Brod: Meat Party

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Big Dick


Sarkopheros Says:

Been awhile since the last Brod. Guess that’s the issue with writing more than one storyline. At least until I manage to get more control of my schedule.

Anyway, I decided to break it up with a gay story. Well, like 99% gay. There are women around, but for the most part it is gay.

Expect the usual Brod tropes. Cum inflation, hyper cocks, cock worship, only now with buttsex and fellatio and stuff.



By now, you’ve gotten familiar enough with me to know that I don’t mind an audience when I fuck, especially when that audience participates. In fact, that’s largely the reason I’m banned from many strip clubs.

You also know that I can’t keep my cock out of anyone I find attractive, male or female. And while I do lean towards ladies, I can’t resist a cute boy now and then. While this story begins with the former, it transitions into the latter.

One of the reasons I moved to Tocobaga Bay is because of the great diversity. In particular, there are many Latinos here. And let me tell you, going to a Cuban cookout is an awesome thing.

So it was that I happily attended such a cookout hosted by one of my lady-friends. I’m sure you know where this is going. I am, of course, the one that provided the meat. I showed up with several pounds of thin-cut steak and ground beef for the picadillo.

It’s a good thing we got the meal out of the way early in the afternoon, though. Because having a full stomach during the late-evening’s events would have been somewhat disastrous and possibly even messier than usual.

Many bottles of wine stood empty on the outdoor bar. Several dozen, at least.

Around the luxurious pool, there were a bunch of chaises, and on those chaises were roughly fifteen women. Most of them were middle-aged. Some were pudgy, some were thin. All of them had a swollen belly the size of a yoga ball. Each one’s gaping holes leaked thick, gooey sperm onto the chaise and into a growing pool on the tiles below.

I grunted and put my hand on the ass of the sixteenth. Sploort! Sploort! I sighed and closed my eyes as I felt the last dregs of my load gushing into her body. I licked my lips and pulled my hips back, sliding my monstrous organ out of her. Schlooor-pop!

I put my hands on my hips and surveyed the devastation. Sixteen bellies bloated till they were feet in diameter. Sixteen gushing cunts. Twenty-eight inches of still-hungry cock pulsing and throbbing and pouring precum. It was covered in a slick layer of seed that rolled off its torrid skin.

I sighed. I was still horny. Rita had been nice enough to invite her needy friends, but in the end, I was needier. I walked over to a chair near the side-fence. I sat in it. My balls are so big they plopped onto the tile floor, rubbing the insides of my ankles, feeling swollen and sensitive. My cock jutted out of my body, a monstrous monument to my libido.

While staring at those plump asses, I began to mentally search for my phone. Where had I left it? Who should I call? My cock still needed attention.

Kreeek. I heard a noise. Moving wood. Then I heard a shuffling. KRISH! Something crashed through the foliage on the other side of the fence.

I narrowed my eyes. I stood up and looked back and forth. I didn’t see any holes in the fence. I climbed up on the chair and looked over the top.

There, getting to his feet next to a broken plastic chair, was a boy. He was tan, toned, and had brown hair. The boy was wearing a t-shirt and had a pair of shorts wrapped around his ankles. He felt around for something. I saw it. A pair of glasses glinting in the light from his house.

“To your right,” I told him.

“Thanks,” he said, picking them up, before flipping over and staring at me in shock. “Oh fuck!” he yelled. “S-sorry! What are you doing?!”

I looked at his erection. It seemed to be dripping. “Yeah. I think a better question is, what are you doing?”

“N-nothing!” he insisted. “I wasn’t jerking off or anything, I’m just … I was stretching!”

I drew my lips tight and looked at him skeptically. “Stretching, huh? Looks like you’re doing a good job.”

The boy sighed and slumped. “I wasn’t stretching,” he admitted.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

He looked up at me. “I’ve uh … it was really loud. I think the whole neighborhood heard you. And I looked over, and….” He shrugged. “I mean, holy shit. I didn’t know they made cocks as big as yours!”

“Want to come see up close?” I asked.


“Come over here,” I said. “My cock wouldn’t mind meeting you.”

“Uh, no thanks, I’m not gay,” he said. “Wait, didn’t you just fuck like thirty women?”

I grinned at him. Oh, this little dance. “Sixteen. And there’s such a thing as being bisexual.”

He stared at me for a long moment. “…Oh.”

“Yeah. Anyway, you don’t have to touch it, you can just come look at it. And the ladies are all comatose right now.” I shrugged. “But if you don’t gaziantep escort want to hang out, that’s fine. I might shower or something, get home.”

