Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 19

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“You can’t spend the rest of your life being a gofer for a group of spoilt mums. This is a golden opportunity, you have to go.” Bernadette told him sternly.

Bernadette was lecturing him while she lay on the desk at our Boy Scout den, her skirt crumpled up around her waist, her top pushed up around her neck, her bra and panties on the floor.

A sheen of sweat shone on her stomach as Richard’s tongue licked down from her tits to enter her hot moist cunt.

“Oh Christ that’s lovely” she moaned, “Can you taste both our juices?”

Richard’s mouth was full so he didn’t answer.

Bernadette grabbed a handful of his jet black hair and pulled his head up,” listen to me you young bastard.”

His mouth wet with their combined secretions and a gleam in his eye he answered,

“The mixture down here is positively fabulous, the smell and taste of your well fucked cunt, must be the worlds greatest aphrodisiac.” With that his head pulled away as he again stuck his face between her legs.

“Oh you young bugger,” she laughed. “I meant talk to me about the possibility of a job with Rebecca and Robert.”

Within seconds her complaints were quickly forgotten, She started to buck and moan, for he had captured her erect clitoris between his teeth, and his tongue was lashing it lovingly.

Later as they looked around for their hurriedly discarded clothing and got dressed, she told him, “This opportunity with Rebecca is one in a lifetime.”

“They don’t have kids. He’s old and drinks too much.” “There’s no one to take over the business when they retire.” “After meeting you during the governor’s visit they think you may be the young man they need.”

She turned to unlock the office door, “Robert has offered you a three weeks trial as Personal assistant to Rebecca and himself. When you go there today, tell them you will be pleased and proud to work for them.”

“If it doesn’t work out then you’ve lost nothing.” “Don’t worry about the scouts; I’ll look after your work with the mums for you.” “So go for it.”

Seizing the opportunity as she fumbled with the door, he ran one hand around her waist and the other up under her skirt pushing her thong aside and fingered her welcoming bum.

She threw her head back, turning so he could kiss her,” My god you’ve changed my life. “I think I’m becoming a nymphomaniac.”

He laughed, working his finger harder.

“Really I can’t get enough of you.” Bernadette said, as she bucked back against his finger. “You’ve got me dreaming of you every day. Even my husband’s starting to wonder what’s come over me, when I’m horny every night.”

Later as Melissa took his prick deep in her mouth sucking the last of his dwindling cum down her throat, Richard mused, “Bernadette won’t be able to look after the Boy Scout mums for me.” .

His regular visits to a number of mums to check cookie production and to collect cookies for distribution provided both he and the mums with opportunities to enjoy regular uninterrupted sex.

The mothers made sure his visits were timed so that their husbands or kids were not around.

Seeing the husbands were paying him to “look after the wives,” he had devised a roster that ensured that he had a number of opportunities for blow jobs before and after college.

He licked his lips in anticipation as he approached his last call before lunch. His prick stirred, as he thought of the big earthy Greek body of the woman who had taken him under her wing, and taught him how to pleasure women.

Angelique did not fit the mould of a rich bored Boy Scout mum. Her body was not that of a fashion model. Hers was that of his big earth mother.

Locked in her arms, tight against her big brown body, he had learnt much about women, sex, and love.

This morning her nose twitched as she sniffed the air on his arrival, “you’ve been fucking.” Taking his hands while she kissed him, she stopped him from fingering her. “It’s a big day today, we don’t want you reeking of sex especially some other woman’s sex,” she said as she sucked his straining prick clean.

“Now remember,” Angelique warned much later, as she pushed him out the door, “be on your best behaviour, remember your manners, treat her like a queen, and make her believe she is the most beautiful woman in the room.”

Richard was waiting in the lobby talking to two of his younger mums when Rebecca arrived. He introduced them and felt a chill in the air as they said their goodbyes and left.

Rebecca in her tight wool skirt, neck high white silk blouse and double breasted reefer jacket complete with gold buttons looked magnificent.

He took her arm, proudly escorting her to her seat at a table on the first floor overlooking the city square.

As lunch progressed Rebecca responded to his questioning opening up about herself and Robert.

“My early days were spent in all girl boarding schools, my parents had no time for an only child as they developed a thriving business,” she told him without any rancour.

