Book Club Ch. 02

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Authors note: I wasn’t sure where to put this story as it has many aspects. Group sex, cross dressing, cuckolding, hot wife, cream pie, interracial just to name a few. If that type of story doesn’t appeal to you then this one probably isn’t for you.

As always, this is a total work of fiction and any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence.


My wife had joined a book club about six months ago. They meet every month and discuss books. When it was her turn to host, we also found out they do much more than just discuss books. After they discuss books, they have a sex toy party and the hostess is the one who gets to try the toys. She usually has her husband there to help as well, as I found out by surprise, and I think I’m going to like this club.

We are in our early fifties and the other women are about the same age. While there are eight women in the club, Julie has become close with three of them. Alexis, Emily and Michelle all seem to get along quite well and talk almost daily. They are all pretty good looking, have nice legs and asses and nice figures with pretty faces. The four of them had planned a weekend getaway in a city about six hours away. They invited us husbands along as they felt it was time for us to actually meet each other.

We agreed to meet in the hotel bar before going to dinner and then whatever the big city had to offer. We met in the hotel bar, and Josh, Joe and Bob were real nice guys. I had already met their wives when Julie hosted the party, and like wise I’m sure they had met my wife when their wives hosted. Based on my experience with their wives, they had probably had some fun with my wife as well, which was ok with me as we have become much more adventurous. Josh was an accountant with his own firm. Joe was a contractor and Bob was a financial advisor. The eight of us hit it off real well and had several cocktails before heading out on the town for the night.

After dinner, the ladies had picked out a spot that they wanted to see. It turned out be a little upscale place that had lots of people and dancing. The place had a real good vibe and the crowd was close to our age. However, it appeared that most of the people here were single and on the prowl. We didn’t mind as there was plenty of eye candy for us as well as the women.

As we were wrapping up the evening, Alexis invited us back to their room for a night cap to celebrate the first night on the town. When we arrived, we realized that she had booked a huge suite for the weekend. It had a large king size bed, a wet bar area right when you walk in, a small kitchen and a huge living area with a couch and several big comfy chairs.

The ladies broke out a couple bottles of champagne and said let’s toast to new friendships. As they filled the glasses, the guys and I went and sat in the living area. The ladies brought the glasses in and passed them around.

“To new friends,” I said. Clink, clink etc…

The four guys finished ours rather quickly and we poured another glass for each of us. As I was doing this, I noticed that the ladies had stepped back a little bit and were giggling amongst themselves watching us intently. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. We guys, clinked again and finished off our second glass of champagne. I had a funny feeling come over me and as I was looking around, I noticed that none of the ladies had even taken a sip of their champagne.

My wife looked at me and said, “Night night sweetie. See you in the morning.” Just as she was finishing her sentence, I felt myself slipping on to the couch.

The other wives did the same with their husbands.

I awoke in the morning to the ladies coming back in to the room. They were giggling and laughing and talking and it looked like they were carrying breakfast and coffee.

As I was waking up, I realized that I was in a king size bed with the other three guys laying next to me. Having no clear memory of what happened after coming back from the bar, I was obviously confused and concerned with what might have happened. Like, why was in bed with guys, why wasn’t I wearing a shirt and why was my wife just coming in.

While the other ladies brought the coffee and breakfast to the living area and started to set it up, Alexis approached the bed and proclaimed, “Wakey wakey boys. It’s already nine thirty and we have a lot to do today.”

As the rest of the guys started stirring, she continued, “I’m sure you have questions, and I have answers. You probably won’t like them, but please keep an open mind and this could be a real fun weekend for all of us. First, nothing bad happened last night. Well, nothing other than you guys getting roofied by your wives.” The women all laughed out loud at that comment. “This weekend has been planned for quite some time and it was supposed to be an all girls weekend. However, at the last minute the other four had to cancel. Well, we didn’t want to risk you guys screwing this up for us and losing our deposit on this room, so we decided Ankara escort to bring you along. I promise we will make it worth your while if you just play along.”

Emily then spoke, “While you were sleeping, we applied hair removal lotion and removed all of your body hair. We need to make sure that you are smooth all over for this to work. Remember, this was supposed to be an all girls weekend.”

