Bobbi’s Surprise

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I was having lunch pondering the events of the previous day. My neighbor Bobbi’s hot water problem had led to a wonderful sexual encounter the likes of which I haven’t enjoyed since the passing of my wife about a year ago.

I had my secretary run out to buy me flowers to take with me this evening as I had been invited back for dinner. When the phone rang, I was the only one around to answer it and I was surprised that it was Bobbi calling to confirm our dinner date. I told her I was really looking forward to it and she related she was too. She also told me she had a special surprise in store and the door would be unlocked, so I should just come in and go up to the bedroom.

I answered that I loved surprises, especially the bedroom kind, to which her response was, “I noticed that yesterday. See ya tonight.”

After that, the day went so slow I thought the clock was going backwards. Finally, around 6:00 p.m. the last of my staff went home so I donned my coat, grabbed the flowers and took the short walk across the street to Bobbi’s house. As I opened the door, I let out a, “Hello, anyone here?” but there was no answer, so I went in, took off my coat and laid it on the sofa on the way by.

I climbed the stairs to the second floor bedroom and again said, “Helloooo? Is anyone here?”

Again the house was quiet. I approached the bedroom and knocked on the door. Still there was no response so I opened the door and stepped in. There must have been a hundred candles burning, a sweet smell of lilac filled the room and there on the bed was not only Bobbi, but another woman. Both women were dressed only in their panties and thigh-high stockings.

Bobbi yelled, “Surprise!” I held out the flowers and dumbly said “Hi. These are for you . . . umm two.” I just didn’t know what to say but Bobbi came to my rescue introducing me to her best friend, Mary. Mary was closer to my age, I’d guess about low to mid fifties. She was heavier than Bobbi and when she stood up to greet me, her very large breasts hung down a little resting on a bit of a belly. She was about five four and judging by her wide hips to be about one-hundred and fifty lbs.

Mary had short blonde hair and a cute face with the most amazing blue bedroom eyes. As she made her way over toward me, she was saying that Bobbi had told her all about me and everything that had happened the day before.

I just looked at Bobbi and said, “Everything?” Bobbie sheepishly looked away and responded, “Welllll. Not everything.” Mary seemed annoyed and asked, “Bobbi? What haven’t you told me?”

Then she turned back toward me and said, “Oh forget it, let casino oyna me see this monster Bobbi’s been telling me about.”

Mary began to pull down my slacks without even undoing my belt saying “I haven’t had a decent cock since my husband that asshole, left. As much of a jerk as he is, he has a wonderful dick which now is being enjoyed by that thirty-year-old little slut he ran off with.”

Just then my pants and boxers went down and Mary stared at my penis. She said “Geeeze Bobbi, you weren’t kidding, he really IS big, definitely thicker than “the asshole,” not sure if it’s as long though, but it’s close.”

Mary proceeded to grab my cock and pull me over to a chair sitting off to the side, facing the bed. I almost fell down trying to get my pants and boxers off of at least one leg so I could walk while she was pulling me. As I got to the chair, she pushed me down into it.

Standing there in front of me Mary just said, “Sit back and enjoy.”

May then turned away and went back to the bed where she proceeded to begin kissing Bobbi and folding her. Bobbi took a peek at me, her eyes indicating she wasn’t sure if I approved of what was going on or not. It was only a matter of seconds before Mary made her way down to Bobbi’s pussy, forcing her legs apart rather roughly, pulling the crotch of her panties to the side and burying her head between them.

Bobbi’s expression changed. It no longer mattered what I thought. Bobbi closed her eyes, laid her head back and began to moan. Mary’s breasts hung down to the bed as she was on all fours next to Bobbi going down on her with slurping noises. Bobbi reached a hand up started to rub Mary’s pussy through her panties quickly producing a wet spot on them.

The sight of these two women getting it on was really getting me hard and I couldn’t stop from softly rubbing myself. They were so into it by now I think they forgot I was even there. Bobbi was breathing very heavily and lifting her bottom up into Mary’s face. Mary had managed to pull her own panties down to her knees and now Bobbi had three fingers jammed in Mary’s cunt with the thumb toying with her clit. I could tell from my experience the day before that Bobbi was ready to cum.

Mary knew it too and started using her fingers to manipulate Bobbi’s clit, saying, “Come on you slut . . . cum . . . cum hard.” Mary’s hand was going a mile a minute over Bobbi’s clit, “Do it . . . do it . . . squirt me . . . let me see you squirt that cum out you bitch.” Just then Bobbi lifted up her head, let out a scream, “NOW . . . NOW! OH GOD, Oh YESSSS!” and a stream of fluid shot out between her legs and onto the bed. canlı casino I knew this wasn’t the first time these two women had a sexual encounter together when Mary kind of laughed and said, “Bobbi, I just love it when you do that.”

