Bethany’s Retreat

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“Now boarding seating group two.”

Closing her book she gathered her things and made for the gate. Watching the faces around her, she could see the excitement displayed there. Couples. Whole families. Groups of friends; all anticipating the exotic adventure awaiting them. If someone in the crowd were to observe her, she thought to herself, how pathetically lethargic and disinterested she must seem. It’s the islands! Vacation of a lifetime! What could possibly make that woman act so emo upon her departure from the plane old mid-west?

A cheating, lying, thief of a bastard husband that’s what, she sighed to herself. She needed this vacation, needed it almost as bad as good fuck. But let’s be real here. No one would take her, not the way she looked. Haggard and worn down by a loveless marriage.

Her flight came in at night; depriving her of the beautiful sight of the island as they flew over it. Just as well. The time difference would have made her miss out on the whole first day from jet lag. Once settled into her hotel room Bethany quickly fell asleep, slipping off into the wonderful bliss of dreams.

Upon waking the next day she deiced to rent a car. She preferred to explore the island on her own, verses being confined to the hordes of fellow tourists and all the attractions laid out for them. With a back pack of supplies, she head out on the road in no particular direction and no concern for finding her way back. After all, how lost can you get on an island?

The drive was peaceful. She veered from the main highways and opted for the path un-trodden by her kind. Craving to find the local flavor. Around midday she came upon a quaint little town just off the road she was traveling, and stopped for some lunch. The waitress was a robust woman with all the charms of the island. Talking to Bethany as if they had known each other for years. When it came time for her to pay for the meal, the waitress remarked on Bethany’s obvious need for some soul recharging.

“Why don’t you go lay out in the sun, yo? It will do you some good. Here, I’ll fix you some food and drink to take with, ya.”

Seeing there was no arguing with the woman, Bethany accepted the food and directions, paid for her meal and set off to her prescribed activity.

The beach wasn’t hard to find from the waitress’ directions; but it certainly wasn’t along the beaten path. A dirt road wide enough for the passing of just one car lead up to a heavy tree and brush line. Seeing only two other cars and judging by their orientation, she assumed that parking was along that barrier, and the beach would be just beyond.

Having little modesty, and noting the lack of observers to begin with, Bethany casually striped from her cloths and started rummaging through her pack. She had brought along beach gear for just this reason. A light breeze rustled through the trees, and its caress against her nude body was intoxicating. It had been such a long time since she felt anything resembling sexy. She was surprised by her body’s reaction to the gentle kiss of the wind. Formless lips leaving no part of her untouched. With her pack in tow, she made her way towards the brush, and the beach beyond.

After a few minutes’ walk, she could hear the gentle push of the waves, the smell of salt on that caressing breeze, and the feel of dirt and twigs giving way to lush sand. When she finally emerged from the brush, she caught her breath. Never before had she seen such a sight. The beach was surprisingly long, over a three mile stretch at least. The clear teal tinted waves gently lapping at the sand. This was no beach for surfing, and it suited her needs just fine. Reclusive and beautiful.

A ways to her right stood a lone life guard shack, with guard resting easily on his ATV. She deduced it was used to patrol the beach, though she could hardly see why. Besides her and the guard, only one other occupant was present and he kept close to the life guard shack. She walked straight ahead of where she emerged and settled not far from the gentle surf break.

Time seemed to disappear as she lounged in the sun. Not exactly sleeping, and not thinking either. A long time since her mind had been quiet. The waitress was right. Bethany needed this. The breeze washed over her body in tune with the pull of the ocean. Constant and gentle, all encompassing caresses.

Not knowing how long she had been there she roused from her rest when she heard the sound of the ATV approaching. Feeling warm, she started making her way to the water for a cooling dip. As he approached the guard came to a stop and called out to her.

“Aloha. You picked a good day to come out, the water is perfect. My name is Kimo.”

She squinted over her shoulder at him, and smiled politely. He was everything a life guard should look like she supposed. A strong solid build; muscles defined in all the places useful to his profession. Tanned and yet his skin was anything but leathery. Soft full dark hair crowned his head, and she could tell he wasn’t the type to worry about brushing, let alone cutting it on a regular basis. He had a pleasant air about him, and casino oyna his smile was intoxicating. Turning full around, she retraced her steps slowly, stopping right in front of him with her hand out.