While we were all feeling our bodies, Michelle continued as all four approached the bed, “We also put chastity devices on you. We needed to make sure you understand we are serious about this being an all girls weekend and we don’t want you guys screwing it up by your dicks getting in the way. The keys for the devices, your wallets and car keys are in an electronic lock box that is scheduled to unlock tonight at eleven pm. Again we will make this worth your while.”

As we all looked under the covers we realized that, yep we were indeed hairless, and yep we were wearing chastity devices. Julie and I had played with chastity devices before so for me it was no big deal. I could tell by the reaction of the guys that they had not and were really upset.

As we let the women know our extreme displeasure with their plan, rather vehemently, they didn’t respond, bur rather waited for us to talk ourselves out before Julie chimed in. “We figured you wouldn’t be too excited about this and we wanted to make sure that we went through with it. This was to be our weekend with just the girls. Which is why we shipped all of your male clothes home this morning. This will be real fun, we promise. And, we promise to make it worth your while. Come on, just pretend its Halloween.”

Alexis then spoke again, “Why don’t you come and get some coffee and breakfast and we’ll tell you the plan for this girls weekend.”

I am not very shy when it comes to nudity, Julie knows this, so she wasn’t surprised when I was the first one out of the covers heading for coffee and food. As the rest of the guys climbed out of the bed, naked, except for the chastity device, the women watched intently. They talked amongst themselves and giggled and pointed as we walked across the large suite to the coffee table where the coffee and breakfast was. The devices holding our cocks bobbed and bounced as we walked, gently re-affirming the fact that we would not be getting any erections, but also tugging ever so suggestively trying to get them hard.

I took a bite of the breakfast burrito and said, “Each one of you said that this was supposed to be an all girls weekend. What is the significance of that fact and what does it mean?”

As we were sitting on the chairs eating, Emily said, “We are going to go to lunch and then some shopping before we go out to dinner. Nothing more. Just shopping and dinner. However, you will be dressed as women. Like we said, this was to be an all girls weekend and you can’t act in any way like a guy. If you don’t agree, you can spend the day here in the hotel room naked and locked up. Come on, think about it. We’re six hours away from home. I guarantee we won’t run in to anyone we know here and it will be a lot of fun.”

We let them have it again with our displeasure. However, this time around I wasn’t as upset. I could see where this was going and what my options were and decided that I would play along. It was just like Halloween, right? What could go wrong.

The girls were unfazed. “What’s it going to be then? Sit here and stew, or come out with us and see the city and do some girl shopping?”

We discussed our options. Joe finally said, “What do we have to lose. Nothing personal, but I don’t feel like sitting in a hotel room naked with you guys for the rest of the weekend. I’ll play along.”

“Alright, I’m in too then,” I said.

The others finally reluctantly agreed.

“Great. Here are your clothes that you can wear to go to your own rooms and have your wives make you up for shopping.”

Our wives handed us some very feminine jeans, a small tight female shirt and a wig.

“We look stupid. How far down the hall are our rooms?”

“Right next door and across the hall.”

We went back to our room and Julie said, “Let’s take a shower and get you cleaned up and ready to go.”

We hopped in the shower, and I have to admit that the hot water running all over my hairless body did feel real erotic. She lathered me up from head to toe and then allowed me to do the same to her. As I was doing this, the chastity device was really working overtime preventing me from getting an erection.

As I finished with soaping her up and rinsing her off she said, “Should I shave my pussy for tonight? Give you a nice clean look and me some more sensation for later?”

“Absolutely. In fact, I’ll do it for you.”

“That’s ok. It’s pretty tricky, but why don’t you stay in here though so you can inspect the finished product.”

When she finished she looked at me and said, “How’s it feel? Is it smooth enough for tonight?”

I took my hand and Ankara escort bayan rubbed her now bald pussy. It felt really good and she responded how I thought she would. She let out a nice little moan and spread her legs even further apart. I took that as a sign and entered my finger into her now bald and sensitive vagina. She lifted her leg and allowed me to get a second finger in to her. It didn’t take her long to have a nice little orgasm with the water cascading down upon us.

