Big Surprise

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“I’m here.”

I stare at my phone, willing him to reply. Every nerve-ending in my body is tingling, wondering what he’s got planned for me. For us. All he told me was that he had a big surprise.

My heart swells a little and I allow myself a minute to bask in the romance of it all. This man who loves me so much, who works so hard, who makes every day an adventure, even after all this time together. I squeeze my eyes shut, picturing his sweet face: smiling, blue eyes, silky, brown hair, the stubble that covers his dimpled cheeks, and the soft beard I can’t help running my fingers over every time he’s within arms’ reach. Damn, I love him.

I flip the visor down to check my reflection. My blue eyes are sparkling with excitement, my cheeks flushed pink already. I pull my dark blonde hair down over my shoulder and comb it with my fingers, nervously.

My phone buzzes with a new text message and I grab for it. “Take your panties off.”

I blush and look around. There’s a man eating a sandwich in the parking spot across from me.

“There’s someone here.”

“Do it.”

I swallow hard. I love it when he gets bossy with me. I consider disobeying just so he’ll punish me, but I really want to know what he’s up to.

Keeping my gaze on the sandwich man, I reach under my dress and inch my panties down. Quickly, I lift my hips and shove them to my thighs, then push them over my knees so they fall to the floor. I step out of them quickly, then casually reach down and grab them, shoving them in my purse.

I text him. “They’re off.”

“That’s my girl.”

Oh, fuck. I love it when he calls me that.

A minute later, he pulls up next to me. Sometimes, he’ll walk around his truck and pull me from my seat, hugging and kissing me before opening the door and helping me inside, his hands never leaving my body. I can tell from the way his gaze is burning into me, this is not one of those days.

I grab my purse and turn the car off, glancing around to make sure I have everything. I wish I knew where we were going. Pressing the button to lock up my car, I turn and open the door to his truck. He’s got a towel on the passenger seat and I look at him with wide eyes, feeling my cheeks flush.

He chuckles. “Get in, Baby.”

I climb in and buckle my seatbelt, looking at him expectantly.

He tosses something into my lap. “Hold this against your clit.”

I look down. It’s a bullet. Not ammunition. The wire leads to a controller in his hand. I glance out the window, wondering if Sandwich Man is watching. He is still in his car, but not looking our way.

He tugs the toy away from me. “Of course, if you don’t want to, we can just go home.”

“No!” I shout, grabbing for it. “I’ll do it.”

He smirks and hands it to me. I part my legs and pull my dress up so he can see, then press the cold metal against my clit.

“Good girl.”

Not knowing what’s going to happen, not having any control, is exhilarating. He doesn’t leave me waiting long. We’re not even out of the parking lot, yet, and the bullet begins to vibrate. I gasp and reach for his arm but he pulls it away.

“Oh, no. I’m in charge.”

I whimper, then moan loudly as he increases the intensity. “Eric. Please.”

“Please, what? More?”

Already, I am about to cum, but he turns the bullet off ankara evi olan escortlar and I cry out in anguish, instead.

“Please, what?”

“Please, Sir,” I mumble quickly. “Please let me cum.”

He turns the bullet on again, but much lower. I press it harder against my clit, aching for release. He turns it off again. “I’m in charge.”

I nod.

“Say it.”

“You’re–” he turns it on high and I cry out.

He turns it off. “Say it.”

“You’re–” On again, even more intense. I moan. “You’re in… you’re in…Oh, God.” I take a deep breath. The wave is right there, about to drag me under. “You’re. In. Charge! Ah!” I scream as the orgasm crashes over me. My fingernails dig into my thigh as I writhe against the seat. He places his hand over mine and I cling to it gratefully, gasping for breath.

His hand moves between my legs, pressing the bullet back into place as the vibration increases again.

“Oh, fuck!” I moan. “Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh fuck!” I put my foot on the seat, trying to get enough leverage to push him away, but I can’t.

“What’s wrong, Baby?” He asks innocently. He’s parked now, and he plays with the controller, increasing and decreasing the speed, intensity, and pattern, until I feel like I might explode.

“Please,” I moan, arching against the seat.

