Better Than Her Diary

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Big Tits

I used to sneak into my sister’s room to read her diary. That was when I was twelve and my sister, one year younger than me, had a crush on a guy at school. Nothing really interesting happened and I never told her I read her diary. I just liked knowing more than she thought I did.

I never thought of her in a sexual way until recently when I was snooping around her room. I am 18 now and she is also 18 as of yesterday. About a week ago I was in my sisters room snooping around while she was out. I had seen her old crush at school and it reminded me of when I used to sneak into her diary. It occurred to me that I could probably get something more interesting from her diary if I read it now that she was maturing. She definitely was maturing. She was popular in school, not just because of her looks, but because she was a sweetheart. She had sandy blond hair and brown eyes. She stood about 5’6″ and was very thin with curves. She had average breasts (36c I found out when I was looking for her diary).

I didn’t find her diary, maybe she stopped writing in it. I was a little disappointed because she was dating a guy my parents hated. He was 19 and not really into school. I know they were doing things. I was just about to leave when I found a camera in her panties drawer. It looked pretty cool and I picked it up to look at it, by this time I had given up looking for anything juicy on my sister, I guess some things present themselves after you stop looking.

I turned the camera on and found that it was very advanced. It was a digital camera with pictures stored on it. I pushed the forward arrow a couple times and got past pictures of some of my sister’s Casibom friends at the mall. I got to the fourth or fifth picture and nearly dropped the camera. It was my sister laying on her stomach on her bed. Her ass had a great shape and was shining because the picture was obviously an amateur job with no makeup. She was covering up everything with her arms and the bed hid a lot of it. I can only guess that her boyfriend took these when my parents were out some time. My sisters face looked happy like they were just goofing off but none the less she was naked. I thought that it was wrong to be looking but she was hard to put down. I pushed the forward arrow again. In the next picture she was getting a little more brave. She was sitting Indian-style on her bed with the blanket covering her legs and pussy but she was showing off from the waist up. My cock twitched in my pants. I looked at the next picture and found my sister standing totally naked in front of her dresser.

These pictures were turning me on and I reached into my pants to rub my cock. The next three pictures were different variations of my sister in a doggystyle position. I pulled my waistband down and pulled out my cock to stroke it. I couldn’t believe my luck. I hit the forward arrow one more time and found something that almost made my boner go away.

There were no more pictures of my sister on the camera. The last seven pictures were of me in my room, taken through the crack in my bedroom door, and I was masturbating. Seven pictures on my sister’s camera of me on my bed stroking my cock. I thought about it and figured that after her boyfriend took the pictures of her she must Casibom Giriş have been spying on me.

I wasn’t bad looking but I didn’t consider myself so hot that my own sister would want me. I was fairly fit and had a good sized cock. I looked down at it and stroked it. I figured I had better take advantage of the pictures of my sister while I have the camera and deal with her spying on me later. I pushed the back arrow and started pumping my cock to pictures of my sister. Then I heard her speak in the doorway.

“Oh my God. You are so gross!” she said. I jumped a little and turned around and stood paralyzed.

“I was just looking for this. I wanted to barrow it.” I tried to make an excuse.

“And that’s why you have your cock in your hand?”

“Well actually, speaking of that, if I am so gross why do you have seven pictures of my jacking off?” I asked her. She looked nervous and blushed a little. I’m guessing she probably thought she had erased them. She can’t even check her e-mail though.

“Hey it doesn’t bother me that you have pictures of me nude. Obviously I’m enjoying the pictures of you. Here…” I handed her the camera, “… take some more if you want.” She took the camera. She seemed hesitant but eventually held it up to her face. I stood there and stroked my cock for her.

“Okay,” I said, “Now I get some more of you.” She handed me the camera. “Only I did a little more than pose. I think its only fair if you masturbate for me.”

“No.” she said.

“Okay then I’ll just erase all these and you can have your camera back.”

“Okay just a little bit okay? No candles or anything.”

“That’s Casibom Yeni Giriş fine. I just want you to finger yourself.”

She started to undress slowly. I took some pictures of her undressing. Once she was naked my cock got a little harder. I told her to lay down and start masturbating. She did and I took some pictures of her knuckle deep.

I was surprised to see that she used three fingers. I could also tell that she did this a lot. She definitely had a routine because she didn’t take long to cum.

“That’s not fair.” I said “I didn’t get to cum.”

“So cum.” she said.

I set the camera down and started to stroke my cock again. She watched me and started to touch herself again. I can tell she was wishing it was a video camera and not a digital camera.

“Nothing like seeing it in person huh?” I asked.

Then without warning she sat up and sat on the edge of her bed in front of me. Her face was just a foot away from my cock. My hopes were high. I wondered what she was up to. Would she let me cum on her face or tits? Was she going to open her mouth? I was right on both counts. She opened her mouth and took my cock into her throat. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I had my cock in my sister’s mouth. She started to bob her head. Looking at eachother naked was one thing but engaging in oral sex was just a little too kinky. I lasted about a minute and then I started to shake with ecstasy. She sensed this and opened her mouth licking the underside of my shaft. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and pumped my cum out onto her face and tits. Five huge loads hit her jaw, tongue, cleavage, and breasts.

I picked up the camera and took pictures of her covered in my cum. She looked so good with my globs of cum hanging from her nipples and tongue. That’s all we ever did because we both felt really weird after that day. We never mentioned it to anybody, it was our secret.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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