Bittersweet Irish Cream Ch. 09

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For New Year’s Eve they stayed at home in Rockville and had a quiet night, just the three of them. On New Year’s Day in the evening after EJ had went to bed, they had just settled in for a movie night when Ethan got a call from his best friend Carlos. “Yo, cabron, whose ass hole did you stick your dick in last night?” Carlos asked.

Ethan, whose head was in Jack’s lap as they laid on the couch together, laughed. “Same one as last year, but I’m pretty sure I can’t say the same about you.”

They laughed, then Carlos asked, “For real, Jack again? That’s still happening huh?”

“It’s happening and it’s here to stay so get used to it,” Ethan said.

Carlos groaned. “Mi amor, you know you really belong to me so I’ll let your Baby Jack have his way with you for now.”

Ethan laughed. “So what’s really going on, Los?”

“Same ol’ same ol’. Saving the youth, getting my dick sucked, and finding time for romantic comedies in between.” Carlos started talking about his work and then his latest sexual escapades making Ethan laugh. They talked throughout the whole two hour movie that he was supposed to be watching with Jack. Jack was keeping his cool trying not to be jealous, but when movie went off and they were still talking, he had had enough.

He turned the TV off and moved Ethan off his lap. Ethan looked at him and sat up but kept talking to Carlos. Jack moved to kneel between Ethan’s legs, put his hands on his thighs and looked him in the eyes. Ethan stared back. Jack moved both hands to massage Ethan’s inner thigh, not taking his eyes off him, all the way to the creases between his thigh and groin. He put his face down in Ethan’s crotch and rubbed his face on his penis through his sweatpants and Ethan did a small intake of breath.

“Yea? That’s crazy, how did he get away with that?” he asked Carlos, as his attention span starting to wane and his cock started to grow. Jack grabbed the tip of Ethan’s penis with his mouth through his sweatpants and bit gently. Ethan let out a small moan. “hmmmm…. Well I hope you said something back,” he said to his best friend on the phone.

He reached his other hand down not holding the phone and started running his fingers through Jack’s hair as he continued to suck him through the fabric. Jack then used his mouth to nudge Ethan’s penis straight up so that the tip started poking through his sweats. He stuck out his tongue and gently licked his slit and the side of the head of Ethan’s penis that was visible tasting his pre-cum.

Ethan moaned again. “hmmmmmmmmm….. that’s….that’s fuck up,” he said to Carlos, distractedly.

Jack kept his hands on Ethan’s thighs, massaging it gently. After a couple of soft licks, Jack put his mouth on the part of Ethan’s cock that he could reach, and pulled it off his torso, so he could get his entire mouth on Ethan’s head of his dick. He didn’t suck or lick, he just held it in his mouth firmly between his lips and then looked up at Ethan, his green eyes shining like emeralds.

“Aaah…Carlos….I have to call you back,” Ethan said hurriedly.

“Why, is Baby Jack getting jealous that you’re taking to your real man?”

“Don’t call him that….I’ll talk to you later,” Ethan said as he dick twitched in Jack’s mouth.

“Wait! I’m coming up to see you!” he exclaimed.

Ethan switched his attention back to Carlos. “Really? You finally coming up to see the B&B?”

“Yea, it’s about time I come see you and this life you’re living up there. Plus I miss you, EB.”

Ethan was conflicted. As much as he wanted Carlos to come up, he also knew that Carlos liked to start shit for the sake of starting shit when he was in a relationship, and the last thing he needed was drama between him and Jack.

“Um…ok. Just tell me when. Cuz I really have to go.” Jack’s mouth started salivating and spit was slowly dripping down Ethan’s dick, drawing his attention back to what was in front of him.

“Ok, go put the baby to bed, I’ll call you next week,” Carlos said.

“Ok, ok bye!” Ethan said and hung up. When he did, Jack let Ethan’s dick fall out of his mouth with a plop against his stomach and stood up. Ethan called, “Hey, what the fuck?” He grabbed his very hard dick.

“Oh, sorry, I thought you were waiting for Carlos to come up and handle it for you.” Jack shrugged and left the room. Catty moved from underneath the couch, gave Ethan a cold stare and followed Jack.

“Ah fuck.” Ethan sat back on the couch, hard dick still in his hand.


Jack wasn’t exactly giving Ethan the cold shoulder the next day but not as warm as Ethan would have liked as they worked together to set up EJ’s birthday party. They invited all the kids from Just In Time, EJ’s daycare, to celebrate his fourth birthday at the Inn, complete with a Spiderman character dropping by. About fifteen kids or so and their parents started filtering in around 3pm. Jack was in charge of the games and played with the kids while Ethan managed the food and refreshments, and hung back with the adults.

