Breast Friend Ch. 09

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–SESSION 14– Lizzy, Ellie, Molly and Kelly

Peter was glowing. It was day after day of huge-breasted glory with his new friend group, and that was his life now. The evening after his rendez-vous with his little smothering quartet, he was somewhat hungry. It occurred to him rather quickly that his Breast Friends could probably take care of that, so he decided upon a task for the next foursome. Granted, he had no idea what he wanted, so he left that decision up to them.

His text:

“Lizzy, Ellie, Molly and Kelly: in the mood for something sweet; surprise me. Molly and Kelly’s sorority house. Two hours.”

Two hours later, Peter arrived at the sorority house. Molly and Kelly were members of one of the top-tier sororities at their university, but their sisters had more or less disregarded them since their aggressive and sudden transformation. They were not technically supposed to have boys up to their room, but they would sneak him past, and in any case, the other sisters probably did not much care about Molly and Kelly (the “big-boobed freaks”) anymore.

Molly opened the door to receive Peter, wearing nothing but a frilly apron and a smile. The apron was low-cut in the front, allowing Molly’s big boobs plenty of room to breathe. He guessed her to be a GG by now; Peter was getting pretty good at guessing bra sizes, and all his girls seemed to be moving along right on schedule.

“Hey, you.” Molly smiled and winked.

“Molly!” Peter was somewhat surprised to see her so scantily-clad when she shared a house with other women. “Aren’t the other girls home?”

“Yeah, but who cares? Kelly and I are getting kicked out soon anyway. We might as well do what we want.”

Peter entered the house cautiously, but his caution dissipated when Molly threw her arms around his neck and tongue kissed him.

“Mmm…” Molly moaned into Peter’s mouth.

“Mmm.” Peter echoed.

He noticed that there were several other sorority girls milling around the entryway, watching the scene with wide eyes. Not only did they see Molly in such an embarrassingly slutty outfit, but they saw Molly bringing a boy into the house…and French kissing him right before their eyes.

“Molly, what’s going on?” asked one girl in particular.

“This is my boyfriend.” Molly explained simply, “He likes it when I wear this for him. Don’t you, baby?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure do.” Peter replied, reaching out and squeezing Molly’s supple ass. She squealed in response.

“He’s my boyfriend, too!”

Peter looked up the nearby staircase to see Kelly descending, wearing an apron identical to Molly’s. His eyes bugged out. Kelly’s tits were every bit as large as Molly’s. He looked forward to playing with them, but he was enjoying this little show they seemed to be putting on for the sorority girls.

“Hi, Peter!” Kelly cooed, leaning in to kiss him just as Molly had.

“He’s your boyfriend, too, Kelly?” an additional sister asked, incredulous.

“You bet. We’re just going to take him upstairs for a little playtime.” Kelly görükle escort affirmed, taking Peter’s hand.

“You can’t do that!” the first girl protested, but to no avail.

“Too bad.” Molly replied, escorting Peter with his other hand, “We’ll try to keep it down, but no promises.”

Molly and Kelly left the other sisters in their wake, and Peter was almost as perplexed as the sisters were. He was not able to voice his curiosity at first, because when Molly and Kelly were a few steps ahead of him, he could not help but stare at their big, bare butts right before his face. He saw them bend their backs slightly to stick their posteriors out at him, as if to invite his gaze. Their cheeks bounced subtly as the girls slowly climbed the stairs, their ass cheeks mere inches from Peter’s face.

“What was that?” Peter finally managed to ask.

“We hate those bitches.” Kelly explained simply, “It’s fun to piss them off sometimes.”

“Besides, Peter.” Molly added, “We figured it would be a little more fun for you if they knew you were in our room, having the time of your life.”

Peter was quiet as he processed this, but he smiled faintly.

“You’re sure you can promise me the time of my life?”

“Of course we can.” Kelly giggled, “And at the very least, we’re going to feed you.”

By now, the three of them had reached Kelly and Molly’s door. They entered an immaculately-clean room, where Ellie and Lizzy were waiting for them, also wearing identical frilly aprons. Peter gawked at the four of them wearing the same outfit, each displaying more cleavage than the last.

“Welcome, sir.” Lizzy cooed.

“Thank you, ladies.”

“Please, have a seat.” Ellie invited him.

She beckoned Peter to a cushy armchair, in which he gladly sat. The girls all faced him now, but he was not making any eye contact—nor did they expect him to. He was staring longingly at the eight tempting titties before him, knowing he would soon be playing with them as he pleased. The girls were dressed like naughty little chefs, and he was excited to see what they could cook up together.

“So, is someone pretty hungry?” Ellie inquired.

“Yes, indeed.” Peter nodded.

“Well, we hope you like what we prepared.” Lizzy winked.

With that, the four young women each turned and picked up a large bowl from the floor. Peter savored the image of their beautiful bubble butts ballooning out toward him as they bent over to pick up the bowls. His erection was already at half-mast from the mere sight of their bodacious bodies in those aprons.

The girls presented him with the contents of their bowls. Peter was fairly disappointed, to say the least. Kelly’s bowl held what appeared to be a pool of chocolate syrup. Lizzy’s held strawberry syrup. Ellie’s held caramel syrup. Molly’s held what seemed to be whipped cream. Peter was perplexed. There was no food for these toppings to be placed on; and even so, there were no utensils with which to eat it. He might have to give his girls a spanking. karacabey escort

“What’s going on here?” Peter asked indignantly.

