Beyond The French Doors Ch. 02

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Kate had woken up just as the birds had started their dawn chorus. She lay in bed for a while listening to her husband Stuart sleeping, while idea’s floated in and out of her brain. The early morning hang over had done little to dampen her quiet excitement in finding her mystery watcher. In the shower she tried to come up with a list of possible people that she thought, maybe, possibly would enjoy watching her. As her soapy hand reached her vagina, the thought of so many men watching her set her tingling and she had to use a heavy dose of reality and self-will to pull back from such an early morning play.

By the time she reached the kitchen she had all but given up on the list. Her brain was crawling out of the drink hazed fog and she was slowly finding herself coming up with reasons and excuses why she should not find her admirer. Stuart walked into the kitchen, already suited for a morning at work. Kate looked at him with mock sad eyes and Stuart snorted a laugh “It’s half a day, two clients,” he said grabbing a bowl of cereal that Kate had poured. “I’ll be home by one, perhaps two at the very latest.” Kate kept her sad eyes locked on her husbands, “We have all of Sunday to ourselves.” He finished the bowl of cereal and gave Kate a lingering kiss on the lips and disappeared the way he had come in.

For the middle of June the weather was gorgeous, and Kate was secretly glad that Stuart had to work. It gave Kate time to tend to the flowers in the back garden. Up in the bedroom Kate pulled off her robe and nightie and replaced them with a tatty pair of olive coloured cargo pants and an old, frayed, off white t-shirt. As she slipped it over her head she realized she had forgotten to put not only her knickers on but also her bra. With her head through the top of the t-shirt she lingered for a moment catching sight of her half naked body in the dressing table mirror. Pale white breasts hanging heavy and round, tipped with dark areola and nipples. The thought was brief, barely coherent in form but it made her body pop in goose bumps. ‘Perhaps he would be watching.’ That was all the thought had been and it was enough to make Kate lower her t-shirt over her naked breasts, the cotton creating friction on her nipples making them stand erect as she walked out of the room and downstairs.

Within half an hour of dropping to her knees and sinking her trowel into the flower beds, Kate had forgotten all about being bra-less and on display to all and sundry. When she arched her back and stretched, spine snapping here and there as the muscles unfurled from their knots it was almost midday. She had been going about her gardening for almost two hours. Kate stood up and dusted off her knees and turned to head back into the house for a glass of water. She slowed as she reached the open kitchen door. Directly to her left were the two wooden steps that led to the small patio. Right next to the steps was a large mature fern tree. Kate’s curiosity had gotten the best of her and she walked slowly over to the spot.

She stood where she thought the watcher had been and looked around. Some of the branches on the fern had been snapped off and on the ground she found the dried, brown coloured remains, remains that were much older than last night. Kate could feel her already red face flush deeper. Whoever had been stood here had been visiting for some time. She felt a sense of unease, this was merely a chance encounter, whoever it was had visited many times before.

“Afternoon Katherine,” The voice came from just behind her and Kate turned with surprise expecting to see her watcher unmasked and standing before her. “Everything alright?” Asked Mr Wheeler as he peered over his side of the fence, he had asked the question when Kate had reacted with such surprise at hearing his voice.

Kate swallowed back her scream, “Yes Mr Wheeler, sorry but you gave me a fright.” She took a deep breath slowing her breathing down. “I didn’t see you out in your garden.”

Roy Wheeler was in his sixties and retired. Both Kate and Stuart had become fast and easy friends with both Roy and his wife Wendy, and it was not unusual to see Mr Wheeler out in his garden either tending to his magnificent flower beds or cutting the grass with an ancient hand pulled lawn mower. Kate made no secret to how jealous she was of Roy’s garden. “You know me Katherine, any chance I get.” His smile stretched and smoothed some of the creases in his face, fındıkzade escort the smile seemed to be somewhat uncomfortable and Kate wondered briefly if something was troubling him.

“Well it is a beautiful day for it,” Kate said stepping over to the fence. She stood on her tip-toes to see over the fence at the well-manicured lawn and hated Roy just a little bit. She could see Roy out the corner of her eye and noticed how his bushy eyebrows lifted and his eyes widen. She looked down at herself and noticed that her t-shirt had pulled tight as she tip-toed and leaned over to look into the garden. The off-white cotton had stretched across her unsecured breasts, their curvature clear and her nipples poked two firm dimples in the material. She stood straight a little embarrassed that she had inadvertently showed off.

Roy’s face reddened, “I, erm, well…” he stuttered trying to meet Kate’s eye and hold it without looking down, “been busy since the break of dawn, my insomnia gets the better of me sometimes.”

Roy’s insomnia was legendary along the street. He had been seen at odd hours during the night walking the dog or strolling about in an attempt to tire him out enough to sleep. “I don’t suppose you saw anything strange last night Mr Wheeler?” The question was not meant to be a trap but simply curiosity, as Roy was likely out of everyone to have seen anyone suspicious.

