Bicurious roommates Ch.1 – “Yeah I told you was a pretty hot video..”

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Ass Shaking

We couldn’t go out pretty much at all, so we were each other’s only real life company. The apartment was nice and we were friends with the guy before. He is a chill, friendly and considerate guy, quite a bit older than me – in his late 30s, while I am in my 20s. He is also considerably taller, muscular and overall just bigger than me. It was pretty handy as he’d always carry the supplies up the stairs. So we hung out and became even better friends in the first week. In just a few days I felt totally relaxed around him and this apartment and in some ways was enjoying this time.

As part of the ground rules of living together as two guys and with our loved ones far away, we agreed early on that we’d both need our private time to do you-know-what. We agreed that we’d just do it in our own respective bedrooms with the door closed and locked. No questions asked, no judgment.

At first it was as we agreed, but as the days went by, my temporary roommate became more relaxed with the whole privacy thing. He’d forget his door slightly open or take “long squeaky showers”. I pretended not to notice and didn’t bring it up – it didn’t bother me at all.

Until one evening when things took an interesting turn.

I was going to get a glass of water before bed when I noticed him in the living room/kitchen. He was completely naked, sitting on the couch slowly stroking his huge thick erection. He had some porn running on the TV with the sound muted.

I thought I’d sneak by and give him some privacy, but he noticed me right away.

He didn’t seem surprised or embarrassed in any way, he just looked at me and calmly said:“Oh, I thought you went to bed already.”

He didn’t stop stroking and was now looking at me. In a moment of amazement over the casualness of him just masturbating in front of me, my eyes were drawn to his cock. It was really thick and hard in his large hand and there was a bead of precum on the tip.

For some reason it excited me. Perhaps because the only thing sexual in my life for a long time had been porn from my phone screen.

He bursa otele gelen escort bayan caught me staring and just smiled at me. I blushed and averted my eyes from him.

“Uh yeah sorry” I just managed to mutter “I was just getting some water.”

My heart was racing, somehow this whole situation was very arousing. I felt myself getting a bit hard. If this continued, it’d be visible through the tight shorts I had on.

Moving to the sink, I glanced at the porn on the screen. There was a small trans girl getting rammed by an older man much larger than her.

“Pretty hot isn’t it?” my temporary roommate asked as I stopped next to him to have a longer look.

He unmuted the sound and the air was filled with the moans of the tgirl on the screen.

It really was hot. I found myself sitting down next to him and watching. I could still see his massive rod from the corner of my eye. I was getting more aroused by the second.

“..yeah, she’s really cute..” I said while fighting the urge to touch myself and continued to watch.

My hardness was now visible through thin fabric.

“Maybe he won’t notice.” I thought

But he did, just a few minutes had passed when he turned to me and asked “So, you being too shy or were expecting some help?”

Before I could answer, he put his large hand on my dick, massaging it through the pants.

“No, I…”

I started to get up to leave, with his hand still touching me, but stopped myself at the last moment. It felt too good, I didn’t want it to stop, I wanted him to keep going.

“… I don’t know.” I quietly said, biting my lip. I couldn’t admit it.

He smiled and stood up to face me. All I had now in front of my eyes was his huge cock, completely hard, just inches away from my face. Pulsating slightly.

My heart raced again. Why’d he get up? What was he going to do?

“Let me just help you then.” he said

He bent down and slid his big hands under me, squeezing my butt as he pulled down bursa ucuz escort bayan my shorts and tossed them away. I was now completely naked with a big erection. In front of another guy.

What was going on? Why was I OK with this? Why did I secretly like this so much?

“That’s a nice soft ass you’ve got there” he grinned at me as he sat back down next to me. This time, he sat much closer than he was before, reaching his left hand around me, resting it on my shoulder. I felt the heat of his muscular body as it was now touching mine.

I wanted to say something, perhaps excuse myself and leave. But before I could say anything, he put his other hand around my rock hard cock and started stroking it.

“Mmph…!” I moaned out loud.

It felt incredible. It wasn’t only that I was horny and touch starved, that made it feel so good, but also that he really knew what he was doing. The handjobs I had gotten from my girlfriend were never as good as what I was receiving now. He knew exactly where and how to grip me, how fast to stroke, how to move the wrist just the right pleasurable way.

The strokes started out slow and steady and in just moments I felt my inhibitions melt away and I stopped resisting the pleasure.

He had stopped looking at the porn entirely and was now focused on making me feel good. My moans mixed with the sounds from the TV as he increased his pace.

My eyes inadvertently stopped on his manhood again. It was much thicker and longer than mine. Through my lust hazed mind, I wondered if my hand would be able to completely grip it.

“Want to return the favor?” he asked as he caught me looking again.

“I’m, umm..” I hesitated but I knew I wanted it.

As soon as I moved to touch it, he tightened his hold to pull me even closer. His huge swollen cock now so close to me, throbbing with excitement.

I hesitantly put my hand around it, just barely able to grip his whole girth. It was massive and hot in my hand. Just touching it made me incredibly aroused bursa merkez escort bayan and I let out a moan as he continued to jerk me with increased vigor.

I wanted to see if I could make him feel good too and started to slowly jerk him.

“Ah.. just like that” sounded the acknowledgement. I was making another man feel good and his hardness was for me. This induced a sensation I hadn’t felt before, a needy lust of sorts.

His low moans soon followed as I picked up the pace. It became evident that I also knew what I was doing. For some reason it was incredibly exciting to make a much bigger man writhe in ecstasy with just my hand.

I was getting close and I sensed that we were also, as his cock was pulsing and getting even bigger in my hand. He pulled me even tighter to him and in doing so, grazed my nipple with his fingers. I felt a jolt of pleasure and let out an involuntary sound of pleasure.

“Oh… did I find a weak spot?” he asked through his own.

“Nnngh!” I let out a cry as he played with my nipple while stroking me. It was indeed a weak spot and would drive me over the edge quickly.

I was going to come any second now, but I was determined to take him with me.

“I’m gonna.. “ I managed to say through the waves of pleasure rocking my body and stroked him as fast as I could He only managed to groan as he erupted in my hands, his body tensing up next to me.

Thick wads of cum started to shoot out, covering my hand, my arm and more was coming out every second. His body close to me, his fingers teasing my nipple, his relentless stroking of my dick and now his semen continuing to splurt from his huge cock – it was all too much.

I came. Loud and hard. My whole body was spasming from ecstasy as my dick exploded my huge load all over the place.

We sat there silently for a moment, clutching each other’s bodies, convulsing from the powerful orgasms, still slowly stroking.

After a short while, I slowly got up, my knees wobbling under me. I was covered in semen and I was sure that some of it was not mine.

“I.. uh.. should get cleaned up..” I said

He looked at me with a satisfied face and said: “Yeah I told you was a pretty hot video..”

The video on the background had long stopped.

“Yeah, umm, show me another one tomorrow?” I returned him a brief smile and headed for the shower.

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