Big Easy Romp Ch. 01

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We are in an underground bar called the Dungeon in New Orleans after a fantastic meal at Brennan’s. There is much drinking and dancing, and Carl is being uncharacteristically generous with his wife. At one point we begin discussing the rumors of the effects of Cialis, an erectile dysfunction medicine known by the French as “le Weekend”. It is rumored that it has an aphrodisiac effect on women, and I propose we test it with my prescription in my hotel room.

Alcohol finds us agreeable to the idea and we repair to the Royal Sonesta hotel, to our room overlooking Bourbon street, and each try a strong dose of the drug. The chatting and drinking begin getting raunchier, and inhibitions are fleeing, as the boys begin to see prominent results. Each couple is on one of the queen beds in our suite, and eventually the couples begin making out. It gets pretty heavy and each couple is exploring the delights of chemically assisted erections. You free his mighty warrior for the strained cage of his pants, and it springs invitingly free. Carl leans back to enjoy as you take him into your mouth, his eyes wandering to our side of the room. You adjust your approach so that you too can see what is happening there.

We are completely clothed except that her skirt is around her waist and her underwear is gone. My legs are crossed Lotus-style, and I am leaning back. Julie is in my lap, her legs wrapped around my back, and leaning back as well. This is pressing the top of my unnaturally rigid dick up against her G-spot, and she is responding in a rush, her hands dancing around her clitoral hood.

After you both watch Julie’s first orgasm, Carl pushes you back on the bed, sliding off your soaked panties. After a short pause for alignment, he takes his throbbingly hard pole and plunges it into your aching pussy. You gasp, and he holds it there for a moment. He begins a steady rhythm and you touch yourself, lost in the moment. You both hear a commotion on the bed and look over to see that I, emboldened by the drug, have rearranged us to try sex from behind, which traditionally does not last long for me. Carl, interested in getting a better view, guides you up on all fours and takes his position behind you, so that you can both see the corresponding adventures in our bed. Not to be outdone, Carl slathers your own juices around your rear entrance and guides his slick cock into you. you gasp at the feeling, and begin controlling your breathing as he forces his way into you. You begin a steady rhythm, the pleasure and pain blending. You watch Julie canlı bahis and I rocking the bed violently with an enormous mutual orgasm, and begin your ascent to climax. You put your weight on one hand, freeing the other to rub your aching pussy intently, bringing yourself so close, still watching Julie and I cooling down on the opposite bed.

Carl begins pulling you violently against his hip, and explodes noisily, filling you. The spectacle causes me to return to a full erection, and you whimper with unhappiness as your husband pulls out before you were able to finish. I say “Are you going to leave her like that?” and he pants “I need to catch my breath. You finish her off.” We all look at each other and at Carl in surprise. I shrug and head over to the other bed, pushing you onto your back. With a nudge from me, your legs separate wide and I slide my bone-hard cock into your sopping twat. I follow your lead, marveling that I am finally fucking Anne Wynn, my obsession. You lay before me in beautiful agony and I thrust into you with enthusiasm, enjoying the way your breasts swing and your breathing intensifies. You looked just like all of my fantasies, only more beautiful.

You re-establish a rhythm. You’re breathing carefully, touching yourself, working yourself back up to that extraordinary climax. Your back is arched and I look down, enjoying the sight of my slick cock sliding in and out of you, your legs straining wide, your clit swollen in response to your frantic ministrations. You suddenly grab the sheets on the bed and violently slam your crotch against mine, moaning with every stroke as your body tenses in anticipation.

My wife is watching and idly masturbating. Carl is watching us and watching Julie, and his hardon returns just as your long-awaited orgasm takes violent control of all of the muscles in your body. I have not come yet, but you are spent, submissive. Carl and I pick you up off the bed and lower you onto my lap, dripping juices all over the hair on my legs. I am forcing my way into your ass, forcing Carl’ come all over my cock and balls. You are beyond resistance. Carl wonders aloud how much come you can take. He maneuvers in front of me and enters you. We catch our rhythm and I hiss into your ear that I can feel his cock inside you, that you are here to feel our cocks and receive our come. You are doing nothing but hanging on as we push and pull you between us, discussing how we should speed up and slow down without any participation from you.

