Breathe Ch. 01

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I guess I have to figure out where to start… It was my wedding day when my life started to get better, but not for the reasons you might think. I was marrying the ‘girl of my dreams’, I thought. I had known her in high school, but she was three years younger than me. She came to study at my college, and I saw her again her first full day on campus. She looked lost, and I helped her find her classes. She remembered me, and next thing I know we had a date planned.

Kimberley, the quintessential preacher’s daughter, was a lovely blonde, thin with large breasts, and I was salivating at the thought that some day I’d get to play in the playground. She wore her white gold cross with pride. I finally got to second base just before we got engaged after eighteen months. It seemed to be the right thing to do. A year later, just after I received my MBA, we were in the church in separate rooms, waiting the three more hours before the main event.

I was in my room with the groomsmen when my older sister blew into the room like a hurricane. “Alright, boys, get out. Me and the groom need some family time!” She was a five-foot eleven-inch woman, dark auburn hair, and could never be called thin. She was what some called “big-boned”. She has large breasts, big thighs, and a real waist, and a beautiful face. She was wearing the bridesmaid dress, a strapless orange thing that appeared to be designed to make her ugly. My groomsmen all watched her breasts jiggle as she shooed them out of the room. All but one were Kimberley’s friends, there at her insistence with the exception of the best man. My sister found Ray, the bride’s gay bff, hiding in the bedroom and kicking him out.

She sat down in a chair opposite me. “David… I have to do something that’s gonna hurt you. I… know something. I want you to listen to me, but… fuck… I had a speech planned. This is harder than I thought.”

“Leigh, just say what you have to. I know you don’t really like Kimberley, but I do.”

“David… it’s not about who I like or don’t. It… fuck it, I’ll have to show you. You wouldn’t believe me anyway.” She pulled out her phone and slid her finger about. She got up and sat on the arm of my chair. “I know this is going to suck, but… I have to. For you.” She hit play and handed me the phone.

I watched, stunned, as my naked fiancée laid back on a shag carpet that I recognized from her apartment. There was a picture of us on her nightstand. Three men soon joined her, and as the video progressed they proceeded to use every hole she had, all at once and with gusto. I recognized the three as the groomsmen. One asked what I would think, with Kimberley answering that I was “too stupid to know”. It was clear this wasn’t the first time she had done this. I didn’t know what to say as the video ended with them all spewing come on her face and chest as she licked it up. A second video started with her and ‘Gay Ray’ in a hotel room. Not-so-gay Ray pounded her like a tent peg, with her begging him to put ‘our mocha baby’ in her (Ray is black). He asked what I would do, and she laughed and said she would say recessive genes because I was so stupid I’d believe anything she said. I felt like someone used a melon baller to remove my heart. I felt used. I felt stupid. I just stared as the video went blank.

I felt nothing until her hand connected with my face. “Breathe David! Say something, damnit!”

“Leigh… I… “

“One question first. Are you getting married today?”


“Ok, the wedding starts at two. At one fifteen exactly, I need you to go out the back door to the left alone, OK? I will get you out of here. Until then, you have to play the game. You have to convince everyone that you’re happy for another hour. Can you do that?”

“I… I’ll try.”

“Be there, David. I owe you one, and you’re my brother. I won’t let you marry her… and don’t worry about revenge. I have that one already.”

“Umm… ok. One fifteen, right?”

“One fifteen exactly, ok?”


She was saying she owed me because of a day several years earlier. I was twenty and had just arrived at her house about a year after her wedding. Her husband came home wondering whose car was in the driveway, an argument that escalated to a smack in the face and a punch in the belly for her. I came out of the back bursa sınırsız escort bedroom while she was trying to explain, still, that it was her brother’s car. Her husband recognized me, laughed, and told her to get up and make him dinner. I remember seeing him laugh, and my next clear memory was of him on the floor clasping his crotch and heaving. According to Leigh, I beat him pretty bad. The police arrived and took him away, she got divorced, and that was it.

She left and the guys all came back in. They all wanted to know what she wanted, I just said ‘Family business’ and let it go. We all had a shot or two, all the guys telling me how great it was going to be tonight when I broke the ‘virgin’ Kimberley in. I smiled, glad my true best friend wasn’t there as he would’ve seen right through me. He was in the Army having no fun in Afghanistan, so he couldn’t make it. I watched the clock, and at one-fourteen I told them I needed some fresh air and a moment for myself. I told them to pour me a shot for when I came back in and made my way out the door. My sister was there in her little rental car, waiting.

“You’re thirty seconds late. I was getting worried… let’s go!” I got in and she Mario Andretti’ed out of the parking lot, flying down the road. Neither of us spoke until thirty minutes later when she pulled into a dive motel. “Give me your phone, David.” She took it and turned it off, putting it in her purse. “You don’t need to talk to anyone until tomorrow… I got this.” She went and got a room, wearing her bridesmaid dress. I’m sure the clerk thought something fun was up.

