Brian’s Daughters

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Brian was a normal, everyday guy. Except for the fact that he was a survivalist. The man had every type of gun, dehydrated food, farming tool, you name it in a vacation cabin in the woods, hidden far from any other. In the days when he wasn’t at his cabin, he lived in a suburban neighborhood with his wife and two daughters.

Elodie and Zora were the apples of his eye. Brian and his wife Sheila adored their girls. At 19, Zora resembled her mother at that age. She had dark hair to her waist, shining mischievous eyes, and proud perky breasts. Elodie, the baby, was pure and sweet almost to a fault. She had curly blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a million dollar smile. Both were innocent, products of their mother’s religious beliefs and their father’s distrust of others. They were obedient and kind and loving, always believing the best of people. It was for this reason that Brian always kept them near.

But Brian, on a normal, everyday type of Tuesday, had nothing to be fearful of. He kissed his wife and rode off to work, leaving his two daughters at home. It was summertime and the two had little to do but sleep until noon.

Work was nothing if not boring. He typed reports and faxed memos and signed for the payroll. He caught a glimpse of the news during his lunch break. An earthquake had hit somewhere in Texas. The news showed looters making off with cases of beer and plasma TVs. He turned the television off and went back to work, counting the hours until quitting time as he always did.

A little after two, his desk phone rang. He answered it quickly in case it was his boss, a notorious hard ass with a mean streak.

“Barton and Associates,” he answered. “This is Brian Lawson.”

“Daddy! Daddy, it’s me.”

“Elodie, what’s wrong? Did something happen?” Brian sat straight in his chair, concerned over the fear in his daughter’s voice.

“Daddy, did you see the news? The apocalypse is here! You were right! Daddy you have to come home now! Zora and I are so scared!”

“Where’s your mother?”

“She went to visit Aunt Carol, remember? She was heading to Texas! We have to get to the cabin! We’ll be safe there, won’t we Daddy? Just like you always say!” Brian thought a minute. He could use a break anyway. Why not?

“Yes, darling. I’ll be home as soon as I can.” Brian hung up on his daughter. He ran past the secretaries, who starred at him, and the poor office drones wasting away in their cubicles.

“What’s the rush?” a fat, balding man named Harold asked. “Something on fire?”

“If the bosses ask, my wife was in an accident,” Brian hurriedly said as he dashed away. No one bothered him after that.

Traffic was fairly easy to work through midday and Brian was quickly home.

“Oh, Daddy!” his daughters cried as he burst through the door. “We’re scared! Let’s go!”

“Ok, I just need to pack some things and – “

“We’ve already done that,” Zora said, proudly showing off the bags by the door. Brian smiled and ushered his girls out the door, bags in hand.

It took hours to arrive to the cabin. The girls sang Bible verses the whole way, irritating Brian. He let them sing. It distracted them from their mother, who was probably fine. He tried to reassure the girls, but it only worried them all the more.

“Finally! I can breathe!” Zora said as they made the final turn to the cabin. Brian, with the help of his daughters, unloaded the truck and took the bags inside.

“We have room to plant plenty of vegetables, Daddy,” Elodie said as she swept her arm to show the fertile meadow where the cabin sat. “Especially if we rebuild society.”

“What do you mean by that, dear?” her father asked.

“Well, we’re probably one of the last families. We have to rebuild the population and we need food, of course.”

“Um, rebuild the population?” Brian took a swig from a water bottle.

“Daddy, don’t look so nervous. You have to get us pregnant.” Brian choked.

“H-honey, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he stammered.

“We have to! You saw there was no one really on the road! A lot of people might be dead in the country. Maybe even the whole world! We have to rebuild. We won’t be defeated!”

“Yes, Daddy,” Zora said. She put her arm around her sister. “God said it’s ok to do it. It’s in Ankara escort the Bible. There are plenty of times when – “

“No!” Brian said, looking very red in the face. He didn’t know if it was from anger at their suggestion or embarrassment at the feeling growing in his pants.

