Breeding Mom Ch. 01: Mother à Trois

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This is version 1.2 of the story. The plot, characters and ending are exactly the same, but I cleaned up the grammar and formatting, fixed some inconsistency issues regarding the birth-control subplot, and tried to use clearer language and descriptions in a few places. I hope this is an-around improvement!

-Miss Mesh


In college, my son Cayden began dating his first serious girlfriend, Juliet. They’d been dating a while before I met her, and their relationship had already passed into the intimate phase. At this point, Cay was an adult, free to make his own decisions, and his father and I had taught him about safe and consensual sex. As long as they were both happy, what they did in private as two consenting adults wasn’t any of my business.

Until one day, when it certainly was.

Cay and Julie had decided they’d move in together after graduation…sort of as a test run for marriage, and they spent the last few months of senior year sorting out the details. The day Julie came over for the first time, I had agreed to show off the skills I’d earned after 14 years working as a cruise ship chef, and let the newly-engaged couple spend the night in the guest bedroom. When Julie arrived, we greeted her at the door and Julie’s eyes instantly bugged out the first time she saw me. At the time, I took it as simple nervousness. As I took her coat, Julie complimented my makeup and how smooth my skin looked.

As I hung it on the rack, I turned back and noticed her eyes glancing down at the hem of my dress where it halted just above the thickest part of my thigh. It wasn’t high enough to seem distasteful, but was at just the right length to show off the fact that I was still proud of my legs at 40. Noticing the way she stared at me, I bashfully asked Julie what was up. Julie’s head snapped upward so fast that strands of her red hair slapped her across the face. Brushing it aside hastily, she stammered that she wanted a dress like the one I wore, and mentioned how good it looked on me.

I smiled, blushing from the compliment, and offered to point her to the online shop where I’d bought it. Like her other compliments, I assumed she was just trying to butter me up, to get in her future mother-in-law’s good graces. But, I had to admit that it made me feel really good.

Cay and Julie seemed like a perfect match and dinner also went flawlessly. She showed off her engagement ring, and my husband and I happily welcomed her into our family. We chatted, laughed, and generally enjoyed one-another’s company.

But then, everything changed from one little joke.

I heard Julie whispering while I was walking toward the kitchen, seemingly out of earshot, “God, your Mom is so fine, Cay. I could stare at her ass and watch her cook all day. It’s just a shame you said she’s not into girls…”

I passed it off as harmless, raunchy teasing, until I walked back to the dining table and, feigning ignorance, asked what they were laughing about. With a lustful glint in her eyes, Julie simply winked at me, and it was like a lightning bolt had struck me just in the right spot. Never in my life had I been seriously attracted to a woman before…yeah, I had complimented my girlfriends or flirted in jest every now and again, but there wasn’t a single time I felt tempted for anything more. I knew I was attracted to men, and more than that, my husband was the only one I had ever wanted to be with. I was your average, happily married, heterosexual girl.

Or so I thought.

It was that wink, combined with what was said just before, that did something to my head. It rewired something, like turning a circuit from “Off” to “On”.

Following that moment, I couldn’t get Julie out of my mind. I obsessed over her. After Cayden moved out, I insisted on “visiting” to bring them things like bath towels, linens, and other essentials for their new apartment. In addition to pointing Julie to the clothing site I’d mentioned earlier, I spent time with her to pick out an entire wardrobe and…before I knew it…we had matching tastes in outfits. If I called and Julie answered, I found any excuse to keep her on the phone for a few minutes to tell me how things were going and try to coax some secret girl talk. I loved the sound of her voice, I loved the way she laughed, and I loved when she said my name: “Liane”. Eventually, I crossed a line when I spent an entire night touching myself to lesbian porn, completely getting my rocks off while I fingered my clit to a woman that bore a striking resemblance to Julie.

All this over a stupid joke.


One day, Cay came by to visit. Hearing him at the door, I raced there only to be disappointed that Julie wasn’t with him. When I asked where she was, Cay gave me a hurt smile. “Damn, Mom. Can’t I at least get a hug? Geez, I feel like second place at home, so I’d hoped I was still your favorite.” Of course, I hugged him after that, feeling like shit and like an utter failure as a mother. And I couldn’t let a comment such as that slide, so I asked for an explanation.

