Breaking in a Virgin

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“I would, honey, but you’re still a child,” I said to her gently. We’d had this argument several times already, so I knew the details by heart. She’d exclaim that she was finally of legal age, could even vote. I, in turn, would reply that because she was still a virgin she was, technically, still a child.

Of course I had an agenda. There were many things I wanted to do with the beautiful young girl beside me, but I needed her to come to me willingly. Consequently, I never missed an opportunity to remind her of her virginal status and how it was getting in the way of our future. She wanted the fairy tale, I knew that, but business is business.

Naomi was a slim brunette with tiny breasts and slender hips. Her skin was a perfect copper, making her brown eyes appear even more luminous. She had beautifully full lips that had barely been kissed. She was the picture-perfect blend of beauty and innocence. The argument had begun to wane, as usual, when she said, “Well, make me a woman!” Music to my ears!!

Not giving her a chance to change her mind, I took her hand and said, “Yes, it is time, little one.” I led her to my car and, after carefully tucking her in, made a quick call from my cell. “It’s on,” was all I said.

As we left the parking lot, I explained to her how important it was for me to verify her virginity. I asked if she minded if a doctor confirmed it before I made love to her. She agreed. She was so excited at the idea of being my girlfriend in every way that I think she would have agreed to anything. I hoped so, anyway.

We drove to a rather posh apartment building, where I led her to the ‘doctor’s office.’ I explained that she would need to remove her panties and get on the table, and that he would give her an examination. As I was speaking, the ‘doctor’ entered the office and very professionally began asking her a series of questions about her level of sexual experience. It sounded as if she hadn’t done more than some kissing and petting.

She never noticed the cameras we had strategically placed in the office to capture these intimate moments. I left the room, ostensibly to freshen up. Instead, I went to the next room and prepared to zoom in on her hymen when the doctor examined her.

Naomi blushed as she lay back on the examining table and put her feet in the stirrups. She scooted down to the end of the table as instructed, and closed her eyes as the ‘doctor’ began touching her labia. He looked toward the camera and smiled broadly as he spread her little pussy lips, exposing her clit and tiny hole. He nodded and I zoomed in for the money shot – her little hymen was intact, alright. Naomi was still a virgin… for a few more minutes anyway.

After the ‘doctor’ was done examining her pussy, I led Naomi to a bedroom that looked like it had come from a model home. I asked her if she minded if I taped our lovemaking so we would always have it. At first, she hesitated, saying she didn’t know what she was doing and would look silly. I assured her she would look beautiful as she gave herself to me.

When she continued to hedge, I finally hinted that I couldn’t make her a woman if she wasn’t willing to be filmed giving herself to me. I even sweetened the deal by offering her $500 if she would let me film us. I knew she wanted a new laptop and some trendy school clothes.

“Okay,” she said. I began kissing her, slowly touching her, letting the cameramen on the other side of the mirrors gain some lighting and focus. I quickly got her undressed, then took my time playing with her tiny breasts and little pussy. I began to lick her labia very slowly, lovingly… She gasped as I pleasured her with my lips, tongue and fingers. I took every opportunity to spread her swelling little lips open and show the camera her hymen.

I had begun to undress while I was touching her, and asked her to help me out of my briefs. When she saw my cock, she blushed to the roots of her hair. “First time you’ve ever seen one?” I asked her. She nodded. “Touch it. Better yet, kiss it,” I commanded gently. I held it out toward her face and she looked embarrassed but leaned over to kiss the head. “Mmmmmmmm,” I groaned. “Do it again.”

As she planted a dainty kiss on the head of my cock, I told her to French kiss it. I explained how part of being a woman was to suck it. She opened her mouth and began to take the head of my cock between her lips. It was bursa escort heaven! Even though she was new to it, just knowing my cock was in a virgin mouth that I could train made me want to burst.

I let her learn to suck my cock for several minutes as I fingered her tiny slit for a bit, feeling her wetness and letting her writhe beneath me. I held her head and worked it over my cock a bit for the cameras.

Finally I told her it was time to make her my woman. She looked equal parts apprehensive and excited. Between licking her labia, I explained that we needed to let someone come in and film this up close. She was so aroused, she agreed breathlessly. I looked towards the mirror and nodded.

The door opened and Dan, one of the cameramen, stepped inside. He acted very professionally, so as not to scare her. He stood quite close to the bed, however, and zoomed in on her tiny pussy as I prepared to enter it. I spread her lips for the shot of her hymen glistening with her juices. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her wet slit a few times, letting her feel what would soon take her virginity.

As she lay beneath me, her legs spread wide, the camera zooming in on her precious virginal pussy, I placed the head of my cock just inside and began stroking slowly, just the head. She moaned appreciatively and I told her it was time. I thrust into her, feeling her cherry break under my cock. The camera went from her pussy to her face, capturing her expression as I made her a woman. As I slowly started fucking her, I began instructing her on the art of fucking. I explained how she should squeeze my cock with her pussy, how she could thrust her hips up to meet my cock, how she could play with her breasts for me as I made love to her.

