Brenda Comes Home

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Brenda hung up the phone and leaned back in her chair, wishing she were somewhere else. The dealership has been busy for a Friday and, as Sales Manager, she had been going from one deal to the next all morning, supervising the sales of various Chevy vehicles. Her head ached and she longed for the end of the day, the promise of a glass of wine and a hot bath.

“Hey, Bren, there’s some guy on the floor looking for you.”

She looked up and saw Jack, one of the salesmen, standing in the door of her office.

“Who is he?” she asked, not really caring.

“Dunno,” Jack shrugged, “but he asked for you by name.”

Then Jack was gone and Bren wondered what else the day was going to send her way. She stood, straightened her blouse and skirt and headed out to the floor. As she walked out her office door, she walked right into a brick wall. A brick wall named Tom.

Sonuvabitch, she thought. What the hell is he doing here? Tom Jakes, her ex boyfriend, stood there, smiling at her, and her stomach lurched. Dressed casually in jeans and a jacket, his wavy hair as unkempt as ever, Bren felt the same stirrings of attraction she had the first day they’d met. He was tall, over six feet, with an athletic build and slate blue eyes that had made her melt the first time he looked at her. They had met at a club, introduced through mutual friends, and after several drinks and a few dances, Bren was sitting in the front seat of his truck sucking his stiff cock. And oh, what a cock! Long, fat…everything a girl dreamed of. She felt a twinge in her stomach and her panties started to dampen.

“What are you doing here?” she finally managed.

“I need a new truck, babe, and I thought of you.” His ever-present smile maddened her, especially when she thought about what Tom knew about her. For their entire seven-month relationship, Bren had been his live-in slut, catering to his every sexual whim. She had been tied up, blindfolded, fucked his friends, both men and women, sucked off strangers in clubs and parks and movie theaters….and loved every second of it. Then it was suddenly over, with no explanation, and Bren had been devastated for months. And now the bastard was back!

“We have a great deal going on with the our trucks right now,” she said “I’ll have one of the salesmen take care of you.”

He shook his head slightly, the smile never leaving his lips. She looked into his sparkling blue eyes and knew she was in trouble. Again.

“I’ll deal with you and you only.”

“I’m a manager, Tom, I don’t sell trucks anymore.” But you already knew that, you bastard!

“I wanna test drive that 4-wheel drive out there. The blue one. Get the keys!”

The tone of his voice invited no argument and, after staring at her a moment, he turned and walked out. She watched as we went out and stood beside the truck, rebuffing one of the other salesmen. Well, she thought, I’ll just get the keys and send someone else out there to deal with him. If the bastard doesn’t like it, he can go somewhere else! But as she headed to the office to get the keys, she knew she couldn’t do that. Seeing him again and taken her off-guard, but now that she had had a minute to recover, she was as turned on by him as ever. Her panties were soaked, she was startled to find, and her pulse was racing. She grabbed the keys and headed out to the lot.

He was smiling as she reached him and he held out his hands for the keys.

“I’ll drive.”

Brenda climbed into the passenger seat of the big truck, smoothing her skirt carefully. She saw him look at her legs and then smile wickedly as he met her eyes. He started the truck and drove out of the lot, finding the freeway. They drove in silence for a few minutes, Brenda content to stare out the window as her heart raced. What, exactly, do you want, Tom?

“I like it,” he said, as if answering her unspoken question. “You’re going to give me a great deal on it.”

He spoke matter-of-factly, inviting no question or argument. Bren said nothing, knowing that if she did, she would really be in trouble. She squirmed uncomfortably, still refusing to look over at him. She was suddenly furious at him for their break-up, but was so turned on by seeing him again that the anger barely registered. I am going to cum in my panties if I don’t get a grip!

“Brenda.” She was so startled she almost jumped. She looked over at him, but his eyes were fixed casino oyna on the road. “Are you still the filthy slut you were six months ago?”

She opened her mouth to snap off a smart reply, to tell the sonofabitch that she was a manager now, not the fuck toy of some guy she hadn’t seen in months, but she caught herself.

“Yes,” she whispered, staring down at the floor.

“Speak up, damnit!” He said angrily, looking over at her briefly.

“Yes, I am,” she said, her voicing showing a confidence she no longer felt. She continued to stare at the floor, knowing what he liked.

“Take my cock out, babe, and suck me hard!” Her heart lurched and her panties flooded. Is he serious? she debated. I haven’t see him in months, and now he’s back demanding sex? Plus it’s broad-fucking-daylight!

“Now, Brenda,” he said more softly, yet just as forcefully.

Her pussy was on fire and she knew then that she would do anything to have his cock again. She unfastened her seat belt, and slid across the seat, her heart racing. She crouched over his crotch, unzipping his pants, and pushing the seatbelt aside. He wasn’t wearing underwear, and she nearly drooled as his cock popped into view. She looked up at him hopefully, desperate for praise, but his eyes were on the road. Brenda bent to her task.

He was already hard, she noted with satisfaction, as she began licking the head and slowly working it into her mouth, She wrapped her hand around his shaft, grabbing firmly, pumping up and down. Slowly she worked more and more of him into her mouth, until his zipper pressed against her nose. She took her time, trying to punish him for leaving, determined to extract some measure of revenge, if only briefly.

