Brainy Teen Ch. 15

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“I see Lauren.”


“To your left. She’s sitting at the red sofa with Melanie.”

“Melanie is friends with Lauren too?!” Wendy was a bit shocked.

With one arm draped around Wendy’s shoulder, Sarah gave the corner of Wendy’s glossy lavender lips a kiss, then whispered into her ear, “Wendy, now is your best chance to seduce Lauren.”

Wendy looked at the female figure sitting in the distance. She did recognize her, but seeing Lauren in a nightclub dressed in a sexy outfit instilled in her a feeling of alarm and subconscious excitement.

“Right now?”

“Yes, don’t waste this opportunity.”

Sarah gave Wendy’s ear a lick before parting with, “I’ll be at the bar. Good luck, Wendy.”

As Wendy got closer to Lauren, she took in more details of the sultry teenaged beauty. A shimmering silver sequined dress hugged her sexy body tightly. The sequins were so fine that they made it appear as if the dress was a continuous piece of metal. The bodice of the sleeveless strapped dress was barely able to contain Lauren’s large breasts, which Wendy now noticed more than before. Simple, but effective makeup covered Lauren’s face.

Lauren pretended not to notice as Wendy walked towards her while she examined idly her fuchsia-lacquered nails. Once Wendy got close enough, Lauren tilted her head upwards slightly and looked at Wendy after exhaling a stream of smoke. Melanie had excused herself a minute ago, making this a staged moment, but Wendy had no idea.

“Wendy, didn’t expect to see you here. Thought you were too much of a prude to go to a nightclub.”

Her brown eyes bore into Wendy’s. The wisps of smoke hovered in front of Lauren’s face.

“Well, people can change,” said Wendy as she noticed Lauren’s glossy fuchsia-painted lips and the wisp of smoky vapor that came out of them. Her eyes subconsciously dipped lower to look at Lauren’s cleavage.

“I’m pretending to be a lesbian, so I need to look at girls in that way,” rationalized Wendy silently to herself. She was wholly unaware of the effect of the mystery drink had on her perception and thoughts that she had drank earlier at the bar.

Lauren gave her dark brown hair a slight toss. The powerful, yet quiet ventilation system kept a few strands of Lauren’s shiny hair afloat.

“I’m kind of bored sitting here alone. Want to dance with me, Wendy?” Her sparkly eyelashes fluttered.

That surprised Wendy. She didn’t expect Lauren to be the one asking. Wendy had a feeling that this was going to go well.

“Sure. I was about to ask you the same thing.”

“What do they call this… hive mind?”

“I dunno… Maybe one of us is psychic… Hehe…”

“Anyways, shall we?”

The Hispanic-Caucasian beauty gently held onto Wendy’s hand, causing Wendy to notice Lauren’s perfectly manicured fuchsia-colored nails.

“My nails look nice, don’t they? I got them done at Satin’s Nail Salon.”

“Isn’t that place at the local mall?”

“Yes, I recommend you go there too to get your nails done.”

Together, the two teenaged girls took the dance floor. As Lauren led the way, Wendy subconsciously eyed her swaying ass, which the skirt of the silver dress had hugged perfectly. The dance area was becoming more crowded by now, but they managed to worm themselves in. Wendy saw an advantage: “I could be closer to Lauren more often. It would make it easier for me to seduce her.”

Wendy was unaware of secret activities that were occurring without her knowledge. Lauren had taken her to a special spot on the dance floor that had a spiral pattern of lighted tinted glass, specially constructed to resonate to certain sound frequencies. It was one of the focal points for special subliminal sounds that emitted from specialized speakers mounted on the decorative pillars, the ceiling, and along the walls. On this particular night and hour, the subliminal messages were tailored specifically for Wendy Livingston. They were of multiple female voices.

“Wendy, you are a lesbian…”

Facing each other, the pair of teenage girls jerked and gyrated their bodies to the music. Wendy reminded herself that Lauren was tonight’s main focus, and she needed to seduce her. “You want to fuck her,” said a second voice.

“You are devoted to Sapphic sexuality…”

Arms raised in the air. Bracelets rattled. Purple and green lasers shot in various directions. Long blonde hair tossed to and fro. Silver sequins on Lauren’s dress glittered like a thousand stars.

“Female bodies arouse you… You want to touch and caress female bodies…”

Wendy found her eyes drawn to the glittering dress and the sensual curves of the body that gave form to the dress.

“Female breasts arouse you… You want to kiss them, squeeze them, and wrap your lips around the nipples and suck on them…”

Wendy’s eyes moved up to Lauren’s breasts. An image of herself kissing Lauren’s breast with her lavender lips flashed in Wendy’s mind.