She made herself up first. Nothing real fancy, just her usual make up and hairstyle. She put on her thin black leggings, the ones that when she bends over are virtually see through and you can see her ass, and a tight low cut revealing shirt. She looked at me and said, “Your hair is probably long enough that if I style it properly you won’t even need a wig.” She proceeded to do my hair and then applied my makeup. Then she tossed me some of her panties and said, “Put these on.” Then she tossed me one of her bras and turned around and grabbed something out of her suitcase.

“What exactly do you want me to do with this? I’m not wearing it.”

“Um, yes you are. You agreed to play along. In for a penny, in for a pound. Besides, I have some inserts that will give you the same size breasts as me, nice C cups. We’ll just put a full shirt on you and no one will know the difference. All of the other husbands will be doing it too.”

“Are you serious?! I can’t walk around with fake C cup tits.”

“Yes. And I’m getting tired of arguing about it. Either you play along or I will leave you back in the suite with any of the other husbands who are giving their wife shit about it too.”

She helped me get everything in place and then get the shirt over my head without screwing up my hair or makeup. Then she gave me the feminine jeans again and this time I got her high heel ankle boots to wear. Not the spikey heels, the big wide ones so I didn’t kill myself walking.

We joined the other couples in the hallway and while we didn’t look amazing, we did look like we would pass for women. None of us are big guys, but we definitely aren’t feminine in any aspect either. This was some amazing make up work by the women. All of the wives were dressed similarly to Julie. Sexy, but certainly not slutty.

As we walked through the lobby to head to lunch, the guy desk clerk said, “Have a wonderful day, ladies.”

After lunch, Alexis said, “There’s this store that I want to go to. It’s just around the corner from here. Let’s start there.”

As we rounded the corner, Emily chimed in, “Victoria’s Secret. Nice. See ladies, we told you we would make this worth your while. We will do some modeling for you of new outfits that we can buy for back home. I think you will like that.”

We went in the back of the store to the changing rooms and the private display area, that we as guys didn’t know about, and the ladies all came out wearing some very sexy clothing. Silk stockings, fishnets, push up bras, thongs and g-strings, ankle bracelets and even some nipple jewelry. We were definitely enjoying the show when Michelle said, “See girls. We told you this would be worth your while. Are you enjoying the show? We certainly wouldn’t do this if you were guys, but we can do this when it’s just us girls.”

We didn’t say a word. We didn’t need to. They knew. They each bought quite a bit of stuff.

“Let’s head back to the hotel and get some rest before we go out for dinner,” said Alexis.

When we got back to the hotel, Julie barely let me get in the room before attacking me and saying, “Thank you so much for this. I am so horny and excited after modeling for all of you ladies today. See, I told you this would be fun and I appreciate you playing along. I wish we hadn’t put the keys to the device in a timed lock box now, I need to fuck. But, that is why we did that, to make sure we saw this girls weekend through.”

As we were making out, the chastity device was working exceptionally well in not letting me get a full erection. It was very frustrating hearing my wife asking to fuck and me not being able to help her. “Well, I do have a mouth and fingers that I don’t mind using.” We had each others clothes off and she pushed me down on the bed and mounted my face. Her bald pussy was so wet and ready that I barely started licking and she was cumming all over my face and grinding herself down on me. As she rode me to completion and fell to the side recovering, she looked at me and said, “We messed up your make up. We will have to reapply it before dinner. Now, let’s take a little nap.”

Julie woke me from my nap and she was already dressed and ready to go. She looked like a million bucks. She was wearing clothes that I had never seen before. She was wearing a short pleated skirt that barely covered her ass, kind of like a school girl skirt, but it was a satiny black material. She had on her nice high heel ankle boots, the spikey ones which really accentuated her long legs and pushed her ass up nicely and was Escort Ankara wearing a white low cut top that showed a lot of cleavage. Her makeup was like I also had never seen. She looked absolutely perfect and was causing my locked up cock to stir, real sexy and bordering on slutty, but not quite.

