Best Friend’s Mom Ch. 01

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August 8th 1991

It was stifling in the bedroom with the windows closed, the door tightly shut and the two bodies giving off a sexually aroused sweat. Tom sat on the left and his best friend Jamie on the right, both their naked backs leaned against Jamie’s bedstead and their legs splayed out in front of them, jeans and underwear shoved down to their ankles. Between them sat a magazine its pages opened. Splashed in printers ink across the pages a naked woman sprawled, small cropped shots dotted around on one page on the second page just a single shot of the blonde woman, breasts cupped in her hands one leg raised and her dark bush revealing puffy lips beneath.

Tom held his cock tightly and worked it for all he could, his foreskin pulled back and his angry purple tip glistened in pre-cum. Jamie was the same, his own thicker cock gripped in one hand working away faster and harder than Tom was, his eyes darting over the images in the magazine. They had been masturbating side by side for the last hour or so, paging through the magazine talking about the models or reading excerpts from letters people had sent in. During this time they had sat and worked their cocks slowly, keeping themselves hard and worked up ready for the main event.

Once they had paged through the magazine, they had agreed on who was going to receive their gifts. Tom had been a little saddened by the fact that the photographs of reader’s wives was not going to get their attention this time but could not fault the model they had agreed on. Their talk had started off smutty enough. Who was going to stick what where, how the model would moan and beg for their cocks. Now though, they had both fallen silent as they reached their climaxes. Jamie’s breathing became faster, short gasps of air as his hand became a blur of motion. His free hand reached to one side grabbing at a bunch of tissues. Jamie managed to clamp them over his cock head as he let out a moan, his cock jittered as it exploded into the tissues. Jamie worked his cock slower, squeezing the last of his orgasm out.

Tom followed quickly after that, he tried to get his own tissues but had gotten so lost in his fantasy that by the time his free hand had found the wad of paper his own cock had started to erupt, splashing warm cum across his belly and chest. Jamie laughed as Tom swore dabbing at his stomach with the tissues. “Nice going Tom.” Jamie said.

“Fuck!” Tom exclaimed breathlessly as the tissue smeared his cooling cum across his belly and started to leave traces of tissue stuck there too. “I need to go to the bathroom.” “Sure, just be careful though, my mom’s about don’t forget.” Jamie said absently admiring his own deposit in his own tissues.

Tom had pulled up his underwear and held his jeans up as he walked on tip toes as if in broad daylight this little trick would save him from being heard. He reached the bathroom without alerting anyone, no surprise there. He pushed the door behind himself not really aiming to close it properly just enough to have a little privacy. “Damn it,” Tom hissed his fingers brushing over the brown tube that sat where the toilet paper would hang. A quick search revealed no replacement role, for a moment Tom held a hand towel close to his belly then thought better of it when his eyes landed on the wicker basket in the corner. Tom pulled the lid off and revealed a half basket full of dirty washing. He quickly reached in searching for something white. After a frantic few seconds, his eyes landed on an off white mass just below a couple of black t-shirts, he reached down and lifted the item free.

He had to smile, the soft satin feel beneath his fingertips made the item unmistakable. He had fantasised about Jamie’s sister Holly, since he had learnt the magic of masturbation. Tom had hidden in his bedroom a photograph he had stolen from a photo album Jamie had shown him only last year. The picture was of Holly, red hair tied back, sunglasses on lounging back on a sun bed in a two piece bikini. For three days he had cum to that photograph and nothing else until his cock felt sore when erect then he knew it was time to take a break.

Now he had something he had not thought about getting hold of, he had a pair of Holly’s knickers. His cock was already hard again even though he had shot a healthy load not more than five minutes ago, the excitement of having an item so intimate in his hands was more than his fevered mind could take. Tom unfurled the fabric, opening up the knickers. The white satin sides gave way to a delicate cotton floral design on the front. As the fabric unravelled he took in the sight of the knickers in full, he was surprised how big they were though for such a slim girl like Holly. Then it finally sunk in, these did not belong to Holly, these clearly were worn by a much older lady and a curvier one at that. Miranda was Holly and Jamie’s mother and these knickers were clearly hers.