“You don’t think Mrs. Rivera will mind?” he asked.

I looked over at her. She was resting peacefully, her thick thighs wide, spunk leaking out of her gaping entrance.

“No,” I said.

He nodded. “Okay, give me a minute.” He began awkwardly pulling his pants up.

A moment later, the gate clinked and he came through, khaki shorts still tented out by his erection. He straightened his hair when he saw me. I grinned at him. He was slightly shorter, slender, with smooth tan skin. “I’m Joss.”

“Brod,” I said, offering my hand. I had to reach it fully all the way out and lean forward to reach past my cock.

Joss shook it, but it was obvious where his attention was. His mouth gaped as he looked down at my cock. “O-oh, wow! Dude. Um. It’s as big as my thigh?” he said. “And … what did you do?!” Joss looked over at the women, his eyes threatening to escape his head. “They’re all….” He looked down at his feet. His sandals were situated in an inch of jizz. It squished under his feet and between his toes. “Is that your cum?!”

I shrugged. “You know how it is, get horny, blow a huge load.”

“Yeah, blow a big load, not start a new deluge!” he said. “You cum so much you could drown a whale!”

I laughed. “Hah, that’s a new one,” I said, grinning at him. A new big-dick joke was a rare thing! “So what do you do, Joss?” I asked.

He swallowed as he looked at the women gushing spunk again. Piled up, groaning, clutching bellies. “I had no idea Mrs. Rivera’s ass was so big! I know she said she gained weight, but….” I could tell this was also not helping his erection. His shorts looked fresh, and so did the spreading darkness at the tip of his cock’s tent. “I mean, she’s never been fat, or anything. Chubby. Voluptuous. Phat, or whatever black people call women with big asses. I mean, not that I’m black, or appropriating.”

“She’s embarrassed about it, but I gave her a little ego-boost,” I said. “Spend a lot of time looking at her ass?”


“This isn’t the first time you spied over the fence, huh?” I asked, grinning like a cheshire cat. I sat down on the edge of one of the unoccupied chaises. My balls splatted into the jizz on the tiles.

“…Maybe not,” he admitted. Joss began to ramble. “Don’t uh. Don’t say anything. You know, I wouldn’t want her to think something weird was happening. I mean, me behind here while she’s … uh … recovering. And not that I never talk to her, she knows me well, I went to her barbecue last week. So, you know, don’t say anything.”

“I won’t,” I promised, spreading my legs to give him a better look at my two-foot-four-inch monster.

The cute brunette’s mouth opened to say something else, but it froze, hanging open. He stared, reddening by the second. Finally, he said something. “Uh … it’s just so big! I mean, it must … how can you walk?! I mean, it looks heavy, I bet it is heavy. Like a rottweiler.”

I laughed. “Don’t be so nervous. It’s not going to bite. You don’t need to justify anything.”

He pointed at my cock. “Look at it! It looks like you feed it rabbits!”

I shrugged. “No, just virgin sacrifices from the village every solstice.”

Joss leaned closer. My cock pulsed in the lamplight, veins fatter than his fingers rippling on its surface. The glans was as big as a cantaloupe, the slit big enough for him to stick a few fingers into. Boiling-hot precum poured out of the tip, into a puddle below. My gigantic nuts sat on the floor, still filled with pressure, my sperm seeking release. The cock looked as long as his arm and thick as his thigh.

He bit his lower lip and knelt in front of it. “I’m not gay or anything, but, can I touch it?”

I shrugged. “I’m only somewhat gay myself. Yeah, touch it, taste it, get to know it,” I said, smirking down at him. The little brunette was slender, much smaller than me. His arms weren’t anywhere near as thick as my eager organ.

Joss looked up at me tentatively, straightening his glasses before reaching forward, his hand hovering near my glans. “I can feel the heat coming off of it!” His eyes traced the crystalline rope of pre flowing from its tip, down to the puddle he was kneeling in. “It’s like a faucet.”

“I’m my own lube-factory,” I said.

“Yeah,” he agreed. Finally, the boy reached forward, looked up, bit his lip. He traced his fingertip up the side of my glans, drawing a stripe through the thick coating of spunk. “Your jizz is like yogurt, I could eat it! Uh. Not that I’d want to,” he said.

I rolled my eyes. “It’s an excellent source of protein.” I leaned back, putting my hands on the chaise.

He put his palms on the head. “Mmm, it’s just so … big!” His cock was raging. I could tell it wanted to escape his pants. But alas, he was, apparently, not into dicks!