EJ opened kaçak iddaa his presents and was ecstatic to see his new big boy bike and jumped into Jack’s arms before he tried to take off with the tricycle, forgetting about his party. Jack couldn’t find the exact color but he found a blue one without tassels, storage in the back, and a helmet to match. He promised to take him out before the day was over, no matter what time it was but to wait because he had another prize in store.

When Spiderman showed up at 5pm it was a mass frenzy to get to him with Jack in the middle. After a bit of greetings to all the kids, Spiderman said, “Hey birthday boy, come up front!”

He did a couple of cool tricks and gave out prizes, then showed EJ his Spiderman glove that shot out webs all around while the other kids wowed. Then Spiderman told him to practice safety. “Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Make sure you listen to your dad and only play with the glove in a safe location. Where’s your dad, so he can help you put this on?”

EJ looked around, then pointed directly at Jack. Jack’s eyes got wide and so did Ethan’s from the other side of the room. He hesitated and looked at Ethan, but then started walking toward the middle of the room to Spiderman and EJ. As Spiderman showed Jack how to work the glove on EJ’s arm, Ms. Robbins who was standing near Ethan said, “You should go correct him. You don’t want them thinking Jack is his dad, do you?”

Ethan took a moment and smiled at her and said, “Actually, nothing would make me happier.” He walked away.

Later on after cake and ice cream was distributed, Ethan saw Jack taking a breather near the kitchen door. He walked over to him and leaned on the wall. “Had a good day?” Ethan asked.

Jack smiled his sideways smile. “It’s been eventful, yes.”

“Thank you for all of it. You did amazing, Dad,” Ethan said with emphasis on the last word.

Jack smiled wide. “I know right. Wow. That was…something. I mean, we say it to each other, but EJ saying it…wow. I’m sure the town will be talking about that tomorrow.”

Ethan said, “You’re something.” He stepped closer and leaned in and Jack stepped back.

“Stop,” Jack said.

“Don’t tell me you’re still mad at me for yesterday,” Ethan said concernedly.

“No, it’s not that. It’s…we have guests.”

Ethan cocked his head to the side, surprised. “You’ve never shied away from kissing me in public.”

“Yea…But it’s different right now because there are kids and their parents here.”


“So it’s one thing to say you accept it, it’s another thing to see two men kiss in front of your kids,” Jack said. “Even for the most liberal of people it can be awkward.”

“This is our home,” Ethan stated factually.

“Yea I know, I’m just saying we need to be mindful that-“

But Jack was cut off by Ethan grabbing his chin pulling him forward, and pressing his lips against him, held it a few seconds, then let him go. He kissed him on the mouth two more times.

“Shut the fuck up,” Ethan said and walked on. Jack couldn’t wipe the smile off his face if he tried.


Ethan got the call in the beginning of February from Carlos. “Mi amor, we’re coming! We’ll be there for Valentine’s Day so keep a room warm for me!”

“Who the fuck is ‘we'”? Ethan asked.

“Me and my boyfriend Jorge,” Carlos said.

“Get the fuck outta here. Where did you pick him up, Hunt’s Point?” Ethan joked.

“Nah for real, I have a boyfriend and his name is Jorge.”

“Since when?”

“That’s not important,” Carlos said and laughed.

Ethan laughed with him. He said, “OK, I will keep a reserved room for you and…Jorge.”

When they hung up he went to tell Jack, who was wiping down the main kitchen in the Inn. “So Carlos is coming up. In two weeks. Valentine’s Day weekend. With his boyfriend.”

Jack had to use all is strength to not react the way he really wanted to. He said with his back turned coolly, “Ok cool.” He looked up and smiled at Ethan and Ethan smiled back before turning around to finish cleaning. But Ethan knew. That was too easy.

“He’s not as bad as you think,” he said. “He’s a pretty cool guy. And he’s my best friend.”

Jack nodded. “And you’re first love.”

Ethan paused and said, “Yea, OK. When I was a kid. Literally over ten years ago. Closer to twelve. Are you really jealous of that? We’re getting married, Jack.”

“Does he know that?”Jack asked. He turned all the way around to look at Ethan and leaned on the counter with his arms crossed.

Ethan hesitated. “I just didn’t get a chance to tell him yet.”

“Really, in the two hour conversation you had on New Year’s, it didn’t come up?” Jack asked sarcastically.

Ethan shrugged. “I didn’t think it was a phone conversation.” Jack nodded, turned around, and went back to cleaning. “I’m going to tell him when he gets here.” Ethan said.

“You don’t have to,” Jack said as he sprayed and wiped down the stove.

Ethan exhaled kaçak bahis audibly. “Of course I do. And I will.”

