Black Journal Ch. 06

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Duncan Cyrus, age 21, vs. Big Rhonda

At the college, we had intramural sports. Basically sports for those who couldn’t make it on the “official teams” or backyard type sports. Some of my associates on the Science and Research Academic Organization were part of this wrestling intramural team. Apparently they were doing co-ed and two team members, but a male and female had quit at the last minute. They asked me to join and I tried to refuse at first. They kept pestering me about it so I just gave in. They said they were going to be able to get another female. That was not done.

The day of the match we had to wear workout clothes which for the men were shorts with no pockets and a wife beater. The females also wore shorts or leggings with a tank. I wore some elastic underwear, shorts, and a black wife beater. My opponent was this guy around my height and weight but a bit more muscular. Two out of three pins determined the winner. Before the match I was lucky to have some sparring with my new teammates. I got a hang of the idea quick enough and all they wanted me to do was to get at least one pin on him. Thing is that wasn’t what interested me.

The girls on the other team seemed more motivated to win than ours. Especially this fat chick. She looked half Hispanic, half Caucasian. She had to almanbahis adresi be at least five foot eleven inches, weighing two hundred plus. You could tell from her body she was more chub than muscle but it still looked well honed. I started feeling excited and the thought of seeing if I could take her formulated. The whistle blew and my opponent caught me off-guard and he was able to pin me quickly. It hurt too being slammed on the thin mat. The ref counted the pin and then we got back into our positions.

Big Rhonda gave a disgusted, bored look and I get ready. The ref blew the whistle and my opponent was confident that he charged me again, but I saw it coming and he couldn’t move me an inch. I hoisted him effortlessly into the air and slammed him on his back pinning him. My teammates cheered. Big Rhonda faked a yawn.

My opponent stood back up surprised. We positioned ourselves for the winning pin. The whistle blew and he charged at my legs. I pushed him down by his shoulders and kept him there. He couldn’t get up at all, but it wasn’t considered an official pin. I kept him there while I stared at Big Rhonda smiling. She tried not to look at me, but my strength wasn’t false. After a few minutes I spun to my opponent’s back and lifted him in the air and plowed him into the mat almanbahis adres to get the pin.

My team was startled to say the least. I got back in line. Because we were short a female member they won by a couple points. Big Rhonda didn’t have enough fun so she challenged me. By the rules only same gender can match each other. I accepted anyway. We walked to the center and I allowed her to grab me to test her strength. She raised me and slammed me on my back with her rubenesque form crushing me. It took my breath away, but I was able to get it back. Her breasts were strong, and I felt her hardened muscles under her big girl fat. I did cop a feel on her ass as she got up and she flared up with rage.

Everyone saw my brazen act and gasped. It’s not like I ever hide I’m a big woman man. We had gotten back into our positions but I took an upright stance like before, and Big Rhonda took an official crouching stance. She grabbed me by my waist but she couldn’t lift me this time. She realized just how strong I was. I shoot myself downward by bending my knees and made her loosen her grasp. I grabbed her by her waist and lifted her bending backward. I heard the inexplicable oooooooohs and aaaaaaaahs from the crowd. Big Rhonda I’m guessing had never been in that position. She became scared. almanbahis adres I twisted by body and just dropped her. Didn’t even pin her, but the fight left her.

I wasn’t finished so I pounced on her and then I kissed her. I was so hard I needed to release. My dick rubbed against the material of her leggings by her camel-toe. She swooned at the gyrating. I palmed her chest and massaged with vigor. She moaned into my mouth. Deep and sensuous were her sounds. She didn’t sound like the tough tomboy she made herself out to be. She found my dick and began stroking me. Wasn’t all that, but I was too horny to care.

She pushed her pants and panties down and then my stuff. She guided my extension into her box. I pumped with expertise. I hooked her legs with my arms to get in deeper. Her pussy was so gushy and wet; she screamed for me to never stop. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I then froggy-styled her and she became dick drunk. Her whimpers almost sounded like crying. I sped up my pace and her wild pants couldn’t keep up to the point of choking on her own breathing. I finally came and shot all my seed on her stomach. She reveled in my cream.

My wits came back as I looked at the other people. Good thing phones weren’t allowed there. They all clapped, mostly absently, because of the spectacle that happened. I took off my shirt and wiped Big Rhonda off. She liked the gesture. I walked back in line with my teammates and she hers. Everyone just couldn’t speak about the act that happened in front of them. The ref stood dumbfounded barely blowing his whistle.

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