cum!! Now she would like to clean me up if I didn’t mind. She was moving to her knees as she asked so I don’t think a no would have worked. She licked my nipples first and than worked her way to the first puddle. She sucked the sperm and moved to the next. There was more the lower she went, she licked and sucked her way to where my receding cock left the most semen. She placed her mouth over it and pushed her head onto my stomach and rolled her face into the goo. almanbahis

Watching her slow decent made my cock hard again. She was dreamy eyed her breathing never slowed I think she had been having those mini climaxes since she walked in. She tore her shirt off and rubbed her tits on my belly cock and balls. She reached up and grabbed her nipples and pressed my cum into them. She lowered her hand to her crotch, while the other played with my prick and her nipples at the same time. Rubbing my cum into her tits and her face and into me.

She was absolutely on fire – she was almost frenzied. What an incredibly sexy woman she is when she is able to be herself. She can do that with me. Friends are what we are and friends don’t judge each other. She reached for my hand and sucked each finger in turn when she got to the one I had in my ass she deep throated it with a twist of her head!! It was at this point I almost lost my composure and wanted to throw her down and fuck her. almanbahis giriş I new if I did that it would mess up our relationship with one another. I asked for her to lay down on the floor stomach down.

I kissed her on the bottom of her feet and used my tongue to slide my way up her body spending time on each leg to her ass. I left a lot of spit between her cheeks as I kissed my way to her neck. Licking and kissing her neck and ears, I slid my cock between her ass cheeks. I slid my cock back and forth up and down, she clenched down on my dick flexing her butt to my strokes. I let my mind go and the lust took over!!!

She still had one hand on her pussy and we worked with each other in harmony bringing pleasure to each other. I held myself on my elbows while holding her tits and pinching her nipples, kissing her neck and sliding my dick in between her cheeks. We worked toward what would turn out to be on of the most intense and scary mutual climax’s of my life. We came together with a scream from her and a growl from me. I collapsed on top of her. When I rolled off we looked at one another. We new how close we had come to fucking and it scared us both.

I smiled at her and simply said but we didn’t and she knew what I meant. Still Friends!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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