Breaking in Bill

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Carole could tell Bill was upset Saturday morning. She heard him stomping around upstairs as he showered and dressed. He said nothing as he swiped the plate of toast and eggs she made for him and retreated to the living room to eat in front of the TV.

Bill had been acting funny the past couple of months. He easily became impatient, sighing and rolling his eyes over little things. He kept to himself, sometimes getting up and leaving the house without saying a word. This was a far cry from the sweetheart he had been his previous 20 years. She knew something was eating him. She was sure it couldn’t have been college. He got good grades and he never sweated school anyhow. It must have been girl problems.

She joined him in the living room and sat down beside him on the sofa, faking interest in the news for a bit until she thought of something to ask.

“Bill,” she asked. “What’s eating you?”

“Cindy broke up with me,” he said.

“What was her problem?”

“Actually, I broke up with her,” he said. Carole regretted her faux pas.

“What for, Honey?” she asked. “You two looked so good together.”

Carole didn’t mean that. She despised that goody two-shoes. Cindy was constantly talking about Jesus and about how Carole should come to Bible study or to church with her. That offended Carole, as if Cindy was passing judgment on her lifestyle. Sure, Carole got around. In the 15 years that she had been divorced, she never kept a boyfriend for more than six months. And there were plenty of times that she would stay out all night with a man she just met at the bar. But she was an adult–42, in fact. Cindy had no business thinking that she was better than her. And she was never happy about the influence Cindy had over her son.

The two women, young and old, bore a resemblance to each other. Both had straight brown hair. Cindy’s was reddish; Carole’s was darker. Both were endowed with wide hips, round bottoms, and full breasts. But there were differences. Cindy covered her body from neck to ankles in dresses her grandmother could have worn. Carole liked to show off her body in tight jeans and v-neck shirts that revealed her cleavage.

“I would prefer not to talk about it,” Bill said.

“You didn’t get her pregnant did you?” Carole asked in a worried tone. Her pregnancy with Bill’s father was why she got married. She figured that maybe Bill and Cindy had a pregnancy scare that ruined their relationship.

“Far, far from it,” he said, with a tone of contempt. “We never…had sex.”

“That wasn’t the impression that I had,” she said, surprised. She could hardly conceive of being a couple for a year and a half, like Bill and Cindy were, without having sex. “I figured that you were intimate. You even slept in her dorm a couple of times.”

“I don’t know how to tell you this,” Bill said. “What we did together just frustrated me. She let me kiss her and touch her breasts, but only through her shirt. The same thing with her butt and her other place. These rules applied when she touched me. And even then, she wouldn’t let me–finish.”

“That bitch!” Carole responded. She meant it.

“It gets worse,’ Bill said. “Of course, she always told me that we couldn’t have sex until we got married, which would have to wait until after college. And last night, she told me that even when we got married, the only position that she would allow would be missionary. She said that you have to ‘make love’ to your spouse. And that means face to face. Doggy style is only lust, she said. And no oral sex either. That, to her, is sodomy.” He added, “I broke up with her right then.”

Carole was horrified by Cindy’s rules. She was also proud that Bill stuck up for himself and broke up. She would never want her son to be stuck in a life like that.

“I know I am your mom and I don’t want to encourage you to be promiscuous, but a young man your age has needs,” she said. “It must have been hell. You were right to break up with her.”

“Mom,” he said. “I’m still a virgin. It’s humiliating. I feel like a freak. And I’m afraid it will be forever before I get another opportunity.”

She gave him a tight hug. “There, there, dear. I’m sure it won’t be long before some lucky woman wants to make love to you.”

Carole went back into the kitchen after the embrace. She thought about what a worthy young man her son turned out to be. He was such a handsome boy and in great physical shape. More importantly, he was a perfect gentleman. He took his hat off at the dinner table. He gave up his seat for ladies and elderly men on the bus. He even volunteered at the homeless shelter, preparing breakfast for 200 men and women once a week. Most of her boyfriends were clowns, just looking to get their rocks off and skipping out. Bill would never turn out like that. She hadn’t had a man of his caliber for years, she admitted to herself.