“Really, Daddy!” Elodie said, looking quite cross. Brian had to get away. He went out the back door as fast as he could go. The fresh air would clear his head. Before he was out of ear shot, he heard his daughters speak to one another.

“What are we going to do, Zora? We can’t make him do it! And I don’t want to doom humanity!”

“Well,” her sister replied. “We’re going to have to trick him like Lot’s daughters did.

Brian finally returned to the cabin around dinner time. He had had a call from his wife, who had in fact arrived safely to her sister’s. She would be gone around two weeks but would call to check in every day.

“Wow, something smells good!” he said as he stepped into the cabin.

“We made spaghetti and garlic bread!” Elodie said proudly as she stirred the sauce.

“And we poured a little wine for you!” Zora added.

“Thanks, girls,” Brian said. He kissed each of them on the cheek and sat at the table as they served him. He drank the wine and they talked and laughed as they ate.

“Daddy, maybe you should head up to bed. You’ve been yawning all dinner,” Zora said. And she was right, he had been tired. It had been a long day.

“Look at him! He fell asleep on the table!” he heard Elodie say.

“El, shh! Do you want to wake him! I was thinking we didn’t put enough sleeping medicine in his drink.” Brian felt himself move as the girls tried to pick him up. “Ugh, it’s a good thing the cabin’s only one story.”

“Yeah, I would hate to carry him up stairs!”

With an oomph the girls dropped him on his bed.

“Now what?” a voice asked.

“Should we do it now?” Elodie asked.

“Yes, I think so,” Zora replied. “I think we should take off our clothes.”

“Good idea.” Brian heard giggles as the girls disrobed. “Ooh, your breasts are bigger than mine!”

“Now we have to take off his.”

“Okay!” Brian was pushed and pulled as the girls removed his work suit. When one of them removed his boxers, he felt cold hands brush his cock. His cock stirred at the touch.

“Look! Do you think he’s awake?” Brian lay perfectly still, keeping his breathing even.

“No, he’s out like a light,” he heard Zora say.

“Now what?”

“I don’t know. Should we try?”

“No, I think we have to decide who goes first. Let’s play rock-paper-scissors!” The girls did so.

“I win!” Zora said, perhaps a little too excitedly. “Okay, I’ll try.” Brian felt the bed move as she climbed on top of him.

“No! I remember when I went to bookclub and she was talking to her friends because her you-know-what was too dry when they tried to have a baby. Her friend said she had to try to rub her breasts while she touched herself down there, and if that didn’t work he couldlick down there.”

“Ok-ay,” Zora said, with some hesitation. “We’ll try ourselves first. How do we lick if he’s asleep?”

“Um, I guess I’ll lick you and then you can lick me.”


Holy shit, Brian thought to himself. Never in a million years would I have thought this would happen. He hoped he’d be able to see it.

The girls made it very easy on him. Zora sat on the bed near his head, Elodie near his feet. “On three, we’ll start. One, two, three!”

Brian watched in disbelief as his two teenage daughters tried to masturbate – for what he believed was the first time – right in front of him. Zora barely touched her pussy lips, while Elodie used her palm to rub over her clit.

“Oh, I think I’m getting it,” Elodie said.

“How do you know?” her sister asked, frustrated.

“It’s tingly when you do it right. Here, I’ll show you.” Elodie crawled across the bed and placed her palm on her sister’s pussy. She rubbed slowly in a circle.

“Oooh, it is tingly. Am I ready?” Elodie unabashedly stuck a finger in her sister’s pussy and pulled it out, putting it to the light to see.

“Still a little dry. I’ll try the mouth.”

Brian watched with one eye cracked open as his daughter ran her mouth over her sister’s Ankara escort bayan pussy lips. Zora gasped as she skimmed over her clit. Elodie smiled a sweet grin and gently kissed the clit.

