Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 30

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see below). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Synopsis of Story to This Point. Story continued below. Elsa Conner and billionaire Mark Worthington meet at a party, only he hides his true worth and identity from her in fear this nice girl might be another gold digger trying to get into his wealth. They date, but when the truth is discovered Elsa breaks up with him in anger over his lack of trust in her. In love, he grovels his way back into her good graces only she sets a condition of reestablishing the relationship as the equal involvement of her sister Cindy. The trio fall deeper in love. There are some awkward moments where Elsa and Cindy work out how they’ll date their new boyfriend and whether to be exclusive. To test their relationship, they meet and enjoy a sexual evening with Tom on a weekend vacation. Later, Mark’s cute new secretary Melanie gets added to the relationship. After holding off to assert their independence, Elsa and Cindy move in with Mark; Melanie soon joins them in living in Mark’s posh condo. They all learn more about the ever-present bodyguards and security guards around Mark managed by stoic Lucas.

Mark’s long time aide Sheila eventually joins the sisterhood. He established an office dress code for Melanie and Sheila – no undies. Several parties are held that devolve into happy sexual events among friends. There’s a kidnap attempt on Mark that gets foiled. Mark meets Brita, a Danish woman he strongly resonates with. The four girls pick-up Ryan, Deke, Mike, and James at a club, and establish group-to-group fuck buddy relationships with them. Ryan introduces ‘The Experience’ – an intense A-spot orgasm – to the women; Mark learns and applies the technique on Brita and later to others. Cindy and Elsa get deeper into martial arts and handgun training motivated by the kidnap attempt on Mark. They get a chance to use their martial arts in a club one evening when dealing with some drunken men.

Mark arrives home from a trip to find a full-scale orgy underway that Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, and Sheila have orchestrated with the men they picked up at a club. One of the men Deke is their firearms instructor. Mark happily joins in the party. The girls hold a swing party and one of the guests brings KC – a talented artist, who Mark and the girls fall in love with, and who loves the group and its sexy lifestyle. Tom joins in, especially now that he has agreed to work for Worthington Industries. A vacation to a Mexican villa is planne; Brita, KC, and others join in the fun and sex at the villa. KC and Brita receive love rings like the others have. Elsa and Cindy seduce Lucas – Mark’s bodyguard. Marcia, the other key bodyguard, prepared to seduce Mark. The girls keep up their instruction in urban survival and weapons training.

Chapter 30 – Loving a Bodyguard. Security Drills


“Mark, I was hoping you and I could take a walk down the beach.” Marcia’s invitation was not unexpected, although I had geared myself up to fuck on the small sailboat. Doing something on the beach would be better – certainly more stable.

“I’d be more than delighted. You excite me, and I’d love to spend time with you.”

Marcia and I walked down the wide terraced stairs to the beach. Once there, she paused and looked at me. Marcia then removed her clothing to be as naked as I was. I couldn’t help but notice that she had only been wearing two items: her summery blouse and her shorts. She’d gone commando.

I asked, “What’s in the backpack?”

“Oh, blanket, water, handgun, and enough ammo to fight a small war.”

“I feel safe in your hands,” I teased. I kissed her and stroked one of her breasts.

The two of us strolled out and around the promontory visible from the villa. We held hands. Once we were out of sight, Marcia pulled me to her and we shared a dozen hot kisses.

“Will you please make love to me?” she asked. The no-nonsense tone she used as a bodyguard had been replaced by the softer tone of a lover, plus there was considerable uncertainty in the question and it wasn’t uncertainty that she wanted to have me respond favorably.

I looked around and there wasn’t a soul in sight. “Yes, with delight and pleasure.”

Marcia spread out the blanket on the dry sand, set the rest of the backpack on a corner, and then came into my outstretched arms. She trapped my hard cock between her legs, using a hand from the back to snug my shaft up against her wet ankara bayan escortlar slit. We mock fucked standing like that for a couple of minutes as we kissed and raised our psychic temperatures.

I nudged Marcia down on the blanket, and we both dropped onto the soft sand. Marcia went down on me, making me even harder and also proving that she didn’t mind her own taste. She was very wet and my cock was covered in her musk.