Joss tried to lift mine, pushing softly at first. His hand slipped over the surface of my gargantuan organ. He was clearly expecting it to be lighter. “Damn.” He leaned forward, grabbed it with both hands under the head, and heaved upward. “Fuck, it’s heavy,” he grunted. Of course, in this position, my precum poured over his shoulder and chest. “Shit!”

I laughed. “You’re getting awfully messy, and I’m feeling underdressed.”

“Is that your way of asking me to take my clothes off?”

“Yeah,” I confirmed. I waved my hand at the ladies. “You have to admit, you are overdressed.”

“Oh. Uh. You won’t tell anyone?” he asked.

I shook my head.

Joss looked around again. No one was conscious. And his face was half a foot away from the tip of my cock. At that distance, the hot, thick scent of raw virility would overpower everything else. No air—just raw, fuck-tastic cock-musk.

I got the feeling he legitimately did not think he liked penises. He probably liked girls most of the time. But, whether or not it sounds pompous, it would hardly be the first time someone purportedly not into penises wanted to get up-close and personal with mine.

Joss was cock-drunk. My thick scent, the raw miasma of sex currently in the yard—it was all fueling the heat in his body and that throbbing little cock of his. Not that it was particularly small, but anything looks small compared to me.

The boy stood up. Schliiiiick. He peeled his drenched shirt from his smooth tummy and chest, exposing them to me. As he pulled it past his head, I heard him say, “Shit!” Something hit my cock. I looked down. His glasses were hanging from it.

I chuckled and handed them to him.

“Ugh, they’re all cummy now,” he complained, wiping them with a dry part of his shirt before putting them back on. His hair was now messed up from the precum. Joss unzipped his pants. His cock poked out of the gap, making a little tent in his grey briefs. The grey was particularly dark around the tip.

He wiggled free of his shorts, stepped out of his sandals, and kicked them free. His toes squished through my precum. Now he was dressed only in his underwear. He started to slip them off, pulling down the waist. His cock bent down, then sprung up, flicking pre at my chest and face as it came free. I ran my tongue over the droplet as he looked at me.


“Don’t worry,” I said, smiling. “Not my first time. Now you don’t have to worry about getting messy.”

Joss nodded and knelt down in front of me again. He moaned in need and leaned his head in, rubbing his hands back over the length of my cock, slicking them through the cum-layer, collecting semen on his fingers. It rolled down his forearms. I let out a long sigh of pleasure as my pulsing cock was stroked, all the way to its base. It was so big, to reach the base, he had to push his mouth up against the cock’s.

At first, he resisted, letting the head rub up his cheek. But then, slowly, his thirst got the better of him. Joss cooed as he ran his tongue up underneath my crown, licking along the edge, before wrapping his mouth around the tip and suckling. Schlrk-schlrk. I heard him gulping down mouthfuls of pre. Gluck-gluck-gluck. There was so much, it poured out of his mouth, rolled down his chin, slicked over his neck and chest. It coated his eager erection. He gasped for air after a moment.

Joss looked down at my nuts, panting when he saw them. He leaned down. “Th-they’re gigantic! Like watermelons!” he moaned. Taking one with both hands, he tried to heft it, but he was in the wrong position and couldn’t get the leverage till he moved one of his legs forward. “I bet you cum gallons!”

“Give me a couple loads, I can fill a bathtub,” I told him.

“R-really?! A whole bathtub!” he repeated.

I grinned. “Mm-hmm. It’s sort of a party trick for me.”

“D-do you do this a lot?” he asked, nodding to the messy, devastated bodies around us.

“This is a pretty normal day for me,” I chuckled. “This is on top of the fucking I did during the day. I usually fuck a couple dozen holes a day.”

He squinted at me from behind his slimy glasses. “How do you have time to do anything?”

“Oh, you know, I incorporate it into everyday activities. Like working or working out, etcetera.”

“How do I get your job?”

I laughed. “Win a genetic lottery, it seems.”

He looked down at my balls and began to rub each of them. Joss looked up at me and said, “I’m uh. It. Your cock,” he said. One of his hands moved down to his and began to stroke it.

“What about my cock?” I asked, grinning at him.

“I’m not normally into cocks,” he said, pumping his throbbing erection, his other hand slowly stroking my left nut.

“Yeah, I can tell.”

He frowned. “Seriously, but it’s just so powerful.” Joss kissed my cock’s head. “It’s just. It’s so big and powerful and I just want to give myself to it.”

“I do like fucking cute little white boys,” I chuckled.

“My family is German,” he said.

