Big Changes At Home Ch. 10

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Chapter Ten: Owen And Rosina

Owen awoke the next morning to a blast of light. He squinted so that he could see in amongst the wash of light. He heard the door close and knew that someone had turned the light on. It was the favorite trick of his mother to quietly and effectively wake him up. Much to his frustration, it always worked. Owen blinked and groaned as he slowly got used to the brightly lit room. He looked at the sleeping form of his sister and smiled lovingly at her.

Rosina had slept in his bed for the second night in a row, and he was fast becoming used to this pleasure. Her lithe and petite body seemed to melt into his and her warmth felt incredible as she slept, cuddled up to him. Her blonde hair spilled all about as a result of her tossing and turning; Owen took a moment to comb and smooth it out. Owen knew that they both needed to get going so he shook the sleeping beauty awake.

“Time to get up, Rosie,” Owen said as he gently shook Rosina’s arm.

Rosina stirred awake and looked around the room with squinted eyes for a moment before she shut them tightly and hid her face in the pillow. She groaned her complaint of the bright light with wordless protest and Owen laughed at her discomfort. For some reason the groggy-way she woke up struck him as cute and he laughed, despite himself.

“Damn light! It’s not funny, Master!” Rosina scoffed as she lightly smacked Owen’s shoulder while still hiding her eyes in the pillow.

“Sorry, but you just wake up in the cutest way,” Owen said with a dying chuckle, as he leaned over and kissed the back of Rosina’s head. “We need to get up,” he said as he started to roll to get out of bed.

Just then, a hand shot out and grasped Owen’s arm and tugged him back into bed. An unsuspecting Owen found himself rolling back into bed. As soon as he was near enough, Rosina cuddled up to him, practically covering him with her body. She giggled as she got comfortable, resting her head on his shoulder, holding him tightly so he couldn’t go anywhere.

“NO!” Rosina shouted in a mock-pout as she held him firm. “We’re not leaving this bed all day!” she said in a firm tone of voice that was heavily tainted with a giggling chuckle.

“Really?” Owen asked with a laugh. “What about school?” he asked as he looked into the smiling eyes of his newest Slave.

“Fuck school, now that I have you in bed, I don’t ever want to leave,” Rosina said with a loving tone of voice before she moved in and kissed Owen square on the lips.

It was a kiss that started out soft and romantic but quickly grew in passion and intensity. Both siblings were pulling and pawing at each other as they started to roll around that bed, kissing madly. At the end of the kiss Owen was on top of Rosina and his rock hard cock was throbbing against her clitoris. Rosina started to gyrate her hips to grind her pussy against his cock.

“Damnit! We gotta get moving,” Owen said as he got off Rosina and up out of bed.

Not to be outdone or refused the morning fuck that she was after, Rosina quickly turned over in bed. In a flash Rosina had tossed the covers completely aside and rolled over onto her stomach. She brought her knees up and rested her head on the pillow. The result was that her ass was in the air with her knees spread shoulder-width apart. She had her head turned to the side so that she could look at Owen as she talked.

“But, Master, I need you soooo badly!” Rosina said in a sultry as she started to stroke her slit with her index finger. “I have an itch that only you and your fat cock can scratch,” she continued in a needy tone of voice as she watched Owen eye her up.

“We slept in, we have to get moving,” Owen said as he looked over the tempting sight of his sister.

“Yeah we need to get moving, we need to get your fat cock moving in and out of my hot little pussy. I need you, Master, your Slave needs you, Master, I’ve been a good Slave, and we never did get the chance to fuck last night, give it to me. Fuck me!” Rosina whined out and her voice started to break up in a frustrated growl.

Owen looked at his sister who began to probe her pussy with her index finger. She started to moan as she brought herself pleasure with her own finger. It was clear that she was hot and needed his cock, sure they were running late, but was anyone too busy for pussy? Owen walked back to be bed and knelt behind his sister. She quickly grasped his cock when it was near enough and lined it up to her waiting pussy.

“Just remember to breathe through that pillow and try to keep quiet!” Owen said as he slid forward and into Rosina’s pussy with the help of her guiding hand.

“Yes, Master,” Rosina said with a blissful sigh, her voice was muffled and distorted by the pillow that she clutched to her face.