A few minutes later, I traded places with her and steered my tongue right into her drippy love box. She tasted better than any fine wine I’d ever even dreamed about. I stayed a long time and brought her to two orgasms before I pulled away and looked down at her.

Marcia stretched her arms up to me, “Love me. Fuck me.”

I said in a tender tone, “I think I’ll choose to love you.” I followed up with a kiss.

I sank all eight inches of my man meat into her wet pussy, gently pushing past her tightness until no more remained. Marcia moaned and moved her hips up to meet me, and then we both went into motion to heighten the experience for each of us.

Our first union was quick by mutual consent and urgency. We both wanted that one great orgasm where cock erupts inside pussy, as pussy spasms in stupendous climax. A few minutes later, we stood, held hands, and walked into the ocean to wash off our sweat and excess sex juices.

We went back to the blanket and fucked again, this time taking our time. I stopped us halfway through, and then went down on Marcia again. She balked but then expressed amazement that I would go down on her after I’d cum in her pussy. For me, this wasn’t a big deal.

I started to fist her, and then went through all the steps of The Experience: fist inside, G-spot orgasms, discover A-spot, work A-spot until she starts to have major earth-shattering climax, pinch nipples, slap, fingers in ass, and push her over the top with my fingers massaging her A-spot. The process took about fifteen minutes of continuing bliss for Marcia.

Marcia passed out for a minute. When she came awake she jerked and looked around to be sure there was no threat. She gasped in her soft voice, “Holy shit, what did you just do to me? I’ve never passed out in my life, and you make me do it from too much pleasure.”

I kissed her and she kissed back. “I wanted to give you that experience. You are deserving.”

“God, thank you. Will you finish making love to me now? I love you.”

We went at it another fifteen minutes more traditionally. After our shared orgasms we again went in the ocean. We then air dried, and with some laughter picked up our blanket and other gear and walked back to the villa.

I teased, “I assume that was enough of a walk on the beach?”

“Oh, yes, kind sir. It was exactly what I’d hoped for. No, that’s not true. You went way beyond anything I imagined it would be.” She hugged me to her, pushing her trim breasts into my arm. “Mark, I’m in love with you.”

“I’m glad. I love you too. You are always welcome to join in, but I never want you to feel that you have to do something because you work for me.”

As we neared the villa, Marcia said, “I should go and clean up in the security house.”

I pulled her, “No, come with me. We’ll go in the pool.”

“But, the others … they’ll know what we did … and see me naked.”

I chortled, “And you’ll see them naked as you have all week, and unless I miss my guess they all know exactly what we’ve been doing, so don’t be upset. They won’t be.”

Marcia reluctantly came along with me. We put our things on a chaise beside the pool and then dove in. The water was warmer than the ocean by about five degrees. We swam around for a few minutes and then got out.

Elsa came up and put her arms around Marcia. “Welcome to the sisterhood of those of us that love Mark.” She kissed her on the lips, much to Marcia’s surprise. Elsa pulled away and asked her, “Want to play? I’d love to taste you.”

Marcia stammered, “I … I … I’m not ready … I have to think … I’m not sure … yet.”

Elsa kissed her again, “That’s OK. When you’re ready, I will be too. Don’t put it off too long. You’ll find it’s almost as much fun as The Experience that Mark gave you.”

Marcia expressed surprise, “You … KNEW.” Her voice rose an octave in embarrassment.

Elsa laughed, “I guessed what would happen, and then I watched.”


Elsa said, “I watched you two make love from atop the bluff right above the beach where you were. Lucas saw you two, but he’d come to chase me away so I didn’t bother you. He fucked me while you two were going at it. I loved it. It was all very erotic and sexual.”

Marcia rolled her eyes and chuckled. “I will forever be learning about this over-sexed group. I really need to go and change. My guard shift is coming up.” She picked up her clothing and scurried off through the house.

I looked at Elsa and teased, “Naughty, naughty. Watching us, that is.”

“You fucked Marcia. ankara seksi escortlar I fucked Lucas. Finally, we’re getting the kind of bodyguards that understand our bodies. I really like that.” On that note, Elsa turned and dove into the pool.