“I’m Bethany.”

He took her hand, not shaking it but to her surprise kissed the top, like she was some kind of Lady. Smiling that pleasurable smile of his the whole time, his eyes locked to hers. The subtle act sent shivers through to her toes.

“Flag me if you need anything. Enjoy your swim.”

And with that he continued on his patrol. Kimo knew she wasn’t a local the instant he saw her. For starters she was way too pale to have been on the island longer than a few days. Normally he disliked strangers finding their way onto his beach, but something was different about her. She was alone, and he found that extremely odd considering how attractive she was.

She didn’t wear a ring, but his keen eyes could see that one had been there for quite some time, and only recently was removed. Ah ha. That’s the story then; a divorcé escaping from her life back home. He always had a way of reading people, and he was rarely wrong.

Continuing on his rout along the beach he contemplated her further. There weren’t any hotels around for miles, so she must have found the place while exploring. He doubted he would see her again. Pity. Local girls were beautiful in their own right, but it wasn’t often he got to see a woman with milky skin like hers. Full breasts, yet slender shoulders, a long lean back trailing to a firm ass and dainty thighs. Legs that seemed to go on forever.

Her eyes are what struck him most. Ocean green, against a shock of luscious black hair. The woman was gorgeous, but it was clear she didn’t think so. He could see it in her body language. She wasn’t the modest type, yet she didn’t parade about either. He found it quite arousing. A woman completely comfortable in her own skin, just as it was.

Reaching the end of his rout he turned and headed back. He wouldn’t stop and talk with her again, no point in it. She wouldn’t be around here again. As he drew closer to her his heart started pumping blood fast and hard through his body.

She had emerged from the water and was toweling herself off. He could see her pink nipples hardened under her white bikini. A patch of color was fighting to be seen underneath her matching bottoms. And as he passed while she was bending over he could barely make out what the tattoo was just below.

It was a small bull’s eye! Just above the crevice that separated the bountiful sides of her well formed ass. Brilliant red against her milky skin. This woman was sexy in a way he had never encountered before, and it would be a long while before he could stand up again. His erection would be too obvious to hide in his loose swim trunks.

The hours passed and soon it was almost dusk. As if she knew the time, Bethany, gathered her things and made to leave. Just before she entered the tree line she shaded her eyes and looked for him. Seeing that he had been watching her, she waved and then left. He wondered for a brief moment if he would catch her changing back at her car. Knowing the type of woman she was though, he imagined she would ride back to the city in just her swim suit. Damp and cold, wetting the seat and keeping those pink nipples hard as ever.

Much to his surprise she returned the next day; earlier this time, just before noon. She settled in the same spot as the day before. He smiled to himself as he watched her. She turned and saw him there watching her, she didn’t seem to mind. She waved over at him, smiling herself he could see. So, he had made an impression on her, just as she had on him.

Bethany wouldn’t admit to herself that she had been flirting with Kimo. But her intentions were obvious over the past few days. Her banter with the life guard had grown to be quite provocative, and he played right along with it. About mid way through the day on her third visit to the beach, she emerged from the water and started taking off her top as she walked back to her towel.

Kimo didn’t seem to mind her other subtle taunts, and he obviously liked to watch her. There was something about this beach that made her feel sexy again. And she liked it. Bethany walked back purposefully, taking her time as she undid the ties. Letting the wet material come away from her breasts slowly, revealing her soft supple skin beneath. With the small bit of material freed from her body, she took it in her hands and expelled the excess sea water upon her chest, head tilted slightly back.

Pink nipples hardening further under the light dripping, her breasts moved gently as she walked. Wiggling firmly like little jell-o cups. Well little was not an accurate term. She was after all a full figured woman, and her breasts were a tribute to their kind. Voluptuous was the term she preferred. Proportionate to her body, and slightly more than a handful to any hand willing to caress the firm and supple meat.

She finally reached her towel, and lay down face up. She knew he would be driving by soon. Right on schedule Kimo came riding towards canlı casino her on his ATV. He stopped just in front of her, leaning over the handle bars and smiled at her.

“Hey Beth, how are you today?”