We went to the room and she got out a bottle of bourbon she had stolen from the reception hall. She poured us both a glass and checked her phone. “The fun should begin any moment now!”


“You know how I wasn’t even invited to the bachelorette party and I’m only a bridesmaid because I’m your sister? She did give me one job… She wanted pictures of both of you, as children and of the courtship, playing on the screen for half an hour before the wedding and throughout the ceremony. I did it, and it was good… but last night I added some stills from the videos. They don’t show up until about 15 minutes in, and I locked the room the AV projector is in. I even added captions… I hope you’re not mad.”

“Considering what I would like to do to her, you’re being nice. Thanks, Leigh.”

“De nada. You took care of me when my ex tried to be a caveman. This is what family does. You are my favorite brother!”

“I’m your only brother. But… yeah. I just wish I’d known earlier. How did you find out? She was good at covering her tracks.”

“You know Susan, the bridesmaid? Well… I’ve been friends with her for years. She didn’t know who you were until very recently. Kimberley doesn’t even know we know each other. She discreetly took video at the bachelorette party and sent it to me. Needless to say, I wanted to share it with you as soon as I could. You didn’t call me back yesterday, so I had to force the issue today. I made two versions of the picture show depending upon whether you stayed or left.”

“This was all at the bachelorette party? Wow… and you thought I might stay?”

“I didn’t know for sure, maybe you two had an ‘arrangement’. I figured I had to see if you knew first. I… I’m really sorry, David. I know you really thought she was the one.”

Her phone started vibrating and she started checking it. She began to laugh, then showed him the screen. There was a picture of the bride’s parents, both open-mouthed, staring at the screen as their lovely ‘virgin’ daughter was made airtight. The phone buzzed again, and she laughed again. “David… she panicked… she asked Ray to marry her, since it was all set up anyway. He said he wouldn’t marry a whore and left, right in front of everyone!” She was laughing hard, her boobs jiggling and threatening to spill from her dress.

I laughed for a second, then the whole situation finally hit me like a punch to the gut. I went from laughing to crying in a split second. She pulled me to her, my head laying between her breasts as I bawled like a baby. I was laying on her, and she was moving to hold me more comfortably. At some point, I realized I was crying around my sister’s nipple. Her dress must have slid down. It bursa üniversiteli escort was pink, quarter-sized, and hard. Lacking all ability of rational thought, I took it in my lips and nursed like a baby. She gave an “Oh!”, but she didn’t stop me.

I kept crying and suckling, noticing at some point the other breast was bare as well. I moved to that one and kept going. She was rubbing my head and comforting me. Then she abruptly stood up. When I looked up at her, her dress fell the rest of the way off. She was wearing white stockings and a thong at that point. I just stared as she looked down and then at me. “David… you’re hard…”


“C’mere…” She took me in her arms again, standing me up. I buried my face in her breasts again as she began to remove my clothes. I was only sort of aware as she stripped me, laying me naked on the hotel bed. “Imma make you feel better, David… you just can’t tell anybody, ‘kay?”

I nodded, and she took me in her mouth. I was pent up, both from waiting and a little from the virtual porn we had watched earlier. It didn’t take long and I was ready. She sensed it and swallowed me down to the root as I came down her throat. When I was done, she pulled up and grinned at me as she swallowed. “David… I haven’t been laid since I was married… would you mind… if…?”

I pulled her up to me and kissed her, tasting a bit of me on her. She pulled her thong to the side and settled down on my semi-hard cock. The feeling brought me back to life, and she began to move slowly up and down. I let her go for a moment, then abruptly rolled her over, barely managing to stay inside. I began to put all my anger into pounding her, trying to drive her through the cheap motel mattress. She was moaning and groaning, I was pounding, and as I got close she started pushing me. I had just enough understanding to pull out and come on her tits, letting go with a scream. I don’t ever remember coming harder in my life.

I fell back on my side, breathing heavily. She was breathing hard too. She pulled herself up and looked me in the eyes. “That escalated quickly!” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Sure did.”

“Y’know, not that I have regrets, but we can’t keep doing this. It was fun, and I kinda like knowing Kimberbitch missed out on that but I didn’t. We can’t continue this… but we can make a deal.”

“What kind of deal?”

“Tonight, I’m your whore. Do what you want. We will never do this again, never speak of it again. Tonight, I’m here to make you feel better… if that includes sex, it’s ok. But we never speak of this night again. Deal?”

“Deal… but it’s gonna take a minute before I’m ready.”

“Oh, and I’m not on the pill, so no coming in me. No three-headed babies, ok?”

“Ok… just keep wiggling as you talk…it makes your boobs jiggle.”