“Robert’s şişli escort much older than me; he too is an only child from much the same background, with parent’s busy making money, he too was left to tutors and governesses, or boarding school.”

“We regularly met before we were married, because his family and mine owned the states top manufacturing businesses and sat on boards and government committees together.”

“If they went to conferences during holiday periods, when we were home from school or college, we were dragged along.”

“We naturally drifted together; our marriage was strongly supported by our parents, for it cemented their businesses into one major group.”

She was very direct, questioning him at length about his family, his studies and .his sports.” “What else do you do with yourself,” she asked “what about a girlfriend.” He blushed thinking how do I answer this, “No girlfriend, I don’t have time with my other activities.”

He was becoming embarrassed “I don’t like very young girls and the girls at college seem immature.” he explained

Rebecca noticing his discomfort went on “I asked those questions because my personal assistant will travel with me and work rather odd hours.

I like to pay visits to our factories throughout the state and visit the farms that sell their produce to our plants. I generally visit in the afternoons staying overnight before returning.

Back at her office building, she introduced him to her staff before telling him,” Let’s give it a three weeks trial, if you shape up we will talk long term commitments.”

Rebecca was pleasant to work with, she was efficient, knew the business intimately, telling him about the management structure, as they travelled around the city to visit factories.

“I run the business, Robert plays golf, drinks scotch and gambles on the horses, he leaves business to me, and I love it,” she said as she spied him studying her legs and straightened her skirt.

“I love the trappings of power, the privacy and convenience of our chauffer driven limo, our private jet, my city apartment.”

“I love dancing and fine dinner parties, Robert doesn’t dance. He hits the scotch bottle too hard to enjoy dinner parties.” “Part of your work will be to accompany me to official dinners, especially when we visit the state capital this week.”

As the first few days passed Richard found himself drawn to her. Under the facade of a super efficient business woman in full control, he sensed a different more fragile Rebecca, one that responded to his good manners and his flattery.

Their visit to the States Capital involved extremely busy days and a string of evening social engagements. Each night after the official functions they would return to their hotel. “I’m taking you dancing tonight,” he told her after their dinner party ended early. “Our hotel has a night club, I’ll be at your door in thirty minutes,” he said as he headed for his room.

Right on time he knocked on the door of her suite, holding a small corsage behind his back. She opened the door inviting him in, walking ahead of him to the couch.

“I don’t feel like dressing up again,” she said as she turned and saw the corsage. “Oh how sweet” she cried. Richard watched as she raised the orchid to smell its scent, before moving to kiss him on the cheek, “you really are a lovely young man, you make me feel special the way you care for me.”

He turned his head so her kiss ended up on his lips. Her mouth opened slightly in surprise as his tongue flitted quickly in and out. He could have sworn that she was going to kiss him back,

Regaining control, she pushed him over to the settee asking.” Can I get you a drink?”

While she was getting the drink he went to the suites TV and music system. “They have CD and DVD players so there must be some discs,” he said as he opened a cupboard under the sound system.

“Yes here they are, Golden oldies, wartime hits with Glen Miller and his band, or what about this one called The Waltz, that should be good to dance to?” he cried.

Rebecca returned with the drinks, “what are you doing?” she asked “If you don’t want to go out dancing, we can slip our shoes off and dance on the carpet or over there on the tiles.” He explained as he wrapped his arms around her a swung her round the floor.

“Stop it, you’ve made me spill the drinks,” she said laughing at his antics.

Since the night of the Governors dinner he had had an idea in the back of his mind that he could seduce Rebecca. Dancing after the dinner party she had told him she wanted a discreet young man. From those and other words plus her body language, he had gained the impression that she might be looking for a fling.

Tonight as he went back to his room he had to revise that idea. She had talked business incessantly, creating a situation where he never had a chance to change the subject, let alone lay a hand on her.

What a difference the next evening. “Let’s go to the night club” she suggested when their mecidiyeköy escort limousine arrived at their hotel “I’ll get changed, pick me up in an hour.”

In the night club she was full of fun, deftly evading a couple of older guys on the make, whilst Intervening to drag Richard away when ever a hot young body interested him.

