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Sue and I had been married for 3 years. We were both very conservative and were virgins when we got married. Sue had been me first and only girlfriend. The first couple of months we sort of blundered along not really knowing how to please one another. Our sex life was pretty much and same routine. I would get a hard-on and I would get on top of her and pound away for a few minutes. Then we would cuddle, kiss and go to sleep. I became aware that there must be more so we decided to check a porn site to see what we were missing in our relationship.

The things we saw shocked us both. Scenes with threesomes, gay sex (male and female), guys with huge penises, groups having orgies. Finally we found sites with just one on one. Oral sex seemed to be how couple started. Sue wasn’t too keen on sucking my penis but thought me licking her would be fun. We experimented and I found that it wasn’t licking her pussy that excited her it was teasing her clit with my tongue and my fingers. In fact she would beg me to do it. I countered with asking her to suck me. She reluctantly agreed and when she found how I liked it she would tease me. One thing though, I wasn’t allowed to cum in her mouth. That was fine actually as I enjoyed slipping my cock into her soaked pussy after making her cum with my tongue.

Sue started to get more adventurous. She would walk around the house not wearing underwear and tease me with her nipples showing and bending over to flash her bum. It was fun. One day we went shopping and she said she needed the bathroom. When she came out it was obvious that she had removed her bra and panties. I immediately got hard as she walked around the supermarket with guys staring at her. When we got home she said “I was very naughty Roger. You should spank me”. I just stared at her. “Come on honey. Spank your naughty bad girl” she said and so I put her over my knee and spanked her bare bum. She moaned and wriggled around. bursa escort Good God, she was loving it. Afterwards she showed me a porn site with spanking. That is where she got the idea. Crazy – but fun.

Sue seemed to enjoy our little games. We went to this adult website and bought a paddle and some handcuffs. She loved being handcuffed and her bare bum being hit with the paddle. She kept asking for me to smack her hard. I was worried as I didn’t want our games to become violent. Then she suggested I get paddled. I think she enjoyed that just as much. We graduated to vibrators. She got one for her and bought an anal vibrator for me. I wasn’t really that interested but she had a way to make me agree to anything she wanted. OK, I was a wimp. She would suck my penis and I would basically agree to anything. Even though she still refused to blow me I loved the sensations.

It was a Wednesday night when she came home and told me a woman at work had been talking to her about sex. I thought that was strange as we had kept our games secret. She told me this woman had gotten her talking and actually made a pass at her. Far from freaking out she seemed excited by the woman’s attentions. Of course my mind was racing. Fantasies of a MFF threesome came to mind. Alas, I thought it was a fantasy, wishful thinking. Even more some when she told me this woman was married. “Bugger” I thought “not much chance then”. But my interest was rekindled when Sue said she had invited this woman (I still didn’t have a name) and her husband to dinner. We didn’t really socialise much so it would be a nice change. Arrangements for Saturday were finalised.

Saturday night and Sue jumped up when the doorbell went. She came back with Ron and Becky. They were a couple of years older than us. Ron was about my height and well built. Becky was a little taller than Sue, pretty with great legs. We had some wine and had bursa escort bayan dinner. The wine flowed and the talk got around to sex. It was just general then Becky mentioned how Sue had told her about our spanking games. “What else” I wondered. “I have never been spanked” said Becky “is it fun Sue?” Sue giggled and said “yes”. Becky said she needed the bathroom and Sue said she would show her where it was. They gone for about 5 minutes and when they returned I was shocked. They were both naked. Sue had the paddle “Becky would love to know how it feels Roger honey” she said.

Becky looked amazing. Her pussy was bald, which explained where Sue got the idea some weeks earlier. I looked at Ron and he was smiling broadly. He wasn’t fazed at all. Becky came over to the chair I was sitting in and draped herself over my knees. Sue handed me the paddle and then sat on Ron’s knees. He was fondling her breasts and they were kissing. I smacked Becky and she squealed. I did it again and she began to moan. “Yes, that is nice. I like that” Becky whispered. She turned around and thrust her tongue in my mouth. “Why have you still got clothes on honey” she said. I stood up and she started to undress me. I looked over at Sue and she was doing the same thing to Ron. Obviously Sue and Becky seemed intent on swapping husbands.

Ron and I were now naked and I was relieved to see his cock was the same size as mine. My ego would have been crushed if he was bigger. “Let’s go into the bedroom” suggested Sue and we hot footed it and got on the bed. I was on my back and Becky straddled my head and lowered her pussy down so I could like her. I felt someone start sucking my cock then I heard Sue tell Becky to suck her nipples. It suddenly dawned on me that it was Ron sucking my cock. Then I realised that Ron and Becky were both bisexual and Sue had set me up. I would have been angry except Ron was doing bursa escort kız such a good job. Becky orgasmed and then climbed off my face and she and Sue got into a 69. I looked down at Ron and he raised his head. “I am not bi” I said to him. “Never mind Roger” he replied “you can be a bottom”.

Ron got me to roll over and he rubbed spit on his cock. He began to force his cock into my bum. I thought about that anal vibrator and how she had me give myself enemas. Set up again. Ron was obviously well versed in anal sex and it wasn’t long before he had me moaning. Not as loud as Sue and Becky were moaning. They were having a fine old time. It was several minutes later when Ron moaned and I actually felt him cum. He kept thrusting until he went limp. Sue and Becky had cum (Sue told me later) several times and had gone and had a shower. They came back to the bed while Ron washed himself. I was on my back and sue and Becky were taking turns sucking my cock. I was in heaven.

Ron came back and his cock was half erect. “Would you suck my cock” Ron asked. Now that was a step too far for me but then Becky looked up and said “I know Sue will not blow you but I will if you suck Ron’s cock”. Was it the wine? Was it being pegged? Goodness knows but seconds later I was sucking Ron’s cock while Becky gave me my first ever blowjob. Sue was watching all this and had retrieved her vibrator and was getting herself off. The room echoed with moans and groans. Now I was overjoyed when I emptied my orgasm into Becky’s willing mouth but I hadn’t expected Ron to cum again so soon. He groaned and came in my mouth. Not the tastiest of treats but he was babbling about how nice it was. I just swallowed several times.

Sue and I have entertained Ron and Becky several times since that first time. Ron and I did swap wives and I am still him bottom. I realise that I quite enjoy being pegged and I certain enjoy humping his wife. Sue still looks watching Ron fuck me. I suspect that is more to do with her and Becky getting it on. Regardless, we all enjoy our time together. We have plans for a holiday together next month. That should be one wild fortnight – if I last that long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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