Owen sank his cock further and further into his sister’s pussy and still couldn’t believe his luck. She was the tightest pussy he had ever seen, let alone thrust his cock into. Yet not only did he have the good fortune of bursa escort bayanlar fucking her, she was his. Not just as his lover, she was his Slave, and eagerly performed any task he required of her. If she wasn’t his sister, he could see himself falling hard for her and perhaps one day marrying her. The fact was that she was his sister and so marriage and kids wasn’t an option. Once his cock had fully imbedded itself inside the pussy of the woman in question, Owen no longer cared that she was his sister, she was one hot fuck.

“I’ll never get tired of this, Master.” Rosina mewed in a contented voice that sounded like a drug addict that had just been given their latest hit. “Thanks, Master, I needed this. I really did!” she added with a deep, guttural voice as she began to rock back and forth.

Owen stood there, kneeling behind Rosina and watched as she fucked herself on his cock while he stood still. He looked down and watched his cock sliding in and out of her pussy while he just knelt there. After a moment of this and a frustrated growl from Rosina, Owen grasped her hips and started to thrust. Once Owen took over the fuck, Rosina stopped thrusting and just let herself get fucked by the man she worshiped.

Rosina’s life had taken such an abrupt turn in the last week and it hit her strangely as Owen fucked her wildly. One week ago she and Owen barely spoke, and even then it was quick, casual and in passing. She was eagerly studying to be a nurse so school and her studies dominated her life. She didn’t date much, not because she didn’t get offers, she did get asked out from time to time. Mostly she didn’t date because she couldn’t spare the time. Now, one week later she was on her brother’s bed getting fucked by the man who was not only her lover, but her Master. She belonged to him in a real sense and that thought brought a feeling of peace and contentment to her. She loved the fact that there was a man who owned her, a man to look out for and protect her. The only thought that brought her pain was the fact that since he was her brother, she could never marry him or bear his children. She desperately wanted to carry his child and offer up to him the ultimate gift she could give her Master, his child. She pushed the saddening thought out of her mind as she instead focused on the release she needed.

Rosina knew, like Owen did, that this stolen moment of passion couldn’t last long and they needed to wrap it up quickly. Rosina started to rock her hips, to meet his thrusts with a thrust of her own. She wanted to feel him explode deep inside her; she loved the way it felt to have the deepest depths of her pussy washed in his cum. A sinfully delicious thought crept across her lips when it happened that this was her brother’s cum in her pussy.

“Oh God!” Owen moaned as he quickened his pace of fucking.

“YES! Cum in me!” Rosina squealed with excitement as she hammered back at him, quicker still.

“Cumming!” Owen moaned out as he threw his head back, slammed into Rosina’s pussy one last time and let lose.

Rosina felt pure bliss when Owen’s cock started spewing his hot cum inside her. The seed seemed to wash her pussy in warmth. Rosina swore from that moment on that she wouldn’t take her pill anymore. She didn’t care that he was her brother, she didn’t care of the risks of the pregnancy. All Rosina wanted at that moment was a child from the only man she wanted to be with for the rest of her life. The heat of the moment and the wickedness of her resolution triggered her orgasm. Rosina clutched the pillow tight as she tried in vein to stifle her orgasmic screams. Rosina wondered how any woman could be expected to keep quiet when getting fucked by the perfect cock. The back end of their respective orgasms wasn’t as quick or sudden as how it had started. Owen slumped over Rosina when his cock was spent and his weight caused her to crash to the bed. The two incestuous lovers breathed heavy as they caught their breath from the short but intense fuck.

“Now we really do have to get moving,” Owen said as he kissed Rosina on the cheek.

“I know,” Rosina said with a loving smile on her face as she turned her head to look at him.

“Wait here for a minute or two,” Owen said as he pulled out of Rosina and climbed out of bed.

Rosina felt hollow without him inside her and tried to hide her disappointment that he wasn’t. The sad look in her eye betrayed her hidden feelings and in response Owen smiled at her a comforting smile. Owen tossed his robe on and his smile grew broadly as he slipped out of the room.

After slipping into Rosina’s room to retrieve her bathrobe he opened the door to his room just enough to toss that robe at Rosina. Owen had just walked into the bathroom and was closing the door when it abruptly opened up again. Owen turned around, expecting to see Rosina, trying to sneak a shower with him that morning. Instead of a smiling Rosina, Owen saw Taryn, his mother, who was quite angry, her red bayan sarisin escort bursa face made that obvious. Her eyes were slits as she reached up and grasped Owen by the throat and tossed him up against the bathroom door.