Richard danced with a number of younger women one asked “what are you doing here with your mother, your not a mummy’s boy are you.”

“Yes she is, that’s my mum and I’m going to try to fuck her,” he answered with a laugh. “Bullshit” she laughed. “When she goes to bed look for me, ill be waiting,” she called as the dance ended.

Richard, who had dropped Rebecca down his list from possible to no chance, couldn’t believe the change a day had made.

She was dressed to tease. Whilst you could say her dark red knitted top covered her neck and shoulders, it was also more than true Richard observed, that it emphasised her substantial breasts.

Her skirt was split right up the front. It could be worn conservatively, with a row of buttons that could close it as far, or as little as desired.

Tonight Rebecca wore it with most of the buttons undone. She was flashing tantalising glimpses of thigh high stocking tops and bare flesh, as she swirled around on the dance floor.

Between them they had consumed a bottle of good red wine, Rebecca drinking more than her share.

She danced nearly every dance with Richard, very rarely accepting invitations to dance from other men. Finally when the band played it last set of slow sexy numbers the lights were turned down they moved closer together.

He made the most of the opportunity, pulling her heavy butt close, so his erect prick was able to follow Angelique’s foreplay method of dancing. The slow tantalising movements she had taught him were designed to excite.

Excite they did. She laid her head on his shoulder and allowed him a number of small liberties with her body.

He stroked her breast taking one hand from her butt to squeeze and pinch her nipples.

While he danced and his hands were busy, he kept whispering in her ear, “You’re beautiful; you are the most exciting woman in the club tonight.”

“Did you notice how those men could not keep their eyes off you?” he asked. She danced in close offering no objection to his caresses or his words.

In the lift they stood arm in arm as it sped to her top floor. “Let me escort you to your door madam,” he announced with a flourish causing her to laugh out loud .At the door when he moved to kiss her she turned her head and gave him a peck on the cheek,

“See you at breakfast” she whispered, blowing him a kiss as she closed the door.

His prick that had been erect in anticipation would not cool down as he waited for the lift. When the lift arrived it was full of girls from the night club. They greeted him like a long lost friend.

“We’re off down to the coffee shop; the night’s young join us,” They chorused. Safety in numbers made them cheeky. Even though the lift dropped quickly to his floor, he was groped and kissed before he was able to escape.

When the lift door closed a short plump blonde was left standing with him. What room are you in?” she asked as she fumbled for her key.

“Yours” he replied as he took her key and let her into her room. As the door closed she wrapped her arms around him, kissed him and asked, “Are you going to fuck me?” “Fucking oath I am,” he replied

His frustrations with Rebecca had completely disappeared an hour later, as he returned to his room.

He did not know the plump blonde’s name, but he did know that he had left her well and truly fucked, sprawled across her bed naked, with cum smeared on her lips and cunt.

As they ate breakfast next morning Rebecca asked. “Where did you get to last night? “I rang you room a couple of times but you never answered.” “Did you?” he asked, “I’m sorry I went down to the coffee shop for coffee.”

In the ensuing silence, he asked “Was it something urgent?” “No it will keep,” she replied.

“Well I’m certainly not flavour of the month” Richard thought to himself.

Working together that day was difficult. As it drew to a close, he asked. “are we dancing tonight?” “No, I don’t feel like dressing up,” Rebecca replied, as she went off to her room.

Left to his own devices he decided to have a drink and see if the girls were there tonight. His doubts about their being there were quickly dispelled when he heard a husky voice call. “Hi remember me I’m Marcia,” it was his sex partner from the previous evening.

She grabbed his arm and turned to the others with a girlish giggle, “this is Dick, and what a Dick, he sure knows how to use it.”

“Thanks a lot for the intro” he said as she pushed him down on a seat and dropped on his lap.

Later when he returned to the room with Marcia hanging on his arm, he found a note under the door to, “ring Rebecca.”

The plumb blonde had stripped off her dress and was removing his pants as he stood waiting for Rebecca to answer.

When there was no answer Marcia who had dropped to her knees and taken his prick deep in her mouth said, “Fuck her let’s go to bed.” “Let’s go to bed and fuck you,” he replied.