What I learned then was as shocking as it casino siteleri was obscene. It turned out that Julie was bisexual, usually with a preference for women, in fact. Fortunately for Cay, her taste in men was simply a lot more picky but no less intense, and he happened to be exactly her type: kind, yet fun. Her attraction to him ran deep, and not even other women did it for her in quite the same way he did.

Until she met me.

According to him, I had all of the qualities in personality that Julie loved about Cay, as well as everything that she physically desired in women. The statement I’d overheard that night wasn’t just an idle joke, and the following weeks that I’d inserted myself into their lives had only further cemented Julie’s attraction toward me.

“So, what do you think, Mom? Are you interested?”

I almost choked. “Cay! Are you suggesting that I…I…s-sleep with your girlfriend?!”

“Well, you both clearly want it, and the way things are, this is hella awkward. I can tell you for sure, Mom, that if you offer, she won’t say no. You’re, like….like, her personal fetish or something. I’m almost a little jealous.”

And there I was, standing at an immoral crossroads. Staring me in my face was a choice that decided the type of person I was. The smart thing, the responsible thing, would be to tell my son that this could never happen, and that he and his fianceé had serious issues that they needed to work out if they wanted to be together. And to return myself to the ordinary life of a faithful, heterosexual wife and diligent mother.

But that wasn’t what I chose. It wasn’t the decision that weeks of pent-up, illicit lust forced me to make.


Cay went home to give Julie my answer, and then I sat and waited. And waited. Alone.

It was a long, agonizing three hours before Julie called and asked if I’d come over to their place this Saturday. She asked so casually, as if we were just meeting for brunch, that I almost questioned if she was aware what this was really about. I wondered if she was as nervous as I was, with my trembling voice and heartbeat pounding in my ears, but doing a better job of masking it. Her voice seemed calm and steady, though, as if she had a plan.

And when the day came, my God…it was like heaven. When she answered the door, Julie was dressed in a sheer, see-through pink nighty with black trim. Through the thin material, every inch of her body was visible, from her thin hourglass figure to the deep, brown areolae that poked out from her chest. She stood at the door of her apartment dressed that way, inviting me with her smile, not caring who else could see us.

I walked inside in a daze, unable to tear my eyes away. Julie was so lovely, not quite with the looks of a supermodel, but with very lean curves and a face that was at once youthful and mature. If you ever envisioned a delicate pixie, like Tinkerbell, that aptly described her almost ethereal beauty. Julie, in turn, kept watching me over her shoulder even as she closed the door behind us. Once it was closed and locked, her smile widened and she spun on her toes, letting the nightgown twirl a few inches above her soft, dainty ass.

“Do you like?” she purred to me in a soft, sultry voice.

“I…I do,” I admitted. “V-Very much.”

“In that case, there’s no more need for words, is there?” Her words sounded so hungry, so eager. Her nimble fingers reached for the buttons on my jacket. “Just relax while I remove your coat…”

Gently, she kissed my neck, letting me breathe in her gooseberry scent. “…and everything else.”

Slowly and deliberately, as if to savor this moment forever, Julie stripped me naked on the spot, even taking her time to slide off each of my nylons one by one. Once I was completely nude, we briefly stared at each other, soaking in our beautiful bodies, lust brimming in our eyes. She gently took my hand and dragged me into the bedroom. It was only after she pushed me down onto the soft mattress and gently began pushing my legs apart that I noticed Cayden sitting in the corner of the room dressed in casual clothes.

“Cay?!” I gasped. “What are you doing here?!”

“When we started dating, Julie promised that I could watch if she ever did it with another woman. I’ve been waiting a long time for something like this to happen.”

“But, but I’m your mother and–ooooh…” Unheeded by my surprise, Julie planted her lips on my clit and gently began teasing it with her teeth and tongue. Intense pleasure gripped me and I arched my back, pushing my pussy deeper against her mouth. In that instant, I stopped caring.

Besides, Cay was fully dressed, and he was just watching. We were all consenting adults.

There was nothing obscene happening here, I told myself.

After an hour or so of soft kisses, cunnilingus and fondling each others’ bodies, Julie mounted me between my legs and we began tribbing hard. Our moist pussies mashed together as our sweat-slick, curvaceous bodies writhed and rubbed against one-another. As I came down from one of multiple orgasms, I looked over and saw that Cay had fished his dick canlı casino out from his pants and started pounding it relentlessly.

