boy’s night_(2)

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Self Shot

It was late as I finally opened the door to our flat. Only to hear gunshots and screams. I groaned. It had been a long hard day and I had totally forgotten about the ‘boys night’. Well, that was what my husbands called it anyway. Booze, war movies, too many fags and his, our, best mate.

Don’t get me wrong. Usually I would happily join them and enjoy it as much as they did. But now all I wanted was to go to bed and fall asleep.

“Guys I’m home”, I called and went straight to our bedroom. Yawning I undressed, tossed my clothes straight in the laundry basket. Maybe I would join them for a beer anyway. No harm and a chance to relax and unwind.

I reached for the tank top and boxer shorts on my side of the bed. Long ago, when he had been away for a long time, I had developed the habit of wearing my husbands clothes at home. And even though they were way to big I still refused to get some in my size.

As usual they were sitting on the sofa. David on one end, Ryan at the other and bottles and a full ashtray were standing on the table.

“Perfect timing, beer is empty”, Ryan grinned and looked at me. “And you poor thing are thirsty?” I replied without missing a beat and grinned back. David, my David, just smiled. “If you get some you can join us. The movie’s just started. You might like it.”

“Actually I am just fucked. Was a hard day”, I admitted but went to get the beer anyway.

Ryan did not even look at me twice. Even dressed like this, with my tits more visible than usual I was still ‘one of the guys’ , as he called it.

Returning with three cold beer I dropped in the space between them. “Cheers guys.” We clinked bottles and I drank. With a sigh I leaned back. The cold beer felt so good.

Without thinking I pulled my legs up and tried to make myself more comfortable. David smiled at me. “That hard?” I nodded. To my astonishment he reached for a blanket, pulled it over me and started to manipulate my body that my head was lying on his lap and my legs on Ryan’s.

“What the fuck?” I burst out and he laughed. “You had a hard day but a boys night without you is not the same. Relax, let yourself be spoiled for once.”

Ryan started to laugh but masked it with a cough. “We’ll wake you if you start to snore”, he teased me and I grinned.

“As long as you don’t wake me just to get another beer.”

I snuggled under the blanket, found a comfortable position and tried to follow the movie. It did not take long till I realised why David had pulled that blanket over me. I felt the hand on my thigh, warm and comforting. And then the fingers starting to slide in my Shorts, finding their way to my cunt.

I shot David a short glance and he winked at me,” title=”escort”>escort fixed his eyes on the screen again. “Cheeky bastard” was all I could think as he started to stroke me. Without thinking I spread my legs wider and pressed against his probing fingers. This was new. His finger found my clit and started to play with it.

Two can play that game. I stretched, pulled the blanket over my shoulder and arms. Carefully I unbuttoned his pants, let my fingers glide inside and started to stroke his cock.

It was hard to follow the movie. The whole time he was stroking me, teasing me up to a point where I could not restrain myself any longer and let out a sigh. Then he would stop only to start again.

It felt so good. I was so horny. I did not care about Ryan sitting next to us. We could have been in a crowd I would not have cared.

I felt myself getting wet. His probing finger slid in easily. Just one finger. And I wanted more. More fingers, his hard cock. I closed my fingers around his cock, hoping that he would understand.

The movie was nearly over. It must be close to midnight. If only Ryan left. Sometimes he stayed the whole night.

The credits rolled over the screen in silence. Without a warning he moved his fingers in my cunt and we all heard that tell tale squelching sound. I bit my lip, held my breath.

“I think your wife needs a fuck”, Ryan grinned and I felt two hands on my tits. David’s hands. And the other hand was still between my legs.

He twisted my nipples gently and all I could do was moan. Ryan was right. I needed a fuck.

We, David and me , had spoken about a threesome before. I had jokingly agreed to a second woman if I would get another man. But it had been a joke.

And now his best mate had his finger in me. Had it been him all the time? I was not sure.

David stopped and pulled the blanket away. “Let’s see how wet you are”, he murmured and pulled at the fabric of the shorts to reveal my sex.

Ryan moved his fingers again to make this squelching sound and I saw the longing in David’s eyes. I felt exposed, somehow ashamed. His best mate had gotten me in this state while I had stroked his cock.

“I told him that you would like it. And he did not believe me how wet you can get.” His voice was hoarse. “I also told him how good you taste. And that you love to be fucked.”

I swallowed. Even though it was a statement I heard the unasked question. Would I go further?

For a moment I hesitated. They had known each other for years. David and me had met just some five years ago.

Ryan slid his finger back in my cunt and started to rub my clit with his thumb.

“Oh fuck”, I moaned and closed my eyes, heard the boys chuckle. Too” title=”izmit escort bayan”>izmit escort bayan soon the stopped and withdrew his hand.

“And he told me that you are very talented at licking and sucking. But since you had a hard day you can prove that another time.”