Naomi listened intently and cooperatively began lightly pinching and tugging her nipples as I fucked her for the camera. Dan had moved back a little, allowing her to forget she was being filmed. I continued to fuck her in the missionary position for a few minutes, then told her we were going to try doggy style. She seemed excited to be learning something new that she could share with her friends, how her older man boyfriend had taught her how to fuck. I hoped to gain some new leads out of it, but that’s another story.

I put her on her knees and slid my cock back into her tight opening and began fucking her again. I told her to rub her clit while I banged her. I began leisurely but purposefully playing with her rosebud. I could feel her tensing up, but I kept it playful. After a bit, I asked if I could have her last cherry. She hesitated before asking me what I meant. I explained that women routinely let their man have them however they wished. She finally said okay. I brought my cock to her mouth and asked her to make it nice and wet. I watched her face as Dan got a close-up of her tasting her pussy on my cock. He snuck a close-up of her pussy too, and the hint of blood on the sheets. Beautiful!

I opened a drawer of the nightstand and picked up a bottle of lube. I poured some on my finger and began teasing her asshole with it. She was nervous, but I kissed her shoulders, her neck, her breasts, everywhere. I assured her that I wouldn’t hurt her, knowing full well that my cock was larger than she was ready for. Finally I positioned her on her back so the cameras could capture her expression as I penetrated her virgin butt.

I slid the head of my cock over her pussy a few times, then against her tight opening. I pressed forward just a bit and waited for her to relax. I talked softly to her as I slowly pushed forward a micrometer at a time. Sweat had begun to break on her forehead, and I knew she was feeling a little pain. “It’ll feel better soon,” I assured her as I pushed forward just a little more. We both heard the head of my cock pop inside her asshole. I held my position, still the ardent suitor she had come to give herself to. After a minute or so, I began to fuck her a little, slowly sinking more of my cock into her tight anal passage. I knew it hurt her, and I thanked her for giving me her most intimate treasures – her three cherries. I couldn’t help but smirk into the lens as Dan captured our Kodak moment.

I continued to slide deeper into her asshole until I bottomed out and my balls rested against her. I held her against me for a moment, then lifted her tiny ass in my hands and began to fuck her asshole bursa escort bayan in smooth, long strokes. She grunted each time I forced my cock back into that tight passage. I spit down onto her hole and worked it in with my cock on the next stroke to give her some relief. After a few minutes in that heavenly hole, I pulled out. I let Dan take a moment to zoom in on her used holes.

“On your knees,” I commanded. She quickly complied and, as I pushed my cock back into her asshole, I thought perhaps it wasn’t going to be so difficult to get her to do my bidding after all. I fucked her for a few minutes, then pulled out for another close-up of my cock and her holes. I even spread her asshole for the camera.

“Your holes are starting to stretch out nicely,” I informed her. She looked back at me as I explained that her holes were opened up to accept cock now. I didn’t specify whose cock… I fucked her some more, then told her I was going to cum in her asshole. I pushed in deep and let my cum spurt deep into her newly deflowered asshole.

I stayed put for a moment to let her feel my cum in her ass, then slid out carefully still holding her hips. I moved out of the way, still holding her hips. I held her still as Dan readied himself, then I took up the camera as he slid his hard cock into her used pussy. She didn’t seem to notice the difference in our sizes, and I stayed behind her as he fucked her for several minutes.

He pulled out of her pussy and lined his cockhead up with her asshole. I zoomed in as he slid into her tiny asshole and began fucking it. She groaned as Dan fucked her asshole and I knew it hurt her.

I suppose I should explain myself. I am in the porn industry, and my speciality is finding innocent looking young women and breaking them in on camera. I believe all women are whores, and the prettier they are, the bigger whores they turn out to be. They might not know it, but I do.

So I start out by making them ready to fuck, doing whatever it takes to get them to agree to fuck on film, then after they’ve gone that far, I see how much further I can push them. Usually it doesn’t take much. Most young girls just want an older man to pay them some attention and tell them they’re smart and beautiful, and that’s all it costs to get in their pants. Getting it on film takes a little more; usually not much more. I sweeten the deal with money. Once they’ve agreed to let me fuck them on camera for money, it’s not a big leap to get them to let other men fuck them for a few dollars more. What is amazing is how fucking cheap it is to get them to do it. See? Whores to the core!

Sometimes they fell in love, like Naomi. I was going to have to break her little heart tonight, but not for a few more minutes. I was hoping to keep her in love with me long enough to make a few more movies. She was paydirt! There were too many delicious ways to corrupt such an innocent girl who was too in love with me to say no. I was going to see how much money I could make off of the many nasty things I could get her to do.