Your head is lolling but you can hear me whispering bahis siteleri how beautiful you are when you are filled with our cocks and our come. I tell you how much I loved fucking you and what it feels like to have your tight ass gripping my cock, the way his prick feels sliding along the underside of mine as he pulls you close. I tell you I love the feel of your breasts under my hands as I pull you down onto me and release you to Carl’s pull. I tell you I am enjoying the delicately beautiful smell of your hair despite the turgid stench of sex in the air. I tell you that I will never forget the feeling of your thighs on mine in this perversely intimate embrace. I tell you how proud of you I am that you can do this, take both Carl and I at the same time. I tell you how I love the way your muscles tense and relax as you get fucked.

By this time Julie is standing over us, masturbating furiously. You reach out and curl your fingers, and she grabs your wrist and works your fingers into her pussy. You are a toy for our pleasure, wrenched around as Carl and I begin to lose control. You can feel our balls moving up high and tight, and you are dimly aware of the wet sloppy sounds your body is making as your orgasms begin arriving with each stroke. You whimper helplessly as Carl’ bush grinds against your swollen clit in a frenzied rhythm. You feel the jolting explosion of my orgasm, the fluids leaking onto our thighs, the bed. This is followed immediately with a staggering orgasm from Carl. He pulls away, still spurting all over your belly and breasts, and you collapse forward in his lap, barely conscious. I pull out with an obscene pop and a fresh rush of come is released from your body. The air is choking with body smells and you lay forward, exhausted. Carl’s cock, at half-mast and. inches from your face, reeks of sperm and girl-come.

I collapse backward on the bed to catch my breath, but my erection has not subsided. Julie abandons your now-limp hand and climbs onto the bed, lowering herself onto my proud phallus. As she slides up and down, the strained rim of her pussy is alternately pushed in and pulled out. Carl watches this, enjoying the gentle swing of Julie’s enormous tits. His cock, looming large and defocused in your view, begins to stir and jump. As my wife’s intensity increases, I reach around with a moistened finger to tickle her anus. Her groaning increases in pitch and Carl’s dick is returned to a mighty erection. He pushes it into your unresisting mouth and you instinctively begin to twirl your tongue around the bahis şirketleri head of his prick. He slurs “Check it out, she’ll even suck cock in her sleep.” I look at him through lidded eyes and resume the rhythmic thrust my wife is demanding. You begin sucking in earnest, and lift yourself up so that you can use your hands on his thighs, his balls, the shaft, his asshole. Your own excitement begins to build and you experience a rush of new energy.

Carl has stopped watching us and is now watching you helplessly as you take ownership of his manhood. You rise, standing on the bed, still cradling his nuts in your hand, so he is forced to rise with you. You lead him over to where I lay. My wife has changed her motions, sliding back and forth, occasionally bucking with the intensity. I no longer know whether I am capable of coming again or if I am simply coming continuously. You stand over my head, facing Julie, dribbling three people’s cum all over my face. I have an astonishing view as you begin masturbating wetly, still jacking your husband with your other hand, swirling your palm over the head of his dick so expertly that he is unable to resist or even participate in any meaningful way.

You squat onto my face, sliding your crotch across my nose and mouth. You settle in as I begin slurping away, my nose nestled in your abused asshole. You use Carl’s cock as a handrail to get your legs under you, kneeling on my shoulders and chest. Carl gasps but does not resist. You are now staring at Julie, who is lost in her world of pleasure. You grab Carl’s cock and bring it over to Julie’s face. She turns to the side to take it in her mouth. You are enjoying an incredible view of this woman sucking your husband’s cock as I’m pulling your pussy into my mouth and sliding my tongue through its folds to find your swollen clit. You lean forward, heedless of whether I’m being smothered, and begin sharing Carl’s rod with my wife, occasionally kissing her, as she moves over my cock. She begins to buck wildly in the throes of climax, manhandling your husband’s root, which causes him to begin coming on her face. She is completely unaware of anything but the waves of climax radiating from her pussy. This excites you and you begin to lick her clean as your own orgasm builds.

She pulls back, spent, as does Carl. You bend down and take my spasming cock into your mouth, enjoying the bliss of mutual oral pleasure. My hands begin to roam, stroking the sides of your body and breasts, and your orgasm builds. You grind your pussy violently into my face and alternately gasp and suck. This brings me to the brink of another orgasm, this one producing nothing at all from its battered head. My legs are twitching and you are gasping and you roll away, exhaustion giving way to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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