“Well, depending who you ask, that’s white. Me? One rule. If they look good, I fuck them.” I shrugged.

He sighed. “I wish it was so simple for me.” Joss moaned as he kissed my cock again, moving in closer until it was against his neck, pouring on his chest. I could feel my glans rubbing against his warm skin, feel his breath on the crown and dorsal surface of the cock. “This is nothing like what I thought sucking a cock would be like.”

“Do you think about that a lot?” I asked.

“Som—I’m not into cocks!” he insisted.

I leaned forward and cupped his cheek. “Listen to me,” I rumbled. “No one has to find out. I don’t kiss and tell—not unless a girl or boy lets me know they don’t care.” I smiled and gently rubbed my hand down his shoulder, rough, meaty fingers against smooth tan skin. “I get that this is also about, like, ‘what do I tell myself?’ But basically, you just have to ask if doing it feels right and is fun. We can stop any time you say so.”

He licked his lips, clearing my precum, staring at my cock for a long moment. “I want to.”

“So get to know my cock a bit more,” I said. “Maybe take your glasses off.”

“Oh. Good idea,” he said, taking them off and putting them on the table next to us. “I guess I don’t need to see very far.”


He began licking my cock again, stroking it with his hands, moaning loudly as his little tongue slicked up its belly. Joss grunted as he pumped me, fingers and palms gliding over huge, pulsing veins and its turgid surface.

Joss looked up at me and said, “Scoot up the couch. I want to try something.”

I nodded and pushed myself up the chaise until my back was leaning up against its back. Joss grunted, wrapping an arm around each of my absurdly oversized testicles, hefting them up onto the seat. I spread my thighs, one foot on the floor on either side of the chaise. My cock laid atop my body, reaching all the way up to my face, it was so big. It poured precum down my neck and cheek as I turned my head to the side.

Joss climbed up onto the chaise, his knees under my nuts. He groaned and leaned forward, lying on top of me, sandwiching my monstrous organ between our bodies. I could feel his pulsing erection against my nuts. With a moan, he began to rub his whole body up and down my cock, using his tummy and chest to rub against the underside of my cock.

His hands massaged my glans, his lips kissed it. Schrrk. Schrrk. All those liters of precum were coating my cock, slicking his body, seeping into every little fold, soaking his cock, his hair. It stuck between his fingers in sparkling ropes, in between his chin and my crown. Joss began bucking his hips, and I could feel his cock rubbing up through the thick flesh of my sack—thick and strong, but supple and soft, like leather.

I could hear and feel him purring and cooing in pleasure, his breath against my cock as he worked it. “Mmph! Mmph! Mmm-ooh. Mmmnnh.” I heard the moist sound as he kissed and licked it, slipped up and down. I reached around and grabbed handfuls of his soft ass, grinning as it bounced up and down while he desperately ground his hard little dick into my folds of sack-flesh.

I kneaded it, my grip strong and warm. He moaned desperately, wrapping his arms around my cock in a bearhug, clutching it to him like a long-lost lover. His thrusting got more and more fervent, grunting, moaning, making needy mewling noises in his throat.

Minutes later, he arched his back. I smiled. “Mmphaahh!” he cried. I could feel the hot squirting, the sticky blasts of goop as he came against my balls. He collapsed atop my cock, panting, hot breath on its skin.

I let him recover for a moment before I said, “My turn.”

“Huh?” He looked up at me.

I sat up, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. I turned around and laid him down on the chaise, putting my hands on my hips. My slick precum rolled down my broad chest, slicked over my soft belly. It clung to my wide, powerful shoulders and my thick arms. The shine highlighted my rippling forearms as my fingers moved. My monstrous cock hovered over him like a blimp, pouring pre on his belly. My heavy nuts hung down till the bottoms were near my knees.

The boy gaped, looking at me in disbelief.

“You used me to get off,” I said.

He licked his lips. “Y-you won’t tell anyone?”

I shook my head.

“O-okay. But not here. I don’t want anyone to wake up and see,” he said. “My house is empty right now.”

“Lead the way.”

“But we’re naked! Someone will see!” he argued.

I shrugged. “Not if we’re fast. You think this is the first time I’ve lead the meat parade through town?”

“Meat parade…?” he chuckled. “Okay, okay, follow me.”

I watched his bouncing ass, making a low growling noise in my throat. My cock was still raging, even though his had softened. He reached the front gate and opened it just a crack, scooting slowly out, looking up and down the street.

Finally, he zipped around to his side of the fence. I calmly followed at my own pace, because I’m used to people seeing me naked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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