“Now, play with your breasts,” Elodie said. Zora pinched and pulled at her own nipples. “No, silly, slowly. Like this.” Elodie reached a hand up and gently circled her sister’s nipple as she lowered her tongue to her pussy.

Elodie probed with her tongue, testing swirls on her sister’s clit as she gently rubbed her sister’s breast. She sucked on the clit, working Zora to a frenzy.

“It feels so good!” Zora squealed, squirming under her sister. Elodie licked and sucked, tugging gently with her lips until – “Yessss!” Zora cried out. Elodie laughed and licked her lips, pouty mouth covered in her sister’s juices.

“Ok, now you try with Daddy and then you can lick me and I’ll try with Daddy.”

“Ok. Hmmm.” The girls frowned at Brian as they tried to work out logistics. “I saw Mommy do this once, before she put him inside her,” Zora said. “That’s how babies are made.” Brian felt soft fingers caress his cock. Zora gently worked his dick up and down, squeezing gently at all the right places.

“Look! It’s working!” Elodie said in wonder.

Brian felt his cock grow as it became erect. His own daughter’s hand were around his penis. It felt so wrong but so. Damn. Good!

“Like cows or horses? How would I do that? The boy cow gets up on the girl cow. He’s laying down?” Were his daughters seriously talking about how best to fuck him?

“Maybe you could sit on him? You know, with his thingy in you? Like, put your knees by his legs and your bottom at his belly. I’ll hold his thingy and you can just sit on it.”

Brian felt Zora climb back on top of him and Elodie pick up his penis. “It’s so squishy but hard!” she giggled as she squeezed it. He felt a wet warmth as Zora lowered herself onto him.

“Ow, it hurts, Elodie. I don’t want to do this.”

“Here, I’ll play with your breasts. It’ll help.” The bed shook as Elodie moved to sit on his legs. “They’re so much bigger than mine!” She jiggled her sister’s full breasts, pushing them together and then sticking her face in between them.

Zora lowered herself a little more and Brian could feel his cock press up against her hymen. “El,” she whimpered. “Could you lick my down there again? This really hurts.”

“Sure!” her sister said. He had to admire her enthusiasm. He heard slurps and opened his eyes, sure that neither one would see him. “Ahh,” Zora moaned. “Much better.” Still, she made no move to lower herself further.

Brian felt the aching in his cock. He was so close, so very close to pleasure. Before he could stop himself, he thrust upward, tearing through his daughter’s hymen. Her pussy welcomed him, stretching to caress every ridge, every vein of his cock. “Oooh! Is he awake?” Brian closed his eyes and the slurping stopped as Elodie checked her father.

“Nope, we’re good.” The slurping began again.

“I guess this isn’t so bad,” Zora said. “If it’ll bring us babies, it’ll be better. Just think, El! We’ll be mothers together! And our babies will grow together and be best friends, and then Daddy can have babies with them!”

Brian groaned inwardly. What in the hell was he doing?! He had to do something. But then Zora began to move, slowly working her way up and down on his thick, hard cock. “It’s not so bad, once you get used to it.”

“Keep going up and down. That’s what cows do.”

Her sister obeyed. She slowly pushed herself up and his dick came out with a small pop. “Whoopsie,” she said as she placed her dick back along her pussy lips. She sat down again. He swore he heard a small groan. She began to build up the pace.

“Play with my breasts again, El,” she panted. Her sister was quick to follow. Zora slid up and down, up and down, his pole. His balls tightened, he knew it was coming. He had to stop it.

Too late. His innocent daughter, his baby girl, came on his dick. She moaned in pleasure. The shock waves from her orgasm tightened her pussy around his cock until –

He couldn’t help himself. He came, pumping his semen into his daughter’s womb. She may in fact become pregnant. How was he going to explain that to his wife?

“I Escort Ankara think it happened. I see it’s going all squishy again,” Elodie observed.

“Ok, your turn. It’s really fun. I think you’ll like it. I know I will when I do it again.” Brian gulped. Again?