Roy’s jaw dropped, and his face reddened even more, Kate could see the sweat break out across his deep lined forehead. “No, no not last night I was indoors watching some westerns. My son got me a blue ray player, wonderful machine, marvellous sound,” He rambled on with a shaky almost squeaky voice in places.

Kate had expected at least a little more detective work in finding her peeping tom. She was surprised by the culprit but a little cheerful that it was no one who could do her or meant her any harm. “Mr Wheeler, its okay I’m not offended,” Which was true she wasn’t, perhaps a little disappointed and suddenly very aware she was braless in front of this man. “A little surprised is all.”

Roy bit his lip, he looked over his shoulder, trying to gauge where his wife, Wendy was. “It was by accident I was putting a bag of rubbish out and I thought I heard…” his words fell silent and he gave a shrug and an ill at ease titter. He stepped away from the fence, “It won’t happen again I promise.” He turned and started to walk away.

“Wait Roy,” Kate said and it was the use of his first name that made him stop in his tracks. Kate motioned with her head to meet her at the back gate that led to the small walk way between both their houses. Kate opened her gate and stood waiting for Roy. He appeared hesitantly a minute later, looking extremely guilty, his head barely raised and his hands constantly knitting and un-knitting. “I am not mad and I am certainly not going to tell on you,” Kate felt much calmer than she thought she would have done had her watcher been anyone other than Mr Wheeler. “I am just a little,” Kate laughed “surprised I guess is the best way of putting it.”

Roy lifted his head and licked his dry lips before speaking, “It’s just, well you are such a wonderful lady Katherine and what I did is very wrong. It’s just that you look, well.” His eyes drifted down to Kate’s breasts and he lifted them quickly as his face reddened once more. “I have only known Wendy my entire life and never had a woman like you next door. I was weak”

Kate almost felt pity for the poor man. But peeping was one thing, actually playing with yourself was something else, pity could only go so far. Yet she lingered in responding to Roy, that excitement of being watched last night had returned, discovering Roy was her admirer had not diminished it in fact she was certain it had increased it. She wanted to tell him off and not to do it again, perhaps threaten with telling Stuart and Wendy, “I won’t tell if you don’t?” she found herself saying. Roy shook his head quickly and sighed with relief. “How long has it been going on?”

Roy thought about it, he opened his mouth Kate was certain a lie was forthcoming but then he closed it again. His brow furrowed and finally he answered, “Perhaps two months, maybe a little longer.” She could tell he was telling the truth, he seemed almost relieved in getting it out. “First time was by accident, then I don’t know I found myself finding a reason to be here and there. eskort istanbul ” He stepped closer, closing his gate behind him, “I just couldn’t stop myself from looking the more I tried the worse it got.”

“It’s so wrong Roy,” Kate said, she knew what she was saying was correct but it felt wrong to say, Roy would stop spying, Kate would go on with her life missing out on the excitement that his peeping had brought her. It was messed up logic, very messed up but in the confines of the walk through on a sunny June afternoon it felt like very sane logic. “Did you like what you saw?” the question felt alien on her tongue, like something from a cheap porn movie that her and Stuart would enjoy watching together on a rare occasion.

Roy took a step back, like a fox sensing a trap, his hand reached behind him searching for the handle to his gate. “Why do you ask?” his tone was cautious.

Kate took a step forward, “Apart from Stuart I don’t really have any other input on my body,” Kate shrugged and smiled, “It feels a little bit nice knowing perhaps I still have it as my sons tend to say.”

Roy’s hand dropped from the gate handle, “You are beautiful Katherine, your body is… I have never seen anything like it. Curvy and…” He made shapes with his hands when words failed him the excitement of getting his thoughts out of his head getting away from him. Kate blushed at the platitudes no matter how crude and unformed they were still all positive, “I’m sorry did I offend you?” Roy asked.

Karen shook her head, “not at all Roy, It really is nice to hear especially from someone else, very genuine.” Roy smiled back. Kate could see Roy visibly relaxing in front of her, his shoulders drooping slightly and his wrinkles becoming less dense.

“Stuart is a very lucky man,” Roy said, a hungry look entered his eyes as they flicked down and lingered on Kate’s breasts. Kate could see his hands clenching and unclenching. And it gave her the strangest sense that he was imagining how they would feel in those old hands. The thought made the blood rush to her head. Roy saw the reaction and turned to get the gate open, “I’m sorry I said too much.”

“No, wait.” Kate said her voice a little too high, a little to pleading. Roy turned back around cautiously, his back now pressed against the wooden gate. Without thinking and without hesitation that would have made her stop and re-evaluate the situation, Kate took hold of the bottom of her frayed, off white t-shirt and pulled it up, exposing her belly then her large, heavy hanging breasts.

Kate’s heart pounded in her chest, she couldn’t say if it was fear, shock, excitement or a mix of all three, she closed her eyes and bit her lip. Her hands shook with the feeling of the clean, warm air that blew over her exposed flesh. It felt like an age before Roy spoke. His silence scared her a little, was this perhaps more than he could handle. An unspoken line crossed. She went to lower her top, to apologise, feeling stupid when he finally spoke. “Oh, so beautiful,” His voice was a shocked hoarse sound barely louder than a whisper. When she opened her eyes, she found Roy to be standing only a foot from her now, his eyes wide and staring with hungry intent at her exposed breasts. She took a step back when he lifted one hand and reached out his aged fingers to them.