I watched Mark and Marcia go down the steps towards the beach. I knew they were going to fuck, and I wondered if I could watch them. Watching people fuck really turned me on. I didn’t want to follow, that would be a little over the top, but there were paths and vantage points of the beach all along the higher ground paralleling the beach. I grabbed a pair of binoculars from the house, and headed down one of the paths towards the deserted portion of the beach overlook. Periodically along the higher path there were benches where a couple could sit and gaze out at the beach, ocean, and sunset.

By the time I got there to the right spot, Mark and Marcia were already laying on the blanket making love. I watched them, using one hand to jill off as I did. I loved to watch other people make love, especially when Mark was one of the people.

They went swimming, and then came back to the blanket. I watched Mark get into giving Marcia The Experience. I wondered how long it would take him, but I didn’t get to find out.

“Ahem! Don’t you get enough sex? You have to come out here and spy on someone else?” Lucas’ voice was hushed so that Mark and Marcia wouldn’t hear us.

I smiled at Lucas and shrugged. I passed him the binoculars. “Here, you look. They’re hot. Mark is fisting Marcia and giving her The Experience.”

“I heard about that from your sister,” Lucas said. He looked through the lenses and studied the pair. Marcia’s moans carried up to us on the sea breeze.

As he watched, he teased me, “You sent your sister to fuck me last night, didn’t you?”

I laughed quietly, “Not really. I just extolled your virtues to her and she couldn’t wait to fuck you. You are a unique lover, you know. Very satisfying.” I paused and added, “We’ve decided we both want to do you together some night. You can fuck both of us, and then watch us do interesting things that most sisters probably don’t do together – like eat your cum from each other’s pussies. Wouldn’t you like that? Some refer to that as an F-F-M experience. We’d love to fuck you that way.”

Lucas unbuckled his shorts and dropped them down to the ground. He was commando, and thus naked below the waist. He came closer to me, and kissed me hard. His cock was standing up straight.

“Bend over, Elsa. Hold onto the back of the bench.”

I did and Lucas slipped his magnificent shaft into my pussy from behind. His shaft felt heavenly. I groaned. Moreover, the way we were standing I could look afar and see Mark fucking Marcia again. This week had turned out to be one great vacation.

Lucas pummeled my pussy making me cum a couple of times before he emptied his load deep inside me. I turned back to him and we engaged in a few minutes of passionate kisses. If there were words either of us wanted to say, neither of us said them. Our actions spoke louder than any words.

Lucas redressed, and then walked me back to the house. Mark and Marcia were still fucking when we left. Lucas broke off and took another path about a hundred feet from the pool area. I returned the binoculars to the house bookshelf, and then went out by the pool and lay down. I was enjoying Lucas’ cum running out of my pussy and covering my legs or ass depending on how I lay.

Mark and Marcia came up from the beach, and went into the pool. As they got out I joined them, teasing them about fucking. For some reason, I got a kick out of Marcia’s response to my having watched them.

After she left, Mark scolded me, “Naughty, naughty. Watching us, that is.”

I told him, “You fucked Marcia. I fucked Lucas. Finally, we’re getting the kind of bodyguards that understand our bodies. I really like that.”

Mark followed me back into the pool. I had to wash off the cum running down my leg. Mark cornered me, “Elsa, you can’t fuck all of the people who work for me.”

I pouted, “Why not, Daddy? They’re all so nice and I’m so horny.” I tried to sound like a teenybopper.

Mark ignored my taunt. “Lucas and Marcia have important jobs to do. They are our protection. You may not think we need protection, but take it from me, we do. Someday you’ll see. We are in a very enviable position in the world. People can find a zillion reasons to hate us: we didn’t hire them, we fired them or didn’t promote them; we made a bad product, or we didn’t respond to them in some way as they’d hoped. They might believe we threaten the environment, or children, or water, or endanger animals. You name it, and people will attribute some malfeasance to us, and they will want to hurt us because of that. They will have a thousand rationalizations for why what they do is the right thing too.

“The hurt they invoke can come in different ways, and we’ve seen a lot of them: they picket bayan ankara escort our offices and manufacturing plants, they spread lies about us in the press or on the Internet, they vandalize our properties, or they threaten our employees – bomb threats, for instance; we have one of those somewhere at least once a month. They shoot out windows in our buildings, hoping to hurt someone; we have that happen several times a year.