I looked him in the eyes as I came again, and his spunk spat on the floor of the bedroom.

When I went home at 2 o’clock in the morning, gazing at myself in the rear-view mirror, I was positively glowing, smiling and blushing as if I’d entered a second honeymoon.


Julie and I had sex several times after, and at first, it was more of the same. The two ladies would do nasty things to each other while Cay watched. But one day, Julie took a break from me to pull Cay’s pants down completely and give him a blowjob until he blew his nut on the floor again. Afterward, she and I resumed pleasuring each other. Every time her lips or tongue touched me, I remembered that they’d been on my son’s cock just minutes ago, and my body convulsed with an orgasm.

The next time I came over, Cay was naked from the start. He and Julie were more involved with each other, and he fucked her in various positions while she ate my pussy. This had officially become a threesome, but I was adamant that there was still nothing incestuous going on.

That excuse didn’t last another week.

Julie was eating me out, and Cay was pounding Julie from behind when suddenly she pulled away, turned around and said, “If you’re gonna try what you asked me about, Cay, this is the time to do it.” I started to ask what they were referring to when Julie suddenly leaned her body into mine, placing her juicy titties in my face. “Calm down, Liane,” she cooed to me. “You’re about to get something wonderful.”

I gazed down between my legs and Cayden was standing there. He took each of my ankles in his hands and pushed them back, until my ass and pussy were exposed right in front of his erect cock.

“Wait…!” I gasped. “Cay, you can’t…!”

“Sorry, Mom. I can’t hold myself back anymore. Do you have any idea how hot you look like this?!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but my own son saying that excited me beyond words. I glanced back at Julie and she just smiled at me, as if she knew that this was inevitable. She kissed me again and whispered “It’s okay. Just enjoy it, sweetheart”. And at that point, I surrendered myself to them both.

Cay’s body moved between my legs and I felt his long, thick cock push its way slowly into my cunt. He grunted in satisfaction, both of us in disbelief that this was happening. He pushed himself in all the way, balls deep inside my pussy, and he began to fuck me.

Again and again, I told myself that I needed to stop this because things had officially gone too far. This was indecent. It was immoral. It was incest.

Dear Lord, it felt good.

Before I knew it, I was gripping the back of my son’s head and moaning in ecstasy as my entire body bounced on the bed from his vigorous pounding. Julie leaned over and kissed me while Cay and I orgasmed, and he dumped what felt like gallons of cum into my cunt.


Once that barrier had been breached, my “second honeymoon” instead became more like a third one. Cay, Julie and I met up together for three-way sex about three times a week, and Cay and I lost all squeamishness about him planting his dick inside my vagina. He fucked me just as often as Julie…in fact more in those first few weeks, and Julie was not just happy but delighted about it. At times, it seemed that she liked watching me getting fucked more than experiencing it herself. Often, I’d lie on my back, and she’d gently hold my head steady in her lap from the momentum of my son hammering away between my legs. She’d smile, lean in to Cay’s ear and hungrily growl, “Fuck your mama, Cayden. Fuck her like a slut. Fuck her hard and deep. She wants that cock.”

I hated her for saying that, but damn if she wasn’t right. That nasty talk only got Cay and me more worked up for each others’ bodies, and we lost all control. I’d list into a daze, rubbing his chiseled chest as his thick cock sent me over and over into paradise, and when I’d come back to reality, Julie was there between us, licking his juices clean off his dick and out of my snatch. It would only be then that I’d realize that my own son had yet again emptied his balls into my pussy.

I had contraceptives, but a freak accident caused me to lose the pills, and then there was a screw up at the pharmacy for my refill. I was forced to use condoms in the meantime, but my husband and I still had a very active sex life, so to obscure how many Cay and I used, I asked he and Julie to keep their own supply. We had to be this sneaky to avoid tipping off my spouse, because I didn’t want to get a divorce and leave him all alone after 20 years.

But I wanted even less to give up this sexual rebirth of mine. The more we did it, the more I began to realize that Cay and Julie were everything I’d been missing. Cay and Julie even felt comfortable letting one another have me while the other wasn’t around, which made me really feel welcomed, like a true part of their sex lives.

