Birthday Present For My Sister Ch. 02

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Ava Addams

Our older sister was right, but she wasn’t talking about us siblings, but my little sister was:

“I want to do it, like I said last night. She said we should tell each other what we wanted, what felt good. Didn’t have to tell you last night; your big fingers were just so good and already doing everything I wanted.”

I could have told her that she had had about the best finger-fucking orgasm I could remember, but I didn’t, and not just because I disliked that I had thought that word to describe it.

“Want to go to the bathroom first, see each other all naked?”

“Good idea.”

Talk about being acquiescent! Just agree with anything she says, maybe does? Seemed like it.

She threw back the covers, and we got up. Maybe I should have been glad that my cock was a little aroused, giving her something to see. We just stood and looked each other up and down, hardly arousing. She had less hair than I had expected, maybe having thought it better not to envisage that she had less. It was a little matted, until she apparently unconsciously fluffed it up. Had I jostled my balls before or after she did that? When had her nipple popped out? Before my eyes glanced up to look at them. Ursula Andress, more Playboy centerfold. She was smiling, when I finally looked at her face. I had been a voyeur till then, but she had been being a delightful exhibitionist.

Was she going to watch me use the toilet? She went first, smirking, and then did watch me, chuckling and saying that she hadn’t asked our sister about that.

“At least one thing she didn’t tell, but probably to wash.”

“Oh, yes. Can’t surprise you then, since you mentioned it.”


Unabashedly she washed her pussy. Was she expecting that I implied that we would do something with it? She watched me wash my cock and balls, then handing me a towel. Talk about getting familiar with each other! And now she was going to play with my cock? As we returned along the hall to my room, it occurred to me that this must be the least aroused I had been when knowing the next thing that was going to happen.

She waited for me to lie down, and I did, wondering again about my acquiescence, even helping:

“If you want to see it shoot, lie next to me.”

She smiled with a slight nod, but replied:

“She said that I could suck it a little first, that that was very good, didn’t have to make you come in my mouth, if I didn’t want to. She does, but said some girls don’t.”

“She’s right,” I replied, recalling that the ones who did were best in bed, and wondering about my other sister: also good in bed; had she surprised her now husband by doing that that first night? Were other older sisters also so open about talking about sex with a younger one? Maybe, if she was so direct about asking.

Mine was getting on the bed between my thighs. Her first cock was still soft and floppy, even when she gave me a grin and picked it up, then watching her hand experiment with making it flop, but only a few of times. Then it was just wobbling back and forth, apparently to her delight, from her expression. I boxed the pillow together to support my head so that I didn’t have to hold my head up to watch.

She was smiling at it. It still wobbled, but less, when it – I, of course – saw her tongue lick her lower lip. It didn’t wobble any more, when she hummed and murmured: “Like her mugshot.”

This was going to be something new, watching a girl – forget it’s your sister – licking, sucking your cock for the first time, and in the full light of day. What had her sister told her to do? She had told where it was most sensitive, probably showed her on her mugshot.

She had released it, admiring – I wanted to thing – the way it stood up by itself, bobbing with each of my now faster heartbeats. It was tilting towards me, of course. She drew it back with a couple of fingers, and then lowered her head. She sure did know where it was most sensitive! Her tongue licked there, and it twitched strongly away from her tongue. She hummed at the confirmation that she had found the right spot, and licked again, this time chuckling with her success. She licked again, this time holding it more firmly, her tongue still licking. I had to moan, but she didn’t look up, lowering her face over it. In her mouth!

I couldn’t stand it for as long as I wanted to, feeling her lick and suck, making my cock throb in her mouth: “Stop, if you want to see it.”

Almost reluctantly, she did, looking up at me with a nod, licking her lips. Had she already tasted my precum? She moved up next to me and began move her hand on my cock. She was going to get to see it all right, and she was staring at what her hand was doing.

“Tighter,” I murmured, wondering if her sister hadn’t told her that, or if she hadn’t dared to squeeze it that hard. Her pussy would, the way it at squeezed my fingers. Stop thinking about that, doing that with her!

I thought I should show my arousal a little sooner that necessary, moaning before I would have as a practiced masturbator. bursa suriyeli escort escort Had I the night before? Had she heard me? She did now, nodding with a hum. For a short while, we exchanged moans and hums, and then my hips began to rock.