I watched dispassionately as Dan fucked Naomi’s tight asshole. He was sawing enthusiastically into it as she grimaced under him. “It’ll get easier,” I said. Her eyes flew to my voice and she started when she realized I was holding the camera. The camera and I watched her face as she came to the realization that someone else was fucking her. I confirmed her worst fear as I added, “It’ll get easier to take cock in your ass, honey. You’ll see.” Her face was a study in consternation, understanding and betrayal.

Naomi stammered as she asked what we were doing. This was always the hardest part with innocent sluts… Breaking her heart, but making her still want to be mine.

Dan still held her hips and fucked her asshole patiently as I explained to Naomi gently that she was used now. Two cocks had been in her holes within minutes of each other, and now she was used.

She tearfully declared that it wasn’t her fault and angrily demanded to know how I could trick her. I said she didn’t protest when another cock entered her, so how was I to know she didn’t enjoy it. Throughout all of this exchange, Dan held her slim hips in his hands and fucked her ass steadily. It really was a thing of beauty.

I offered her some hope by telling her it wasn’t going to be so bad. Being my girl meant sometimes she bursa merkez escort would be doing new things like this. I explained that I needed things that other men didn’t know how to get from such a pretty girl, and that only someone like her could give it to me. She seemed to accept that like a compliment.

Satisfied that I would be able to use her after today, I continued filming her use. I told her how beautiful she was and zoomed in on her face, then her ass full of cock. Dan announced that he was going to cum, then began filling her bowels with his sperm. After he pulled out, we took several shots of her creampie, him spreading her carefully while I got the necessary close-ups.

I asked her if she was willing to do one more thing for me. She said yes. The door opened and four more men entered as I explained that I would give her another $20 per cock if she would let me film other men inside of her. Before she had time to agree, one of them slid his hard cock into her pussy and began fucking it gently. As she opened her mouth to protest, another cock filled that hole. Her eyes bugged out as the owner stuffed her mouth and tried to gain entry into her throat.

I passed the camera off to Dan and sat by the bed watching with interest. “Relax and let him fuck your throat,” I coached her as he continued to thrust past her pink lips. “Sometimes you have to suck them, but somethings they just want to pump into a hot mouth and cum.” She looked at me as I tried to gauge her expression. “Don’t forget to squeeze with your pussy muscles, honey,” I added. You want to make sure the cock in your pussy is getting a good ride too. She looked at me incredulously as I taught her how to fuck other men.

I watched as the virgin of a few hours ago slowly disappeared, just as I knew she would. Naomi didn’t look happy as the men used her in various positions, but she didn’t fight either. Hers was the usual reaction… acceptance of the fact that several men were going to fuck her while I watched and that I wasn’t jealous.

It was usually about now that the whore du jour realized she got played, that I didn’t care about her enough to be jealous. I guessed Naomi understood what was going to happen to her for the rest of this afternoon. No more roses and candy… just fucking and enough money to buy that laptop…

The man in her pussy came loudly, then pulled out of her, juices flying. He was immediately replaced by another cock. A few strokes later, the fucker decided it was too loose for him and he slid into her ass in one thrust. Although he wasn’t that large, she jerked from the pain, and grimaced as he rode her sore asshole. He came quickly and pulled out. Dan automatically zoomed in on her cum-filled pussy and ass and I smiled.

I complimented Naomi and then graphically described her red, round, opened asshole and her cum-dripping pussy to her. I told her how beautiful she looked with two cocks in her, and how hot it made me to watch. I fingered her pussy a little and found it sopping. It wasn’t a baby pussy anymore, I informed Naomi. It was full of fucksauce and was forevermore a cunt. Her cunt and ass were now fuckholes, I informed her. She was now a fuck hole! It was at this point that I said the one thing she wanted to hear more than anything else. I told her that I loved her and wanted her to be with me always. Her eyes shone for the first time since Dan fucked her.

I told Naomi that I had to work most of the time, but asked her if she could visit me here every Thursday afternoon from now on. We could make love and spent time together, but she would be filmed doing whatever I asked of her. She would be paid for it though. Those were my terms if she wanted me to be her boyfriend. I needed her to understand the arrangement. She tearfully agreed.

Dan handed the camera to the man who had just cum in Naomi’s asshole and lined up for another turn. I stood next to her face waiting for the current occupant to jizz in her throat.

Naomi didn’t seem to know what to do. She was surrounded by men in various stages of undress stroking their cocks. In truth, there was little for her to do except suck the cocks that kept thrusting into her face, which she seemed to be doing better at. I think she finally accepted the fact that her cunt and ass were going to get used for the next several hours. Hopefully she would remember to squeeze her cunt for them.

I was already thinking ahead to next Thursday and the gloryhold room I had built for my new sluts to practice at… She would look magnificent on the outside of the closet, men watching her suck a line of cocks whose owners she couldn’t see.

Yes, I definitely had plans for this one…

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