“OK, well, when you want to. It’s whatever.” Jack said nonchalantly.

Ethan leaned against the double sized steel fridge. “I can’t believe you are really jealous.”

“I’m not jealous of him. I’m…” He decided to tell him what he had been thinking for the last month. He turned around again and leaned back. “You’re different around him. Even on the phone. It’s…not something I like.”

“Different how?” Ethan folded his arms across his chest.

“I don’t know. He like…sucks up all of your attention,” Jack said. “Even when his name is brought up it’s like, it sucks all the air out of the room. I just know he’s a lot to deal with and I haven’t even been in the same room as him yet. I can’t put my finger on it. You and him. And maybe I’m afraid to find out.”

Ethan walked over to put his arms around Jack’s waist and connected his fingers on the small of his back. “There is no me and him. And there hasn’t been for a very long time. There is a me and you. And I like that combination a hell of a lot better.” He leaned in for a kiss that Jack reluctantly returned.

“You’ll see when he gets here, there is nothing to be worried about. Yes, he’s a big personality that sometimes does suck all the air out of the room. But that has nothing to do with me, that’s just who he is. And he is probably going to test your resolve. Remember when we first met, and I was a major dickhead? Well you’ll face that again times twenty, just to rattle you. But I’m not worried about that because you’re Jack fucking Redmond, nerves of steel. You handled me exponentially, you can handle Carlos.”

He kissed Jack again on the lips, then on his left cheek, then his right. He leaned their foreheads together. Jack whispered, “I love you.”

Ethan said, “More than you’ll ever know.”


Liam took the weekend off to spend time with June so Jack was playing front desk clerk that Friday afternoon when a tall, very handsome Hispanic man walked in, with another short handsome Hispanic stocky man. Jack knew who he was right away. Carlos had curly short black hair, a full thin beard with a thin mustache and a goatee to match. Full lips. Hazel eyes. Fit body. Jack could tell he was a gym junkie.

Fuck, he’s gorgeous, Jack thought, and that annoyed him tremendously.

“Hi, we have reservations for the weekend under Carlos Lopez,” Nice deep voice. Spanish accent. Jack hated everything about this sexy man in front of him.

But he put on his best smile and said, “Welcome to the Starling B&B. You’re in room 8, last door in the west wing.” He handed him the key and a bag of complimentary items: Champagne, a container of fresh strawberries, a bag of Hershey’s kisses and two long stem roses. Carlos handed the bag to the stocky guy, who started going through it.

Carlos asked Jack, “How good is this place?”

“We’re the best Bed and Breakfast this side of Providence,” Jack said.

Stocky guy pulled out the strawberries. “Oh we’re going to have fun with these.”

Carlos turned around and saw the fruit. He said, “Ethan. He always had a thing for strawberries. Some things never change.” Jack did not like the way he said Ethan’s name. It came off more like “Eeeton”, sexy with his Spanish accent, and too familiar. Carlos turned back to Jack, “So the owner, is he a good boss or an asshole?”

Jack smiled. “Ethan’s a good guy and he treats his employees well. Everyone loves him.”

Carlos smiled back and said, “Good to know. Can you tell him that Carlos is here? He’s expecting me.”

Jack noted he said “me” and not “us.” He kept his friendly smile up. “I sure will Mr. Lopez. I’m sure he will up any minute now.”

Just then Ethan came upstairs with EJ in his arms. “Los!” He yelled excitedly, which annoyed the fuck out of Jack.

Carlos turned and said, “Ethan, mi amor.” They hugged and then Carlos gave him a kiss on his cheek, a little too close to Ethan’s lips for his liking. Jack then thought, mi amor? Doesn’t that mean, my love? Nope, I don’t like this. He noted that they were exactly the same height. Jack was good 1 full inch shorter than Ethan, so the fact that they were the same height annoyed Jack as well.

Ethan said to EJ, “This is your uncle Carlos, EJ. Say hi.”

EJ said shyly, “hyyyyeee.”

“Hi Little Ethan. You’re just as yummy as your dad.” He pinched EJ’s cheek, making him laugh, and then touched Ethan’s shoulder, running his hand down his arm. “It’s good to see you, EB.”

Jack noted every single touch and look that Carlos gave his Ethan. He also noted how Ethan leaned into it, enjoyed the attention Carlos gave him and he was beyond annoyed. Fuck, now I have to kill him, Jack thought, then laughed to himself.

Carlos finally remembered he came with someone. “ben, Jorge, ben aqui, meet my best friend, the one person who knows me inside and out.” He winked at Ethan who laughed as Jorge reached out his hand to shake.

“Jorge. illegal bahis I’ve heard a lot about you.” Stocky man introduced himself.