“Wendy, you want to fuck females and you want females to fuck you… young Ümraniye Escort and mature, you want to do them all…”

Limbs bended with ease. Blonde and dark brown hair tossed to and fro. Both girls were completely immersed in the dance. Wendy’s eyes shifted downwards to Lauren’s sexy thighs and then the area between them that was hidden beneath the sequined silver skirt.

“You want to have sex with the girl you are dancing with…”

Lauren moved one knee forward. Instinctively, Wendy knew what to do. Her thighs parted to accommodate Lauren’s knee. Wendy moved her body close to Lauren and rubbed her body against Lauren’s while grinding her pussy against Lauren’s knee, which was becoming slightly wet from the feminine juices that had soaked through Wendy’s white satin panties. In addition to mind-altering drugs, the mystery had an aphrodisiac that increased Wendy’s sex desire towards other females.

“You want to become a lesbian because you want to love and fuck girls and women…”

Wendy’s blue eyes locked onto Lauren’s dark-brown eyes.

“You want to have sex with Sarah… You want to have sex with Madelynn… You want to have sex with Lauren… You want to have sex with Rebecca… You want to have sex with Cynthia… You want to have sex with every pretty woman and girl you see, even your mom and sister…”

Lauren’s shiny fuchsia lips parted briefly. Feeling a sudden urge to kiss them, Wendy’s face moved close, but backed out at the last moment after summoning her willpower.

“You want to devote your life to lesbianism…”

She pulled herself away from Lauren’s knee.

“Not here, I can’t have orgasm here!” she told herself.

Wendy’s mind was starting to clear up, which Lauren had noticed.

After their dance, Wendy and Lauren took a stroll. They later stood together on the edge of the balcony that overlooked a large indoor swimming pool.

A female server holding a tray of drinks passed by them. Lauren gestured to the server and took two drinks from the tray. Both drinks looked the same except for the red and blue straws. She handed Wendy the one with the blue straw.

Lauren asked out of the blue, “Wendy, are you a really a lesbian?”

That gave Wendy a slight jolt. She suspected Lauren was trying to catch her off guard, and coolly answered with, “Yes, of course. Why do you keep thinking I’m not?”

Afraid of revealing signs of nervousness, Wendy’s eyes wandered and looked at the sensual forms of the female swimmers in the large pool while she sipped on her drink. There were male hunks, but Wendy, for reasons unknown to her, found them uninteresting and boring. That reaction didn’t alarm her that much because of her usual excuse of playing the role of a lesbian as part of her plan to win Daniel. Any unease she felt was quickly overwhelmed by the attractive females she saw.

She eyed one particular girl in a skimpy black bikini, who was swimming gracefully with her head above the water. After finishing her lap, she got out of the pool and flipped her wet brown hair in an arc. Droplets of sparkling pool water flew in the air. That girl looked familiar to Wendy, but before she could figure out who she was, Lauren drew her attention away by lightly grazing the back of Wendy’s hand with her fuchsia nails.

“I don’t know… It’s just this feeling…”

Acting on instinct, Wendy’s glossy lavender lips parted slightly, then kissed Lauren on the lips. She didn’t want Lauren to doubt about the lesbian identity that she was trying to portray.

“What was that about? Are you trying to seduce me?”

“Does my answer matter?” asked Wendy sultrily while licking her lips seductively.

“No, not really.” Lauren kissed Wendy back.

Wendy’s long period of training with Sarah had made her a talented kisser, specifically for females, though Wendy originally thought the opposite and still did for the most part.

Just when Wendy thought she had cool down after the sensual dance with Lauren, her pussy was tingling again. She wanted to end the kiss, but to keep Lauren interested in her, Wendy let Lauren continue the kiss. The kiss went on for a minute, but there wasn’t any tongue in mouth.

“That was good, but I still think you’re just pretending.”

Wendy’s heart was beating fast. Her lavender-nailed fingers went around Lauren’s waist to touch her ass lightly. “Wow, you really are trying to come on to me, aren’t you?”

“I need to seduce Lauren, but I can’t let this go too far,” Wendy told herself.

Lauren excused herself to the rest room, but invited Wendy to join.

“I’m going to the rest room, want to come with me?”

“Um, I don’t have to go. I’ll wait for you here.”

“It’s the VIP restroom. I bet you’ve never been in one before. Come on.”

Outside the restroom door, Lauren swiped a black card on a slot. Wendy wowed a bit upon entering the classy female restroom. It had marble tiles, bejeweled faucets, silver mirrors, metal plants, and good ventilation. The lighting Ümraniye Escort Bayan was perfect.