“The next time you two decide to fuck when Richard is home why don’t you go ahead and bend her over the diner table!” Taryn growled in a low tone of voice an inch from Owen’s face.

“We were quiet!” Owen replied nervously, half-convinced of what he was saying.

“HA! I was in the kitchen and I knew what you were doing. I had to pretend I couldn’t hear the noises Richard heard!” Taryn said in the same angry tone of voice while she kept her voice down.

“What noises? Rosie had her head in a pillow the whole time,” Owen shrugged with a confused tone of voice and a wrinkled forehead.

“Headboard! Wall! Need I say more?” Taryn said with a stern look on her face before she burst into laughter.

“Oh.” Owen said as he winced in embarrassment and shame.

“I swear sometimes you want Richard to find out!” Taryn said before she leaned in and kissed Owen in a lingering kiss on the lips.

“Care for a shower, Red?” Owen asked in a sultry tone of voice as he nodded in the direction of the shower.

“I’d love to but we can’t spare the time,” Taryn said with a dismayed tone of voice.

“Shall I make it an order?” Owen teased with a raised eyebrow and a cheeky smile on his face.

“If you do, then you might as well walk downstairs right now and confess everything to Richard. I swear I’ll moan like a whore so loudly that I’ll make Rosina seem quiet!” Taryn said with a tone that dripped with sex yet still conveyed her resolute conviction.

“I have decided to shower alone,” Owen said with a firm tone of voice that weakly hid his fear that lived in his eyes.

“A wise decision, Master,” Taryn giggled as she leaned forward and gave Owen a hot kiss while pulling Owen away from the door. “Bye, Master,” Taryn said as she slipped out of the door, leaving Owen hard, horny and alone.

Owen briefly thought of calling Rosina into the bathroom for a quick romp but decided against it. It didn’t take long for Owen and Rosina to get ready for the day. Somehow Owen and Rosina kept a straight face when Richard asked them, over breakfast, if they had heard the odd sounds that morning. Once they were out the door and on their way to school, Owen explained what Taryn had said. Rosina was a little embarrassed that their father overheard their private time together.

On the short bus-ride to school Rosina insisted on snuggling up to Owen this morning like the previous morning. Owen was more comfortable with showing affection for his sister in public this morning than he was last morning. As they walked across the campus, hand in hand, a warm feeling grew in Owen’s heart. His feelings for Rosina were getting confusing and complicated. He loved her as a sister but even in their short time together in a romantic relationship, she was already quite special to him. After she kissed him goodbye and walked away from him to go to her class, Owen watched her go. He already missed her, not as his sister, or as his lover, or even as his Slave, but instead as a companion. Owen couldn’t deny that he was starting to think of his younger sister as his girlfriend and shook his head to push the odd thought out of his head.

All morning at school Owen found his thoughts drifting back to Rosina and how serious things were getting between them, so quickly. Owen didn’t know what was right or even what he really wanted. He had never been that close to Rosina and now all of a sudden he couldn’t imagine her not in his life. Was it the great sex? Was it the fact that he had completely dominated his own sister? Was it something more, was he actually falling in love with his sister? Could such a thing be possible? As strange as it seemed, the thought of falling in love with his sister troubled him a lot more than simply having sex with her or even dominating her. To fall in love with her would take everything to a whole new level, one that was not what he signed up for when he started things up with his mother a week ago. Owen had been sitting on a bench, enjoying the lovely weather, pondering all this over when he heard someone approach from behind.

“Guess who?” a gleeful female voice asked as everything went black.

“Rosie?” Owen asked in a false-unsure tone of voice.

“No, it’s Cat. Come with me, Master,” Rosina whispered in Owen’s ear with a tone of voice that dripped with sex and then licked his earlobe, sending a shiver down his spine.

“Let me think about that,” Owen said with a pondering tone of voice. “Okay!” he added energetically, almost immediately.

Rosina grasped Owen by the hand and led him down the path between two of the campus’s buildings. Looking around quickly to see if anyone saw them, Rosina darted behind a thick bush, dragging Owen with her. Owen saw that bursa evi olan eskort they were up against one of the buildings and in an inside corner, completely obscured by the large and thick bush. Rosina gently pushed Owen up against the brick building while smiling up at him with a wicked yet lustful smile.