“Wake up sleepy head, it’s time to get you ready. Why don’t you go take a quick shower and I’ll lay out your clothes for you.”

When I came out of the shower, she wouldn’t let me out of the bathroom and applied my make up and did my hair first. She did a way better job with the make up and hair this time and I actually looked not bad. She then led me out of the bathroom and showed me the clothes she had picked out for me to wear to dinner.

The undergarments were some of the things she purchased this afternoon from the lingerie store. She had a g-string and a very sexy bra laid out. “Why do I need to wear those? I’ll be wearing jeans and that shirt from earlier?”

“I thought we were done with this? I don’t want to fight, this is what I want you to wear. You said you would go along with the all girls theme. Didn’t this afternoon turn out pretty good? You got to see all of us modeling for you and then we had a nice little session when we got back. Well, I had a nice orgasm, anyway. Besides, with how dressed up I am, you wouldn’t look right wearing jeans.”

“I’m sorry. You’re right. I agreed and I will go along with this.” It would be just like Halloween, right? I said to myself.

I pulled the g-string up my legs and it slid between my cheeks leaving them completely exposed. It barely covered my device, but I knew it wouldn’t move around either. I wasn’t sure why she wanted me to wear this, but whatever. Next she had me put the sexy bra on and put the inserts back in. She then brought over a white frilly shirt that was lower cut than before, but not so much that you could see that I had fake boobs, but low enough to give the appearance of cleavage. Then she pulled out a skirt for me to wear. It was nowhere near as short as hers, but nevertheless, it only came down to about mid thigh.

“There. Now you look cute for the dinner. You can wear the same boots as they will compliment your legs and make your ass stick out, just like mine in my skirt.” With that she turned away and flipped her skirt up to show that her ass was on display as her g-string was between her cheeks as well. “Oh by they way, even though your skirt is mid thigh, you might not want to bend over if you drop something. It will ride up and show your ass as it is loose fitting and frilly. Which is why we put you guys in g-strings. In case you do bend over, we’ll get a nice shot of your ass.”

I looked in the full length mirror, and I couldn’t believe that I actually looked like a woman at this point. If it were a costume contest, I’m sure I would have won. My wife came over and gave me a peck on the cheek and lifted my skirt and smacked me hard on the ass. “Let’s go sweetie. I can’t wait to show you off to the girls.”

Dinner was wonderful and we had lots of wine. As we were leaving, the ladies ordered a limo as eight of us wouldn’t fit in any of the cabs they had at the restaurant. When we got in, Alexis gave the driver the address and off we went. I thought it was weird as we had walked to dinner and the hotel was just around the corner.

When he stopped, we realized that we were in front of the bar that we had gone to last night, the one that we all thought was a singles bar.

“What are we doing here? I thought we were heading back to the hotel after dinner,” said Josh.

“Oh come on girls. We are all dressed up and this place was a lot of fun last night. We are out of town and want to have a little fun.”

“Our deal was shopping and dinner. Nothing about dancing,” said Joe.

“Come on. Look at how gorgeous we all look tonight. Let’s just go in for a little while and then we can go back to the hotel,” begged Emily.

Julie looked right at me and said, “You know you want to see us dance, so let’s go in and see what the crowd is like. We can always leave if it isn’t happening.”

“Ok. We’ll go in, but only for a short while.”

So, in we went. We found a nice table near the dance floor, but kind of in the back so we weren’t real obvious. The waitress came over and complimented our outfits and said, “You ladies should have a good time tonight. The crowd usually starts picking up in about a half an hour. What will it be?”

“We’ll have eight cosmos to get it started.”

The drinks started to flow and the ladies started to get noticed. A lot of the single guys were definitely interested in the wives as they looked great with their short skirts and long legs.

After awhile, four guys came over and asked them to dance. They readily agreed. The eight of them hit the dance floor and the beat was very up tempo and the crowd was bouncing. As the women were dancing, their skirts were flaring up and you could see that they were all wearing just g-strings underneath. The guys on the dance floor noticed too and would do everything they could to keep them spinning and their skirts flaring up and showing off their great asses. If the wives knew, they didn’t care as they were having a great time.

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