The realisation of what he was holding, at first shocking had now become kocaeli escort that warm tingling feeling he got when he was worked up. Miranda, though clearly not Holly, was still an attractive lady and like Holly, Tom had a few fantasies about Miranda too just nowhere near as many and not in a long time. But that old thrill had suddenly returned. Part of him felt shameful, guilty almost at the thoughts he used to have the other part of him made his heart pump faster, made the butterflies in his stomach dance and more importantly made his cock stiffen even more with expectation.

He knew he should just put them back, or at least clean himself up quickly and get back, but he stood still, holding the knickers in his hands, his fingers running across the material. Here would be where Miranda’s backside would sit, his finger went lower down across the gusset and he knew here would be where the material would pull tight across her pussy. Tom licked his dry lips as one finger gentle stroked at the gusset. And would he smell her on them he wondered to himself. His hands were lifting the knickers to his face before the thought had fully formed.

The off white material was just inches from his face now, Tom lowered his head he caught the whiff of musty clothes the smell you got when washing had been sat in a basket for a few days, but also, he thought anyway he caught the whiff of an underlying smell, but he would have to bring them closer to be certain. The polite cough from behind stopped Tom cold, his breath catching in his throat and a cold sweat broke out across his body. He turned his whole body slowly, hoping that it would be Jamie stood there but deep down knowing the truth of who he would see standing there.

Miranda stood in the bathroom doorway, her red hair lightly curled and sitting on her shoulders her hands sitting on her hips. At forty nine Miranda could still turn heads when she wanted to, today though in her faded denim shirt that stretched at her ample bosom and dirty jeans that she wore when cleaning the house was not the usual get up that had men turning their heads. “It’s always nice to see you Tom, though in our current circumstance I doubt it’s nice for you to see me.” Her voice slightly husky from years of smoking seemed tinged with supressed anger that Tom almost cowered from when she spoke.

Tom opened his mouth to speak but no words came out, he stood facing Miranda now, her eyes looking him up and down. Tom could guess at what she saw and would probably be thinking. An eighteen year old lad in her bathroom, jeans undone an erection making a tent out of his underwear, on his belly smeared and drying pools of cum and finally a pair of her knickers clearly being sniffed. What could he possibly say? “It’s not what it looks like?” he wheezed out. He felt such a fool, if there had only been toilet roll to hand he would have been in and out quickly, perhaps returning to find Jamie firing up another one of his magazines for them to enjoy.

Miranda cocked her head to one side, eyebrows furrowing. “I didn’t take you for the one of the panty crowd Tom that does surprise me.”

Tom shook his head, “No, no you don’t understand there was no toilet roll,” one hand pointed off to his right but Miranda kept her eyes locked on him, “so I thought maybe a towel but then I saw the basket and then found these. I was just going to clean up…”he stopped himself there, catching his breath as his free hand ran across his belly, feeling his cold sticky cum there.

“I think maybe I need to talk to your mother.”

“No!” Tom exclaimed taking a step forward, “You can’t do that, I’m off to uni’ at the end of the month this would just kill her.” Miranda’s eyes softened her hands fell from her hips and she bit her full lower lip, “I really am sorry, I don’t know what else to say or do that can make this right.”

“Keep the noise down, Jamie is in the other room and we do not want to add anymore hassle here.” Miranda stepped forward pushing the door closed behind her, the latch catching. “Okay Tom there is one way out of this situation and you might not like it, but that’s punishment for you though.” Tom nodded his head dumbly, he wanted out of the bathroom and out of this house, the end of the month could not come quickly enough right about now. “Put them on,” Miranda motioned towards the knickers that hung loosely from Tom’s hand. Tom looked down then back up at Miranda, “You heard me, put on my dirty knickers.”

Tom hesitantly pushed his jeans down and on shaky legs stepped into the knickers. “Tom please don’t be so stupid. Take off your own pants first.” Tom hesitated at this only now did it dawn on him that through the pounding of his heart and all the stress his cock was still rigid and straining to be let free. He took hold of his pants and froze “Now Tom or else things will go from bad to worse the moment your mother comes home.” Tom pulled his pants down. He heard Miranda’s breath catch as he straightened up, his darıca escort cock on full display. His foreskin was drawn back and his cock head was marked with the signs of dried cum, his shaft twitched with expectation. “Now put my knickers on,” Miranda’s voice had lost some of its frosty command. Tom finished off the job grabbing her panties and pulling them up. He bit his own lip, feeling the cotton flower design press against his aching shaft and for a moment he thought he would shoot there and then making matters far worse for himself. His brain though terrified whispered filth to him, how his cock was so close to where Miranda’s own filthy pussy had been not so long ago. It took everything in Tom’s power to stifle the scream in his throat and calm his hands that opened and closed on thin air.