I pulled myself up and turned to David. He just smiled at me and kissed me. “Imagine four hands on your body, two mouth at your tits, two dicks inside you. Think about it for a moment. I’ll have a piss.”

And with that he left me with Ryan on the sofa.

“He knew?” I asked dryly and he shrugged. “You should know him by now. It was his idea.” “Thought so”, I murmured and sighed.

Thinking about it sent a shiver of longing through my body. It would feel good. At least that was was I imagined.

“Did he tell you something else?”

“That you are very quiet, that you like being fucked in the ass. And he told me that you sometimes enjoy the pain.”

Slowly I nodded. That was so true. But what had he thought. “And you want to fuck me?” I had never before thought about Ryan – or one of our other mates – joining us. Always assumed that they did not see me as a woman. But… Hell, I wanted it now. Both of them, now.

Now he just nodded and looked to the door. David was back. Naked, his cock semi hard.

I smiled, turned back to Ryan.

“Well, seems you are the last one fully clothed.” He grinned. I felt David getting behind me on the sofa, embracing me. “I love you”, he whispered in my ear before he tucked at my shorts. I lifted my ass to help him, pulled the top over my head while watching Ryan strip.

He was already hard. His cock was not as long or as thick as David’s but if he could use it as well as his hand that would be more than sufficient.

Ryan sat in front of us, smiled at me. “Hard nipples on small tits, a wet cunt. Dripping wet one might say.” Then he broke into a big grin. “Now I know why you have these blankets everywhere.” I laughed, David joined in. “And lube in every room”, he confirmed. “You really need that?”

Ryan leaned forward and licked over my hard nipple, started to suck it. David moved and joined him on the other side. I moaned. The feeling was strange. They both sucked, licked, David started to nibble. “Like it?” he murmured and I nodded. “Feels good.”

I should not have said that because they stopped. David moved again, got behind me and pulled me on his lap, spreading my legs wide open. Ryan bent down and I felt his tongue lashing over my sex.

I leaned back against David and sighed, closed my eyes. Hands on my body, a body behind me, someone licking me. As he started to suck at my clit I let out a soft “Oh”. I had imagined that it would” title=”izmit sınırsız escort”>izmit sınırsız escort feel good, but it was amazing.

David’s lips on my neck, his breath, the hands touching me, sometime tender, sometimes rough, Ryan sucking at my clit. I felt like floating in warm mist. All I could do was feel, react, getting even more wet, more horny. I moaned again, rubbed against David’s bare chest.

“Please fuck me”, I whispered, heard and felt David’s soft laugh. “Heard that mate? I married a greedy bitch.”

Ryan stopped and pulled back. “Let’s give her what she wants.” He pulled me to my feet. “Lube?”

Simultaneously David and me pointed to a drawer and Ryan grinned.

David positioned himself on the sofa. It would be the first time for me. Being fucked in ass and cunt at the same time.

The thought alone made me moan as I climbed on David’s lap. He helped me find the right position and I felt his cock. Slowly he pulled me down, I felt him slide into me and moaned again, started to move but he placed his hands on my hip and held me down.

“Wait.” He kissed me. One of his deep long hard kisses I loved so much.

Ryan’s hands back on my ass, massaging it, spreading the cheeks. I moaned into David’s mouth as I felt the lube and he slid one slippery finger up my ass. Now David moaned. Ryan did not wait, slid a second finger in. It hurt a little as he was trying to widen me. His fingers moved. I could have sworn he was massaging David’s cock through the thin barrier.

“Damn it, I want you”, Ryan murmured and pulled his fingers back. I knew it would hurt, a little. But I did not care. I loved that pain.

I bent forward, David spread my butt cheeks. Ryan came closer, I felt his cock, heard him moan as he pushed it inside me.

I groaned. It hurt but it felt good at the same time. “More”. My voice was hoarse. As David had he took his time before he started to fuck me. Slowly at first. David reacted to his movements. And I was helpless. All I could do was being fucked between them. And it felt so good.

Moaning will pleasure I kissed David, bit his lip.

“She likes it rough”, he moaned and Ryan responded, fucked me faster, harder.

“Oh fuck”, panting I came, whimpered as the sensation got too much. I felt someone twisting or biting my nipple, moaned again and felt David shooting his load deep in me. My body was trembling, Ryan was still fucking me hard, deep. “Please” And I was not sure if I meant ‘please stop’ or ‘please go on forever’.

With a loud grunt he came, collapsed panting on me. In a trembling panting heap we were huddled on the sofa.

After some time David kissed me again, carefully freed himself and picked me up, carried me to bed.

Ryan followed, I felt him slip under the duvet.

With their arms around me I snuggled in, sighed. David smiled, touched my cheek. “We have to do that more often.”

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