But then again, she remembered something else, too. Bill did have a sexual side. Bill’s eyes, like most men’s, would occasionally glance down at her cleavage casino siteleri when he talked to her. She just brushed it off as a natural instinct, nothing to read too much into. But then again, he had been doing it more and more lately. And there was another time when she wore her sheer nightgown with a thong on and no bra while fixing breakfast. She had the sense that he was looking her up and down all morning. She even wondered at the time if she should say something.

Another curious thing was that when cleaning his room, she found his porno stash. A couple of the magazines were of the “Over 40” variety. He had a taste for the older ladies. Also, Cindy’s physical similarities to herself didn’t escape her notice. Bill liked a certain type. She wondered now if it all added up.

What Carole knew beyond question was that Bill really needed to get laid. If he waited much longer to have sex for the first time he might be awkward with women for the rest of his life. She didn’t want to see that happen to him. She thought about a hooker. But what kind of signal would that give? That the first time he had sex his mom had to pay for it? That isn’t necessarily a confidence builder. She thought about setting him up with one of her friends. He’d get laid pretty soon for sure. But she didn’t want her son involved with any of those slutty bar flies.

If only I could just do it myself, she thought. She imagined seducing her son like Ann Bancroft in the Graduate. Her son would bolt out of the room, she figured. But then she remembered the magazine and the looks Bill gave her. Maybe he would be down with it. She fantasized about him kissing her and touching her with his strong arms. She felt a little wet down below. Why not? She was on the pill. They were both adults. If he didn’t want to, things would be awkward for a little while, true. But she was sure that eventually he’d realize she was trying to be motherly in her own way. It might make sense, she figured, to proposition him with a more formal, matter-of-fact proposal. This way it wouldn’t seem like she was a horny woman looking to make a move on her own son, even if, on some level, that was true.

After pondering this for about half an hour, she mustered the courage and returned to the living room.

“Bill,” she said.

“What is it mom?” he asked.

“Don’t say a word about what I am about to tell you,” she said.

“OK”, he said, bewildered.

“I am going to go upstairs and take a shower. After that, I’ll be in my room, waiting for you. If you want, you can come into my room and do whatever you want to my body. I’ll let you. In fact, I would enjoy it. If by 11 o’clock you don’t knock on my door, I’ll know that the answer is no and you can go about your business like this conversation never happened.”

Carole spun around and climbed up the stairs before she could catch the look of shock on Bill’s face. Her heart pounded and her nipples were as firm as leather over fear and excitement of what might come next. She couldn’t believe what she said to her son. Part of her wanted to take it back. Another part thought that she’d only regret it if his knock didn’t come at the door.

In the shower, as she washed her vagina, she caught herself giving more attention to her clit than she usually would, almost as if she was beginning to masturbate. She went into her room wrapped in a towel. She could still hear the T.V. downstairs. She could only imagine what Bill was thinking. She prepared for success. She put on a pair of black lacy panties and a sheer black nightgown, the one that she knew he liked, over her braless breasts. She thought about putting on perfume, as she usually would before a rendezvous, but she decided against it. Scent is evocative, and she didn’t exactly want Bill to smell “Mommy” at this moment. She reclined on the bed and glanced at the clock, 10:15.

She listened carefully. The television downstairs was still on. She couldn’t detect movement. She imagined her son in the chair, wondering what to do. She worried 11:00 might roll by without Bill’s knock at the door. How would he react the next time he saw her? How would he explain? How would she? Would they pretend that nothing was wrong, that nothing ever happened? Was he offended? Might he change his mind and proposition her later? If he were to come upstairs, that would be a big relief. But it could lead to other problems, including the same awkwardness and possible estrangement. Either way, the genie was out of the bottle.

It was 10:40. Her pulse was racing; her body, stiff with adrenaline. She heard a tentative creaking of footfalls on the stairs and then on the hall floor. They stopped in front of her door and waited there for a minute. Her heart thumped. Finally, a soft knock came at the door.

“Come in.” she said. Her vocal chords were so tight from stress that despite trying to speak up what came out of her mouth was barely audible.

Bill pushed the door open slowly. The hinges creaked loudly, like in a horror movie. His clothes were in a heap canlı casino on the floor next to him. His member stood erect, about seven inches long and curved slightly upward. It had a big round knob, colored purple from the force of the hard-on. Carole thought it was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen.