He grabbed her hair, pushing her forcefully down onto his cock, making her gag a bit.

“You know how I like it, slut. Do it right!”

Brenda, rebuked, started sucking anew, pumping her fist, determined to make him cum. Her other hand drifted to her skirt and, pulling it up, she shoved her hand inside her panties. She pulled her clit, as if to make sure this were really happening, and gasped loudly, cumming all over her fingers. A moment later, he grunted briefly, and his warm cum flooded her mouth. Brenda gulping it wildly, knowing she would be punished for any drops spilled.

When she stopped spasming, she pulled her soaked hand from her drenched panties. She kept sucking him as he softened, determined to clean him properly. When she was finished, she put his cock away, carefully zipped his jeans, and sat up. She looked at him again, and he smiled back at her, trying to keep his eyes on the road.

“I missed you, babe,” he said affectionately.

Brenda smiled, purring contentedly to herself. Although she was angry at his suddenly showing up and forcing her onto his cock, she was happy to have the taste of his cum in her mouth again. She was so happy, sitting there gazing out the windshield, that they had pulled up in front of hid apartment before she had realized it.

“What’s this?” she said, a little concern creeping in.

He said nothing, simply getting out of the truck and stepping around to open the door for her. They walked up to his apartment, side by side, and as they approached the front door she could hear music and male voices from inside. Uh oh!


“Inside, babe,” he said, pushing the door open for her. As she suspected, they weren’t alone. Dan and Jeff, two of Tom’s friends, were sitting on the couch playing Nintendo. They both smiled and waved at her by way of greeting. She had known Dan, one of Tom’s roommates for years, and had fucked him several times at Tom’s order. She had never fucked Jeff, but has always wondered what his muscular body looked like naked. She suddenly realized that her pussy was on fire again.

She followed Tom into the kitchen, hearing Dan and Jeff whispering back and forth as soon as they were out of sight. Tom opened the refrigerator and handed her a coke, taking one for himself. She opened it and drank slowly, wondering what Tom was up to, knowing that he would tell her in his own time.

“So,” he said, presently. “Here you are again.”

Brenda said nothing, refusing to bite. She sipped her coke, refusing to look at him.

“Do you want to come back home, slut?” Damn his smile was infuriating!

“Yes,” she said softly, finally looking at him.

“You know what that canlı casino means, right?”

“Yes,” she whispered again, aching to rub her clit to ease the throbbing.

“Get undressed, Brenda.” He waited to see what she would do.

She was more excited than she cared to admit, and knew what was about to happen. Still, she wasn’t going to forgive him and give in so easily.

“I need to get back to work, Tom. I have responsibilities!” She tried to sound tough, hoping to hide the excitement she was feeling. He reached forward and grabbed the coke from her hand, and pushing her into the corner, he set the coke aside, then pinned her arms.

“You can come back, slut. But you will get undressed, right now, and do what you’re told. Or you can take the truck keys and go back to work.” He let go of her, reaching into his pocket to produce the keys. He dangled them in front of her, daring her to take them. She nodded her assent and, trying to hide her shaking hands, slowly unbuttoned her top and took it off. He stared hungrily at her chest, watching every move as she reached behind and unclasped her bra. She handed it to him but he made to move to take it, so she put it on the counter.

Knowing what he liked, and more turned on by the moment, she began to pull and tease her nipples, watching him intently. She pulled them both, hard, a moan escaping her lips. She saw the look in his eyes and knew that he was turned on, too. He gestured at her skirt, and she let go of her aching and now very erect nipples. She unzipped her skirt and placed in on the counter with her bra. Her panties, as she suspected, were completely soaked, and she tugged them down quickly, stepping out.

He smiled at her, seeing that her pussy was shaved, as he had always required of her. As he watched, she spread her legs a bit and began to tease her clit, stopping to lick her fingers clean every few minutes. She could now see the growing bulge in his jeans. Being naked in front of Tom again, with two of his friends only a few feet away, was too much for her. Her inner slut took over, and it seemed as though things between them hadn’t changed at all.

She bent at the waist, and fiddled with his pants and belt, yanking them down. His cock, stiff again, popped her in the cheek. She sucked it hungrily, continuing to tease her swollen and dripping pussy. After a moment he pushed her back.

“C’mon,” he grunted, pulling his pants up and heading into the other room. Knowing what was expected of her, Bren got on her knees and followed him, crawling into the other room. He stood in the center of the room, waiting for her. Dan and Jeff still sat on the couch, but now she had their attention, too. They were both staring at her, Dan with a knowing smile and a wink, and Jeff practically drooling. She was proud of her figure, and loved to show it off. Big tits, small perky nipples, and a shaved pussy would turn on any man, she knew.

When she looked back at Tom, she saw that he now was sitting on one of the dining room chairs, gesturing towards her. She crawled to him, prostrating herself on his lap. He was sitting in such a way that, in this position, her ass and dripping pussy were pointing right at the two men on the couch. Enjoy the view, boys! she smiled to herself.