“I think it needs to recharge itself,” Elodie said as she prodded her father’s limp dick covered in her sister’s pussy juices.

“I’ll lick you, then.”

Brian peeked his eyes open to see his daughters in the same positions as before, only their positions were switched. Elodie massaged her own tits, paying attention to the nipples. Her eyes shone in anticipation, her nipples darkening in pleasure.

But within a few minutes, she said, “It’s not working, you’re not doing it right.” The frustration in her voice was hard not to notice.

“I know!” Zora said, trying to remedy the situation. “Why don’t I lay down and you can sit on my face.”

“I guess we can try it,” Elodie said with a sigh. The girls moved around until they were situated. “I don’t think this is – oh! Do that again!”

“What? This?” Elodie lowered her pussy to her sister’s face and Zora’s tongue flickered around her clit, then sloppily licked all around.

“Yes! Again!” Her sister did so. The girls moved in tandem, Elodie thrusting her pelvis into her sister’s face. The bed shook as Elodie humped her sister. “Yes, yes, yes!” Until she came.

“You taste good,” Zora said as she licked her lips.

“It worked! Look! Daddy’s ready, too!” Brian’s cock was rigid, so hard it was painful.

“Do you want me to lick you or play with your breasts? It kind of hurts when he first goes in.”

“No. I do want to try a new way, though. I’ll do the same thing you did, only the other way. I want to face Daddy.” He felt Elodie’s – or was it Zara’s – hand returned to his pecker. Her knees dug into his hips as she lowered herself.

“Ooh, it does smart,” she said as he hit her maidenhead. Instead of hesitating, she sucked in a breathe and slammed down onto his cock. “I need a minute,” she said, panting. Brian peeped open an eye and watched as Elodie tweaked her nipples. She leaned forward, rubbing her small tits on his chest as she kissed her father’s lips.

The girl raised herself and pulled her father out. His heart fell, thinking she was done. What she did next shocked him.

She rubbed her father’s dick on her clit. And suddenly he was inside her again. Where her older sister was more nervous, his precious little Elodie took control. She rode her father hard and rough, squealing with joy as she bounced. Her tits jiggled and even Zora laughed.

“Argh!” Brian moaned. Elodie stopped.

“Daddy, you’re awake?”

“What is this?!” Brian said, playing along.

“Don’t be mad!,” Elodie bit her lip. “We’re only trying to do God’s word.”

“Do you really believe this is what God wants?” Brian asked. Both girls nodded their heads, their breasts bouncing in sync. “Okay, then. How about we try a new position? Daddy has an idea.”

With little thought to the consequences, Brian rolled his sweet little Elodie over. He pushed her legs so she was on all fours and circled his cock at her pussy. “Ready?” he asked. Elodie nodded, perhaps a little too eager. “Set?” He tickled her opening with his throbbing dick. “Go!” he shouted as he pierced her.

He rode her long and hard, just as she did him. “Yes, Daddy, yes!” she screamed. He was glad they were so secluded.

“Come on, baby girl. Show Daddy how much you love him!” He plowed her and noticed Zora rubbed herself with two fingers as she watched. Perhaps he’d have to try the same move on her later.

He pumped, faster and faster. His daughter screamed in pleasure as she came. She sank to the bed, but he pulled her ass back up, still inside her. She sobbed in pleasure and he pushed, faster faster faster until at last he came. He came and came and it seemed like he hadn’t in ages, although he’d only recently filled one daughter.

Brian lay on the bed, an arm around Elodie and motioning for Zora to join them, who promptly did. Her kissed one girl on the mouth, probing with his tongue, and then the other daughter.

“We did well, didn’t we Daddy?” Elodie asked sweetly. He kissed her again.

“You did, indeed, sweetheart. And you, darling.” He kissed Zora.

“Are we pregnant, Daddy?” his older daughter asked.

“I don’t think so, honey. I think we have to try again later.” Post girls cheered.

“Good. Only this time, can you do us both at once?”

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