And then …! Oh she got to see it, “all over,” like her sister had said. I was kind of proud that it had been so much. She was impressed:

“Oooh! Mmmm! So much! She was right. Sorry about last night, if that was what you had wanted.”

“This was better, letting you do it,” I replied, realizing that I was only encouraging her to do it again.

“And they let you do that in their mouths?”

“Not all of them.”

“But some of them?”

“Too few.”

Damn! I didn’t have to say that! She was already wiping up the nearest blob. She sniffed, wrinkling her nose, and then licked her fingers. When her tongue was back in her mouth, she wrinkled her nose again, but then she put her fingers in her mouth. She wrinkled her nose again and snorted with a sharp “Uhn!” Then she looked up at me with a funny expression and said:

“She was right, tastes really strange. But they do it? She does it.”

I just nodded. She snorted again and murmured:

“Guess I could too, then.”

She wiped up another blob and tasted it, murmuring: “Guess so.” She looked up at me again and asked:

“And you really like it, when they do?”

“As good …,” I answered, quickly correcting: “better than anything else,” hoping I was suggesting it was better for me than really doing it. But, of course, it wouldn’t be for her, and all this was about satisfying her curiosity. Not just curiosity; after last night, it was obviously also about satisfying her sexual desires. She was already replying:

“I could do it. That was good before. I liked that, feeling how aroused you were. I was too. … Oh? You do that too, I mean, to girls. She said that’s real good to, if he does it right, even if he doesn’t, but that then he can do something else. You like it, like the taste? Hm-hmm! Not as strange as you do – wet fingers.”

I liked that she had tasted herself, but did I want to encourage her, to suggest that I did? Should have last night, when my hand was all wet from her orgasm. For once, I prevaricated – not much:

“It’s okay.”

“If I can, you can.”

When I didn’t say anything, she found another blob, now more runny, and licked her fingers. She looked up me again with smile, as though to demonstrate that she had no qualms about doing it, ergo, I shouldn’t, but my qualms were different from hers. Despite the taste, she wanted to do it; I wanted to do it, but thought that I shouldn’t. It was just too apparent that if I did that, and she did that …, well, we could do that again and again all week, but it was too evident that she would want to do more. I hadn’t quite finished these thoughts, when she spoke again:

“She said we could both do it at the same time, but since you just did, since I just did it to you …?”

Another one of those questions!

“Your turn,” she continued, then grinned and added: “or mine – to watch.”

I found my shorts again and began wipe up. While I did, she chuckled and reached down and gently gathered my sack and balls from between my thighs, remarking:

“I forgot them, to fondle them, funny, nice. Oh! Now ‘I’ve got you by the balls.'”

Her fingertips had curled in around them, holding them, as she grinned at me again and said:

“Promise me that you will.”

She pulled them, just gently. Our sister obviously had told her all about men’s balls too.

“Tell me you want to lick my pussy, that you will. Oooh, don’t think I ever said that word before, not like this.”

“Just as well. Okay, I want to, will.”

I tried to make it sound as if I were resigned to having to do so, while thinking that she had moved on from difficult questions to direct demands. She smiled and just fondled my balls again, replying:

“And then I will. She said you could come again by then.”

“She didn’t say ‘I’ could.”

“No, of course not, just that a boy could again after a few minutes.”

“You asked?”

“Yeah, that was towards the end of our conversation, both of us chuckling about how loose our talking had become. She was enjoying it too. At the start, we had both been pretty nervous about it all, talking about it.”

“I hope so. Come and kneel over my face.”

“Oh, like that? She didn’t tell me we could do it like that.”

I had been just to lazy to move, but as she quickly got over me, It occurred to me that she could just scoot down afterwards and suck my cock, which by then definitely would be wanting her to.

“Pretty pussy,” I murmured.

It was – weren’t they all – but hers really was: a sweet, young pussy, pink, nice little inner lips, nice soft little inner lips, and it tasted so good already. She must have been aroused when she was making me come. I loved it, bursa ucuz escort and she loved it, responding with surprised moans, and then with aroused ooohs and moans. Could I have assumed that her clitoris was a little more prominent than some, since she had had such an intense and wet orgasm – or had my fingers been the key to release her so good orgasm? Nice idea: fingers as the key to open her, of course, not the real key, sort of a skeleton key – master key – that worked in any pussy, but so did or should a cock, even better and because that key enjoyed it as much. Funny, the thoughts one could have while licking a pussy.

