Boat Ho Ch. 03

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Alex stared at the small pink dildo for what seemed like an hour. The embarrassing encounter with Watson made her think things over. The whole lesbian thing wasn’t working for her and she wanted to make the transition back to men. Unfortunately the last time she was with a man was the night before boot camp, with her brother. She wanted the feel and girth of a penis in her and did not want to buy a small vibrator. The only thing that stood in her was how she was going to sneak it on the ship. She picked it up off the rack and held it for a second and sighed.

“Did you need any help,” the sales clerk asked.

“No,” she replied quickly as she walked away.

She quickly made her way back downstairs and walked onto Sixth Avenue. She felt like an idiot in the store. She couldn’t buy the dildo and just sneak it on the ship.

“What should I do,” she whispered to herself.

Alex obviously wasn’t the most intelligent woman in the world. And the dildo purchasing experience was getting stranger and more difficult. She wandered around downtown for a few minutes and tried to think of a way to sneak it onboard. For a split second she thought of jamming it inside of her, but even she thought that was a bad idea. She ran several ideas again but nothing stuck. Then she walked past a “Five Dollar Store.”

“Duh,” she whispered to herself.

She entered the store and found a small bag. She wandered around the store and found a few shirts and a few other odds and ends. She ended up paying around thirty Dollars for all of it. She then made her way back to the adult bookstore.

“We’ll have to hold your bag up front,” the sales clerk on the bottom floor said as Alex entered.

“Yeah,” Alex replied as she handed the bag to her.

“Enjoy your stay,” she said as she handed Alex a card with a number on it.

Alex found her way back upstairs. The clerk who asked her for help earlier didn’t ask her for her I.D. Alex went straight back to the dildo she was looking at earlier. She took it off the rack and looked it over. She began walking up to the counter when the clerk from earlier approached her.

“You got a good one,” he said as she tried to avoid him.

“Um, thanks,” she replied.

“Tantus is a good brand,” he continued, “you might need some lube.”

“Really,” she asked.

“You don’t want to you tuzla escort know, put it in without it or whatever,” he said in a nervous tone.

“Just,” she started, “could you just give me a bottle or whatever, whatever the cheapest kind is.”

“Sure,” he said as he took off.

Alex continued to the register and waited in line behind an impatient couple. There were two people ahead of them. They didn’t seem too happy. Alex caught a strange vibe from them. She didn’t want them to look at her.

“Here you go,” the clerk said handing her a small bottle of lube.

“Thanks,” she said taking it from him.

“It’s only $5.99,” he said.

“Thanks,” she replied.

The clerk behind the register was fast and was able to finish with each customer quickly. Alex was glad when the couple in front of her left. They spent over $200. Alex felt a little cheap. The dildo was about 40 and the lube was extremely cheap. The clerk noticed her military I.D. and gave her a discount without even asking. Alex was happy about that. She paid with her debit card. She thought the Navy might track her purchases. But then again she was dumb enough to believe that. She went back downstairs and collected her bag. She caught a movie and ate some pizza before catching the bus back to base. Strangely enough she was able to get on the ship without a problem. She figured security had other problems to deal with.

She rushed to her rack right before taps. She was able to get the dildo and lube out without anyone noticing. She placed them in one of the shirts she bought earlier and put it under her pillow. She changed into her sweatpants quickly and slid into her rack. She was glad it was on the bottom, in a corner that was nearly unoccupied. The other women in this section lived off base. And there were two racks with the small lockers that no one wanted.

“Fuck,” she said to herself as she pulled the dildo out of the shirt.

She unscrewed the lube and pulled off the protective plastic before replacing the cap. She rolled over on her stomach and put the pillow under her chest. She propped the dildo up on its base and kissed the top. She then ran her tongue down the shaft and back up again. She reached forward and slowly engulfed it with her mouth. She almost gagged as it reached the back of her mouth. She pushed the pillow back up to pendik escort her head and rolled over on her back. She pulled her pants down a little bit and opened the lube and poured a little bit on the tip. She slowly worked the lube down the length of the dildo. She jerked it a little. She took a deep breath and brought the dildo to her pussy. She winced as she pushed it inside of her. She shut her eyes hard as she worked the entire length of the dildo into her pussy. When she opened her eyes she saw the boot camp picture of Cindy she taped next to the light. She smiled as she looked at the picture of her friend in her dress blue uniform. She removed the dildo slowly and worked it into her even slower.