She laughed, which worked even better. I got hard quickly, pulling her up to her knees and putting my self in from behind. I grabbed her boobs as I began to pound, finding she liked when I pulled her nipples. I pulled her hair as she sat up, moaning for me to fuck her harder. I stopped suddenly and pulled out. I took her juices on my fingers and began to lube her asshole, starting with one finger and quickly moving to two. Once she seemed open, I put my cock in and began to pound. She came very quickly, squeezing me in her rectum. I rode it out and began to pound again when the fluttering was done. A few minutes later, she came again which drove me to come in her ass.

“Found a way to come inside me… you always were the contrary one!” she said as she rolled over. “How’d you know I’d let you in my ass?”

“Lucky guess, I suppose. I really haven’t had sex since I started dating… her. I didn’t know how much I missed it.”

“Let’s take a nap… I’m kinda wore out!”

We slept for a while, waking to a knock on the door. Leigh got up and slid her dress on quickly, answering the door. Susan was out there, bringing her the clothes she had left at the church. She peeked in and called out “David, let her go, she’s a bitch!” My sister whispered to her through the door for a bit and she left.

“David… her parents have kicked her out of the house. She’s cut off from their money too. If she bursa anal yapan escort was going to ruin you, I had to try to ruin her first… I think it might’ve worked.”

“Leigh… let’s never mention her again. I can’t… I just don’t care what happens to her anymore. I wasted way too long with her. Karma will get her. Right now, I have a lot of work to do for me. I have to get ready to move, so I can start my new job in St. Louis. I think I’m going to see if I can start early, I certainly don’t need time off for a honeymoon. I need to leave this area, soon, and forget about it all.”

“You can’t run away from your problems… but once you deal with them you can leave them in the rearview mirror. Take an extra week at home, with us. Then call, see how soon you can start. There’s still quite a bit of tonight left… if you want to.”

“Oh, I want to… and I’m gonna. I’m not really sane yet, but at least I think I see the way out. If I had found this out after the wedding… I don’t know what I would’ve done. Thank you, Leigh.”

“Hey, you kicked Curtis’ ass when he decided to try to use me for a punching bag. I’ll never forget the sound of his arm breaking… oddly satisfying. I’m just trying to pay you back. We’ll always look out for each other, it’s what we do.”

“Not to change the subject… but I never realized how hot you were, Leigh. This has been a day of revelations… I never thought… we would do this! Who knew I had a hot sister? Who knew my ex-fiancée was a whore? Who knew… we would ever so much as kiss? What a fucked up day…”

Leigh slid her dress down and climbed back in bed with him. “Thanks for the complements… girls my size don’t hear them too often.”

“How about I show you how hot I think you are?”

“Well, if you….OOOhhh!” she cooed as I put my face between her thighs, licking. She had a ‘hidden’ pussy, just a slit. She tasted like tangy honey, and I stayed there until she squeezed my head so hard I thought she’d crack my skull. I couldn’t hear her, but I knew she was babbling.

She pushed me away, breathing hard. “Not to mention the bitch, but she really missed out! That was great! Let me get to the ground again…”

After a minute, Leigh reached down and found my now-hard cock. She rubbed it a second, then rolled over on top of me, straddling me with her legs. She reached under her and put the tip inside, sliding slowly down. “David… Oh… Let me do the work…” She started slowly, but increased speed as she went. I was watching her big tits wobble and bounce, nipples flying, and her face as she went to extasy. I followed immediately behind her, right after she slid off and buried her face in my crotch.

“Lucky you stopped when you did, Leigh, or we’d have that three-headed baby!”

“You make it pretty clear when you’re close… but it was closer than I would like. I know I was in charge, it would’ve been my fault. Let’s just snuggle for a bit…”

We woke up much later. The sun was starting to come in through the hotel curtains. She was trying to get up quietly, going to the bathroom. When she was out, I went in. When I came out, she was sitting on the bed waiting.

“David… did I do something wrong? Did I make a mistake? Can we go back to being just brother and sister again?”

“I think we can, Leigh. We’ll always have last night. I think we’re gonna be closer than we were. I think we both needed each other last night… and now it’s over.”

She stood up and hugged me. “Thanks… I needed to hear that.”

We showered and got our stuff, leaving the hotel by 9 am. We went straight to my parent’s house, where they made us breakfast and questioned us thoroughly. We didn’t tell them everything, of course, but we did let them know who put the pictures up. My mother spent several minutes just hugging me, telling me how much she never really liked Kimberley.

Around noon, the preacher and his wife dropped by. They wanted to know if I could ever see myself getting back together with her (many mentions of God’s forgiveness), but I declined. Repeatedly. I asked the preacher if he would marry a woman who lied to him like that, which ended the conversation. It was brutal, but when it was over I felt better about how things went down. It really was all her fault. I felt like I began to breathe again.

I called my new employer, letting them know I would be available earlier than I had planned, with them saying they would get back to me. I began to pack, my sister helping. We worked together, we laughed together. Our relationship was really never better. Oh, and I never saw Kimberley again for a very long time, which was fine with me.

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