She loved that he called her Beth. Looking up at him she replied in a playful tone.

“Oh I’m fine. The water is a bit cooler today. And how are you?”

She finished with giving him a smirk, biting her lower lip ever so slightly. He was quiet a moment before he responded to her.

“Oh good, good. Enjoying the view as always. You know this isn’t a nude beach right?”

A bit dismayed by his reaction she sat up, resting back on her arms. Making sure to accentuate her cleavage for him, and looked up and down either end of the beach.

“Well,” she sighed, “since it’s just you and me today I figured you wouldn’t have minded. But you’re right. I’ll just put my top back on.”

She stood up, breasts moving freely with her body, nipples erect from the sheer excitement of having him look at her.

“I guess that means my bottoms have to stay on too huh?”

She added playfully as she bent over in front of him to get her top. She took her time, giving him a good long look at that bull’s eye. When she looked back up at him, she could see the way he was watching her. It had been a long, long time since a man looked at her that way.

“Is something wrong, Kimo?”

She asked while slowly straightening. Looking her in the eyes, he simply smiled and shook his head.

“You know, it is just us here. I guess there’s no harm in you being comfortable.”

And with that he rode back off down the beach. A few hours passed, and still she lounged topless in the sand. Knowing all the while that Kimo was watching her. Every so often she would sit up, and purposefully rub lotion on herself, paying extra attention to her nude breasts.

It was getting close to dusk, and she was growing impatient. Standing up, she removed her bottoms and strode over to the water, and slipped in. Knowing he was watching her, she went out a ways, and then flagged him down. After all, she needed something.

He rode over quickly on his ATV, and shouted out to her what was wrong.

“I’m too tired to swim back, will you come get me?” She called back to him.

He knew full well she was not tired, and she didn’t care. She watched as he stripped off his shirt, grabbed a buoy, and made his way out. As he came up to her she moved towards him and placed her arms around his neck, letting her body touch his ever so slightly.

“Are you ok?”

He asked out of duty, but his grinning face knew full well why she had called him out.

“Well,” she pouted, “I have this terrible ache. Can you help me with it?”

The water gently pushed their bodies closer together, and she could feel under his shorts that he was more than ready to help her. Without a word he tied off the buoy around his waist, took his shorts off and laid them on top of it. At first it was awkward trying to keep afloat while fondling each other. But she loved every second of it. Salt water lapping into their mouths as they tongued each other violently. The gentle waves aiding to grind their naked bodies. His hands moved down her back, reaching for the firm mounds of her ass. He was quick to find the tight puckered hole, and she didn’t protest one bit as he gently prodded it with his fingers. She could feel his cock against her skin, moving with the water and on its own. Bouncing in anticipation of entering her body in any way it could.

Finally she couldn’t take the teasing any more. She reached behind him, grabbed the buoy to steady herself, and wrapped her legs around his waist. Almost instantly his cock slid into her soft, warm pussy. He groaned in surprise, easing his assault on her mouth for just a second as she positioned herself, then he took over.

Gripping her hips firmly he thrust into her, the water pushing them together in sync with his movements. Her pussy was warm, almost hot compared to the cool of the ocean. And oooh how tight she was! He could feel her muscles gripping his cock with each thrust, almost reluctant to let it leave. She moaned and gasped for him, which turned him on all the more.

“Ooohhh! Mmmmm! Yesss, Oh my god, yes! Oh, Kimo! Harder! Fuck me harder!”

He obliged as best he could, fighting their buoyancy to drive deeper and deeper in to her aching pussy. He slid one hand down from her hips and found its way once more to that tight puckered little hole. The instant he stuck his fingers in he felt her pussy begin to spasm, and with it her screams of ecstasy.

“OH my god! Yes, yes, oooohhhhhaahhh!”

Her screams were so loud he thought for sure she would pass out from the exertion. Her screaming only excited him even more, as he found himself answering with his own guttural moans. With her pussy wrapped tight around his cock, it began to swell with his orgasm. He made to pull out of her, but she wouldn’t let him go.

“Fuck me. Don’t stop fucking me!”

She ordered between gasps. So he did, pumping her completely with his kaçak casino warm juices.

