Best Friend’s Girl

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His glistening blue eyes scorched into mine, and for a moment I was motionless and unable to speak as a flood of emotions swept through me. So many years had passed since I last saw him, yet the sexual fog which surrounded us both was thicker than it had ever been.

He had taken the best of care of himself over the years, his body showed it. A firm tan forearm bulged out of the bottom of his short sleeve shirt and a couple of undone buttons gave me a peak at his sexy broad chest as he moved closer.

“How have you been?” he asked carelessly.

“Good, good and you?” I shot back steadily.

“Hanging in their,” he replied as his eyes moved over my body. He made no attempt to hide his obvious flirtation, as was typical of David. There is no denying the burning lust I have for him, but our spotty past makes it difficult to imagine we could ever be anything together.

Years earlier I had dated a friend of Dave’s, Zack, and the circumstances surrounding Zack’s mysterious death would always cast doubt on Dave’s innocence. Dave was the only other person in the car during the violent wreck that stole Zack from me. Dave survived virtually unscaived. There were many rumors that Dave had somehow forced Zack off the road. Maybe they had been fighting….they had been drinking. I didn’t believe they had fought because they Never did. Still…Knowing there could have been even the slightest chance of wrong doing on Dave’s part made me fear him. So now, standing before him with my heart racing, my knees shaking, and my breathing short and erratic I asked myself. ‘What was it I felt the most? Fear? Lust? Remorse? Or something else.

Before I could even comprehend what was happening Dave’s casino siteleri firm sweaty palm was wrapped around my hand and he was leading me toward the door. “I need to talk to you,” he spoke softly. Like an obedient puppy on a leash I followed him through the door and out into the parking lot. I stood with my back up against an old pickup truck as he touched my face and ran his rough fingers through my long brown hair.

“I’ve missed you, I think about you all the time.” He said with a devious smile. His eyes seemed to be searching my face for some kind of answer or response. I wanted to reach out and touch him. CAREFUL! I warned myself. The next move would be mine and the next few seconds would change everything. My mind raced through a few scenarios very quickly. One with me fucking his brains out, the other with me politely saying ‘Nice to see you again,’ and jumping in my car and rushing home. But this choice would not be one made with my head, but with something else.

He moved closer and with one hand on the back of my head he gently nudged my lips towards his. A rush of excitement flooded me and I kissed him back. I purposely pressed my heaving breasts up against his chest as our tongues swirled around each others in a seductive dance. His body pressed me firmly against his dirty truck and I could feel his manhood growing up against my fury mound. “I want you,” he whispered in a short, panting breath. Then he quickly pulled away from me.

“Get in,” he insisted. The rusty hinge creaked as he flung open the door for me, and I jumped inside.

He drove, and neither one of us spoke a word as we headed down a gravel driveway, towards an old farm house. I felt like I was canlı casino walking in a cloud or a fog of some sort. The creak of the door hinge seemed to help bring back to earth as I jumped out of the truck. ‘What was I doing, why had I come here, I pondered for only a moment. Those questions were without merit I knew the answer to both before I got in the truck, and now I was trying to trick myself. Dave moved quickly towards me as he came around the truck like a man on a mission. His eyes were fixed on mine and he never blinked or turned away not even for a second. I tried to speak. “Dave, Dave, I…..” My voice was muffled as his warm lips covered my mouth.

He practically drug me toward the back of the truck where he snatched an old blanket from the bed and hurled it to the ground. I was so torn by my own imitations I almost began to cry. Dave and Zack were such close friends, it was impossible for me to be with Dave without Zack’s memory haunting me. “Come on,” he pleaded in a soft voice, as he pulled me to the ground.

He was instantly on top of me grinding his hard, bulging crotch into mine. His lips were so hot, I felt I would be forever tattooed by them. He planted several kisses down my neck, and at the same time, with great expertise, he slipped one hand in between us and up under my blouse. My body responded to him as if it was no longer under my control. My hips moved in sequence with his raising up to meet his hard pelvic grinds, and my nipples hardened under the touch of his rough fingers. He rolled to one side and I began unbuttoning his shirt as he frantically yanked down my zipper and tugged at my jeans. I sat up and pulled my shirt up over my head. I pulled my jeans kaçak casino down over my ankles and laid back with my legs open. Ready, and waiting I had never felt so vulnerable or so naked.

He gently positioned his large, but firm body between my thighs. Then propped up on one arm, his hand slowly began to guide his large erection inside of me. I gazed deep into his blue eyes and gasped as he buried himself deep inside of me. I felt so full of him; but my juices welcomed him, and let him slip in and out of me without resistance.

“Oh God, oh God that feels so good,” I heard myself say in a pant. He kissed me hard with an urgency and our bodies moved in perfect harmony in sync with each other. It felt so good, and so right! I began to relax and let the burning inside of me take over. I began a climax and each thrust pushed my one step closer to orgasm. My hands cupped his firm but cheeks and pulled him into me with each thrust. I tried to take control his timing to help me achieve the ultimate release. The smell of him was overwhelmingly pungent. “Ahhh, ahh, ahhhh!!!” I let out a deep groan as an orgasm came over me that shook me to my very soul. My climax was still subsiding when Dave’s thrusts became so hard and fast, I thought I would never recover from them! Then with a deep grunt I felt his hot explosion ripple through my vaginal tunnel and singe my inner walls. He continued to fuck me with slower and slower thrusts, until he collapsed on top of me, spent, and exhausted.

“I’ve always loved you, you know that,” he whispered, as his nose nestled up against my ear. “That’s why I had to do it. You know, take care of Zack I mean.” The fear and horror shot through me. A moment ago I was drunk, but now I was very sober. The rumors were true. I had been suspicious but I never really believed it, anyway you can’t change the past. So Dave and I will go on together, and I will be sure to not flirt with any of his friends.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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