At this point in time it became obvious who was going to be in charge when Mary, as she was lifting up her hips to slip off her panties said, “Bobbi, grab my pink jelly vibrator and you better get the big black one too.”

Then looking over at me she said, “Honey get over here and stand by the bed.”

She didn’t have to say it twice, as I was so turned on by what I had just watched that I couldn’t wait to get involved. Mary wiggled her way over on the bed so she was lying on her back with her head hanging over the side. Then as if she was directing traffic, told Bobbi to get between her legs to eat her while fucking her with the vibrator.

Looking at me she said, “Nothing turns me on more than sucking a good cock,” as she reached out to guide my hard rod into her mouth.

She didn’t waste any time kissing or licking it as she sucked it right in. I began to rock forward slightly, shoving my swollen member into her mouth all the way to her chubby fingers which were wrapped around the base. Mary was really sucking hard, her mouth sliding from the head of my cock to her hand. She took her hand away and with both arms reached around me, grabbing my ass, attempting to pull me forward. I resisted a little not wanting to gag her. Mary then said something inaudible as it was muffled by my cock.

I pulled myself out thinking she couldn’t breathe, but she protested. “Don’t stop. I’m going to deep throat you. I’m gonna take that entire snake in.”

With that she grabbed my cock again and stuck it back in her mouth and placing her hands back on my ass cheeks pulled me forward as she began to swallow. This sensation was absolutely amazing as I had never felt anything like it before. She took all of me down her throat and every time she swallowed it sent chills through me. I couldn’t believe she could breathe while deep throating me, but she was a pro at it and had no problem.

I hadn’t been paying attention to what Bobbi was doing, but trying to hold back my orgasm, I thought maybe I could take my mind off it by watching her. Bad idea. Bobbi was kneeling down between Mary’s thick thighs ramming the pink vibrator in and out while her face was licking at Mary’s clit. Bobbi must have noticed I was watching now and sat up a little, sheepishly smiling.

This was the first time I got a good look at Mary’s pussy. It was shaved with the exception of a small patch of hair shaped kaçak casino like an arrow obviously pointing the way to the “promised land.” Her labia were thick and puffy and her clit must have protruded out three quarters of an inch. It was like a mini cock sticking out and Bobbi’s attention to it was certainly having a positive effect. As I smiled at Bobbi, she dove back down on it continuing to jamb the dildo in and out. Mary let out a gasp as Bobbi raked her teeth over the nub then sucked harder on it. All this was having an incredible effect on me and I started ramming my cock in and out of Mary’s mouth. She knew I was about to blow my load and she stopped for just a second to tell me she was close to cumming too and to fire my hot juice down her throat.

Well that did the trick. With a few final thrusts down her throat I had an orgasm so huge I thought the head of my cock blew off with it. Mary, unable to say anything understandable as her mouth was full, just grunted her appreciation and as my final jerk of semen pumped into her, she started twisting her hips, lifting them up pushing her cunt hard into Bobbi’s face. She was cumming and cumming hard.

She pushed me away to release her mouth and shook her head side to side. Her expression looked as if she was in pain, but we knew different. Her entire body was thrashing as she tried to push Bobbi away from her clit and close her legs. She just shouted out one word.

“ENOUGH.” Then laid back, closed her eyes and whispered, “I’ve had enough.”

Mary and I were definitely spent but Bobbi all of a sudden jumped up, threw on a silk robe, said, “Oh shit, Dinner,” and ran downstairs. Mary looked up at me and said, “Baby it’s been a very long time since I came that hard.” Then she said she really needed to pee I told her I had to go too. “Let’s pee together,” she responded, taking me by the hand and leading me to the bathroom.

Instead of sitting down on the toilet, she kind of squatted over it, grabbed my cock and aimed it between her legs. I’ve never been a bashful pisser, but wasn’t sure I could go with her holding me until she started peeing and then my stream began to flow. Her hand was warm on my cock, my flow was strong, then without a word Mary aimed it at herself making my pee hit her breasts, the stream running down between them to the arrow of pubic hair and then trickling down between her legs.

“Sorry, I know this is kinky but I love to feel the warmth.” I didn’t say anything back, just finished relieving myself on this woman. When done, she shook me off and laughed. “Been here, done this,” she said and then told me she was going to take a shower, did I want to join her. She didn’t seem too disappointed when, from downstairs, we heard Bobbi yell up, “Dinners ready.” Mary said, “You go, I’ll be down in a sec.” And I went down to dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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