The girls all exchanged glances, as though they knew something Peter didn’t. They turned back to his bamboozled face, ready to show him what they had planned for his meal.

“This.” Lizzy declared.

Immediately, she used one hand to untie the back of her apron, which she then shrugged off so it fell in a fabric pool at her feet. Peter gazed at her naked body, entranced, but he was pleasantly yanked from this trance by what happened next.

Lizzy leaned her chest forward and dunked her enormous boobs in the strawberry syrup. Peter’s jaw dropped as she swirled her massive flesh balloons throughout the sticky, sugary compound, causing her endowments to take on a glistening, rosy sheen. After a few seconds, she pulled her rack out of the bowl and approached Peter.

In his peripheral field of vision, Peter had barely noticed Kelly setting down her own bowl and grabbing a cloth napkin from on top of her bedspread. As Lizzy approached, strawberry melons leading the way, Kelly tucked the napkin into Peter’s shirt collar, as if he were about to be served a meal—and he had a feeling that he was.

“You—you mean…” he stammered as Lizzy’s tits were centimeters from his lips.

“Bon apetit.” Lizzy cooed, leaning her boobies into his face.

A huge smile hit Peter’s face at the same time as Lizzy’s tits. He opened his mouth and allowed his tongue to snake out, licking those melons cautiously at first, but gradually with more and more abandon. The strawberry syrup was thick and sugary, and he hungered for more. He loved the way it was being presented to him, of course, but the syrup itself was tasty.

“Get them nice and clean for me, okay, Peter?” Lizzy requested.

“Mm-hmm.” Peter nodded, slurping on Lizzy’s breasts like a baby.

After a minute or two, Peter ceased his sucking and began simply licking, as though each of Lizzy’s breasts was a scoop in an ice cream cone. He licked and licked and licked some more, until they were clean as could be, and he had a lot of strawberry syrup sitting in his stomach.

“Ahhh…” he sighed, wiping his mouth.

“Don’t tell us you’re full already.” Kelly giggled, naked, approaching for her turn.

“I suppose I could have seconds.” Peter quipped, eyeing her bowl of caramel.

Kelly plunged her boobs into the caramel over and over, ensuring a thick, captivating layer. Peter’s mouth watered. She puckered her lips and blew him a little kiss as she finally pulled her endowments out of the light-brown mire and set down her large bowl. Kelly straddled Peter’s lap so as to give him better tit access, and she found it paying off majorly when he was able to consume with ease.

Peter did not begin with caution this time. This time, he was greedy. He moaned and groaned with pleasure as he lapped up the sweet sauce from Kelly’s GG cups; she was a petite woman, so her boobs were fantastically mudanya escort disproportionate to the rest of her body—he loved that.

“How’s that taste, baby?” Kelly asked after Peter finished his work on her left boob.

“Mm…delicious…” Peter managed to mumble through his mouthful of tits and caramel.

When he finished with Kelly, Ellie wasted no time in beginning the chocolate portion of the evening. Her breasts were already doused with brown liquid, dripping lightly onto the carpet. Molly and Kelly didn’t care.

“Third course?” Ellie asked, trying to be playful.

Peter more or less rejected her attempt at that.

“Just get those tits in my mouth.” he ordered.

Ellie obeyed. Peter added chocolate to his dessert palate, eating to his heart’s content. Ellie sat there on his lap, stroking his hair lovingly as he feasted. Peter could not stop smiling; he had fantasized so much about having Ellie at his beck and call, and here she was: feeding him chocolate syrup from her GG size boobs. It felt amazing, and tasted even better. He paid extra attention to her nipples, which were hard as he licked and sucked at them.

“You like sucking those, big boy?” Ellie asked.

“Just trying to make chocolate milk.” Peter answered cheekily, to the giggles of his companions.

After another couple of minutes, Peter gave the signal for Ellie to dismount, and he sat there, face and napkin slathered in dessert toppings, looking expectantly at Molly. Molly shrugged off her apron, dunked her rack in her big bowl of fluffy, delicious whipped cream, and without a word, sauntered up to Peter and began feeding him.

“Yes…yes…” Peter moaned into the creamy dream before him, allowing whipped topping to cover not only his mouth, but his nose, chin, cheeks and hair as he basked in this new privilege.

He inhaled the whipped cream in a minute flat, and gestured to the bowl containing the rest of it, which sat on the floor beside them.


Without question, Lizzy picked up the bowl and guided it back to Molly’s tits. Molly re-dipped her boobs, giving them another, thicker layer of sugary treat, and shoved them toward Peter’s open mouth. He wolfed it down excitedly, the breasts and cream almost covering the enormous grin on his face.

Finally, there was a little whipped cream left, most of it in Molly’s cleavage. He knew exactly what to do.

“Shove them both in my mouth. As much as you can.” Peter demanded.

Molly nodded and leaned forward, pushing her breasts together with her hands. The whipped topping oozed out from her cleavage, just as Peter had hoped. He opened his mouth wide in preparation for what was to come. Molly crammed her titties into his mouth, really filling it with her bountiful bosoms, as cream overflowed her tit canyon and gushed into Peter’s throat. He chortled happily as he did not merely suck on her boobies, but he felt the sensation of having them inside his mouth. It was even better than the dessert itself.

Finally, Peter had his fill. He leaned back in his chair, gasping, as Molly freed his face from her sticky onslaught.

“My compliments to the chefs, ladies.” Peter stated simply.

The four young women smiled warmly at him, and he smiled back, his face, napkin and shirt covered in strawberry, caramel, chocolate and cream.

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