“Oh,” she said quickly as she pushed it entirely into herself.

She then quickened the pace and worked it harder and faster into herself. She could hear the slight sound of the dildo in her pussy as it became wetter.

“Cindy,” she said as a slight tear slid out of her eye.

She pulled the dildo out of her and placed it next to pillow. She found the lube and poured a little on her finger. She carefully slid her hand down to her ass. She carefully worked a finger inside of her ass. It hurt for a second. She was able to get an entire finger in it. She pulled her finger out and applied more lube to another finger and went back to work on her ass. She then poured more lube on the dildo. She carefully took it back down her body and slowly worked it inside of her ass.

“Fuck,” she said in slight pain.

She was able to get part of it in her. She tried sliding the entire length of the dildo in her ass. But she was only able to get half way up her. She slid it up and down slowly trying to work it into her.

“Ow,” she said in a rather loud tone.

She pulled the dildo out and placed it on top of the shirt. She quickly pulled her pants up and slid out of her rack, but forgot to shut her curtains. She put her shoes on and made it to the head quickly. She found an empty stall and peed. She felt relieved for a second. She wiped her ass and tried to clean the lube off of her. She walked back down to the berthing to see a few girls watching TV.

“Anything good on,” she asked.

“No,” one of them replied.

“Keep it down,” a girl in her rack said.

“Sorry,” one the girls on the couch replied.

Alex aydınlı escort made it back to her rack only to find her dildo was missing.

“Oh shit,” she said to herself.

She looked over her rack only to find the lube. She opened her rack quickly only to find the dildo wasn’t there. She shut it quietly. She felt even dumber than she actually was.

“Looking for this,” Watson said standing over her holding the dildo.

“Gimme that,” Alex whispered.

“No,” Watson laughed.

“Please,” Alex said quietly.

“Fuck you,” Watson laughed walking away with the dildo.

Alex stayed in her berthing section for a second. She then quickly walked towards the lounge.

“Hand it over,” Alex said in a stern tone as she grabbed Watson’s wrist.

“Fuck you,” Watson laughed.

“Don’t do this,” Alex demanded.

“What is that,” one of the girls on the couch asked.

“It’s Lundz’s dildo,” Watson replied as she tried to break away from Alex.

“Hand it over bitch, or…”

“Or what,” Watson smiled.

Alex pulled back and balled her fist and delivered a shot to Watson’s face. Her fist hit Watson in the nose. She fell back onto the ground and the dildo fell free from her right hand. The girls in the berthing let out a few gasps and even laughed. Alex grabbed the dildo as it hit the couch leg. She picked it up and stood over Watson.

“Fuck you,” Alex said as Watson tried standing up.

Watson grabbed her nose and noticed it was bleeding. She got up and ran to the head.

“Way to go Lundz,” one of the girls said.

“Thanks,” she replied as she walked to her rack.

Alex jumped back in her rack and worked the dildo into her and pleasured herself to the image of punching Watson.

Alex did not want to go to muster in the morning. After the initial rush of hitting Watson wore off she thought that she might get in trouble for it. She was called to see the Deck Department Master Chief after muster. She thought for sure this was it. They heard about the berthing incident and now she was trapped. She knocked on the door and the Yeoman answered.

“I’m Seaman Lundz,” she said as her voice cracked, “I was told to see Master Chief…”

“Lundz come on in,” Master Chief said as he got out of his chair.

“Yes Master Chief,” she said as she walked towards him.

“Your number just came up,” he started.

“What do you mean? Master Chief?”

“You’re going T.A.D. to Supply,” he said with a slight grin on his face.

Now she wished someone ratted her out over the berthing incident.

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