Roy held his hand in mid-air, his hungry look turning to doubt. Karen had never been touched by another man not since before Stuart which was so many years now, her nod was almost imperceptible. Roy reached out, his hand unsteady, he sighed as his fingertips stroked across Kate’s bare breast, across one, into the dip between and over the other. To Kate it was like being touched for the first time, the sensation of another man wanting her and touching in a way that only her husband should. This was surpassing being watched rapidly. “Can I?” Roy asked.

Kate nodded, unsure what he wished to do and before she had time to stop him, Roy was fumbling with his belt and buttons. He pulled his old cock free from his pants. He was not massive but thick and a thick vein stood out down the length of the shaft to his grey pubic hair. Roy gripped it in his left hand and worked it frantically while his right hand reached out. This time Kate caught her breath and gave a slight moan as she felt Roy’s fingers close round one, thick hard nipple. Roy pulled it gently then moved on to the other kağıthane escort all the while his left hand worked at a pace on his hard cock.

Kate was lost in the moment. She was eager for so many things, between her legs she could feel warmth and desperately wanted to touch herself, knowing that she would climax quickly. She thought what would happen if Roy touched her there with his fingers or with his cock and found herself feeling ashamed and even more turned on by the possibility. Roy had stepped closer still, his cock mere inches from Kate now. Without thinking she took hold of her pendulous breasts, her nipples hard, thick eruptions on the soft skin and pushed them together and up.

Roy moved his hips forward, his glistening cock head finding her left nipple. He let out a deep moan as his cock pushed against it and when he pulled back a glistening ribbon of pre-cum joined both nipple and cock together for a moment before breaking. He did the same with Kate’s right nipple, though this time instead of pulling back he moved his cock about covering not only Kate’s nipple but also her puckered areola and a small area of her ample breast. Roy worked his cock faster now and being so close the tip of his cock mashed against Kate’s breasts which only made him work harder. A deeper almost unearthly moan travelled up his throat and out through gritted teeth coming out almost as an animalistic growl, his hips bucked in quick succession as he pulled his foreskin back firmly.

Kate gasped at the load that erupted forth. It was warm and thick and seemed almost never ending. She had expected from someone so old that she would get perhaps a dribble but not this torrent. Roy’s warm cum splashed across Kate’s held up breasts, across the heavy mounds, between the soft fold that made her cleavage and clung to her nipples. Roy worked his cock slowly pushing out every drop of cum he had it seemed. His growl lessened as his cock began to deflate in his grip. His breathing came in heavy gasps as he tried to compose himself.

Kate let her breasts go and ran one hand across her left breast which seemed to have taken most of Roy’s load. It was already cooling on her skin and as she ran her fingers across her flesh smearing it in her other hand was quickly finding its way between the elasticated waist of her bottoms. Her hand could feel the heat radiating from her cotton panties and her stomach filled with butterflies with the expectation of the touch that was coming. As Kate’s right hand found her cum covered nipple, her left hand pressed firmly at the wet patch that had formed on her panties, the friction of the material on her clitoris was all it took. Kate’s finger and thumb squeezed her nipple as her orgasm spread like wild fire between her legs. She bit her bottom lip trying to supress her own moan but failed.

Roy watched eyes alight as Kate orgasmed on her knees before him. His spent cock already twitched with fresh life at the sight of such a woman giving in to her urges. He badly wanted to reach out and touch her breasts again to feel how sticky he had made them, and then perhaps let Kate have his way with his cock. But it was all too soon. He knew these things took time. He had regretted being interrupted last night, but whatever had transpired had brought forth this unexpected surprise sooner than he had planned. As Kate’s orgasm subsided her body sagged and her chest rose with heavy breaths, when she opened her eyes, Roy could still see a hunger and fire in them that she had kept hidden for such a long time that he felt an overwhelming urge to take her there and then, “I…I should be going Katherine,” He said instead, his voice shaky with his own lust.

Kate seemed to come to her senses and quickly pulled her top back down covering her breasts, the T-shirt clinging to the skin where his load had yet to dry out. “Yes, same here. Stuart will be home in a bit and I need to shower.” Kate stood up, her legs a little wobbly. “What just happened-” Her sentence trailed off.

Roy smiled nervously, “I wouldn’t tell a soul. A moment of summer madness best kept between friends.”

Kate smiled back easily, “I really should be going.” She said and hurried off into her garden, she spared a glance over her shoulder as she stepped into the house and Roy waved back before opening his back door gate and disappearing inside.

Roy walked with a skip in his step, his heart beat firmly in his chest and he smiled from ear to ear. It was an expression that he did not wear well. A passer-by would easily be startled at the sight of this elderly man that at this very moment looked more like a predatory wolf than a man. They would not be far from the truth.

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