A long night in the sack with a horny drunk young broad did nothing to help his mental or physical performance at breakfast next morning.

Rebecca was all business. She quickly and forcibly made it very clear that she expected to be able to contact him whenever she wanted, and not have to deliver notes under his door.

Things had not improved by the time he escorted her to the lift at the end of the days work. In the crowded lift they were forced right to the back.

Thinking of his young blonde playmate, he unconsciously slipped his hand down on to her butt and stroked it slowly. When she did not respond, he continued squeezing her cheeks, running his finger to form a hollow in her skirt following the contours of her arse.

She took his hand as they left the lift “let’s get room service we need to talk privately.” He followed her as she entered her suite and moved through to her bedroom. She threw her jacket on the bed. He threw his jacket on top of hers and moved over near her.

She slipped her arm around him and kissed him, her tongue like a snake entering his mouth. “I’ve wanted to do that all day.” She sighed.

Overjoyed, he ran his hands up and down her back, finding the buttons of her blouse he undid them slowly, one by one, pulling the blouse forward until she shook it and it fell off her arms to the floor.

Still feeding his tongue in and out of her mouth, he took her hand and placed it on the hard lump in his pants. Her breathing became agitated, her face flushed, as his hands still on her back, undid the clasp of her brassiere.

Her large soft tits spilled out, his mouth left hers and dropped to take a mouthful of tit and nipple and chew lightly.

Rebecca was moaning out loud now, her body was moving to his touch, her cunt muscles contracting with excitement, as dozens of little spasms hit her and her juices started to flow.

His hands roved over her back as he continued to kiss her breasts. They found the zip at the back of her skirt and loosened it sufficiently for him to ease it, so she could wiggle her hips, allowing it to slip to the floor.

The soft curve of her buttock entertained his hand, slowing its progress, before it moved to her cuntal mound, pulling and playing with its trimmed hairs.

Rebecca, her face flushed with excitement groaned in anticipation, her body trembling as his hand grew near. Feeling her heat, his fingers moved to run circles around her clit. She gasped and spread her legs, thrusting her hips forward, keeping them moving in an attempt to achieve more pressure.

Moaning and whispering unintelligible words, she was fucking her hips vigorously, her hands gripping hunks of flesh on his back.

When Rebecca’s knees started to buckle; he picked her up and laid her on the bed slipping to his knees so his tongue could join his fingers in her cunt.

His long tongue flicked forward teasing her, then as her legs moved to close on his head he licked in a long stroke from her arse to her clit. “Oh hell” she moaned her hands clawing his back, grunting with pleasure, as he did it again and again.

He could feel her clit standing out rigid, protruding further than he had experienced before.

Her cunt seemed to open wider, she was moaning twisting, inviting him deeper. Grunting guttural sounds escaped from her lips, and then she screamed out loud, “Oh my god! I’m coming, I’m coming.” “Oh its lovely, can you feel it? She whimpered

Her body was convulsing, arching up from the bed, to push harder against his mouth and fingers.

“Yes! I can feel it, in fact I can smell it,” he responded, “I can feel your cunt jumping, your juice is on my tongue” it’s beautiful.” “You’re so fucking hot; I’m Cumming in my pants”

Rebecca shuddered as her orgasm made her weak; her body slumped back across the bed.

She lay slack on the bed as her breathing slowed. Her hands stroked the back of his head still buried between her thighs, pulling his hair she moaned, “Come up here and lay with me.”

Richard’s mouth was sucking on her flooded cunt; her nub was standing out like a beacon so he took it between his teeth, nibbling at it while his mouth continued sucking. Rebecca bucked wildly, arching her back groaning loudly, her legs gripping him round the ears.

Using his tongue to enter her as far as it could, he continued to use it to fuck her. His finger traced the leaking cum back to her arsehole, which jumped at his touch. He ran his fingers around its rim and pushed in to the first knuckle. She screamed “oh my god! What are you doing to me,” her body bucking wildly.

This time she succeeded in pulling his head and hands away. “lie with me I’m exhausted. No more No more”

He quickly moved his mouth to hers “Taste you cum he whispered” as he transferred it via his tongue. “You are indescribable “she moaned “that was the most exciting evening I have ever had in my whole life.”

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