When he finished he had to fight to keep afloat, and he could see she was doing the same. Holding her close to him, they swam together back to the beach. Once ashore they lay momentarily in the sand, panting from their exertion.

Bethany looked over to see that Kimo’s cock was starting to get hard again, and she pounced on it. Before he knew she was up, she was between his legs and had it firmly gripped in her hands.

“What the…”

He managed to spurt out as he looked up at her. But she didn’t say a word. She looked at him slyly, green eyes piercing and focused. Slowly she began to ease herself closer to his cock. She started off gently. Suckling at the head, lightly caressing it with her tongue. Slowly she made her way down the shaft, her tongue working over his skin as she went. One hand steadying his cock for her, she moved the other to his bulging sack and began to massage it gently.

His breathing became faster and he moaned with each squeeze of his balls. She became so focused on her work she hardly noticed when he reached over to start rubbing at her wet, sandy breasts. The more he moaned the harder she sucked him, tongue working over the head all the while. Turned on by his sounds and from sucking on his cock, she was close to climax herself and she could feel her own pussy juices starting to drip down her thigh. His moans grew louder, his breathing sharper and she knew he was about to explode. So she stopped.

“What? Noo, noo baby keep going, I’m so close!” He begged her.

“I know you are. And you aren’t cumming till I say so, Kimo.”

She stood up and motioned for him to follow her. Obediently, he followed the naked temptress. He would follow her where ever she went if it meant she would continue to satisfy him with that tongue.

Pussy dripping, his cock standing at full attention, she lead him through the trees to a spot she had picked out the day before. She moved over towards a palm, and put her back against it. Raising her arms up provocatively.

“Now Kimo. Come over here and fuck me again.” He came up to her without pausing and lifted her by her hips. She was light but solid against his body, and he was turned on even more. She brought her arms around his neck and once again assaulted his tongue with hers.

That wonderful amazing tongue! He couldn’t believe the things it had just done to his cock. Thinking back on it made his cock bounce even more, wanting that sensation once again inflicted upon it. He moved to slide into her pussy and groaned as he found her dripping and ready for him. She gasped at the girth of his cock entering her body, and pushed back harder against him.

She wanted it hard, so he gave it to her hard. Thrusting into her pussy they both grunted with the swelling of his cock inside her. Sweating from the effort his breath became shorter as he felt her pussy spasm, and he knew she was close to climax again.

Deftly he felt around her tight ass and again dug his fingers into that hot puckered hole. That was her undoing. She screamed with the force of her orgasm, clawing at his back as she rode the waves sent through her body. Bethany could feel he was going to cum in her again, but she quickly pushed him away, separating his cock from her wondrous throbbing pussy.

She knelt down in front of him and nearly swallowed his cock whole! Griping his ass firmly she slid it down her throat, taking it just as rough as her pussy had, moaning the whole time. Oh how she loved to suck cock!

He ran his hands through her hair, lightly tugging at it. Guiding her to move around his cock all the harder, and she obliged hungrily. Taking him deeper and deeper into her throat, loving the taste of him the whole time. His cock began to swell and this time he couldn’t hold it back. He tried to warn her, but she didn’t seem to care. She moaned all the harder as his warm juices shot down the back of her throat, griping his ass tighter and breaking the skin with her nails.

She sucked him dry.

Catching their breath, she led him back towards the beach. Bethany bent over for her towel and began to rub the sand from her body. She watched Kimo retrieve his shorts and grab his own towel from the ATV. His cock was perfect to his build. He saw her looking at it, and she ran her tongue across her lips. She did love the taste of a meaty cock in her mouth. And she had been craving one for a long, long while. Digging in her pack she pulled out a blanket she brought from the hotel and laid it out. He came over and settled down with her and they rested a while from their activities.

Kimo was beginning to drift off to sleep when he felt her on him. He had become hard again without realizing it. This time she was riding his cock, back towards him. He could see her rubbing her breasts, those ample, firm perfect breasts of hers. She left one hand to pinch at her pink nipples, while the other slid down her moving belly to her waiting clit below. She looked down at him over her shoulder and smiled wickedly as she rode his cock and pleasured herself. All he could do was lay there and watch, and the view was amazing. Lightly he began to run his hands over her smooth skin, feeling the curve of her hips as they lead to her tight ass and willing hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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