“I’m glad you made it,” Carole whispered.

Bill climbed into bed next to her. He put his hand on her hip and kissed her lips softly. She returned the kiss. In a moment they were making out, their mouths open and their tongues dancing. Carole realized that he was good at this. It was the one thing Cindy let him do. Bill’s hands were busy grabbing his mother’s ass and tits through her nightgown. She stroked his chest. He reached under her nightgown and ran his fingers between her thighs, higher and higher, until he found her mound through her panties. She sat up for a second and shimmied out of the gown to give him better access.

Bill took in his mother’s naked tits with his eyes for a good long moment. Carole didn’t mind the ogling. She realized that he had been so sexually repressed that he might not have even seen a woman’s naked breasts up close before. He reached out and grabbed them with both hands, kneading them out of arousal and curiosity. Carole wrapped her arm around her son and squeezed his buttocks, noting the firmness. She avoided touching his penis just yet. She knew that a young man with his inexperience might climax easily.

Bill leaned in to suck on Carole’s large nipples one by one, back and forth, over and over again. He put his head between her breasts and pressed them against the sides of his cheeks. Carole couldn’t remember when was the last time her chest was worshipped like this. It was possibly when Bill’s dad was about Bill’s age.

Bill kissed his mother’s belly, working down gradually with each little peck, past the navel and down to the waistband of her panties. Carole squirmed. She didn’t expect to be teased like that. She thought her son would dive right in. He tugged at the hips of her underwear. Carole lifted her buns off the mattress. He pulled her panties down her legs and around her feet and tossed them to the floor. Carole spread herself for her son. He took in the sight of his mother’s pussy like he did with her tits. She had a neat triangle of public hair and a long pussy slit, itself shaven. Carole wondered if Bill thought his mom looked slutty.

Bill kissed the inside of her thighs–attempting, Carole thought, to try to tease her again–but he quickly lost patience with that. He jammed his mouth right into his mother’s crotch. He kissed her pussy at first and then he got to probing it with his tongue. She spread herself wider. He worked at her harder and harder, parting her pussy lips with his fingers and thrusting his tongue as deeply as he could into her pink, wet inside. She whimpered and squirmed around to try to position her clit against his tongue. He got the message. While working the top part of her folds with his mouth, he inserted his finger in her cunt, and had at it with a fucking motion. Carole’s screams grow rhythmically louder. Her son had given her an organism.

When she settled down, Bill climbed onto his mother and got face to face with her. His full weight rested on top of her. She didn’t mind. It was his first time. He pushed his dick between her thighs and pressed hard against her cunt, prodding it in that uncertain way that inexperienced men do. She reached down and guided him home. He slowly drove himself in all the way to the stump. His eyes flung wide open. He was in shock experiencing a pussy for the first time. Carole had seen this look before, but not in many years.

“Fuck me, baby,” she whispered.

Bill obliged, he rocked his hips and started screwing her. He was erratic at first and slipped out a couple of times, not understanding how far to pull out. Carole helped him back in. She grabbed him by the ass and pulled him into her, helping him set the pace of the motion. He got the hang of it, regained control, and picked up speed.

Carole had bigger cocks before. But Bill’s was the hardest she had in awhile. It was like he was pounding away at her with a steel pipe. It was his youth and how turned on he was, she figured. Carole spread her legs wider. More confident, Bill fucked her harder and deeper. He filled her up on every downstroke. The room was filled with the sound of pelvises slapping together and bed springs grinding. Carole came to another screaming orgasm, squeezing Bill’s ass hard. When she did, she felt her son linger with each thrust. He was getting close, too.

“I’m going to,” he said.

She recognized this as his way of asking her whether he should pull out.

“It’s OK baby,” she said. She was on the pill.

Carole felt Bill’s knob expand and splash his warm semen inside her. He gave her enough to make a shot glass overflow. When he pulled out, Carole’s juices and her son’s jizz oozed onto the bedsheets.

