Bound to Please

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My name is Tabitha. The firm I work for sent me to Baltimore on business. The 2nd night there I was dining in the hotel restaurant when the hostess approached my table. “Our tables are full up right now and those three women standing by the door asked if I would inquire about their dining with you. I think they’re tired of waiting on a table,” she said laughingly.

I looked over at the three women she pointed out to me. All three were attractive, well-dressed, businesswomen. Or they appeared to be by their dress.

“Why not, I told the hostess. I haven’t had a decent personal conversation since I left Indiana.”

The three introduced themselves to me as they were seating themselves. Susan, Rachel, and Megan. We made some small talk, like where you from where do you work, but they pretty much talked to each other and ignored me. This was a little frustrating but I made the best of it.

As we were leaving the dining room Susan, or I think it was Susan, asked me if I was staying at the hotel. I told her I was and she asked if I wanted to join them for a drink later.

“Sure, I told her. Anything to get me out of my hotel room.”

She then ask me my room number so they could call me when they got ready to go to the bar. I gave her my room number.

About an hour later there was a knock on my door. It was the three women I had dined with. I invited them in, told them I would like to change before going to the bar.

“Ok, Susan replied. We’ll wait for you.”

I was a little uncomfortable about removing my clothes in front of them. I have a very nice body and nothing to be ashamed of. I guess it was because they were strangers.

I removed my jacked, blouse and skirt when I heard Megan say, “Why don’t we stay here. She looks like she would be fun.”

The next thing I know two of them have me by my arms and throw me on the bed.

“What are you doing,’ I cried out. I didn’t get an answer. I started to scream but one of them stuffed something in my mouth.

Now they had me pinned on the bed and Susan was tying my left arm the to bedpost. Megan was tying up my right arm. I was frightened out of my mind. Were they going to kill me? What did they want? Once my arms Maltepe Escort were secure they pulled over three chairs and sat there looking at me.

Susan went to the phone and ordered a two bottles of wine be sent to the room. Finally one of them spoke. “She has nice tits don’t she?” Susan said. “I told you in the lobby she would have nice tits. Nice legs and ass too.”

There I lay in my bra and panties, black garter belt and stockings. I even still had my high heels on.

“Have you ever had sex with a woman before,” Rachel asked.

I shook my head no to the question not knowing what she meant by it. About that time someone knocked on the door. It was the wine. Susan made the guy stay in the hallway as I tried my best to scream. Whatever was stuffed in my mouth just allowed a muffled squeal.

They poured themselves some wine and continued staring at me. Then they did something I couldn’t believe. They all spread their legs, pulled up their skirts, and began rubbing themselves. It was like they were priming themselves. I was right but didn’t know it at the time.

By now I was crying hysterically. The tears were burning my eyes. They paid no attention to my pleading.

Through my tears I could see Rachel quicken the pace of her fingers. Suddenly her body shuddered and sigh emitted from her lips. She then stood up, removed her panties, and walked over to the bed. She removed the gag from my mouth. What a relief, I thought, as I took a big gulp of air. Not for long. She was stuffing her panties into my mouth!!!

They were extremely warm and wet. I felt some juices warming my throat and all I could do was swallow. Her pussy juices were leaking from her panties. I felt like I should be getting sick but I wasn’t. I didn’t understand.

Now Rachel was fumbling for the front hook of my bra. When she unhooked it my now swollen breast fell out heavily. Why were my nipples so hard?

“Look, her nipples are hard,” I heard her say. “Look how long they are. They must be 3 inches long.”

She lowered her mouth to my left breast and sucked the nipple into her mouth. Her other hand was pinching my right breast hard enough to make me wince.

Now Susan’s face was Ümraniye Escort looming above me. She pulled the panties from my mouth and lowered her lips to mine. I was twisting my head from side to side trying to pull away but her hands clamped my head and held it still. Her tongue was trying to enter my mouth. My mouth was clenched tight. She pulled away for a moment and slapped me across my cheek. She then lowered her lips again and I submissively opened my mouth. I could feel her tongue snake its way down my throat.

Someone was rubbing my pussy through my panties. I couldn’t see who it was. I tried to put it out of my mind. That didn’t last long as I felt the squishing my panties must have surely been making. I was soaking wet as my whole body was betraying me by this depraved assault. I suddenly realized I was sucking on Susan’s tongue. How long have I been doing that, I wondered?

I heard Megan speak. “She’s almost ready Susan. Are you going to go first.”

What does that mean, first, I wondered?

Suddenly it didn’t seem so important. What was important was the heat between my legs.

Susan pulled her tongue from my mouth. She walked across the room to her purse. I could tell she was removing her clothes. God, what a body, I thought, as an unnatural craving swept over my body.

I couldn’t tell what she was doing. Then I saw her turn around. She had the biggest dildo I ever saw hanging between her legs. It must be twelve inches long and 7 inches around. It was huge, un-real. She can’t use that on me, It was massive.

As she walked towards me I began to whimper. “Please, god please, don’t use that on me. It’s too big. It will tear me apart.” She didn’t listen to my pleading but continued to climb up between my legs. “Please, I beg of you,” but it fell on deaf ears.

“Shut up slut,” I heard Rachel hiss. She then continued the assault on my tits.

I felt the head of the massive cock rubbing on the entrance to my cunt. I began to beg again when I felt the head enter into me. My pussy was stretched to its limit to allow the head enter me. She slowly pushed forward till about 4 inches were inside me.

Now Megan’s tongue was inching down my throat. It momentarily İstanbul Escort took my mind off of the thick, long cock. Not for long. My pussy was now fuller than I had ever felt.

“Six inches, I heard Susan say. You still got six inches to go you little slut.”

“Six inches. I can’t take more than what’s in me,” I squealed. I felt my hips thrusting to meet her rhythmic plunges into my cunt. The pain was gone. Now I felt nothing but an intense sensation. My hips were now rising completely off the bed trying to suck more of this fat, hard phallus up into me.

“You want it all now don’t you slut, she screamed at me.

“Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss, I cried out shamefully. Fuck meeeeeeee. Give it all to me.”

I felt Susan lunge forward and bury that huge, thick dick into my pussy.

“ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, I screamed as my body began to tremble. UGH UGH UGH,” I grunted like a pig as Susan kept plunging in and out of my swollen mound. I felt the orgasm swell up inside of me. Now my cunt was exploding.

“I’MMMMMM CUMMMMMMIIIIIIINNNGG,” I screamed out in utter pleasure.

Wave after wave of unceasing, intense sensation racked my body. I didn’t want it to ever end. Susan kept on fucking me for what seemed an eternity. While one orgasm was waning another was coming on. I lost track of how many times I cum. By now I was muttering incoherently, right up to when I passed out.

When I awoke there was a pussy pressed against my lips. My tongue instinctively slipped inside. For the next 30 minutes I ate all three of the women to climax. My face was covered in cum juice. My pleasure was total. Are almost.

All this pussy eating had me wanting that big dick again. The sheets beneath me were covered in cum. Pussy juice was still flowing out of me running down into the crack of my ass. God it felt so good.

I suddenly realized the ropes on my wrist had been released. Megan and Rachel were getting dressed. Susan still had the beautiful, monstrous dick hanging between her legs. “Please fuck me again, I heard myself beg. Pleaseeeee.” I was grunting like a dog in heat as my fingers were assaulting my cunt.

They were all looking at me. I heard Susan speak. “Lets not run off just yet girls, I heard her say. If she’s willing to have this thick dick burying in her ass I’m willing to stay a little while longer.”

They all watched smilingly as I turned over, got on my knees like a dog spreading my legs invitingly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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