“Do you need to cum again?”

“Yes!” I gasp. “Yes, please, SIR,” I groan through gritted teeth.

“I think… You can wait a little longer.” He turns the bullet off and tugs it away from me.

“Wait, what? No!”

“Stay there.”

He gets out and walks around the back of the truck. We’re at the campground and the camper is all set up. The reasonable, rational part of my brain knows whatever he has planned is going to be amazing, but the part of me that’s just been denied is pissed.

He opens my door and steps up, leaning over me to release my seatbelt.

He’s so close and his scent overwhelms me. I’m longing to touch him. Kiss him. No. I keep my arms crossed and look straight ahead.

He kisses my neck. “It will be worth it, I promise. Come on, let’s go inside.”

“No,” I whine.

“Babe, come on,” he says, a little more firmly.

I don’t move.

He kisses me sweetly, touching my face and threading his hands through my hair. I refuse to respond at all.

Suddenly, he fists his hand in my hair, wrapping it around his wrist. He yanks, pulling from the seat roughly. “Now.”

“Okay, okay!”

Once my feet are on the ground, he releases me and I whirl around to look at him. Before I can say anything, he kisses me. “Thank you for getting out of the truck, Baby.”

He tucks my hand in his and walks me to the door of the camper. He suddenly looks nervous. “I love you.”

“I know. I love you, too. I…I thought we were playing.”

He gathers my hair in his fist again and pulls my head back so I’m looking up at him. “What’s the safe word?”

My eyes widen and I whisper it. “Timeout.”

“You promise you’ll use it? Anytime you feel uncomfortable.”

“Yes?” He continues to look anxious. “Yes! You’re scaring me.”

His eyes flash and he pulls my hair harder. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. Let’s go.”

He opens the door and I climb inside.

I stop short, but he’s right behind me, pushing ankara olgun escortlar me forward, shutting and locking the door.

There’s a man on the bed. He’s naked, stroking the baseball bat between his legs.

“Oh, shit,” I gasp. That’s his cock.

Eric kisses my neck. “It’s fucking huge, isn’t it? You want it?”

The conversation we’d had a few weeks ago flashes through my mind.

“Do you ever wish you could be with a really big guy?” He’d asked me. “Wait. Have you been?”

I’d laughed. “No! I haven’t been. Baby, you’re perfect.”

He’d grabbed my hand and kissed it sweetly. “That’s not what I’m asking. I’m perfectly happy with what I’ve got. Sometimes I just wonder what it would be like to be a little bigger. A couple inches longer. Thicker. Just to try.”

“Just to try?” I’d asked skeptically. “I guess. Sure, I’ve wondered, but…well, I’m perfectly happy with what you’ve got, too.”

“Do you want it?” He asks me now, his breath hot on my neck, his hands massaging my breasts. “Just to try?”

I turn around and look up at him. His face is flushed with excitement but his eyes are still nervous. I swallow hard. “Eric,” I whisper.

“Timeout?” He asks. His gaze darts to the man behind me.

“I…I didn’t say that,” I tell him quickly. I hear movement from the bed and turn to find the man standing in front of me. I tilt my head to look up at him. He has dark brown hair, cropped close to his head and his brown eyes look anxious. He’s clean-shaven…everywhere, it seems…and his height seems almost comical in the too-tight space. “I’m Jade,” I whisper breathlessly.

“Mike,” he answers.

I eye his cock again and he steps back so I can get a better look. I have no idea what his measurements might be. It looks as big as my forearm. Jesus. “That’s…ah… pretty impressive.”

He grins. “I don’t get many complaints.”

I glance back at Eric, then down at the bulge in his pants. “Okay,” I whisper.

In a flash, he grabs me and kisses me hard, then pulls my dress over my head. He unhooks my bra and suddenly, I am naked in front of this stranger. I want to cover myself. My breasts are too big, my belly too soft. This can’t be what he’s used to. Still…he’s looking at me hungrily and I’m too aroused to care.

“Sit on the bed,” Eric orders him, pushing me forward and forcing me to my knees between his legs. “Suck.”