Though it served the same purpose, the change kaçak casino in birth control method caused lasting consequences in our nightly escapades. It was like a delicate high wire act. Before now, we’d only been treading a few inches from the ground, but now we were teetering on a rope a hundred feet in the air. Sure, the condoms were a decent safety net, but that still meant that we knew that the only thing which saved us from disaster was a thin layer of rubber. And every time Cay came in his mom, his baby makers were swimming within a hair’s breadth of my vulnerable, eager eggs.

But Cay and Julie were so reckless, so full of youthful passion, that we still constantly slipped up. More than once, there were “Oh shit” moments where Cay emptied himself inside me, with all of us reflecting on what might happen next. What a goddamn rush that was, for all of us.

I was actually sorry when I could finally pick up my next refill. But again, continuing to ask my husband to use condoms could have set off alarms. Cay and Julie were clearly upset themselves, as we spent an entire night post-coitus brainstorming possible alternatives. We all knew who the problem was in this situation, but I wouldn’t hear of it. I didn’t dislike my husband. Far from it, in fact; we’d had twenty years of a decent life together. But, I didn’t want to divorce him. And even more, I didn’t want another child with him.

“With him”…? I repeated those words in my mind. Why did I think that? I didn’t want a child with anyone, right?

Why had I been that specific?

And then it happened.


It was a freak accident. Right after picking up my prescription, I got extremely sick and wasn’t able to take my pills. After several days weak in bed, I was so starved for sex that I threw myself into Cay and Julie’s bed (and, more importantly, Cay’s cock) over a dozen times within two days. I totally forgot about the lapse in my schedule, and by the time I started regularly again, the damage was done. I missed my period a couple of weeks later, then I passed a home test. A few days later, some random doctor in a tiny clinic in the shady side of town read off data from a clipboard, and confirmed that I was two weeks pregnant.

When the news that he was the father of my baby hit him, Cay didn’t know whether to be terrified or excited.

But Julie was all grins. “Oh my God, this is so hot!” she squee’d.

I had to admit: she was right. It freaking turned me on! It was so kinky, so nasty, so forbidden that I wanted it more than anything else in this world. Also, I was past 40 and I liked feeling like a sexy, fertile young woman again. Also, I really liked the thought of raising a child with the son that I loved on two deep emotional levels. Also, I was excited by the idea that I’d beaten my son’s “legitimate” girlfriend to the honor of being bred with his first child.

Also, I liked the way Cay looked at me, with the kinky knowledge that now, I was technically his baby mama.

After that, we took a vote whether or not to abort or keep the child. The results were unanimous for the latter. And it was unanimous, yet again, against adoption. With those two decisions, this baby had officially become “ours”, the offspring of this incestuous ménage à trois. From here on, we were in this together, and there was no turning back.

And that led us to the biggest vote. Although, thinking back on it now, that decision had been made that first evening I joined the two of them in their bedroom. This was the inevitable conclusion. And all this time, I’d just been delaying it.

The divorce was smooth, although my ex-husband was understandably shocked when I never returned home. From that night on, I moved into Cay and Julie’s apartment, and they made room for me in their bedroom. I sent some guys over to collect my things and served my ex with the divorce papers, citing “irreconcilable differences”. He tried to contest at first, but that got ironed out after we had a lengthy conversation over the phone. I was “honest” and said that I had fallen for someone else and wanted to explore the relationship. I just didn’t specify who they were or the fact that I was 3-weeks pregnant.

Twenty years of happy marriage was a sad thing to throw away, but…sometimes people just change.

Once that unpleasant business was dealt with, boy did things really get fun and interesting. Now officially a true ménage à trois, Cay, Julie and I were sexually insatiable. They weren’t just sexually turned on by my pregnancy; both of my lovers wanted to dote on me hand and foot like proud, responsible parents-to-be. They pampered me like a bride, tended to my every need and whim, and made both me and the baby feel incredibly loved and welcomed. Because the two of them worked and made good money in their rapidly-growing careers, I retired from the cruise ship and devoted myself to being a full-time housewife and expectant mother. Just as my lovers took care of me, I took care of everything at home while they were away. I remembered the line Julie had said at dinner that night, and I liked the idea of being their “nude, barefoot and pregnant” wife, so as my belly grew, I wore less and less around the household. They were both excited to see me waddling around the nest half-dressed or undressed, with our threesome love child sticking out in my tummy.

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