“Lastly, they go after our managers and executives. We’ve been lucky. There have been a few beatings, but no one has been killed … yet. Lucas and the others have convinced me that the big, number one person people would like to hurt is me because I head up the whole shebang. People want to hurt me, maim me, or kill me, because maybe, then, whatever cause they are fighting for expects we will change to the way they think we should. My successors will see the light. Yes, it’s deluded thinking, but it is still thinking that motivates behavior.

“By extension, you and your sisters are extensions of me. Hopefully, you’re not as visible, nevertheless, people know you must exist. They watch. They see you and you become a surrogate for me, unfortunately; and probably one easier to get to. So, then the game becomes, let’s go after his girlfriend or girlfriends. Let’s hurt her, maim her, or kill her.

“Brita faces the same thing in her business, and it can be worse in Europe. People here know we kill lab rats, mice, dogs, and monkeys to test the efficacy and efficiency of promising pharmaceuticals. In Europe, when you do that, you piss off all these animal rights groups. You kill one mouse, and they think you should be killed as well, and they mean business. There have been many murders done on that basis alone over there. Those groups make PETA and other groups in the U.S. look like a child’s tea party.

“That is why we have bodyguards and multiple layers of security. So, as we fuck Lucas and Marcia, let’s remember why they’re there. They are protecting us. They have a job to do. Make sure we are helping them and not giving them emotional luggage that prevents them from being the finely honed machines we want them to be.”

I stood in awe over Mark’s serious speech about security. When I was sure he wasn’t going to go on, I said, “I … don’t know what to say … or do. I like Lucas – even love him some. He’s good – damn good. He put me through my paces yesterday even harder than ever before. He has lectured Deke and made him much more demanding of superior performance from Cindy and me in weapons training. The whole milieu has changed; it’s more serious, intense, and important. Now, I start to see the bigger picture.”

Mark said, “I will be very gentle with Marcia. She’s a gem of an agent and a desirable woman. I want her to excel at being both. I think Lucas got to thinking of himself as a eunuch working for me, but now you’ve reminded him that he’s a man with desires and needs. Think how to balance his being our top security man with being a man. I think he’ll be better in both roles because of it.”

I nodded, “I will. I seriously will.”

Lucas loomed over us beside the pool at that point. He gestured to me and said in a curt tone, “Beach! Ten minutes with your sister. Come prepared for a workout. Bring your gun, but you won’t need ammo.” He turned and strode off. The abruptness of his command showed me which mode he was in.

I gathered Cindy, and we threw on our workout clothes and our shoulder holsters. We ran down to the beach to be there within Lucas’ ten-minute window. We just made it.

Lucas and a man named Carlos were talking. Introductions were made, although we had both met Carlos before.

Lucas explained, “You will start to carry your weapon when you get home. Take it with you EVERYWHERE.” He paused and asked us, “Where?”

Cindy and I said in unison, “Everywhere!”

“Right. It’s in your holster covered with a jacket. It’s in the pocket of a skirt. It’s in a handbag or shoulder bag. Practice as Deke had you do until you can draw and fire that weapon in five seconds or less from sensing a threat regardless of where you had it stowed. That’s a long time if someone else already has a drawn weapon.

“What I want to go over with you today, is how to protect your weapon from someone who is intent on taking it away from you. Take the magazines from your weapons and clear the chamber.”

We both ejected the magazines and popped the chambered round out. We picked up the expelled bullets and put them with the magazines on a nearby chaise.

Lucas said, “Carlos and I are going to demonstrate. My weapon is free of ammunition. He already checked it. He will now try to take it away from me.”

Lucas and Carlos stood apart for a second, and then went into a scuffle with Carlos fighting for control of the gun. Eventually, he broke Lucas’ grip and then turned the weapon on him and fired. The deadly click of the hammer hitting nothing brought the point home that a lost weapon can be used against you.

Lucas said, “Carlos is the best we have in terms of taking a weapon, but let me show you again. This time Lucas went after his gun that Carlos still held. It took Lucas twenty seconds to wrest the weapon away from him and fire the gun into his chest. Click.

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