Ethan shook his hand and said, “Ethan, nice to meet you. I would love to say the same buuuut…”

Jorge laughed. He had a much higher voice than what he looked like. “Yea, we met on Facebook a little while ago, but we recently decided to get together for real.”

“Well congrats man, and also, my condolences for having to put up with this one.” Carlos and Jorge both laughed. Ethan looked over at Jack who was watching. He nodded toward him. “I see you already met Jack.”

Carlos turned wide eyed to Jack who smiled. “Nice you meet you Carlos, officially,” he said.

Carlos smiled back, “Jack. That was underhanded of you, checking me before I got a chance to check you. Well, ¿Qué piensas? How do I measure up?”

Jack again hated how gorgeous he was and his smile was all that. He said, “Measure up to me? No comparison. But I guess you do ok on your own.” Jack smiled his sideways smile and winked.

Carlos smiled widely. “I see what our Ethan sees in you.”

Jack couldn’t help it, he corrected him. “My Ethan.”

Carlos smile faded just a bit, and he nodded. “Riiiiight.” He turned back to Jorge and said, “So we fucking first, then dinner? ¿Si?”

He looked at Ethan and smiled, then back at Jorge, who said, “Let’s go to the room first, freshen up. Then we can figure out dinner.”

“We made reservations for 8pm at Red Rock, they’ll have a table for us,” said Jack.

Carlos said, “Fucking first it is.” He kissed Jorge on the mouth and grabbed his ass, then winked at Ethan, who shook his head and smiled. He turned back to Jack, still palming Jorge’s ass. “Which way you said again? East, west?”

“West.” Jack said, and pointed toward the left. Carlos turned back to Ethan and still with one hand on Jorge leaned in to kiss Ethan’s cheek again too close to his mouth.

“Be down by 7:45pm,” Ethan said. “You got about three hours.” They went upstairs. Ethan came over to Jack and sat EJ on the counter, then kissed him. “I love you,” he said. Jack shrugged playfully, then smiled. Ethan then asked, “So what do you think?”

Jack pulled EJ to his side of the desk to sit in the chair, then said, “I’m just trying to remember why you didn’t work out with a guy that looks like that.”

“Well he didn’t look like that at 15. He was skinny and his lips bigger than his head. But just as arrogant, yes.”

“Well he’s fucking gorgeous now isn’t he?” Jack said with a more edge then he wanted.

Ethan leaned in and kissed him again. “I didn’t notice, with you breathing the same air as me.”

Jack rolled his eyes but secretly melted at Ethan’s words. He said, “You don’t have to reassure me all night, you know.”

“I know I don’t have to. Maybe I just want to.” He looked at the time. “I’m going to run EJ to your parents, be right back.” He held his hands out and EJ crawled back on the desk to jump in them.


Ethan held Jack’s hand as they all walked over to the Red Rock Bar and Grill talking and joking around with Carlos and Jorge. BJ had hired a band to play soft rock love songs every night through the weekend. The place was crowed for Valentine’s Day dinner as they had a three course meal special. They had taken reservations months in advance, and Jack snagged one of them for him and Ethan, but it was now to be shared with Carlos and Jorge.

They sat down at a corner booth and put their orders in. As soon as the waitress left, Carlos started. “So Jack, what do you do, other than Ethan?”

Jack smiled and said, “I work in my family’s business, Frazier’s Orchard, as a distribution manager, and also for the sanitation department.”

“So a ‘jack’ of all trades?” Carlos said and laughed at his corny joke alone.

“Yup. Guess I’m your average blue collar worker.”

“We’re all blue collar workers. I’m still shocked Ethan gave up his white collar job making white boy money,” Carlos said.

“Making white boy money didn’t make me happy. This does,” Ethan said.

Carlos shrugged him off. “Yea ok, but it sure does make shit a whole lot easier.” He turned back to Jack, “So you didn’t go to college?”

Jack said simply, “No.”

“Now, that’s shocking,” said Carlos. “Ethan falls for intellectuals.” That pissed Ethan off, because he knew that was less about Jack but more about his relationship with his professor.

“Jack is an intellectual, asshole,” he said.

Carlos again shrugged. “I’m sure he reads a lot, but you know what I mean.”

“No, I don’t. Tell me what you mean,” Ethan glared at him.

Carlos smiled. “I’m not trying to upset you, amigo. I’m just saying, I know you. And I’m just trying to get to know Jack better and understand your relationship, because you’re a relationship kind of person, not the fucking around type. And this is a little….different than what I’m used to seeing you with.”

“Why do you need to understand our relationship? As his best friend, shouldn’t you just support him regardless?” Jack asked.

“Because as his best friend I need to make sure he’s not with someone that will hurt him in the long run.” Carlos said seriously.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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