“I’ve been thinking of this since the restaurant last night,” Rosina said with a sultry tone of voice as she dropped to her knees before Owen.

“Have you now?” Owen asked with a smirk on his face as he watched Rosina start to unbuckle his pants.

“Oh yeah, I can’t wait to have this monster down my throat, Master,” Rosina said with an excited tone of voice while she bit her lower lip, as Owen’s cock came into view.

Rosina didn’t waste any time as she grasped Owen’s cock by the base and licked her lips while she leaned forward. Rosina closed her eyes as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. Slowly she moved forward, taking more of his cock into her mouth. Soon enough the fat head hit the back of her mouth, and Rosina backed up and let the cock slip passed her lips. Once again she brought the cock back into her mouth and she mentally prepared herself once the head reached the back of her throat. Without pausing and with monumental determination Rosina forced her head forward. Her throat felt completely full and stretched as the fat head started to slide down her throat. Rosina felt her gag reflex kicking up but she pressed on, until she felt pubic hairs at her nose. Rosina wanted to shout out in victory and excitement but she couldn’t even smile for she was completely full of her Master’s cock. She pulled back and let his cock slip almost out of her mouth until she then let it slide back into her mouth and down her throat. She didn’t gag as much this time, and even less the next time. Soon enough Rosina was deep-throating Owen like she had always wanted.

“Oh God Rosie, you’re doing it! You’ve got me down your throat!” Owen moaned out in a lustful tone of reverence as he felt his knees start to buckle.

Rosina picked up the pace of her blowjob upon hearing Owen’s praise for her. What was not lost on her even as his thick cock was down her throat was that he called her Rosie and not Cat. Could he feel as strongly for her as she felt for him? This morning was special in so many ways, for they were starting to feel like a couple, at least in her eyes. She looked up at him as she continued to suck his cock and the love that he had for her showed in his eyes. It was at that moment that Rosina knew; she really knew that Owen loved her. Rosina sucked hard because she wanted to feel him cum down her throat. She wanted to please him, not as her Master, but as her boyfriend, as her man.

“OOOOHHH GAAAWWWDD!” Owen screamed in a loud moan as his orgasm hit him.

Since Rosina had wanted to feel him cumming deep down her throat, it was fortunate that it was all the way down her throat when he came. When his cock started cuming the head swelled slightly, completely lodging itself in her throat. All Rosina could do was swallow, repeatedly and wait for the waves to subside. Owen’s knees shook as the intense climax ripped through him, and only the wall held him up. When it was over his knees finally gave out and he found himself sitting on the ground. Rosina lovingly licked his cock clean before pulling his pants back up.

After Owen was covered up, Rosina moved up and cuddled up with him. It was a private spot and a tender moment between lovers. Rosina loved the feeling of holding him and his arms around her always made her feel safe and secure, now they also made her fell loved. They held each other behind that bush, saying nothing for awhile.

Soon enough though, it was time to return to class and they both knew it. They stood up, brushed the dirt off each other before walking out from behind the bush, hand in hand. They had just stopped to kiss goodbye when someone spoke up, to break their private goodbye.

“What’s this? Looks like Owen’s got himself a girl!” a male voice said with a voice that was filled with laughter.

Both Owen and Rosina turned to see a handsome guy who looked to be somewhere around their age, approaching. He stood taller than Owen and was quite lean, almost to the point that he looked to have been stretched. As a result of his tall and lean build his arms and legs looked to be much longer than they were. His blonde hair was short and spiky all over and he had a carefree air about him. He was the type of guy who seemed to bring the party with him and could brighten up an insurance seminar.

“Hey, Fred, what’s up?” Owen said with a smile as Fred arrived to stand right in front of them.

“You tell me!” Fred chuckled as he slapped Owen on the shoulder and laughed. “Don’t tell me that not only have you finally got yourself a girl, but you managed to nab one of the reluctant hoties!” he added with amazed laughter as he slapped Owen on the shoulder.

“What can I say,” Owen laughed nervously as he looked at Fred, hoping that he would go away.

“Reluctant hoties?” Rosina asked Fred with an eyebrow to convey her dubious curiosity.

“Oh, sorry,” Fred chuckled as he saw the expression on Rosina’s face. “I mean that you’re one of the hot girls at this place who never dates anyone,” he explained seriously with a smile that seemed to live on his face.

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