Lauren touched Wendy’s shoulder. “Have you ever smoked before, Wendy?”

“I don’t smoke. Isn’t it illegal for people our age?”

“It won’t hurt to try it once.”

Lauren pulled out a cigarette from an unbranded carton. It was different from the cigarette she had smoked a while before. She lit it up before handed it to Wendy.

“Here, have a puff.”

Wendy gingerly took the cigarette and attempted to take a drag. She quickly coughed.

“Breathe deeper… You don’t want the smoke on your throat…”

Subliminal messages that targeted Wendy played in the background from speakers that were disguised as fancy ornaments. The messages were hidden in the ambient natural noise.

Though Wendy hasn’t smoked before, she knew what they usually smelled like, especially the ones that her Dad usually smoked. There was a strange perfume-like aroma in the one she was smoking. It smelled very familiar.

“Wendy, you are a beautiful and sexy girl,” said the subliminal female voice.

Wendy looked at herself in the mirror and giggled.

“You want to be even more beautiful and sexy… for girls… for women… for females… so that you could love them and have sex with them…”

“Go ahead, take another drag,” said Lauren.

Wendy inhaled from the cigarette. She was starting to get used to it.

On the marble counter, Lauren opened up her silver leather purse and pulled out a chrome vibrating egg and chrome vibrating bullet dildo. The sex toys were sleek and shiny under the lights.

“In order to reach your full potential, you must become a lesbian, Wendy, a pure lesbian devoted to the art of loving females.”

Wendy snapped out of her daze when she felt something cold touching and caressing her naked left arm. When she turned to look at the cold object, Wendy saw that it was a vibrating egg.

“Are you really a lesbian, Wendy?”

“Yes,” Wendy whispered.

“Then you should have no problem putting on a show for me. Real lesbians have no problem fucking themselves in front of other girls.”

“You like to fuck yourself in front of girls… It turns you on… It helps you become a lesbian…” said the subliminal voice.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Go on, get on the counter and spread your legs… in front of me.”

With the cigarette still dangling on her mouth, Wendy got up to the counter, assisted by Lauren, who used the chance to touch and grope Wendy’s body.

Lauren walked five feet away from Wendy. “You may begin. Go ahead and try to seduce me… Let’s see how far you can go…”

The silver egg began its quiet buzz. Though Wendy had never used one before, she knew how it worked from the porn videos she had watched.

Wendy’s silver strappy heels clicked on the counter as she spread her legs wide while giving Lauren a seductive gaze. She rode up her skirt and ran one lavender-nailed finger around her white satin covered crotch in slow, lazy circles. Her other hand held onto the special cigarette, then she exhaled a plume of smoke.

“Wendy, you want to be a lesbian so that you could seduce other females into becoming lesbians too…”

Her lavender lips parted slightly, and she slowly ran her tongue around those lips, wetting them. Wendy then pulled her satin panties partially aside, revealing just a small area of her pussy. Even though she was drugged, Wendy still retained enough modesty to not fully reveal her privates to Lauren. The wetness of the panties betrayed her sexual arousal.

“You want other girls to watch you have sex with another girl… Fucking another girl with other girls watching would prove to them that you’re a lesbian…”

Two of Wendy’s fingers, which held the silver egg, slipped beneath the fold of the satin panties.

“You want other people to know that you’re a lesbian girl…”

The panties bulged from the sex toy as Wendy worked the vibrating silver egg her pussy.

“You want other females to be lesbians so that you could have lesbian sex with them…”

Wendy began to moan sensually. Her eyes were glazed over, but remained focused on Lauren’s eyes and the rest of her body.

“You hate Daniel… You hate all guys… Your sexy body is reserved only for females… Only females could touch you… Only females could love you… Only females could have sex with you…”

Wendy’s nipples were erect like bullets. Small bumps could be seen through the satin. She raised a hand to her breast and gradually squeezed it through her silver satin bodice. Depressed satin fabric caressed her fingers. The cigarette dropped from her mouth when she emitted a loud moan.

Soon, Wendy’s moans increased in speed and intensity. With her eyes locked onto Lauren’s, she gave a small cry. Her pussy gushed during her orgasm. Feminine juices drenched her panties, fingers, the silver vibrating egg, and spread along her thighs.

Lauren clapped. “That Escort Ümraniye was a good show, a very sexy show, but just masturbating in front of another girl won’t make you a lesbian, Wendy.”

“You could do more to prove that you’re a lesbian…” whispered the sensual subliminal female voices.

“I could do more…” said Wendy dreamily.

“But are you up to it?”

