Black Man Sodomizes Black Woman

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My name is Steven Vladimir and I’m a big and tall black man living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I currently attend UMass-Boston and major in Criminal Justice. Someday, I’m going to be a police officer. Until then, I’m just a college student exploring all that life has to offer while taking it basically just a day at a time. The story that I’m about to share with you is a raunchy tale of revenge. Sit back and relax, it’s going to be an enjoyable right.

I’ve known this gal named Kimberly Ishtar for quite some time. She was a tall, light-skinned, long-haired and brown-eyed young woman of African-American and Caucasian descent. I’ve always thought she was nice and sweet. One of a few decent girls I knew. Most females I meet are lazy, slutty and filled with hatred toward men. So, you can understand why a brother can get disgusted with the whole lot of them sometimes. They’re far from perfect. Hell, most of them females you see walking around are far from decent folk. See what a brother has to put up with? Small wonder men seem permanently cranky these days.

I don’t know why, but I thought Kimberly might be the exception. She seemed like a nice, easygoing gal. A student at Pembroke Manning College, an all-female private school located in Charlestown, Massachusetts. This chick was easy on the eyes and she seemed easy to talk to. I was entertaining the idea of asking her out. We’d been friends for a long time and I thought highly of her. When I’m with a female, there are certain red flags which I watch out for. If the woman in question is constantly making disparaging remarks about men in general, I put her in the category of man-hating moronic bitches who aren’t worth knowing. If this woman makes nasty comments about people of a certain race, I drop her in the racist wench pile. Yeah, a brother has to be careful with the females in his life these days. Word up, family!

It’s times like these that istanbul travesti make me glad I’m bisexual. When I need some fun with no drama, I like to hook up with my buddy Ralph Peterson. He’s a tall, good-looking Haitian guy I used to hang out with at Brockton Community College a while go. Ralph and I have known each other since high school. Like me, he’s a semi-closeted bisexual black male. He’s single, but has a son with some woman he used to date back in the day. I like Ralph because he’s a cool brother and also because he’s almost always ready to get down.

We be having all kinds of fun together at his house when nobody’s around. I love sucking on Ralph’s dick. He has such a big cock, too. Ten inches long and quite thick. I love riding that motherfucker. Ralph gives it to me good. He would make me drop my pants and bend me over before stuffing his big black cock up my ass. I absolutely love getting fucked in the ass. Sexually speaking, I’m versatile. Ralph would grip my hips and shove his dick into my ass. He loves to fuck my tight ass and I cannot get enough of his dick. Why is it that tall and skinny black guys always have the biggest dicks of all? I got to try me an NBA player someday. I’m pretty more than a few of these black studs are into men. Even if they’d never admit it.

Ralph has the best dick ever, folks. I love riding it. Whether I’m on all fours and getting my ass stuffed from behind or any other position. I love to have Ralph lying flat on the floor with his big cock sticking into me while I straddle him. The harder he fucks me in the ass, the bigger my dick seems to get. I’ve got an eight-inch-long, uncircumcised dick. It’s not the biggest dick in the hood but it gets the job done, know what I mean? Cool. Sometimes, Ralph and I switch. In those rare but fun times, I get to stick it to him.

Ralph has a very sexy ass that’s wonderfully tight. He doesn’t like to admit but this istanbul travestileri sexy black stud likes it when I fuck him silly. And that’s just what I like to do. I bend him over and shove my dick up his ass. After getting that fabulous ass of his nicely lubricated, of course. Sliding my dick in and out of Ralph’s asshole feels awesome. The tighter the ass, the more fun it is to fuck. I absolutely love fucking asses. It didn’t matter to me who their owner was, male or female. That’s just the way I get down, know what I’m saying? I slammed my dick into Ralph’s ass. He screamed as I fucked him. Oh, man. I was loving every second of this. We went at it, rocking and pounding, until I came, flooding his ass with my cum.

Afterwards, Ralph and I lay on the carpeted floor, laughing. He lit a blunt and smoked it. As for me, I found myself remembering the kinky times I had with Angela, the big-booty, chubby black maid from my father’s household. Now, that was a seriously kinky slut. She turned me onto heterosexual anal sex, word up! I’ve known Angela for a long time. I’ve been checking out her huge round booty ever since I’ve been able to get an erection, I think. However, we never kicked it until I came back home after my first year of college. I was nineteen years old, massively disappointed with college chicks and extremely horny. I wanted to get some ass, to tell you the truth. No love. No romance. Just get some ass. Angela happily provided the ass when she found out that I was packing eight inches of hard black dick in my pants.

Angela would sit me down on a couch in the living room and kneel before me before sucking my cock and balls as if her life depended on it. Man, this woman was good at sucking dick! She would get me hard as steel in no time. Afterwards, we would do some really kinky stuff together. I would lick Angela’s pussy and finger her. She loved it when I did that. Afterwards, she would travesti istanbul get on all fours and shake her plump and sexy ass at me. I knew what that meant. My big beautiful playmate was down for some raunchy anal action. And I was always happy to oblige! Just grab some lube, smear it all over her ass and my dick and we were ready to party!

I love fucking big women in the ass. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because of the pretty sight of a pair of plump buns jiggling or maybe it’s something else. Sliding my cock into Angela’s backdoor is one of the things I enjoyed most in this life, or any other. And Angela was totally down with anal sex. When I began fucking her, she urged me to go harder and faster. She was no newcomer to backdoor games. No sir, this dame was a seasoned veteran of the anal sex wars. And she was glad to show me the ropes. I gripped her wide hips and slammed my cock into her booty hole. We both screamed passionately as we fucked. Her ass muscles squeezed my cock tightly. Just the way I liked it. I fucked her until that wonderfully tight asshole of hers made my dick give up its manly juice. I came, erupting deep inside her. We screamed loud enough to wake the ancient dead. Yeah! Angela and I always have tons of fun together. She knows I’m bisexual and it doesn’t matter to her. Is she cool or what? I wish her husband treated her better. Well, maybe not. If he was nice to her, then she wouldn’t need me.

As you can see, I’m a sexually adventurous sort who knows how to get down. Which is why, when I stopped by Kimberly’s workplace that Saturday morning and we ended talking, I kind of got mad and felt disappointed when she told me she found the thought of two men having sex disgusting. What the hell? I let her know in no uncertain terms what I thought of her. Then, I walked away. And to think I seriously considered asking Kim out. As it turns out, she’s an ignorant and homophobic bitch just like everyone else in the hood. Nothing special. Oh, well. That will teach me not to misplace my trust again. I don’t need her. She’s ordinary and I’m special. We’re too different. For my diverse needs, I’ve got Angela and Ralph. And for now, that’s enough. Peace out.

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