Back to enjoying her somewhat more prominent clitoris and letting her enjoy it. Let her nipples enjoy something too. I slid my hands up from her hips and and found her hands already there. “Oooh, yes!” she agreed, clasping her hands over mine. Then she was moaning again, and I was humming.

When her pelvis began to twitch against my mouth, her hands left mine. I glanced up and saw her grasping the headboard, and then she was almost grinding her pussy on my mouth with more desperate, insisting moans. Would she come like before, that wet? I hoped so, my tongue doing its best to make her; it would be so good to feel her wet my face like she had my hand, and would taste so good.

It was good! Maybe not that much again, but enough, and she had certainly had an orgasm, gasping and almost groaning with pulsing moans, that continued as her body jerked, and she wet my face again, until she finally gasped and turned her pussy away from my mouth. I took a deep breath and sighed, pleased and relieved that I had made it so good for her, and then was aware of my cock, feeling it twitch.

She sat back on my chest, still sighing as she looked down at me with blank expression, then smiling and nodding slightly. I returned her nod with my own slight smile. After we both had sighed again, she nodded again and murmured:

“Oh, you did that good! You must make those girls real happy.”

“If they let me.” I didn’t have to say that!

“They don’t? They should. Why not?”

“Probably don’t want to do it to me. Never asked, of course.”

“Should tell them that you want to anyway.”

“Hmm? I’ll remember. Hm-hmm! Tell them my sister says they should let me.”

We both chuckled, almost laughing. Then she smiled a little wryly and remarked:

“Better not.”

“And don’t you ever tell our sister how good her advice has been.”

“Oooh! No, I had sort of been wanting to.”

“At least, not until you’ve done as much with someone else. I would like to tell her too, but …!”

“Of course not, though it would nice to be able to.”

“Um-hmm. If you ever do, thanking her, think that it’s from me too.”

“Um-hmm, I will. And now: if those girls didn’t want you to for that reason, I do.”

She began to kneel backwards over me. Had I ever done all this with a girl before breakfast? No! Done anything with one before breakfast? Also no. Had one wanted to suck my cock before we had done even more, all the way? Before I could continue that line of thought, she was getting between my legs. I raised my head. She was looking at my cock, now lying full length on me. I boxed the pillow back under my head to watch her.

God, she was clever, not picking it up, leaning down and licking where she now knew it would feel best, licking until it began to rise, until it was so stiff, that it twitched away from her tongue. Our sister couldn’t have taught her that. She made it twitch again, chuckling, and then turned her head down over it, and it was in her warm mouth. No hands, but – oooh! – but one fondling my balls again.

She drew my cock back so that she could look at me, with smiling eyes, the corners of her lips drawing up, as her tongue caressed. God, she was going to make some man happy! Like her sister had. Some man, some men? But I was going to be the first one; to hell with worrying about her being my sister!

It’s not nice to admit, but it is easy to forget who is sucking one’s cock, easier when one’s eyes close with increasing arousal. Mine did. Had her sister told her how to do it, or was it just natural talent? Better than a couple of others for sure, but they had been the ones who didn’t want me to come in their mouths. She did; fondling my balls and sucking and licking, my cock twitching; fondling until my sack drew up in a tight, wrinkled ball. Had she told her that that was a sign that I was about to come? “Soon,” I murmured. She nodded and began to bob her head, as her hand grasped my cock. She must have told her; have to ask her – my last half way coherent thought before I could only moan:

“Uhnn! … Uhnn! … Uhnnn! … Uhn!! Uhn!! Uhn!!”

“Uhnn! Uhnn, uhnn, uhnn,” she also moaned, vibrating on my cock, first surprised, but then responding with slight nods each time my hips twitched and my cock spurted.