Lauren walked closer to Wendy, who was still sitting on top of the marble countertop with her legs spread.


“Why are you not showing your entire pussy? You seem to be hiding something.”

“No, I’m not.”

Wendy pulled her slick hands and the vibrating egg from her pussy, producing small squishy sounds.

“Then pull down your panties. I want to see if you’ve kept your pussy shaved. Real lesbians always have neatly shaved pussies.”

Wendy’s still-drugged mind went along with Lauren’s will. She pulled the satin panties down through her thighs. It dangled on one ankle of her leg.

“You don’t mind pretty females touching your pussies… You want pretty females to taste your pussy… to lick it… to feel it… to fuck it…”

“Wow, it is completely hairless. Let’s see how well you respond to my fingers.”

Before Wendy could say anything, Lauren was already inserting two fuchsia-nailed fingers into Wendy’s moist slit. “Uhhhhh…” Wendy moaned.

In and out Lauren’s fingers went, though she was careful not to go too far in. Her fingers quickly became as wet with Wendy’s juices.

“Kiss the female in front of you… Kiss her deeply… Prove to her that you’re a lesbian…”

Wendy craned her neck forward lowered her glossy lavender lips while Lauren raised her shiny fuchsia lips. Their lips met in a sensual lip lock. Lauren parted her lips. Instinctively, Wendy’s tongue went into Lauren’s mouth.

“Your goal with any pretty female is having lesbian sex with her…”

Lauren’s hand reached for the silver bullet vibrator. After flipping on the hidden switch, she pressed it against Wendy’s pussy, causing Wendy to moan into Lauren’s mouth. By pressing on another switch at the base of the vibrator, a pink gel squirted from the vibrator’s tip that spread all over Wendy’s vaginal walls. Wendy’s sexual responses and her following orgasm would be greatly enhanced.

While Lauren kept working the bullet vibrator on Wendy’s pussy, she ran her fuchsia-nailed hand ran up Wendy’s thigh. Wendy shivered. The hand lightly cupped Wendy’s ass beneath the skirt through the panties before it went up to the small of her back, around her waist, and up to her breasts, which were tightly squeezed.

“Become a pure lesbian, Wendy…”

Wendy moaned into Lauren’s mouth as her body shuddered from a powerful orgasm.

“You actually had an orgasm. Wow, maybe you really are a lesbian.” Lauren licked Wendy’s pussy juice off of the silver bullet vibrator and her fuchsia-nailed fingers.

Upon hearing the word “maybe”, Wendy realized that convincing Lauren wasn’t as easy as she had hoped.

“You need to work harder, Wendy. You’re still a long way from convincing me.”

As her mind was clearing up, Wendy’s uneasiness came back to her. “What have I just done with Lauren? It was the alcohol. It made me more loose. And I’m still in lesbian mode. Yeah, that’s right, lesbian mode. Hehe.”

“Well, I’ve had enough for tonight. Don’t forget about our meeting tomorrow. Actually, you won’t. I would remind you. Good night.” Lauren walked out of the VIP restroom, leaving Wendy alone with her thoughts.

Wendy was beginning to realize that Cynthia was right. She needed to seduce Lauren, as in real seduction and making Lauren really fall love with her. Lesbian displays would just be lesbian displays. In the end, Lauren would still have Daniel until she takes away Lauren’s interest in Daniel. What makes people fall in love? Sarah never mentioned anything about that, but she did tell her how it worked for Lauren: she burns through relationships quickly. Wendy decided that she had to pry Cynthia for more intimate details about Lauren.

As Wendy walked near the stairway leading down to the first floor, she saw Lauren and Sarah in a tight embrace. There was a brief kiss before they parted ways. A pang of jealously struck her, though she didn’t recognize it as such at that time.

“Lauren is seducing Sarah, just like Cynthia had said. Isn’t she satisfied with having Daniel?”

By the time Wendy was down the stairs, Lauren had already left.

What Wendy didn’t know was that Sarah and Lauren were good childhood friends. Near the end of Sarah’s middle school years, she underwent a drastic change which, outside of Sarah’s family, only Lauren had took the most notice. During high school, Sarah had tried to seduce and control Lauren through secret, unnatural means, but Lauren had figured it out.

Years ago, on one summer afternoon at the outdoor pool of Sarah’s mansion, Sarah handed Lauren a special lemonade.

“You don’t have to give that me drink again, Sarah.”

“Huh, what are you talking about, Lauren?”

“I know what you’re trying to do.”

A nervous expression briefly crossed Sarah’s face before the gears of her mind began working on a solution to the problem in front of her. A quick thought came to Sarah’s mind: “She needs more time in the machine.”

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