Miranda stepped closer, now a mere foot away from Tom. Tom felt scared but now exhilaration coursed through his very being over riding the fear. This close he could smell bleach and detergent emanating from Miranda and he thought it was the best smell in the world and try as he might his eyes went low taking in her full chest. His eyes lingered on one straining button, barely held in place beneath it a gap before the next button and there in that tiny gap he could see a flash of a red bra he took all this in in a few fleeting seconds. “What time is your mom home?” Miranda asked.

Tom struggled to think straight, “Four I think.”

Miranda nodded and remained silent for what felt like hours to Tom before she finally spoke again the hard frosty edge returning to her voice. “Okay this is what is going to happen Tom. You will keep them on for the next two hours, when your mom comes home I am going to pop in to see her for a friendly little chit chat. While there I am going to come and see you and if you are not wearing those knickers still…” she paused for a moment, one eyebrow rising, “I am going to let your mother know what you and Jamie get up to and not only that make sure she knows how I found you sniffing my dirty knickers in the bathroom while you wanked off.” Tom’s mouth fell open, he was stunned that Miranda knew what he and Jamie got up to and also he was in no doubt that Miranda would tell his mom everything. Miranda leaned forward her mouth inches from Tom’s, her blue eyes stared coldly into his hazel eyes. “Now make up an excuse and get out of my house.”

The next two hours dragged for Tom. He had made a hurried excuse to Jamie about a dentist appointment as he grabbed his t-shirt and left as quickly as he could. He had then spent the next two hours partly in blind panic one moment then the next in sheer sexual ecstasy. His cock pushed at the flimsy material of Miranda’s knickers begging to be stroked with the material before the vision of her deadly blue eyes and threatening words made it wilt back. The sound of keys in the front door, startled Tom, even though the last two hours had dragged out it suddenly felt as if they had gone by in five minutes. He walked downstairs from his bedroom and greeted his mother as cheerfully as possible as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened or was currently on under his jeans. “What did you get up to today?” she asked, removing her coat and hanging it up.

Tom shrugged “Not much just hanged out with Jamie for a few hours.”

Sarah sighed, “Why do you still hang out with that lad, all he does is drink and collect his benefits. You are off to university next month. You should be getting ready for that not wasting time with him.” It was amazing how his mom had cooled so suddenly to Jamie. The moment Jamie had failed his ‘A’ levels and Tom had aced his, Sarah seemed to have decided that the friendship should die with dignity there. Instead it continued much to her dismay.

As usual Tom brushed over the subject quickly, his mom could bitch with the best of them but today he just could not handle it. The doorbell rang and Tom almost jumped out of his skin. Sarah looked at her son with some concern noticing how pale he suddenly seemed. “You look a bit peaky, are you coming down with something?” she asked moving past him and back up the hallway to the front door.

“Yes, probably I think I might just go lie down for a bit.” Tom walked hurriedly to the stairs and got one foot on the first step when his mom opened the front door.

“Miranda, how are you doing?” Sarah asked. Tom paused on the step he could hear the two women hug and kiss each other on the cheek, “Let me guess you have more juicy gossip from number eight.”

“Oh Sarah, I have so much juicy gossip.” Miranda said as she stepped into the house, Sarah closing the front door behind her, “Hello Tom, I must have missed you at ours today, Jamie said you’d been around,” Tom gave his best winning smile, his eyes flicking to his mother who shook her head and rolled her own eyes at the confirmation that her gifted son had been hanging out with Miranda’s useless offspring. “You look a bit pale, everything gölcük escort okay?” She asked and winked at Tom. Tom nodded and repeated the line possibly coming down with something and that he was off for a lie down to see if that would help. He lay on his bed, small snippets of conversation drifting up from the kitchen mixed with shotgun blasts of high pitched laughing. Tom’s cock had once again gone erect, the movement of lying down and the sensation of the fabric across his now super sensitive cock head had worked together in giving him an erection that pulled the knickers taught over its length. He closed his eyes and tried to wish it away, though part of him wished it to remain.