They kissed and stroked each other. She told him what a kaçak casino good lover he was. He confided in her that sometimes he masturbated to the thought of her. This was a dream come true, he said. Originally, it was her plan to tell him this would be a one time encounter. But the moment didn’t feel right to tell Bill that. Maybe later. After some cuddling, she excused herself to the bathroom and washed. He got up, put on his clothes, and dismissed himself for the rest of the day to head to the college library and study.

Carole stayed at home to do her normal Saturday chores. She worried about what she had just done. What kind of person did this make her? Was she abnormal? Was she perverted? Was she a deviant? Was this wrong? Did the fact that they were adults and she did it out of love for him make it right, or at least less wrong? Was it worse that she enjoyed it?

And then she started worrying about her future relationship with Bill, much like she did in the moments before he knocked on her door. How should she tell him that this was a one-time thing? What if he protested? Did she really want it to be a one-time thing? What would this do to their relationship? Would they act awkwardly around each other? Would they grow bitter about this? Would they never discuss it? Would they just sweep it under the rug?

She heard Bill come in through the front door. She would soon find out how things might be going between them. She kept on doing the dishes as she heard him creaking around up in his room. After a while, he bounced down the stairs and burst into the kitchen.

“Hey Mom, I’m back, what’s for dinner?” he asked.

She was relieved. He sounded completely normal. She turned to look at him. He was in the jogging shorts and t-shirt that he usually wore around the house.

“I’m making cheeseburgers and fries,” she said.

“That’ll be fantastic.” he said. “I only had a slice of pizza for lunch by school.”

Carole turned back to her dishes. She would normally pack him a sandwich when he studied, she realized. This morning was different, of course. She wondered what Bill must have been thinking all day. As she was lost in her thoughts, Carole felt two hands on her hips. She tensed up, startled that Bill snuck up on her like that. But before she could pull away, she felt Bill’s lips on the side of her neck. Whatever psychological resistance she had to his advances collapsed that instant.

“This will be a two time thing,” she thought to herself.

She knew what was coming next. Bill pressed up against his mother’s bubble butt and continued kissing her neck and ears. His dick got harder as he ground his crotch against her. As it stiffened, he worked it into the crack of her ass. She grabbed hold of the counter and bent over a little more, giving him better access.

After a couple of minutes of dry humping her through their clothes, Bill pulled his sweatpants down to his knees and felt up his mother with his naked, erect penis. He rubbed it gently across the fabric of her leggings, back and forth. She felt his hands wrap around the elastic of her pants and panties. He yanked those down her thighs, exposing her bare ass to the air with a bounce. He had ignored his mother’s big round behind earlier in the day. Now he was about to make up for that. Bill parted her cheeks apart and spent a few moments leering at Carole’s asshole. She wondered what he would try next.

The answer came when she felt lips on her buttocks. He kissed each butt cheek. He then laid a deep kiss on her asshole itself. It puckered with the sensation. He got down lower and licked her pussy from underneath. Carole exhaled with a moan and bent over still further, encouraging him to proceed. But teasing her, Bill gave her licks up the crack of her ass instead. He pried her ass apart still wider and sucked and licked per puckerhole. While he did that, he plunged his finger into her wet cunt up to his knuckle. Carole approached orgasm.

Bill pulled his finger out before she came. He placed his dick between his mother’s ass cheeks like a sausage in a bun and rubbed. Carole fingered her clit to finish herself off. She needed an orgasm at that moment even if by her own hand. Bill continued his sliding motion along the crack of her ass as she came.

And then a surprise: Bill pressed the head of his cock it firmly against his mother’s asshole.

“No,” she thought. “Not today.”

She gently took Bill’s cock in her hand and redirected it to the opening of her pussy. Getting the message, Bill pushed home. The position was awkward. Bill couldn’t penetrate his mother very much. He spread his legs out to lower himself. It helped, but he still slipped out when he tried to fuck her.

“Hang on honey,” she said.

She pulled out a kitchen chair and climbed on. Grabbing hold of another chair for support, she bent way over. Now there was a heap of big round ass conveniently at crotch level for Bill to enjoy. He found her pussy and resumed fucking, smoothly this time. He fucked her as slowly as he could to savor the experience, it seemed to Carole. He kneaded his mother’s ass as he did. He placed his thumb against his mother’s asshole and pushed, getting the tip inside. Carole allowed this. In fact, she liked it.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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