The first smack caught her off-guard and she nearly jumped off of Tom’s lap. However, she was able to contain the shout that nearly jumped from her lips, knowing what that would earn her. He smacked her again, but this time she was ready, and she moaned softly, feeling her pussy juices run down her leg. She felt his stiff cock pressing into her belly, and knew that he was enjoying it as much as she was.

“Say it, slut!” She smiled inwardly, knowing that things were going to get nasty in a hurry.

“I’m your slut, Sir, and I’ll do anything you want!” she said earnestly, meaning it. Another smack found her ass, and her cheeks began to tingle.

“Go on,” he said gruffly, and she heard the excitement in his voice.

“And I want to suck Dan’s cock. And Jeff’s, too. May I, Sir?” She looked at him pleadingly, and as she did, she could see the looks on the faces of Dan and Jeff. Dan was already easing his pants down, but Jeff was moving a bit slower.

“Do it, slut,” she heard Tom say.

She got off of his lap, kneeling on the carpet a few feet away. Dan had his pants off and was already moving toward her, his stiff kaçak casino cock in his hands. Jeff was still on the couch, but his pants, too, were unzipped, and he was stroking himself busily.

“Get over here, you fuckers!” she said to them, looking back at Tom. He sat there, staring at her, that ever present smile on his face. When she looked back, Dan was in front of her, his cock inches from her mouth. She had always loved his cock, not too big, but nice and fat. She reached out and stroked it lovingly, looking past him to Jeff. As Jeff came over, she was amazed to see that his cock, stiff and pink, was much bigger than Dan’s. Wow! Nine inches, easy! she thought.

Jeff stood next to Dan and she began to stroke his cock with her free hand. She again looked back at Tom, who nodded his assent, encouraging her to continue. A moment later, Dan had grabbed her head and was forcing her mouth onto his cock, pumping it back and forth, almost using her mouth to masturbate. She gulped him, sucking hungrily, looking up at him over his cock. He then pulled her off, and forced her mouth onto Jeff’s cock. She gagged at first, but Dan was unrelenting. He pushed her head harder, and soon most of Jeff’s nine inches had vanished. After sucking him a moment, and smiling up at him, she went back to Dan’s cock. She worked them in a rhythm, alternating her hands and mouth, moving back and forth, sucking greedily, knowing that Tom was watching and wanting to please him.

It was several moments before she got her reward. Jeff was first, cumming deep in her throat, without warning. She gulped every drop, delighting in the taste of him as the spurts of cum found the back of her throat. She was amazed at the amount of cum his balls held, but a second later, Dan grunted heavily, and began to cum. Brenda felt a warm liquid squirting all over her big tits, and she smiled up at the two men standing over her.

She eased back, looking over at Tom, his smile bigger than ever. He waggled his finger at her, and she crawled over to him, immediately swallowing his rigid cock. He came for the second time with little effort, and she dutifully cleaned up every drop. Her pussy on fire, she was ready for more.

“Sir?” she said, easing back and looking up at him.

“Yes, slut?” His smile made her heart warm.

“May I have a cock in my ass, please, Sir?” She tried to keep the urgency out of her voice, knowing that, if he heard it, he might tease her out of spite.

“Whose, slut?”

You bastard, you already know, since you’ve seen him do it before!

“Dan’s, please, Sir.”

“Very well,” he agreed, and she immediately felt Dan pulling her backwards towards the couch. He bent her forward, sliding into position behind her. She looked back, amazed that he was hard again already, and he plunged into her dripping pussy. She moaned loudly, delighting in the contact as he pushed into her. A moment later, Jeff sat down next to her, and she was eagerly sucking his nine inches hard again. I’ll suck you all night, she thought, but you’re not stuffing that in my ass!

After a few moments of pushing into her pussy, Dan slowed down and she felt a finger pressing against her tight ass. She gulped as he pressed it home, grunting in joy. She went to work even more eagerly on Jeff, as Dan slowly began to stuff his cock in her willing ass. He slowly pushed into her deeper with every thrust.

She looked at Tom, who was watching intently, his cock already growing yet again. She winked at him, and he smiled. She looked over her shoulder at Dan, watching him pump her ass faster and faster.

“Hold on, big guy.” she said to him. She slowly eased forward, Dan moving with her. She reached back, and pulled him out with a soft plop. She slid forward, eyeing Jeff’s cock. She sat on him as he grunted loudly, and took him all the way to his balls. She eased forward, opening her ass to Dan again, who didn’t need to be asked twice.

She slid up and down Jeff’s big cock as Dan stuffed her ass from behind. She was in heaven, about to explode, and too distracted to see if Tom was watching. She knew that he would be, supervising the whole thing, as usual. She moaned more loudly, feeling fuller than she had ever felt, until she came, long and hard, drenching Jeff’s cock.

“Gawd, I’m cumming again,” Jeff grunted, tilting his head back. She eased off of him, not wanting him to cum inside her, and felt him spurt all over her belly. Before it even registered, Dan had slid out of her ass and was shooting cum all over her ass and back. She sighed contentedly, happy to be back where she belonged.

Brenda was back home.

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