He flicked his head to the right listening to heavy footsteps coming up the stairs, Miranda for certain being of a curvier frame than Sarah’s thin gaunt one. The footsteps slowly quietened and he heard the bathroom door open and then shut firmly. It was a perhaps thirty seconds later that he felt rather than heard his own bedroom door open, the movement pushing the air before it forward and over Tom. He sat up turning his head and caught his breath seeing Miranda closing the door behind her gently.

Tom, his cock straining and pulling causing him to lurch, rather than jump up from his bed. “I do hope you have been a good boy Tom, I would hate to ruin your mother’s good mood.” Miranda’s voice came out mocking. Her hair freshly washed gave off the slight aroma of coconut and she had changed out of her house work clothes into a long, yellow summery dress with black buttons running from the low neckline to the hem of the dress. Miranda’s eyes worked over the straining bulge in his jeans, “Well only one way of finding out,” she lifted one hand and pointed her index finger down, “let me see.” Tom hesitated his own mother was only downstairs what would happen if she came up to check on him how would he or Miranda explain that away. Miranda coughed and pointed down again. Tom unbuckled his belt and snapped the buttons open on his jeans, his hands shook and his head felt light as he slid the jeans down. He straightened up, hands instinctively moving in front of his crouch. Miranda shook her head and he reluctantly moved his hands to his side. The side of the knickers barely touched his thighs as his cock shot skywards pulling the material with it.

Miranda’s eyes stared at her knickers and the bulge beneath a smile, small at first then growing across her face. “My oh my, I am a little surprised to see them still on. But seeing how excited it makes you having them on I can hardly blame you for not wanting to take them off.” She moved in closer, “Do you like having them on Tom?” she asked. Tom shook his head slowly unsure what the answer should be. “No need to lie, just tell me the truth. Do you like having them on?” Tom nodded. Miranda stepped closer, “Do they feel good on?” Tom nodded. “The feel of the fabric make you all excited?” Tom nodded. “How about knowing they are mine?” Tom hesitated then nodded. She reached down, her index finger resting on the bulging fabric where her knickers met his cock head.

Miranda lifted her finger and held it close to her mouth she winked at Tom and lowered it. “What do you and Jamie wank off to?” she asked bluntly. “I…well we…magazines.” Tom whispered in a shaky voice.

“What about when you are alone?” Miranda pulled at the buttons on the dress they gave way from the hem up to her waist, leaving her top half still covered. She let one side of the dress go while she raised her left leg and rested it on the bed. “What goes on in here, do you have the same magazines as Jamie?” “Different ones, we share or trade.” Tom stared at the pale thick leg that rested on his bed, he tried to look up but find his eyes following the length of leg to her ample thigh, the dress fell in just the right way that he could get no inkling of what lay beneath. “The way those knickers of mine got you all worked up in my bathroom shocked me at first, but when I thought about it some more I could not help but feel pleased that a part of me still thrills a young man.” Miranda ran one hand along her left leg from the knee to her inner thigh pulling aside the dress and revealing a dark maroon pair of knickers that her hand quickly ran over the front of before she cupped her sex and began to push down and rotate on her hand. “It also got me wondering, have you ever fantasised about me Tom?”

Tom stared with incomprehension at what he was seeing. He was excited and terrified all at the same time, it was a sight he had only ever fantasised about in the past and now it was real and in front of him in his own bedroom, the question hung in the air, “Yes, yes I have.” His voice was thin and high pitched.

Miranda’s breathing became heavier, her eyelids fluttered and she leaned her head back all the while her hand worked away between her legs. She moved her hand letting Tom see the damp patch that was forming. Tom’s own hand drifted to his straining cock, his fingertips brushing at it below the cotton panties the sensation almost making him loose control. He swallowed hard and gripped his rigid cock through the material, closing his eyes for a moment gaining some composure and praying that he did not shoot his load.

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