Oh, God. Okay, here we go. Mike’s cock looms at attention in front of me. It’s not as big as my forearm, but definitely bigger than I’ve ever had before. I can’t tear my gaze away. Tentatively, I reach for it.

I run my fingers along his length, listening to him suck in air through his teeth. A bead of precum appears at his tip and I use my thumb to rub it over his swollen head.

Leaning forward, I lick the path my thumb just traveled before taking him into my mouth slowly. I look up at him when he hits my throat. His head is thrown back, his breathing shallow. I wrap my hand around the base of his cock. I’ve barely taken half of him. Damn.

Backing off, I lick around his head again. Underneath. I wrap my lips around his shaft and suck gently, tonguing him softly. I hear him swear and behind me, Eric chuckles.

Mike jumps a little when I fondle his balls. I dip my head lower and lick and suck each one. He moans and squeezes ankara sarışın escortlar my head between his legs. They’re shaking already.

I make my way back up his shaft, licking and lubing it up. I take it in my hand and squeeze, pumping up and down his length a couple of times before taking him back into my mouth.

I feel hands in my hair and Eric’s voice is in my ear. “You like sucking that big cock, Baby?”

I murmur a reply around the dick in my mouth and nod enthusiastically.

“How’s she doing, Mikey? She’s good, right?”

“Fuck, man,” He groans. It seems to be all he manage.

Eric’s hands tighten in my hair and he pushes my head further into Mike’s lap. I whimper, trying to relax and breathe. He pulls me off, then pushes me down again, using my mouth to fuck his friend.

“That’s the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen,” he whispers.

He moves behind me, pulling my hips up. Without warning, he slams into me and I moan around Mike’s cock.

“Jesus, Babe. Your pussy is soaked. You like that big cock, don’t you?” He continues to pound into me. “You feel so…good. So good. Fuck. Yeah.”

I squeeze my eyes closed for a split second. Is this real? Eric has me bent over in the camper, my head in his friend’s lap, a cock in my pussy and another in my mouth? I wish someone was recording so I could watch later. Even I’m not sure it’s really happening.

Groaning, I suck Mike further into my mouth, swirling my tongue around as much as I can. I’m stroking his cock with one hand and fondling his balls with the other so I feel them tighten and lift my gaze to his face.

“Where?” He whispers.

I’m about to tell him to cum in my mouth when Eric pulls me upright by my hair. His other hand finds my clit and he continues to fuck me. “On her tits.”

Mike grabs his cock and strokes furiously. The first shot of hot cum hits me right between my breasts. I gasp and lift my hands to touch it, spreading it over my chest and my nipples. He keeps cumming, covering me in a sticky, white mess. I moan, leaning back into Eric, feeling my own orgasm build.

“That’s my girl,” he whispers in my ear, his fingers slipping over my clit. He releases my hair and wraps his hand around my throat. “Give it to me.”

I cry out, grabbing at his arm, but he fucks me relentlessly and I cum on his cock again.

“Fuck,” he says, suddenly releasing me and grabbing my hips. “Fuck, yes!” He slams into me twice more, then moans as his cum floods my pussy.

I whimper, clenching around him and he holds me tighter.


The three of us breathe the word together, almost in unison, and I giggle.

Eric swears as his cock slips out of me and we clumsily collapse onto the bed. I turn in his arms and he kisses me hungrily. “You’re amazing,” he murmurs against my lips.

I feel my cheeks heat and turn my head to look at Mike. He is already dressed and reaching for the door. I look back at Eric.

“Part of the deal,” he says softly. “This way, you and I can talk about it alone. When you’re ready,” he adds.

I nod and bury my face in his neck as his arms tighten around me while we listen to Mike leave. I feel his lips on my forehead.

“I’m glad you liked your surprise,” he whispers.

“It really was a BIG surprise.” I smile and kiss him sweetly. “Thank you.”

He chuckles. “It was really hot watching you suck him off. Should we invite him back? Is there anything else you want to do?” I feel my cheeks flame immediately and he laughs and smacks my bottom. “Oh, really?”

I shrug and grin at him, nodding shyly. “Just to try.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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