It did a couple of times more, both of us moaning, and then I had to bursa üniversiteli escort hold her head still. That didn’t stop her tongue from moving, until I gave a complaining moan and pushed her head back a little. She seemed to understand and stopped licking. I opened my eyes. She was looking up at me. Her mouth closed tighter on my cock for a moment, and then again, and then she smiled at me again, as good as she could with my cock still in her mouth. I sighed, nodding, and she nodded, and then raised her head, still holding my cock with her hand, and really grinned at me, licking her lips.

“Good!” she murmured.

“Very good! Couldn’t have been better.”

“I did it. Oh, it was good. Swallowed it all. Oh, you said that girls then kissed you.”

“Next time.”

Another one of my superfluous remarks! She grinned with a big nod, and then looked down at my shrinking cock and licked over its head before it retracted in her fist. Her other hand had left my sack. She drew it up from between her thighs and murmured:

“All wet again; want to do it to me again?” Another question like that!

“Peepee – and shower.”

“Oh, all right. Have to go too.”

She gave me a wry grin and got off the bed, and I followed her to the bathroom. I had already seen her from behind in her bikini bottom, of course, and not just this summer, but had been reluctant to see her as anything other than my sister. Of course, I couldn’t help but appreciate her nice breasts after she had bared them, but now, well, I was past worrying about her being my sister and enjoyed without reservations the view of her good figure. I couldn’t remember having followed a nude girl and suddenly recognized that the only straight line was that down her ass – fairly straight, would have been if she stood still.

She sat down on the toilet, going with a slight smile. I stepped in the shower and started to go, before I closed the curtain, like I would have any other time, when I had to and was going to shower. I heard her surprised “oh” and chuckle as I closed the curtain and turned on the water, and then heard her flush. Then I was surprised; she joined me in the shower, snickering with a grin and saying that I could wash her back. Of course, we didn’t just wash each others’ backs.

She wasn’t successful at making my cock aroused, but not for lack of trying, then asking me how many times a day I could do it. I prevaricated again, replying that I thought four times, while remembering once when I had six times. Did she really look disappointed, or was it feigned? I realized that I was inviting her to try to make me come at least that many times, and it wasn’t yet eight o’clock. Once an hour for the rest of the day? It wasn’t going to happen!

When I said that I would shave, she replied that she would start breakfast. With a ham and cheese omelette, I suggested, and she went off. Still naked, I glanced in the kitchen to see if I should put on anything. No, she was just as naked and nice to view, as she moved, unconscious of my peeking, this time being the voyeur. When I then joined her, her nipples popped out, which was nice, that she was suddenly aware that she was being seen.

She had found the ingredients for the omelette and stirred the eggs, but asked me to finish it. While I did, she took care of everything else, and we sat down to eat, just smiling at each other. It was a little – a lot! – surprising how quickly being naked had become, although her nipples did pop out a couple of times, but she just chuckled. I said that I would wash up, and then told her to call home: “before Mother asks us this evening how we spent the day.”

“What shall I tell her that we are going to do?” she asked with a grin.

I was about to say: “just fuck around,” but didn’t, of course, admonishing myself for having even thought to use that word. She was still grinning, as though she had been reading my thoughts. Anything but that, I thought and replied:

“Go swimming, maybe go for lunch, something like that.”

She nodded and called. Her nipples popped out again when our mother answered, and she blushed as she replied, wiping her forearm over them. Didn’t help, they were still erect as they talked, but she managed to keep an even tone as she mentioned what I had suggested. Apparently, Mother was satisfied and agreed. When she had hung up, she scowled at me, rubbing her arm over them again. This time they did relax, but she said:

“Next time, you call her.”

I agreed. She then grinned and asked:

“And what are we really going to do?”

“Just what you told her.”

“You know we aren’t. I want to sunbathe like this.”

“What are you going to tell your friends in France, with whomever you share a room, about your suntan?”

“Hm-hmm! That my brother didn’t look.”

“Like fish! You’d better not; he did!”

Almost used that word again, and I didn’t have to tell her that I was looking. She grinned and replied:

“Of course not, that I was out here with a girlfriend, one not on the trip,”

“They’ll ask who.”

“Someone they don’t know, a cousin. Yeah, it was her idea, I just went along with it.”

“I bet. Hope you didn’t do anything else.”

“Oooh! Like that?! We talked about that too, at the end. How did that happen? Oh, she warned me that some girls did, maybe a roommate, that it happened more than people thought.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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